Teamo Supremo

Season 1 Episode 2

And Then There Were Two / Who Invited The Birthday Bandit?

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 2002 on ABC

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  • I have had a change of heart on the Bday Bandit after hearing about him

    I thought the Bday Bandit was a rip at first, but after speaking to the creator Phil Walsh, I found out he was in no way intended to be of the Joker, nor was Mark Hamell originally intended to voice him, though it ended up that way. Here is what Mr. Walsh told me

    "btw, the show was not a parody nor was the birthday bandit based on the joker.   When I was developing the villains, i wanted them to all have something to do with what's important to kids.   What's more important than birthdays?   so i created the birthday bandit who had been  a kid who never got any presents, and was working at a Chucky Cheese type place.   Hamill did the voice because David Johansen, who I originally wanted for it, was filming something, so Joe wanted Mark.  When Mark did it, we made sure he stayed in "Hans Conreif" mode, and he would correct himself when he sounded "too joker."   BTW, the Joker's original origin was as a character called "Red Hood" who escaped from Batman by diving into some chemicals, which transformed him."

    After reading what he told me, it is actually more clever then I thought, so I now feel this episode deserves a better score. :)