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  • Oh Yeah Now I Remember

    I remember watching this when I was a teenager. But when it was canceled I forgot all about it showing it had little impact on me.

    The characters aren't interesting, they don't actually have superpowers It's like a lame combination of Batman and the Powerpuff Girls. I also remember the Captain's sister showing interest in a different career path in every episode that helps against the villain in the episode.

    The villain themselves are extremely lame. Some aren't even real criminals but are treated as such. One I remember was the Putdown artist who basically insults people in a comic manner. Is that really deserving of jail time? In fact most of the villains aren't even that threatening. The Birthday Bandit is like the Joker with 80% of his evil removed and replaced with a spoiled brat.

  • hAVENT watched this show but

    This show is a RIP OFF of The Powerpuff girls!
  • Can't believe I liked this show back in the day!

    What a poor man's ripoff of The Powerpuff Girls!
  • Horrible

    WHOO bad show
  • Watch Batman,not this junk.

    Disney Saturday morning block decided to release a show that is known for being a HUGE slap in the face to superheros. The show was called Teamo Supremo,and my god,this proves why kid shows suck at making superhero shows. It's about this kid named Crandall,who dreamed of being a superhero,and formed a team with two other kids named Brenda and Hector. Now,these kids fail at being superheros. They use a yo-yo,a skateboard and a jump rope as a weapon which has got to be lame weapons. But the worst part about them is the fact that they say catchphrases that are ear-bleeding bad that makes Mung Daal's made up catchphrase sound like a masterpiece. They all say "Buz-Sa!",Chick-A!" and "Whop-A" which is just annoying. The villains are no better at all. They are just like the Johnny Test Villains. One ruins birthdays so he can make his own, and another one turns dollar bill presidents real. What kind of schemes are these? The characters are all morons. Crandall is decent,but he can't save the show,Brenda just looks like she just got out of bed,but Hector is the worst. He's supposed to be this mexican kid,but he's just annoying. The governor is greedy and The chief is a jerk. The animation is just horrible. I know it's supposed to be like a comic from back then,but it just sucks. In my opinion,this is just plain stupid and deserved to be canceled.
  • This is like watching the predecessor to Fanboy and Chum Chum

    People have been all over Fanboy and Chum Chum (I included), but before that awful show, there was another really bad TV cartoon that was on the same level of F & CC, it's called Teamo Supremo. Stop me if you heard of this premise already, three children are called out of school by the governor to fight crime in the city. Haven't guessed it yet? Let me and everyone else tell you that it's basically a very poor version of the Powerpuff Girls. Now supposedly the show is inspired by comic books from the 1950s, but I honestly think they went out of there way to make sure they were mocking them. The three kids are Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl, and they are the worse superheroes ever. They don't even deserved to be called super or heroes, their main weapons of attacking are (I'm not kidding here) a yo yo, a skateboard, and a jump rope. If that hasn't caused you to switch off the TV, then trust me when I say it gets worse. Also why do the kids say BUZ SAW!, CHICK A!, and WUP A! all the time? The villains for the show are downright ridiculous, they use weapons like pogo sticks or balloons, are you kidding me?! I know this is a kid's show but couldn't they have made the villains more intimidating and have them carry guns? I nearly die of laughter each time I saw them because they are so stupid. The artwork and animation weren't too bad, but I have seen better. There is also a running gag with the police chief, he always says some corny line with the words, to jail! For example, "Here's one giant leap, to jail!" IS this supposed to be funny at all? The answer: no it isn't. It's just horrible writing. The plots are just simply bland and very generic with no new things brought in. About the only good thing I could say for this show is that it lasted for a little over two years before being canceled and I have to say good riddance. This show was horrible for many reasons, the villains were awful, the characters are cardboard devices, the plots are bland, and it rips off a better show. Just avoid this mess and stick with the Powerpuff Girls instead.
  • I got a bunch of reasons this show doesn't suck, and here's what they are!

