Tears to Tiara

Season 1 Episode 1

Demon King Revival

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Apr 05, 2009 on Chiba TV
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While asking the stars to give her courage, a girl named Riannon hears an invasion force breaking into the houses in the village. Having sent the villagers out beforehand, Riannon goes to meet the priest Drwc before they can burn down the village. Knowing she is the descendant of the Elf king, Drwc threatens to kill two children unless Riannon agrees to become a sacrifice to revive the Demon King Arawn. Meanwhile Riannon's brother Arthur senses something wrong in the village and returns to find Riannon missing.moreless

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      • Erin:

        The island the Gael tribe lives on, Erin, is a reference to Ireland which was named Erin by the Milesians after the goddess Ériu.

      • King Arthur:

        Riannon's brother and First Knight of the Gael tribe Arthur could be a reference to King Arthur of Arthurian Legend.

      • Gael:

        The tribe that Riannon and Arthur are the leaders of, the Gael tribe, is a reference to an ethno-linguistic group that started in Ireland and spread to many other countries.

      • Sword in the Stone:

        The sword in the stone shown, when the current age was announced, is a reference to the sword King Arthur pulled out of the stone to become king in Arthurian legend.

      • Albion:

        When Drwc refers to Albion, he is making a reference to the oldest name given to Great Britian.

      • Arawn:
        Arawn's character is a reference to the Arawn in Welsh mythology who ruled over the otherworld, the world of the dead, Annwn.

      • Pwyll:
        When Drwc mentions the ruler of the ancient Kingdom of Albion, Pwyll, he is referring to the Pwyll of Welsh mythology who ruled the Dyfed, switched places with Arawn for a year and a day and later married a woman named Rhiannon.

      • Atlantis:
        When the fall of the Silver Age is being shown, a tidal wave is shown sinking a city. This could be a reference to the mythological city of Atlantis.

      • Five Ages of Man:
        Among the Ages mentioned before the opening sequence, the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age are references to the Mythological Five Ages of Man, which depicted the rise and fall of mankind throughout the ages.