Tears to Tiara

Sunday 12:30 AM on Chiba TV Premiered Apr 05, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Power of Words
      Episode 26
      With the Merkadis threatening to destroy the world it emerges that only Riannon can stop it. Unfortunately, she cannot remember how, so it is up to Arthur and Arawn to buy time until she does. However, with such a powerful opponent will they be able to hold out for long enough?moreless
    • Merkadis
      Episode 25
      At the top of the tower Arawn and the others encounter one of the White Spirits who plans to destroy the world. However, even fighting together their chances of defeating him seem slim. Things then get even worse when a Merkadis appears, the very creature that once killed Arawn.
    • Gravitas
      Episode 24
      As Arawn and Ogam make their way to the source of Gravitas, Arthur and the others continue to hold the upper hand against the enemy. Right as victory seems apparent, an increase in the power of Gravitas quickly turns the tide of the battle. With things going downhill fast, Ogam prepares to use the Flame of Origin to stop the spell even at the cost of his life.moreless
    • Palladium
      Episode 23
      Having reunited at Palladium, Arthur and Arawn along with the rest of their party enter the tower and prepare for what they hope will be their final battle. However, no sooner do they enter than the group are separated. Octavia and Morgan find themselves in an arena where they must face off against an army of golems. Llyr and Rathty stumble upon the Cauldron of Resurrection and decide to try and destroy it. Finally, Arawn, Arthur, Ogam and Riannon find themselves facing off against a resurrected Drwc.moreless
    • Drynwyn
      Episode 22
      With Taliesin's sacrifice having stopped the enemy's advance, Arawn decides they must end things as quickly as possible. Knowing what they will need to do, Arawn decides to send everyone Palladium while he and Ogam head to Gorsedd Arawn, but the arrival of Arthur and his need to know the truth of the world changes the plan by having the groups switch roles. Now Arawn and Ogam lead their forces against Palladium while Arthur's group goes to retrieve Drynwyn, but is Arthur ready to know the truth of the world?moreless
    • 8/23/09
      After seeing Arawn's past, Taliesin knows what he has to do. After parting with the baby dragon and leaving the cave, Taliesin gets his first look at the enemy. Elsewhere Arawn and the others defend the giants as they try to start an avalanche. Immediately after the avalanche starts, it is stopped by the snowstorm picking up. Realizing the Angels are behind the snowstorm Arawn decides they will have to face the enemy at the foot of the mountain.moreless
    • Lucifer
      Episode 20
      In the past the 12 Angels gather in heaven and one questions why a new Angel has come to be. One of the Angels, Merlinus, tells everyone that they have yet to perceive the will of God, so the other Angels leave the new Angel to him. The new Angel turns out to be none other then the Arawn of the past. Now in charge of Arawn, Merlinus asks him to refer as Myrddin or father and then gives Arawn the name Lucifer. As time passes, Myrddin tries to break Lucifer of the ways the other Angels see things, while further continuing his own plans for humanity.moreless
    • Child of the Night
      Episode 19
      With the Imperial High Council dead the Empire is in chaos and the Gael tribe faces a new enemy in the guise of the White Spirits, who are sending an army of black knights to destroy them. In order to defeat the approaching army Arawn decides to lure them to Mt. Claes and trigger an avalanche. However, he cannot do this alone and must first gain the assistance of the legendary Giants.moreless
    • Return
      Episode 18
      With the outer wall breached the Imperial forces now turn their attentions to the castle of Avalon itself. Although the Gael Tribe put up a brave fight they are forced to retreat further and further into the compound. Meanwhile, Arthur has been reunited with Ogam and has taken command of both the Brigantes Tribe and the remaining Gael warriors. With his new combined force he heads towards Avalon in order to mount a surprise attack against Gaius and his men.moreless
    • For My Friends
      For My Friends
      Episode 17
      Riannon continues to lead the Gael Tribe in defending Avalon from the Imperial Forces. However, Gaius has grown weary of the protracted battle and decides to use everything he has to end the siege quickly. Meanwhile, in order to save his friends Arthur rushes to ask the Brigantes Tribe to join him, but can he make it in time and will they accept his offer?moreless
    • For Friends
      Episode 17
      The siege of Avalon has continued for three days. Riannon has led the Gaels in repelling Gaius’s troops. Arawn’s wounds have healed, but he has yet to regain consciousness.
    • Reason to Fight
      Episode 16
      With Arthur gone and Arawn injured Gaius sizes the opportunity to lay siege to Avalon. As Riannon takes command of the Gael forces at Avalon Morgan and Octavia, who are trapped outside the castle, attempt to sneak back in. Meanwhile, Ogam tracks down a despondent and confused Arthur and tells him to head for Gorsedd Arawn.moreless
    • Candid
      Episode 15
      After noticing Gaius's forces beginning to increase, Arthur decides the Gael tribe will attack first. While traveling through the forest to the Imperial camp, the group enters a section that puts off a strange aura. When Rathty and Llyr comment about their strength being drained, Ogam and Arawn reveal that it is a spell called Gravitus. As the group arrives at a lake, their path is blocked by fallen trees and a large number of undead appears. After finding the undead will not stay down, Ogam decides to use magic to get rid of them, but Arawn stops him and has the group cover him while he prepares to use his own magic.moreless
    • White Angel
      Episode 14
      The Gael Tribe is in need of funds so Arawn decides to take Arthur and the others to his tomb where an abundance of treasure is buried. However, when they arrive they are attacked first by a group of Talos and then by an ogre. Meanwhile, Gaius is called before the High Council and accused of treason.moreless
    • Brigantes
      Episode 13
      The Imperial forces led by Gaius have begun to move against the castle of Avalon. As such Arawn decides it is necessary to form an alliance with the neighbouring Brigantes Tribe. However, when they arrive they meet Taliesin, and it emerges that the Brigantes Tribe's Chief is dead and there is no successor to take his place.moreless
    • 6/21/09
      Riannon is captured by Gaius and forced to heal his Imperial soldiers. Arthur wants to leave immediately to rescue her, but is cautioned by Arawn not to be hasty. Arawn is able to locate Riannon and determines that she is safe for the moment.
