Teen Angel

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Why did this show stop being aired?

    This was a really funny show. I wish it would come back, or at least season 1 should be out on dvd. I guarantee people would buy it.

    Episode 1 Scene 1:

    [Scene: Steve and Marty are in Steve’s room. Marty’s wearing a red tracksuit jacket, blue jeans and a black T-shirt. Steve’s clothes aren’t important. Steve’s waving a baseball bat around and Marty’s got one of those Koosh ball thingys that he’s bonging up and down on one of it’s little strings.]
    Marty: Ok, Cindy Crawford, or Claudia Schiffer?

    Steve: Claudia Chiffer.

    [Marty throws the Koosh ball at Steve. He swings the bat and misses.]

    Marty: Claudia Schiffer, or Pamela Anderson?

    [Marty picks up a football and throws that to.]

    Steve: Pamela Anderson. [He swings and misses. Marty runs up to Steve who drops the bat]

    Marty: Ok, Pamela Anderson, or Pamela Lee?

    Steve: They’re the same person.

    Marty: Oh......[understanding] With a different name. Like Ketchup and Catsup!

    Steve: Yeah! [Marty flops on the bed]

    Marty: You got anything to eat, man?

    Steve: There’s some cold spaghetti in the refrigerator. [Makes a weak attempt to get up. Thinks for a second]

    Marty: Too far. [Flops back down]

    Steve: I think there’s some corn chips underneath the bed.

    Marty: [Rolls over] I’m there!

    [He hangs upside-down over the bed and starts rooting around underneath.]

    Marty: Ugg, this is disgusting. You really should clean under here once in a whi.....Oooo, a burger! [He grabs the burger wrapper and jumps back onto the bed. He takes it out of the wrapper and bangs it against the bedside cabinet. It makes a look knocking sound. He gives it a disgusted look.]

    Marty: How old do you think it is?

    Steve: Well, it’s June, and that’s a Halloween wrapper.

    Marty:[looks even more disgusted] That’s so rank. [ Turns to Steve] I dare you to take a bite.

    Steve: No, no, no way. The last time you dared me we both got kicked out of Santa’s village.

    Marty: I thought that elf was plastic! Poor little guy......But I still dare ya. [Holds out the burger. Steve takes it from him. He goes to take a bite, but stops.]

    Steve: No, no. Wait a second. You always dare me. And I always do it. So this time I dare you....to eat......The Burger. [Holds out the burger for Marty who takes it.]

    Marty: [decisively] All right! I will! [Looks at it, then back at Steve] It’s not like it’s gonna kill me.

    [He give’s it a final look then takes a bite. He chews for a little while and then a strange look comes over his face. As he continues to chew, clouds appear outside the window and the room starts to fall apart around him. He’s left standing among the clouds and some lightning strikes. Everything stops moving and he looks down to see that he’s now wearing white clothes and a silvery jacket. He looks around and sees that there’s nothing but clouds around him.]

    Marty: Oh, oh.

    [An elevator door opens from nowhere with an angel inside.]