Teamo Supremo

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Governor's Analyst! / The Gauntlet's New Gloves!
      The Governor's Analyst!
      Inflato kidnaps Governor Kevin's new color analyst, Dr. Cedric Flint.

      The Gauntlet's New Gloves!
      The Gauntlet, now in a super-powered suit, abducts Paulson & Samantha, then Governor Kevin and the Chief, in hopes of leading Teamo into a trap.

    • Word Search / Micro Supremo
      Word Search Teamo Supremo Faces off against loony librarian Libro Shushman, who is tired of people not paying attention to late book notices, and is stealing all the words in the state with her "Dictionary of Doom"

      Micro Supremo Teamo Supremo is accidentally shrunk in size while facing of against Captain Excellent's Arch Foe Dr. Minutia, and must now get to level 7 to reverse it and capture the bad guys, all while only 5 inches tall!moreless
    • Teamo Rocks! / The Wrath of Scooter Lad!
      Teamo Rocks! 2 former singer songwriters have been stealing the muscial talents of various preformers, and Teamo goes undercover as a rock band to stop them!

      The Wrath of Scooter Lad! Skate lad competes in the Y-Not games, and meets up with a "supposedly" reformed Scooter Lad, but is he really as good as he says he is?moreless

    • The Mark of Comrade Z
      The Entire State is under attack by a villain named Comrade Z, who demands only one thing- The surrender of his arch nemesis, The Silver Shield!
    • Will You Be My Valentine Bandit? / Unidentifiable Goopy Substance!
      Will You Be My Valentine Bandit? The Birthday Bandit (now called The Valentine Bandit) kidnaps Gov. Kevin's girlfriend, movie starlet Viva Voom.

      Unidentifiable Goopy Substance! Mr. Vague unleashes a monstrous green goopy substance on the state (hence the episode's title).

    • State of Chaos! / Science Friction!
      State of Chaos!: General Incompetence & Major Delays, two inept ex-militarians, unleash a ray which makes everybody who is hit by it incompetent and late.

      Science Friction!: Crandall loses his temper when the animatronic aliens at the Out Of This World Cafe and Amusement Park seemingly rebel against humanity.

    • Something Cheesy Comes This Way / Cartoons of Doom!
    • Cloaked Paulson, Mr. Skull / 3, 2, 1... Teamo!
      Cloaked Paulson, Mr. Skull - The Cloaked Skull is back, and menacing the state capital, but this time the skull is...Mr. Paulson?

      3, 2, 1... Teamo! A threat by an intergalactic villain has Teamo and Captain Excellent uniting to save the world

    • Pyrite and Pirate! / The Cheer of the Chief!
      Pyrite and Pirate!: Laser Pirate offers Sam a new job.

      The Cheer of the Chief!: Hypnotheria returns to hypnotize the Chief.

    • Welcome to the Magna Mall! / The Baron's Blitz!
      Welcome to the Magna Mall! Hector thinks the state's new mall is actually Technor's body.

      The Baron's Blitz! Baron Blitz returns, and his henchmen are now unmeltable metal football players.

    • Brenda's Birthday Bandit! / Raising The State!
      Brenda's Birthday Bandit!: Brenda/Rope Girl celebrates her birthday at Girlie World where the Birthday Bandit's helper is waiting for the arrival of the Birthday Bandit who has plans for Rope Girl.

      Raising The State!: Inflato gets ownership of the sky and he raises the state up there so he can be governer.moreless

    • Play it Again Songstress!
      The Manager and Dr. Droid return and trick Rope Girl into singing with a robotic Tiffany.
    • Going It Alone! / Out to Dry!
      Going It Alone! After Skate Lad and Rope GIrl are hurt battling Madame Snake, Crandall decides it would be better if he went after her alone!

      Out to Dry! Dehydro escapes from prison and begins stealing all the water in the state!

    • Doin' the Supremo! / Beware of the Bungler!
      Doin' the Supremo!: DJ Despicable is hypnotizing people with his music during his crime spree.

      Beware of the Bungler!: Can Teamo Supremo stop Barney the Bungler from causing disaster when he tries to rob places like banks, pet shops, and other places.

    • Electronica's Game 2 / Tossing the Gauntlet
      Electronica's Game 2: Electronica breaks out of prison.Meanwhile Paulson has a pen pal he is distracted by and stopped from improving Teamo's tools.Jean figures out the pen pal and Electronica are the same person so when Rpe Girl proves it by pulling the wig off Electronica Paulson uses a new invention to stop her.

