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  • Season 1
    • Biz
      Episode 5
      Techno, Hip Hop, Rock...Biz keeps the turntables spinning. This gadget-crazed Seattle DJ drops new beats for the crowd, keeps the scene hyped, and creates a party where clothes are optional. When Technology Jones brings in the year 1971, Biz refuses to surrender his optimism even when he's reduced to projectors, phonographs, and antiquated smoke machines.moreless
    • Dan
      Episode 4
      Dan Nainan, a New York based comedian, has a lot of jokes but when his hi-tech gadget dependent life is reverted to1957, Technology Jones gets the last laugh. As Dan's detox proves to be an utter failure and his vintage stage microphone begins to squeal, he seeks the guidance of his elders for a little advice and a lot of comic relief.moreless
    • Robb
      Episode 3
      If it ain't broke then don't try to fix it. Robb Davidson is going to wish he heeded those words when Technology Jones comes around and the successful recording engineer has his life invaded by the year 1961. Robb is stripped of his hi-tech integrated listening systems and is forced to use antiquated versions of audio editing and film splicing. His business suffers, his assistant wants to kill him and Robb is left asking "can you hear me now?" "No Robb. We can't."moreless
    • Dave
      Episode 2
      Carter was just elected president, "Play that Funky Music" was hot, and Reese Witherspoon was born. It's 1976 and it's a good year to everyone...except Dave Granville. This week, the real estate agent to the have and have-mores of the Hamptons gets his tech toys taken away and has them replaced with crock pots, pay phones, and printed maps. Dinner parties aren't much fun without automatic ice crushers, GPS is a thing of the future, and Dave's patience is wearing thin.moreless
    • The Furmans
      The Furmans
      Episode 1
      It's out with the new and in with the old for the Furmans. The Bronxville couple, happily married to each other and their hi-tech lives, are about to get an unwelcome wake up call when Technology Jones steps in to turn their American dreams into nightmares. Motorized Barbie cars, Ipods and Segways are shipped out and 1983's Big Wheels, walkmans and 10- speeds are imported for a week of utter discomfort and chaos.moreless
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