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  • Where did it go? This extremely funny show should be brought back to life!

    It's not too good to eat an old hamburger that has been lying under a bed for several months. At least, it didn't work out to well for our friend Marty. You see: he died.
    But fear not! He was returned to earth by a... a... very big head to guide his ex best friend, Steve, thorugh life. As good as Marty's intentions were, the things he did always seemed to turn out wrong...

    This is a show that was aired for a year, 97-98, and it it was up to me, I would bring it back! This is is a hilarious show with extremely funny jokes about what actually could happen if a irresponsible young boy had "powers".

    Definetly worth 30 minutes!
  • Why did this show stop being aired?

    This was a really funny show. I wish it would come back, or at least season 1 should be out on dvd. I guarantee people would buy it.

    Episode 1 Scene 1:

    [Scene: Steve and Marty are in Steve’s room. Marty’s wearing a red tracksuit jacket, blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Steve’s clothes aren’t important. Steve’s waving a baseball bat around and Marty’s got one of those Koosh ball thingys that he’s bonging up and down on one of it’s little strings.]
    Marty: Ok, Cindy Crawford, or Claudia Schiffer?

    Steve: Claudia Chiffer.

    [Marty throws the Koosh ball at Steve. He swings the bat and misses.]

    Marty: Claudia Schiffer, or Pamela Anderson?

    [Marty picks up a football and throws that to.]

    Steve: Pamela Anderson. [He swings and misses. Marty runs up to Steve who drops the bat]

    Marty: Ok, Pamela Anderson, or Pamela Lee?

    Steve: They’re the same person.

    Marty: Oh......[understanding] With a different name. Like Ketchup and Catsup!

    Steve: Yeah! [Marty flops on the bed]

    Marty: You got anything to eat, man?

    Steve: There’s some cold spaghetti in the refrigerator. [Makes a weak attempt to get up. Thinks for a second]

    Marty: Too far. [Flops back down]

    Steve: I think there’s some corn chips underneath the bed.

    Marty: [Rolls over] I’m there!

    [He hangs upside-down over the bed and starts rooting around underneath.]

    Marty: Ugg, this is disgusting. You really should clean under here once in a whi.....Oooo, a burger! [He grabs the burger wrapper and jumps back onto the bed. He takes it out of the wrapper and bangs it against the bedside cabinet. It makes a look knocking sound. He gives it a disgusted look.]

    Marty: How old do you think it is?

    Steve: Well, it’s June, and that’s a Halloween wrapper.

    Marty:[looks even more disgusted] That’s so rank. [ Turns to Steve] I dare you to take a bite.

    Steve: No, no, no way. The last time you dared me we both got kicked out of Santa’s village.

    Marty: I thought that elf was plastic! Poor little guy......But I still dare ya. [Holds out the burger. Steve takes it from him. He goes to take a bite, but stops.]

    Steve: No, no. Wait a second. You always dare me. And I always do it. So this time I dare you....to eat......The Burger. [Holds out the burger for Marty who takes it.]

    Marty: [decisively] All right! I will! [Looks at it, then back at Steve] It’s not like it’s gonna kill me.

    [He give’s it a final look then takes a bite. He chews for a little while and then a strange look comes over his face. As he continues to chew, clouds appear outside the window and the room starts to fall apart around him. He’s left standing among the clouds and some lightning strikes. Everything stops moving and he looks down to see that he’s now wearing white clothes and a silvery jacket. He looks around and sees that there’s nothing but clouds around him.]

    Marty: Oh, oh.

    [An elevator door opens from nowhere with an angel inside.]
  • i love this show

    this is one of my fav shows all the cahracters are so funny and that fat girl in it she was in Mr. deeds that was a funny movie but now shes on Two and a Half men thats gay i have never seen any of the other characters except isnt the principle the guy from that twisted sisters video who knows

  • Lame.

    Pitiful show. I could not stand it at all. It was too pathetic and not worth my time at all. I was disgusted with the first episode. It was too horible and is pitiful, pathetic, and LAME! this show can go to the back of the line because there is no way it can become popular.
  • I really miss this show. I wish they would re air it on TV, this show was the show back in the days

    It was perfect for a laugh, and it was also something anyone could relate to. I really miss it. They should have a channel that hosts all this lost but excellent shows. That would make me happy. I really have to wonder what the people were thinking when they took this hilarity off of the air. But man...this makes me look so old!
  • Please play it again! This show was so awesome.

    I can't believe this show didn't last. I was a tween when this was on and my friends and I all loved it! It came on TGI Fridays on ABC. That was the best block of tv. That was before all the teen soap operas and what not. It was back, when teens were fun, and funny. I mean, where else would a guy die from eating a six month old cheeseburger? This show was so much fun, I wish they would at least play the re-runs, like they do with Boy Meets World. Granted there aren't near as many episodes, but it would be cool to see it again. This was a classic teen comedy. They really need to make shows like this again.
  • Not exactly a bad way to past time.

    Not exactly a bad way to past time. Although I have had more enjoyable moments. Teen Angel does have its high points although I certainly wished there were more of them. It left me bored not long after I was exposed to it and that certainly is not saying something entirely positive about it. Nonetheless, it is very well packaged so a 7 rating I feel is very fair.

  • Why was this show cancelled?!

    I loved this show. I was very disappointed that it was cancelled after only being on for less than a year. Yeah, I didn't like the sister or the mother portrayed by Maureen McCormick, but I liked everything else, especially the interactions between Marty and Steve. This would've made a great show had it last longer than it did. I loved Marty as an angel. He was hilarious. I even thought the way he died was funny. I just cannot comprehend how this show didn't last longer. It's better than most of the shows that were on TGIF at the time or before the time or after the time.

    I wish they would show the reruns. Yeah, there are less than a season's worth, but they could show them once a week, just enough so I could tape them and be happy.
  • This show was quite funny and it was a total classic too.

    This show was a total classic. I can't believe it got cancelled. It only had one season and then it already finished. I found that a little disturbing and extremely hard to believe. It had a beautiful cast and some great writers and producers. It was also actually funny and at times seriously made me laugh hard. I don't know anyone who hates this show because it is just so superbly fantastic. It was nice to watch and it was very entertaining as well as the acting being magnificent. I wish it was still on the air and I wish there were more seasons. Hey, some re-runs would do most people.
  • This is a great show...

    I really liked this show. I never seen it when it first aired. I seen it when it was not making any new episodes... I totally fell in love with this show... I wish Family would put it back on aired with old or new shows... Family is the channel that showed it... My favorite charcter of this show is the angel, Marty. He is funny, cute, and always messes things up and get into trouble. Sometimes Mr. Head lets him away with it in the end and sometimes helps him out. I would like to see new episodes of this show, but i cant see that happening, seeing it was off air soo long. I can only hope there will be a new one that comes or a spinoff with the orignal actors in it.
  • This show can`t get any better no wait it canI

    I really lik this show. I did`nt see it when it first aired. I seen it when it was not making any new episodes i watch the old episodes every day know they come on at 2:30pm its funny and my favorite charcter is the teen angel, Marty. He`s funny, makes me laugh with his expressions and the way he always messes things up and get into trouble.I would like to see new episodes of this show, but i dont thing thats ever gona happen they only made one seasonthen it was off. Mike Damus who played the role of Marty Depollo is a great actor his acting in teen angel was great.