Team Umizoomi

Daily 11:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jan 25, 2010 In Season


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    When they were in the tunnel! THEY WERE WASTING THEIR TIME!!!! ):<
  • Love this show!

    My two year old is fascinated with this show. My other son is four and will watch it with him. My two year old actively participates with the show and gets the answers correct! I thought he may have just memorized the episodes, even though he does not watch it that much, but I gave him numbers to identify and he was able to do it! He knows his shapes and even counts individual items correctly. I love to hear him participate in the show! He loves it and I love it. He seems very interested now in anything to do with measurements. This show is way better than a lot of other shows out there and I'm just sad to see it was cancelled. I wish there were also more merchandise options out there.
  • Seems like Sheep and the KND need to team up to defeat these dumb heroes.

    Curious Pictures is a company who made great Cartoon Network shows. These were Sheep in the Big City, and Codename Kids Next Door. After KND ended, What was Curious thinking of next? an CRAPUCATIONAL show called Team Umizoomi. The show is about Geo, Milli and Bot, Who save a city with the world of maths. However, Th show is very stupid. Nothing else to say, Better shows include SITBC and KND. do not watch this. I give it a 2 out of 10 with the title of Awful. Also, if you want a better Nick Jr. Show, Gulla Gulla Island and Blue's Clues ar the right choices.
  • Foolish

    This show is poorly thought out. They try to teach general "units" instead of the actual unit. For example instead of a distance of 10 inches, they will say 10 "units", which is just stupid and confusing for kids. Perhaps this is so the show can air in England or USA. Also the rulers they show don't even have constant increments, they don't start at zero. Like another reviewer mentioned, the animation is just weird. The contrast is poor and some features are too small to even see. Yes that Bot appears to be a copy. The human characters, like that magician, are just creepy.
  • My Review On Team Umizoomi

    THIS IS MY #1 WORST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!! IT RIPPED OFF TEEN TITANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying, yet very close to Kai Lan.

    This show is pretty bad. I just wish that I could squish those three poopheads for once. The animation is TERRIBLE!!! Some of the characters barely move, and some of them also have better animation! Why??? In other words, the framerate sucks, too. Also, why does Bot look like the Android logo? Not to mention, why does Geo look like someone who is making fun of Mega Man? Since season 2, the original voice actress for Milli supposedly got fired and was replaced with Rest In Peace headphone users! The newer Milli voice is so irritating and feels like nails scraping on a chalkboard while a fork scraping a ceramic plate! UGH! In season 3, the show went too far with the guns and swords and other dangerous weapons. REALLY? IS THIS INVESTIGATIVE DISCOVERY!? Once again, I know this is for kids, but none of my younger family members don't like it.

    UPDATE (4/13/14): I've been experiencing more problems with this show. Geo talks way too fast and doesn't give your kids enough time to say anything. Also, I saw an episode which made fun of MLP: FiM. What's next? Viacom buys Hasbro?! Geez, ViaCUM tries to cash in with everything it catches eye contact with! Wow, this show is BAD!
  • Not teaching kids anything

    This show premiered just after the year 2009 ended, which was a very stressing year for me.

    In 2009, I finally gave up on SpongeBob during it's sixth season, because the new episodes were really dumb. Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends also ended that year, which brought tears to many, me included.

    But entering the 2010s decade was a big step forward in life for me, as well as television as we know it.

    But this wasn't a good way to start off the decade. This show is honestly really stupid and it teaches kids nothing but to be annoying and obsess about numbers all the time My god, kids shows these days. Not recommended.

  • really

    It's is a kids show people, and better then 90% of the crap out there now. it is made for preschooler's.

    Get off the net and get a life you pretentious slackers.
  • cool!


    i'm telling ya, it teaches math, but the actual cartoon is stupid!!! when my brother is watching nick jr, me and my dad come down and make fun of it. but my brother laughs to it too. i mean, a talking mouse with none- matching red boots? wow
  • this show makes me wanna fall asleep

    My 2 year old daughter watches nick jr mainly for dora but while we wait for dora to come on, this dumb show comes on its so boring and makes me wanna fall asleep
  • this show doesn't serve purpose other than to spend 50 days and 50 nights at koridai like link and gwonam

    i can't believe i am watching a tv show where all you do is help bot, millie, and geo count and use shapes to accomplish missions. most of the episodes rip off the kids next door on cartoon network, and the voice acting is annoying sometimes. couldn't they add kath soucie in this tv show and every nick jr. tv shows? well not anymore! hollywood cheats. that is it. that's all there is to it, the hollywood, really cheats. this show could be nominated for a razzie award for the worst education show other than dora. that's like if zelda says "we're going to gamelon first, then koridai, then the mushroom kingdom for hotels", it's like... nothing.
  • No more shows breaking the 4th wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    every show who does that ask the audience thing should be canceled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! exept for bubble guppies
  • @DreadAngelus

    Ok I hate this show too, but you're pretty much offending people with ADHD, including me. I admit, sure I lose focus on one thing, but not are you only offending others with a disorder, including me, but you are pretty much saying you get ADD from this show. You can't get ADD from a show, you are either born with it, or you are not. It's as simple as that.
  • Ugh. What is this?

    Let's just sum this up.

    Plot: Just some two kids always go to an adventure.

    Characters: They are not much annoying. Voice acting is good.

    Value: Just like CristinaMccan said, a basic math is present. It's a nice thing in this show. But the problem? It skips into an another topic. That's the way how people with ADD think. They lose focus on one thing.

    Art: Bad animation, bad detail of character.

    Overall: 0.1 I hate it's ADD nature around.
  • Why are people trying to make maths and problems into 1 big show it's getting stupid

    I find it hard to believe that people are acuaclly trying to make school subjects fun for children which is so lame.The only thing I like about this show is that it teaches kids more about maths but they keep mixing other stuff into it too like normal everyday adventures.Stop doing stuff like this and bring back Johnney and the sprites or Blues clues why did people cancel those shows.So stop trying to teach people to be all smart and act like teachers pets and bring back all the old classics.
  • Nick Jr,enough with the terrible shows


    Like I said before,educational shows have gone downhill ever since Dora the Explorer. However,just as I thought Nick Jr couldn't get any worse with Max and Ruby and Dora,this show comes along,and this is nothing more than a nail in the coffin of Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi is about a group of heroes who solve a lot of kids' problems...with math. Now would you think this would be like Cyberchase with math? No,instead,this is another slap in the face. The animation is terrible to look at. Everybody has bad designs,and seriously,why are the rest of the characters in this show are in live-action? Seriously,I thought this was animated,not live-action. Choose which type of show you will make creators! This show also continues to do the infamous "Ask the audience" thing. You mean to tell me that this team needs help from the audience,instead of doing it themselves? Are you kidding me? Overall,this was nothing more than another hole in the wall. Please,just stick to Blue's Clues and Oswald,and stay away from this junk.