Teen Angel

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Why was this show cancelled?!

    I loved this show. I was very disappointed that it was cancelled after only being on for less than a year. Yeah, I didn't like the sister or the mother portrayed by Maureen McCormick, but I liked everything else, especially the interactions between Marty and Steve. This would've made a great show had it last longer than it did. I loved Marty as an angel. He was hilarious. I even thought the way he died was funny. I just cannot comprehend how this show didn't last longer. It's better than most of the shows that were on TGIF at the time or before the time or after the time.

    I wish they would show the reruns. Yeah, there are less than a season's worth, but they could show them once a week, just enough so I could tape them and be happy.