      Tossing the Gauntlet: The Gauntlet tricks his way out of prison and resteals the gauntlets.Paulsen and Teamo easily stop him by tricking him into pulling off the gauntlets.moreless

    • Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff / The Grandfather Show
      Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff Teamo's favorite action hero helps them combat the evil Mr. Alchemy

      The Grandfather Show Crandall's grandpa's- retired hero's- help Teamo combat a bunch of second generation villains

    • Things That Go Bump in the Night! / Will of the People!
      Things That Go Bump in the Night Teamo battles the Zomnambulist, who attacks them in their dreams

      Will of the People! A man named Will 2 Wynn is running against Governor Kevin for governor, and if will wins, everyone loses!

    • The Big Image Problem! / Not on My Cinco De Mayo!
      The Big Image Problem! Teamo faces Mirrorstar an vain villain who attempts to melt down all the state mirrors into one giant one to admire himself with!

      Not on My Cinco De Mayo! Its Cinco De Mayo and everyones celebrating, except for Le Poodle, who, angry because this day marks Frances wartime defeat, sets out to steal all the Mexican stuff he can find!moreless

    • The Sinister Sloppy Joe! / Sun, Surf, Sand... and Skull?
      The Sinister Sloppy Joe! Teamo combats the messy and mean Sloppy Joe, who schemes to turn the state into his disorderly domain!

      Sun, Surf, Sand... and Skull? The Cloaked Skull returns on the state beach and has somehow cursed Teamo's tools, looks like they will have to stop him by themselves!moreless

    • The Parents From Another Planet! / Birthday Bash!
      The Parents From Another Planet! Pretending to be Crandall's real parents, two people named Lisa and Robert try to steal the state's many things.

      Birthday Bash! The Birthday Bandit returns, and he invites Teamo, Governor Kevin, Paulsen, and Samantha to a party.

    • Out of the Past / The Sinister Shillelagh!
      Out of the Past - The Cheif faces off against an old enemy from his younger days named Vladimir Trettiak

      The Sinister Shillelagh!- Teamo faces a villain with uncanny good luck for him and bad luck for them!

    • Thog the Caveman Returns / Mr. Large's Slippery Scheme
      Thog the Caveman Returns: When the actor that played Thog in commercials for Breakfast Clubs Cereal, a cereal that was discontinued when it was found to contain more than 100% sugar (don't ask me how, it just did) got a bump on the head, and thought he was Thog. Can Teamo stop his crispity, crunchity carnage?

      Mr.Larges Slippery Scheme: When Governor Kevin starts acting weird, Teamo discovers that he was kidnapped, and Madam Snake is impersonating him, and she is partnered up with Mr. Large. Can Teamo stop Madam Snake and Mr. Large at the same time? I think so.moreless

    • Electronica's Game / The Angler's Angle
      Electronica's Game: Electronica tries to ruin video games when people are using cheat codes.

      The Angler's Angle: The Angler is stealing all the fish in the world.

    • Getaway Car-Go! / Enter Lord Druid!
      Getaway Car-Go - A racer after loosing his pink slips reeks havoc in the state by stealing various muscle and sports cars. That racer is Car-go along with his pit crew: Piston, Camshaft, other guy. Stealing all of the best cars they could find focuses on the fastest production car ever built, the Penketh QRS. It is about to be displayed on a car show the state is holding. Will Teamo Supremo stop Car-go and his pit crew from stealing the Penketh QRS and apprehend this rogue racer?

      Enter Lord Druid - The entire state is currently encountering a massive Deja Vu and is seem to be repeating themselves. Finding this rather annoying, Teamo Supremo with the aid of Paulsen discovered that something is toying with the time stream and is causing disruptions to the very fabric of time itself. The Chief reported that some rocks were missing from various places of the state. They later then discovered that a person who calls himself Lord Druid and his henchmen stole these unstable rocks, formed it into a stone henge replica to create a time portal. Lord Druid plans to go back in time and stop the state from being a democratic land. He also plans to reclaim his "Royalty" and declare his monarchy as rulers of the state. Can Teamo Supremo prevent the state from losing its democracy? Will they be able to stop Lord Druid from his plans?moreless

    • The Haunted House on Horror Hill! / An Appointment With The Dentist!
      The Haunted House on Horror Hill: Teamo Supremo visit a haunted house on Halloween.

      An Appointment With The Dentist: An evil dentist starts controlling peoples minds.

    • You Better Start Calling Me Chief! / When Elements Collide!
      You Better Start Calling Me Chief! Teamo is being interviewed for the state newspaper by a cub reporter named Ollie Jimson, when they get a report that a canadian villain named the Trapster is on the loose, Ollie, hoping to get a big scoop, tags along, but causes no end of trouble for Teamo, until Crandall comes up with a plan that utilizes Ollies "skills"

      When Elements Collide! 3 of Teamos enemies- Laser Pirate, Helius Inflato, and Dehydro, have united as the Elements of Unpleasentness! and are attacking the state by land, sea, and air!moreless

  • Season 1