    In January 2002, I got my hands on the then-semi-recent "House of Mouse" soundtrack CD. I remember taking out the insert and looking through it. In that insert was an ad for some new show about a trio of midgets "coming to save the world" "this January 2002 on Disney's One Saturday Morning". About a day or two later, I happened to catch the series premiere on ABC, not really paying much attention to what was going on, other than the fact that some geeky little boy had recruited two other kids his age to help him prevent a power failure being caused by wax presidents, or something like that. "Bah, sounds like a Powerpuff Girls parody to me," I thought.

    Boy, did those little suckers get back at me. Today, I now have every single episode of "Teamo Supremo" there ever was recorded on eight-hour VHS tapes. And yet people still think it sucked, just because Michael Eisner demanded it to be cancelled without even letting it continue to a 65th episode. Christopher Finch's Art of Disney book doesn't even bother mentiong the show in the TV Animation section. "Teamo Supremo" is an underappreciated show, and I have good reasons as to why it's much better than most people think.

    There are different types of Disney TV Animation shows. There are the ones that feature new characters made for their own shows, and there are the ones that are spun off from the theatrical films. But somewhere in the late 1990s, Disney's original TV cartoons took a turn for the worse, turning out school-day drivel like "Pepper Ann" and "The Proud Family", giving all the action to the shows that were based on movies. From what I recall, the last original action show Disney had done by then was "Gargoyles". But "Teamo Supremo" marks Disney's first original action-adventure show since "Gargoyles", predating even "Kim Possible". Sure, it's no match for "DuckTales", but considering that I don't like school cartoons like the ones Disney currently wastes their time making, I'd much rather watch two episodes of "Teamo Supremo" than an eight-hour marathon of "The Proud Family".

    And contrary to popular belief, the show is not a rip-off of "The Powerpuff Girls". The characters are proof of that, because instead of copying the characteristics of the people of Townsville, Disney actually made thier own characters and gave them different personalities. (Captain) Crandall may not be as comedic as Darkwing Duck. But then again, Darkwing has been known to have an ego problem. Crandall, on the other hand, wants to be a hero because he likes doing the right thing, and isn't that what's important in being a hero? Plus, his voice is provided by Spencer Breslin, which makes Crandall one of the few tweenage cartoon protagonists to not be voiced by a 30something-year-old woman. His two companions, Brenda (Rope Girl) and Hector Corrio (Skate Lad), both voiced by Alanna Ubach, are also well-done characters that Disney hasn't tried before. Plus, Brenda is cute too. Not much can be said about the main trio's family members, but Jean, though living up to the TV stereotype of "older sibling to main character", reminds me of myself somehow. Police Chief Epsilon, who resembles Mr. Spacely of "The Jetsons", is also another addition to my favorite Disney characters. The villains? Well, while much of the show's baddies are frustrated costumed weirdoes with henchmen trios, some of them have the workings of great Disney villains. Baron Blitz, a German-ish dictator who appears to be an alien is a cool villain for being able to make slaves out of statues and animatronics. Another good example is Madam Snake, a mutant with the ability to change into anyone she can disguise herself as. So as you can see, "Teamo" has a good cast.

    And another thing - if the show was ripping off Cartoon Network's little fingerless feminists, Teamo's members would be able to do everything the Girls do, such as flying around, shooting lasers from their eyes, breathing ice, speaking Spanish to squirrels, and curling their tongues. But instead, the only superpowers they seem to have is the ones Crandall displays at the end of the show's series finale, which consist of super-strength, leaping great distances, and taking control of enemy fire. I haven't seen the Powerpuff Girls doing that, and even so, it doesn't change the fact that Crandall's really the only one of Teamo with superpowers. And furthermore, if Teamo was PPG as two guys and a girl, Governor Kevin would be calling Teamo up to get his pickle jar open, and would have a sexy secretary whose face is never shown onscreen. And Baron Blitz would be constantly repeating his speeches like he were a children's dictionary. (Oddly enough, though, the water-themed villain Dehydro seems to have that trait.) Besides, even if it's a PPG rip-off, what's the big deal? It's not like Disney has never made ideas stolen from other people before. ("The Lion King", anyone?)

