Teen Angel

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Where did it go? This extremely funny show should be brought back to life!

    It's not too good to eat an old hamburger that has been lying under a bed for several months. At least, it didn't work out to well for our friend Marty. You see: he died.
    But fear not! He was returned to earth by a... a... very big head to guide his ex best friend, Steve, thorugh life. As good as Marty's intentions were, the things he did always seemed to turn out wrong...

    This is a show that was aired for a year, 97-98, and it it was up to me, I would bring it back! This is is a hilarious show with extremely funny jokes about what actually could happen if a irresponsible young boy had "powers".

    Definetly worth 30 minutes!