Teamo Supremo

Season 1 Episode 9

Sounds of the Songstress! / Calling Captain Excellent!

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 2002 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Sounds of the Songstress
      - Jean reads the newspaper backwards.
      - When Tiffany Javelins said to the girl with the non-ripped jeans that girls that do not follow her style (ripped Jeans) is not allowed to join her club, she was kicked out. Brenda, Samantha and Patience's jeans were not ripped yet they remain.

      Calling Captain Excellent
      - Chopper Daddy took the necklace from a bystander, yet it was one of his biker has it and threw it to Baron Blitz.
      - When Capt.Crandall fell of the ground and in front of the on-coming villains, shouldn't he got run-over by Barn Blitz's armored van?

  • Quotes

    • Brenda: Talk to the left, because you ain't right.

      Crandall: Rope me--Oops. Looks like we'll have to don our superthreads in the boys' room.

    • Baron Blitz: I am Baron Blitz. I am very insidious and cruel, and now that I have an armored car, nobody can stop me!

      Baron Blitz: Well, if it isn't the representative of the old-time superheroes' club and his little action figure!

  • Notes

    • Calling Captain Excellent
      - Captain Excellent is Captain Crandall's role model. That's why he chose the name "Captain" and has a lightning on his belt. He also got the idea of battle cries from Captain Excellent, whose battle cry is "Ka-zang!"

      Villians of this episode: The Songstress, Mischievous Manager, Baron Blitz

    • Sounds of the Songstress
      - Skate Lad once again complains his "Super Threads" smelling like milk again. (first one was in Thog the Caveman)

    • Sounds of the Songstress
      - Jean is probably the only girl that is not into Tiffany Javelins' so-called club.
      - Jean wants to be a famous investigative reporter.

    • Sounds of the Songstress
      - Governor Kevin believes in Feng Sui
      - Paulsen's battle cry is "Wuh-Ster-Shere"

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