Teamo Supremo

ABC (ended 2004)





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  • Lame attempt to mimic super hero cartoons

    As a teenager, I would watch Disney Channel's line up of cartoons. The channel at the time had stiff competition against rival companies Nick and CN, so the channel decided it was best to have a line up of cartoons of their own to compete with rival companies.

    When I was young, I thought the show was just mediocre to pass time. I enjoyed Lloyd in Space much more as well as the Weekenders. This show was just too cliche for me. The same plot unfolds all the time. The children are in school. Out of nowhere surprisingly, there is a danger that occurs in the city. hmmm... Sounds familiar to late 90s cartoon classic named the "Power Puff Girls" The funny thing is the "super heroes" in this show are lame. The three heroes have pretty lame abilities. A yo yo are you serious? Skate lad and rope girl umm okay good luck with that. I am glad this garbage was canceled. I would watch it now and it would not even be mediocre. The plot is a poor attempt to mimic a much more loved show in the Power Puff Girls. If a show must be unoriginal at least put an attempt to it. Disney really dropped the ball by canceling its other shows on its line up. This deserved cancellation. The acting is horrid. The animation is ok. The plot and characters are unmemorable and boring. Nobody cares!
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