    • 6/21/09
      When Riannon is captured by Gaius, Arthur is desperate to save her but Arawn persuades him to wait until they have more information. As such Arawn uses meditation to locate Riannon and check on her safety. Meanwhile, the captive Riannon is making herself useful by healing and feeding the Imperial troops.moreless
    • Requiem
      Episode 11
      Rubrum has discovered the location of the castle of Avalon and some of the Gael tribe believe that Octavia may be in league with them. However, when one of the children is put in danger, Octavia proves her loyalty and helps the Gael tribe repay Rubrum for their last encounter. Octavia also faces off against Lidia, possibly for the last time.moreless
    • Noble Fencer
      Episode 10
      As Octavia recovers from her wounds she begins to explore the castle and meet it's inhabitants. Although most welcome her warmly Arthur is at first distrustful of having a soldier of the Empire so close at hand. However, she is eventually accepted by Arthur and decides to join the Gael Tribe.moreless
    • Assault
      Episode 9
      Octavia is captured by Lidia, under direct orders from the Army. Meanwhile, Arawn and the Gael tribe mount a covert assault against the Imperial compound in order to steal much needed supplies. During the commotion Arawn ends up rescuing Octavia but must keep her presence at the castle a secret from the rest of the tribe, for fear that she will be beheaded.moreless
    • Rublum
      Episode 8
      As everyone prepares to fortify the castle, Gaius returns to the Empire just in time to find out that Rublum, the Senate's security force, has been ordered to take out the Gael tribe. Later back in Albion, Morgan stands watch at the beach and notices a ship approaching. Knowing the ship is filled with Rublum soldiers, Ogam advises against taking the group lightly, but Arthur chooses to ignore his warning.moreless
    • Colosseum
      Episode 7
      Several members of the Gael Tribe decide to watch a Gladiator Contest in Londinium in order to let off steam and to gauge the enemy's strength. It is here that they meet a young Miner Elf called Rathty, who may have the skills necessary to make much needed weapons. They also witness a fight between Octavia and Bubulcus.moreless
    • Callous Valley
      Episode 6
      Arawn and the Gael Tribe meet Llyr of the Faerie Tribe, but after Arawn accidentally destroys her 'clothing' the two become automatically engaged. Llyr then sets about trying to help out around the castle, unfortunately she is far from the domestic type. Meanwhile, the Imperial forces start to close in on the Tribe.moreless
    • 5/10/09
      The girl Morgan’s flute has summoned is Llyr, of the faerie tribe.
    • Londinium
      Episode 5
      Arawn decides to take Arthur, Riannon, Morgan and Ogam to Londinium. However, this is not just a sight-seeing trip, they are there in order to steal much needed weapons from the Empire. Unfortunately for them Gaius has already arrived and, having anticipated their move, has laid a trap to capture Arawn and the rest of the group.moreless
    • Avalon
      Episode 4
      The group and the rest of the tribe arrive in Albion and begin to make their way to the castle of Avalon. On the way to the castle everyone, except Ogam, is surprised to find that Arawn is the master of the castle. Upon arriving, Arawn gives everyone the choice to enter and fight a war that will last many years or turn around an leave. With everyone choosing to enter Arawn leads the way in and everyone meets the house elves Limwris and Ermin. Later while gathering weapons from the armory, Arawn and Arthur are caught in a magic circle create by the merchant elf Epona.moreless
    • Departure
      Episode 3
      As everyone prepares to leave the village, Arawn is attacked by a girl named Morgan, but easily restrains her. After finding out she is one of Arthur's subordinates, the group also learns that the ship she was preparing, has been taken by the empire. Deciding to attack the port Arawn's group takes charge of opening the gate leading out of the harbor, while Ogam's group secures a ship. After opening the gate, Arawn is attack by Gaius, who attacks him using a special electrum dagger.moreless
    • 4/12/09
      Knowing Riannon will die if he kills Drwc, Arthur is unable to do anything against the priest. Luckily for him Arawn frees Riannon and kills Drwc himself. With his sister free Arthur decides Arawn must be killed because he is the Demon King. After failing to convince Arthur not to kill Arawn, Riannon decides to become Arawn's bride and make him the chief of the Gael tribe. Even though he refuses to accept Riannon's decision, Arthur doesn't have much time to argue when a large number of undead skeletons shows up.moreless
    • 4/5/09
      While asking the stars to give her courage, a girl named Riannon hears an invasion force breaking into the houses in the village. Having sent the villagers out beforehand, Riannon goes to meet the priest Drwc before they can burn down the village. Knowing she is the descendant of the Elf king, Drwc threatens to kill two children unless Riannon agrees to become a sacrifice to revive the Demon King Arawn. Meanwhile Riannon's brother Arthur senses something wrong in the village and returns to find Riannon missing.moreless
    • The Words of Power