    If you ask me, "Teamo Supremo" deserves all the attention it can get. Ever go to the Disney Store sometime? If you do, you've no doubt noticed that about 80% of the merchandise that place has for television shows are for JETIX-airing shows that Disney didn't make. Sheesh! "Teamo"'s far better than the Power Rangers, and yet those stupid live-action, Toon Disney-killing glory hogs get a whole bookshelf of merchandise in those stores. In all my searches, the only "Teamo Supremo" products I've found, not counting articles in children's magazines, were picture puzzles. I understand giving a merchandising line for "Kim Possible", since that's a great show too. But why is it that "The Proud Family" gets its own soundtrack when it's not anywhere as cool as "Teamo Supremo"? I don't see why Disney even bothered showing interest in buying the Power Rangers anyway. Disney created Teamo, and they ignore them to the point that they pretend that they were never around. But let me tell you this - if they released the entire "Teamo Supremo" series in a DVD set (which they probably never will), I'd definitely buy it!

    But the #1 reason I watch this show lies in two-thirds of the main characters. Crandall & Brenda make the cutest Disney couple. Ever. 'Nuff said.

    Simply put, "Teamo Supremo" should not have been cancelled. That said, why don't you sign my petition to get it back in production?
  • What the heck is this????

    This is the dumbest show of life within! Three stupid and ugly kids that saves the state from villans. All the charaters are lame, all the plots are boring, and all the episodes are just plain weak. People think this show is a complete successes but I totally disagree and im proud of it. If I liked this show, I would be a geek right now but I dont so I am one of the lucky ones. Who in there right mind would make a stupid show like this or watch it? Im glad they dont show this anymore. There are plenty of other greats shows out there that is better than this stupid disgrace for a show. People that loves this show I have to say that I feel very sorry for you.
  • Lame attempt to mimic super hero cartoons

    As a teenager, I would watch Disney Channel's line up of cartoons. The channel at the time had stiff competition against rival companies Nick and CN, so the channel decided it was best to have a line up of cartoons of their own to compete with rival companies.

    When I was young, I thought the show was just mediocre to pass time. I enjoyed Lloyd in Space much more as well as the Weekenders. This show was just too cliche for me. The same plot unfolds all the time. The children are in school. Out of nowhere surprisingly, there is a danger that occurs in the city. hmmm... Sounds familiar to late 90s cartoon classic named the "Power Puff Girls" The funny thing is the "super heroes" in this show are lame. The three heroes have pretty lame abilities. A yo yo are you serious? Skate lad and rope girl umm okay good luck with that. I am glad this garbage was canceled. I would watch it now and it would not even be mediocre. The plot is a poor attempt to mimic a much more loved show in the Power Puff Girls. If a show must be unoriginal at least put an attempt to it. Disney really dropped the ball by canceling its other shows on its line up. This deserved cancellation. The acting is horrid. The animation is ok. The plot and characters are unmemorable and boring. Nobody cares!
  • We got good teams of shows, and bad ones. Then... Teamo Supremo was the bad teams of shows.

    Yes, there are good shows & bad shows. Then, *shudder* we have Teamo Supremo.


    This is the worst show ever and one of the worst shows ever. And also one of the worst ripoffs of the Powerpuff Girls (I hate that show), Superman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spiderman & Justice Leauge. And that says alot latley because I always watched Sonic X after this.

    Sonic (Anime): I'm a hedgehog!

    So, it's a non-spiritual action show about 3 kids with crazy adittude. And also have weird skin colors, human likes (including the crowd that rescembles a South Park character, Butters). And that says alot, the yell is annoying. Including the voices. The voices are actually dumb.

    And ya know what's worse, Captain Crandall has the greatest (sarcasm) superpowers, the boomerang & a yo-yo? Ha ha ha ha, you've got to be kidding me! A cow has more powers than he does. And Captain Crandall looks like he's a brother of Stewie from "Family Guy."

    And Rope Girl & Skate Lad, no comment, they're so lame. Even if their noses look like mountains. Well, um uh... sort of.

    And the govener, I believe is just giving advices to act weird. Really, including the chief. I have never seen a chief & a govener act weird. Really!

    For the animation & the drawings, they're okay, the animation, not perfect, not good either, but not bad. But, the plotline, voices & etc. it had no plot, and even worse, the voices are annoying as hell!

    And even if it has worst skin color, Butters crowd, and the voices, it has good guys that says that they are villains. I had fears about this show. It reminds me of an angry eagle.


