Teamo Supremo

ABC (ended 2004)





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  • Watch Batman,not this junk.

    Disney Saturday morning block decided to release a show that is known for being a HUGE slap in the face to superheros. The show was called Teamo Supremo,and my god,this proves why kid shows suck at making superhero shows. It's about this kid named Crandall,who dreamed of being a superhero,and formed a team with two other kids named Brenda and Hector. Now,these kids fail at being superheros. They use a yo-yo,a skateboard and a jump rope as a weapon which has got to be lame weapons. But the worst part about them is the fact that they say catchphrases that are ear-bleeding bad that makes Mung Daal's made up catchphrase sound like a masterpiece. They all say "Buz-Sa!",Chick-A!" and "Whop-A" which is just annoying. The villains are no better at all. They are just like the Johnny Test Villains. One ruins birthdays so he can make his own, and another one turns dollar bill presidents real. What kind of schemes are these? The characters are all morons. Crandall is decent,but he can't save the show,Brenda just looks like she just got out of bed,but Hector is the worst. He's supposed to be this mexican kid,but he's just annoying. The governor is greedy and The chief is a jerk. The animation is just horrible. I know it's supposed to be like a comic from back then,but it just sucks. In my opinion,this is just plain stupid and deserved to be canceled.