Team Umizoomi

Daily 11:30 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jan 25, 2010 In Season


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  • Nick Jr,enough with the terrible shows


    Like I said before,educational shows have gone downhill ever since Dora the Explorer. However,just as I thought Nick Jr couldn't get any worse with Max and Ruby and Dora,this show comes along,and this is nothing more than a nail in the coffin of Nick Jr. Team Umizoomi is about a group of heroes who solve a lot of kids' problems...with math. Now would you think this would be like Cyberchase with math? No,instead,this is another slap in the face. The animation is terrible to look at. Everybody has bad designs,and seriously,why are the rest of the characters in this show are in live-action? Seriously,I thought this was animated,not live-action. Choose which type of show you will make creators! This show also continues to do the infamous "Ask the audience" thing. You mean to tell me that this team needs help from the audience,instead of doing it themselves? Are you kidding me? Overall,this was nothing more than another hole in the wall. Please,just stick to Blue's Clues and Oswald,and stay away from this junk.