    Just stay away from Teamo Supremo. It's a horrible show. Really!

    But, I'm glad Toon Disney & ABC no longer air it. Good idea.

    Shame on you, Walt DIsney Television. Shame on you for your crappy TV shows and/or your crappy TV logo! Crappy than my mom! You made babies cry.


    Myself: What happened?

    Baby: It's scaring me. *SOBBING*

    Myself: You're not suppose to watch Teamo then.
  • B-A-D S-H-O-W! What does that spell?

    Summary: After their homework is done, this team of friends go fight crime. Join Captain Crandall, Rope Girl, and Skate Lad on their awesome adventures as they save their state from every bad guy you can imagine. Comments: This show is too childish. There are no such things as children super heroes! That's just a rip off Superman and the other super hero shows.

    Not only that, it's too repetitive. It's just the same thing in every episode: The trio are in class, teacher calls them, the Government explains to them about the enemy, go fight enemies, sometimes fail, Jean gives them advice, finish them for good. The end.

    I liked this show at first, but no more!
  • "Hey you kids have a bad show!"

    Well, I can't complain that much since Disney has come up with cartoons just to make cartoons and not give it a good plot. This cartoon is about three kids, the captain thinks he's an alien from outerspace (somewhat like Superman) although he is a human because he looks just like his "Earth Mom" so he is a human not a alien. The other boy loves to skate and says "Girl" in Spanish when he is "Skate Lad" and "Rope girl" has one tooth, and plays with her jump rope. And all the bad guys which could easily kill the kids get caught by them. This is a cheap copy of a Captain Underpants, and Powerpuff girls show. I have watched at least 4 episodes and they all are pretty bad. I'm just finally glad it's over and it will never come back.
  • A very, VERY under appreciated show that had a lot going on.

    Why aren't more shows made like this? The dialogue works on a bunch of levels, which you actually have to pay a little attention to catch. The smaller kids can connect to the characters, and when they get a little older they can pick up on the pop culture references that their parents get.

    This show had a GREAT cast of folks doing the voices. Martin Mull, Fred Willard, Brian Doyle-Murray, etc. These are top notch character actors and comedians, who were clearly having a blast doing the show.

    Teamo is way under appreciated for the quality. I fully expect this show to slowly achieve a cult status in the coming years.

    Great show!!
  • To the delight of the Mayor and the irritatiton of the Chief of Police, Captain Crandall leads a team of kids against a silly/wacky/bizarre cast of criminals. Good always triumphs over evil -- just the way it should be.

    Teamo Supremo was great silly fun. It's clear that everyone had a good time making it and that transferred to the screen. Crandall was convinced that he was actually the child of unearthly heroes and that he would soon attain superheroic powers. He lived his life in confident anticipation that all would someday be revealed. As the series evolved, Crandall continued to fight crime regardless of the fact that there was no indication that any of his convictions were any more than pure fantasy...

    However, as the series came to a (way too early) conclusion, it turned out that Crandall was not only correct, but both his grandfathers were superheroes as well.

    It is a true sadness that the show didn't get to play our for several more seasons so we could see Crandall and his team mates mature.

    This show had real potential to be a true classic. As it is, I believe it will be remembered far into the future for it's wackiness and fun.
  • This show has layers that the intelligent viewer will love. Those that don't get it probably can't spell "lowest common denominator."

    This is the type of show that was made for both kids and parents to watch. The kids can relate to the problems and issues the characters go through; not every problem has a clear cut answer. Adults will get the subtle references to the great movies in history. It's like an easter egg film lession in every episode. This well written, thoughtfully produced show was cut short way too early in it's run. It is shortsightedness like this that keeps Disney in the back of the cartoon pack. What other cartoon can get guest voices like Michael McKean, Michael J. Pollard, Ed Asner, Jim Belushi, Mark Hamill, and Tim Curry??
  • Three kids turn into superheroes to save the town from comical villians - and learn things in the process!

