Teamo Supremo

ABC (ended 2004)





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  • This is like watching the predecessor to Fanboy and Chum Chum

    People have been all over Fanboy and Chum Chum (I included), but before that awful show, there was another really bad TV cartoon that was on the same level of F & CC, it's called Teamo Supremo. Stop me if you heard of this premise already, three children are called out of school by the governor to fight crime in the city. Haven't guessed it yet? Let me and everyone else tell you that it's basically a very poor version of the Powerpuff Girls. Now supposedly the show is inspired by comic books from the 1950s, but I honestly think they went out of there way to make sure they were mocking them. The three kids are Captain Crandall, Skate Lad, and Rope Girl, and they are the worse superheroes ever. They don't even deserved to be called super or heroes, their main weapons of attacking are (I'm not kidding here) a yo yo, a skateboard, and a jump rope. If that hasn't caused you to switch off the TV, then trust me when I say it gets worse. Also why do the kids say BUZ SAW!, CHICK A!, and WUP A! all the time? The villains for the show are downright ridiculous, they use weapons like pogo sticks or balloons, are you kidding me?! I know this is a kid's show but couldn't they have made the villains more intimidating and have them carry guns? I nearly die of laughter each time I saw them because they are so stupid. The artwork and animation weren't too bad, but I have seen better. There is also a running gag with the police chief, he always says some corny line with the words, to jail! For example, "Here's one giant leap, to jail!" IS this supposed to be funny at all? The answer: no it isn't. It's just horrible writing. The plots are just simply bland and very generic with no new things brought in. About the only good thing I could say for this show is that it lasted for a little over two years before being canceled and I have to say good riddance. This show was horrible for many reasons, the villains were awful, the characters are cardboard devices, the plots are bland, and it rips off a better show. Just avoid this mess and stick with the Powerpuff Girls instead.