Teamo Supremo

Season 1 Episode 1

In The Beginning... / Duly Deputized Super Agents

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2002 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Gov. Kevin tells Paulson that Teamo won't be driving the car yet, Crandall and Hector can both be heard saying "Aw, man," in response, but only Hector's mouth opens.

    • When Teamo's members say "Paulson was here!?", Crandall's freckles are mysteriously absent.

    • Brenda pulls a $1 bill out of the bag, and as she does it, the camera is on her, meaning it's from Gov. Kevin and/or the Chief's perspective. And at that time, she holds it so that the front side can be seen, and that means she's seeing the back side. But in the next shot, which is apparently from Brenda's viewpoint, the dollar's front side is still facing the camera (and this time, Brenda).

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  • Notes

    • Villians of this episode: Baron Blitz, Technor

    • Madam Snake, Laser Pirate, and the Cloaked Skull make cameo appearances in Crandall's dream at the beginning of the episode. If the dream was a premonition that was telling Crandall he'd be going up against Baron Blitz soon, was it also telling him that he'd be fighting these guys too?

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