    This show is fantastic and my two kids loved it. My little girl would always pretend to be Rope Girl and my son would alternate between being Captain Crandall and Skate Lad. I can't believe they didn't make more episodes. Why?! It is such a fun show and I also loved it's unique style. It's funny, action packed, clean and doesn't move too fast for little kids to follow. Also, I love Fred WIllard and thought he was fun as the Paulsen character. I think this show rocks and was one that I as a parent felt good about my kids watching!
  • A Kids' Show for Everyone

    With great writing and directing, a superb cast and the feel of a 1960's comic book, this Disney effort was great yet seems to be a truly an underappreciated show on this web site. I don't understand why. It is a very creative and outstanding show. Along with "Fernwood Tonight's" Martin Mull and Fred Willard, it featured regulars like Julia Sweeney, Brian Doyle Murray, Rachel Crane, Sydney Walsh and Jeff Glen Bennett. Guest voices that have played superb villians included Mark Hamill, Tim Curry, Ed Asner, Jim Belushi, Wendie Malick, Michael McKean, Michael J. Pollard and Joe Flaherty. Not too many cartoon shows can boast a role call like the above.

    The combination of a great cast, well done scripts and a solid production crew make Teamo one of the best Disney efforts if not one of the best cartoon shows of the last decade.
  • Great show for people who understand that "good and evil" are often the same side of the funny coin.

    Think back to your childhood, the things that bothered you, worried you, the things you railed against. What would you have liked to do about them? That is the essence of Teamo Supremo--empowerment (and a large dose of fun and friendship).

    This is a great show, with a wonderful cast and fantastic writing. The main object was fun, a good message, and a lot of laughs, with a heavy dose of pop culture for those who "get it"...compared to 99% of the drivel out there, Teamo remains a diamond in the rough.

    9.5 out of 10 stars.
  • I have had a change of heart on this series, It's more clever then I thought

    I know I originally said I hated this show, but that is no longer true so I am completely changing my review, I do admit, there are still a few things about the show that bug me, but that's okay, most every show I like has those as well. This show was not made to insult or rip on Super Heroes, it was made to honer them and such, and it's based on many of those from the 60's and those times. It is actually a good show and I am wishing more episodes were made.

    Well, I did record season 1 on DVD so I guess I better start watching it soon.
  • Borderline acceptable.

    Borderline is only acceptable. How far down has television sunk to these days. Not to disrespect the creators of Teamo Supremo but I guess it's simply the trend of tv these days (nothing good on.) Time poorly wasted.This show is not nice, but the borderline of the story is acceptable.
  • Crap.

    Lame *** show with no entertainment value at all what so ever. I cannot believe that they would air such crap on televsison and think people would love it. boy were they wrong. Very wrong. I am just thankful that it is gone and can no longer air on public television.
  • Thie is the worse crap I ever seen. I only saw 1 minute and it suck.

    This is the made up crap i ever seen. It sucks as hell. Especially the charecters. They suck too. Also their made up name suck to. For example rope girl. I just laugh when I heard that. Also their power is kind of wack. For example Rope girl uses a rope, and a yo-yo. The power kind a wack. How are you going to damage someone with a rope. I could understand to tie somebody. But every body uses a rope in show to tie bad guys. Even the bad guys use that too. I say that this show is a waste of time.
  • A horrible show about pint sized super heroes.

    This is by far the worst series I have ever had the misfortune of watching! With badly drawn characters and story lines, even worse villains and heroes this series barley deserves the score I gave it, which was given only because it could no put .2. The heroes are a trio of Alien kids. With weird names like Captain Crandall, Rope girl and Skate lad this is terrible. Even worse then their names are their powers the captain can use yo yos and boomerangs well, skate lad cane skate, and rope girl uses a rope. They save the state from all sorts of freaky villain while the real oddity of a governor sits behind a desk acting weird.

  • I always watched this show, but now I wonder: why? This show is a supreme waste of time.

    I always watched this show, but now I wonder: why? This show is a supreme waste of time.

    This show is not interesting. I never got anything out of it. I can't believe I used to waste my time watching this dumb show. The characters are horrible. I never got anything out of it. I mean, it's also unoriginal because it's just another superhero based show. And the characters are just trying to pose themselves as something they really are not. I just hate the characters.

