Teamo Supremo - Season 1

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • The Return of Technor! / A Monumental Crisis!
    The Return of Technor - The Techno-creeps (Techno's henchmen) has escaped from jail and have plotted to revive their leader Technor by finding and empowering the Magna Body. The Magna Body once fully charged, has the ability to find Technor on its own. Once the Magna had enough energy and found the Technor back in level 7, Technor is now off to fully charge himself which will cause the entire state's power supply, which is on the dismay of Skate Lad on the count of he is afraid of the dark. Can Teamo Supremo stop Technor in time before the entire state blacks-out? And will Skate Lad ever conquer his fear of darkness?

    A Monumental Crisis - After a long field trip around the state for its monuments, the children of Teamo Supremo's class found it boring and un-interesting. Their Tour Guide (Frenchies Stockus), who is obsessed and dedicated her life for the history of the monuments threats that she will do something to make the people (especially the children) to appreciate the monuments and its history seriously. Thus turning into the Tourerist, she and her Dousens steals all of the monuments from the state to a place where she could really appreciate them. Since stealing is a crime, it is up to Teamo Supremo to get the monuments back to where it is rightfully belongs. Will Teamo Supremo find where the monuments are hidden? And will they capture the Tourerist and her Dousens?moreless

  • Mr. Vague Does Something... / The Big Put Down!
    Mr. Vague Does Something...: Odd robberies start happening and no one, not even Teamo can figure out the method behind them or if there even is one.

    The Big Put Down: A new villain called the Put Down Artist comes and badly insults everyone making them feel low.

  • Pogo Panic! / Enter Dr. 'Droid!
    Pogo Panic! Teamo faces off against Dr. Pogo, who commits his crimes using pogo sticks to gain revenge for the worlds lack of spring appreciation!

    Enter Dr. Droid! Teamo combats the robot loving Dr. Droid, who aims to make the world "a nicer place" by replacing everyone with robots!

  • Attack of the Stuffed Stuff! / Reservoir Frogs!
    Attack of the Stuffed Stuff!: Fabrica uses stuffed animals to steal all the kids stuffed animals in order to bring them to life and start a stuffed animal army.

    Reservoir Frogs!: Can Teamo Supremo stop Dehydro and his henchmen from flooding the city?

  • Sounds of the Songstress! / Calling Captain Excellent!
    Sounds of Songstress - A new teen idol is in town and her name is Tiffany Javelins (AKA Sally Smith). With her influence, fashion sense and style, she single handedly gets every girl in the state, including Rope Girl, at her command. Everything Tiffany does is "tifftastic" according to her followers. Captain Crandall and Skate Lad see through the charade and put an end to the fan-dom mob mentality.

    Calling Captain Excellent - According to Governor Kevin, in order for a superhero gain rights to be called a real superhero, they have to be evaluated by a real superhero sent by the Planetary Superhero Council. The team's favorite superhero, Captain Excellent has been sent to evaluate them. However, the arrival of Baron Blitz interferes. Now is the chance for Teamo Supremo to prove their worth. Will they be able to pass the evaluation and become full-fledged recognized superheroes?moreless

  • Appetite for ... Dessert / It's Crandall's Birthday -- Bandit!
    Appetite for . . . Dessert: When Hypnotheria, with the ability to hypnotize people, hypnotizes Teamo Supremo, they start eating junk food instead of their normal healthy regime. Will they be able to stop themselves in time?!

    It's Crandall's Birthday--Bandit!: Crandall's new toolbelt was stolen by the Birthday Bandit, and now he's using the gadgets (The instructions were in the belt.) to steal all the presents he wants. Will Teamo Supremo be able to stop the chaos, even against the new toolbelt?moreless

  • The Sinister Stylist / Running The Gauntlet
    The Sinister Stylist A former soap actress turns to crime when she makes an appearnce on a award show but is riddiculed by her freaky hairstle and rejoins a group of rejected beauty school students planing to give everyone a really bad hair day.

    Running The Gauntlet Paulson's assitant Mr. Crawford steals some very powerful gloves and uses them to wreak havoc on the city.moreless

  • The Chief's New Groove! / Capitol Offense
    The Chief's New Groove!: Tired of Teamo Supremo always being the heroes and feeling useless, The Chief goes out to become a Super Hero himself known as Lawman

    Capitol Offence: While the class learns about pirates, a real one called Laser Pirate who is obbsessed with electronics raids Level 7.

  • Danger: Dirigibles! / Enter The Cheapskates!
    Danger: Dirigibles! Helius Inflato launches silver balloons all over the world, eclipsing the sun until the government gives in to his demands to allow a casino to be built.

    Enter The Cheapskates Skate Lad gets accused of stealing people's possesions and Governor Kevin takes away his skateboard, his spare skateboard and his watch, and takes him off the team until they can find out who is setting him up.moreless

  • Grounded! / The Baron and the Baby Brother
    Grounded! Teamo is grounded and lures the latest villain in town to Crandall's huse where they ambush him.

    The Baron and the Baby Brother Baron Blitz returns but Skate Lad and Crandall must fight him alone as Rope Girl is taking care of her brother.Eventually they use her brother to distract the baron long enough to capture him.moreless

  • My Sister The Spy / The Sinister Substitute!
    My Sister The Spy Crandall's sister Jean got a locket as a present from a French boy. Meanwhile Teamo Supremo keeps trying to defeat a group of French thugs but the thugs are always one step ahead of them. Captain Crandall finds out that the locket Jean has is a walkie talkie for the thugs which lets them know what Teamo Supremo is planning.

    The Sinister Substitute! An evil fashion stylist disguises herself as Teamo Supremo's teacher and gives them lots of homework so they won't have time to fight crime!moreless

  • And Then There Were Two / Who Invited The Birthday Bandit?
    And Then There Were Two Skate lad becomes jealous when a new kid impresses Captain Crandall and Rope Girl but it soon takes a serious turn when he learns that he is the son of the leader of a vicious motorcycle gang called Chopper Daddy.

    Who Invited the Birthday Bandit Teamo Supremo must stop an evil clown called the birthday bandit from ruining parties.moreless

  • In The Beginning... / Duly Deputized Super Agents
    In The Beginning... Crandall gets together a team of superheroes (Himself, Brenda, and Hector.) When they audition for the governer, he doesn't believe kids can do it. However, they prove themselves by defeating baron blitz and his team of wax president/zombies. When Governer Kevin accepts them, they become Captain Crandall, Rope Girl, and Skate Lad....TEAMO SUPREMO!

    Duly Deputized Super Agents Teamo Supremo has a hard time defeating Technor. When they meet Paulsen, a scientist, he gives them all-new-and-improved weapons, from "Level 7".moreless