    Captain Crandall: He's suppose to be captain, but he can't expect to get anywhere using a yo-yo or whatever kind of junk he uses to fight criminals, can he?

    Rope girl: Jump ropes are to be played with. She can't get anywhere using a jumprope can she? She can't fight criminals with a toy, can she?

    Skate lad: I'm not even going to get into that.

    All the other characters are just crappy. The whole show is just bad. I hope they get rid of it.
  • A crappy show with crappy characters.

    This is an idiotic show about idiotic people. I first watched it when i was eight, and i couldn't beleive what i was seeing. When the solution to finding out who the snake was was to give them an apple i wanted to reach through the TV and strangle the characters. This is the worst show i've ever seen.
  • Just another superhero thing!

    I don't really like this show! I've seen lots of superhero cartoons and growing up ones too, and they are both getting old fast! I mean, come on! Those superheroes in this show make stupid noises and have lame villains with rubbish names! The animation is ok, I guess, but I've seen WAY better!
    The storylines rip off classic cartoons and they also use dumb weapons to save the day! A skateboard and a rope??? Uh...Ok!
    Not many people like this show, and I can see why!
    It's just I'm so fed up of these superhero shows and I really feel sorry for today's kids for the rubbish shows they're getting, such as this one.
  • I used to like this show for some reason, but now I ask myself: Why?

    I'm still wondering why I watched this show. The villains were not very impressive and they were downright horrible! There were about 2 good villains out of the lot, but that's it. The plot is about three kids who fight crime with gadgets, as in they don't really have superpowers. Not very impressive. Crandall isn't from Earth, and I think he developed his superpowers at the end, but I can't remember. It was funny at some times, but most of the times it tried too hard,and wasn't funny. The endings were very predictable, as they always defeated the villain in exactly the same way. Sure, there was character development in almost every episode, but it gets repetitive. Bad action show, bad jokes, okay character development, bad plot.
  • This show is a "supreme" waste of time. Is this the best Disney can do?

    The first thought that came to mind after watching this poorly done show was how did they do it?
    How did they manage to get this stinking show on the air?
    This show is shameful in every way imaginable, I have searched for any good points and have been unable to find any.
    First off, let's take a look at the characters.
    The leader of their team is Captain Crandall.
    Perhaps they were trying to make the nerdy kids feel better about themselves when they thought him up, he makes toast seem exciting.
    Then there is Skate Lad, the token hispanic character.
    Gotta have at least one minority in a super hero group nowadays, right?
    He's an alright character I guess, and he has a cute character design going for him...but what's with the name?
    Finally we have Rope Girl, the most annoying female character in a cartoon I've ever seen.
    Bad voice, bad get my point.
    Put these three gems together and you have "Teamo Supremo", a superhero team that's enough to run me out of my skin.
    What about the other elements of the show?
    Let's see, the plots are contrived and scores no points there.
    The supporting characters lack substance and are annoying, keeping with the feeling of the rest of the show.
    I must say though, the Governor fascinates me.
    I wonder what brand of mascara he
    Anyway, the villains are flat and uninteresting, big surprise there.
    Honestly overall it's truly a waste of time.
    Disney has no hope against other networks within the same demographic, thank goodness they have a 65 episode limit.
    At least their awful shows are put out of their misery eventually.
    The one good thing about Teamo Supremo is that it's over.
    Yay! ^^
  • Not another stinking superhero show.

    I hate this show so bad, it's sad. Why does the people at disney make such crap? Well it might have been somebody's idea before Diseny's, and like almost always they steal it. Why I bet Walt Diseny is rolling over in his grave over stuff like that. Not to say that the show is 100 percent garbage.
  • "Chi-kah, whoo-pah" i say GET LOST!

    This show is critised by many people, and I will critisise this show too. The animastion in this show is preety lame and this show makes action shows look dumb and pointless.

    I mean, Birthday Bandit, slime in the school, PLEASE!!!! Aw, c'mon at least find someting better than this. This is actually one of Disney's very big mistake.

    I am very ashamed that the voice actors and the writers wrote and acted in these stores. The animators would also have been embarrased to animate this rather crappy television show. At least its about kids and I am glad this show is off the air, but if it wasnt, Disney ought to be crying right about now.
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