Teen Angel - Season 1

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • Look Ma, No Face
    Look Ma, No Face
    Episode 17
    Marty calls himself Vlad and dresses up so he can impress the girl, Nia, that he liked before he died. He only hopes that the Head won't find out.
  • The Un-Natural
    The Un-Natural
    Episode 16
    Marty helps Casey win a toy, but an athlete thinks that she has got talent and tries her out for a professional baseball team. Grandpa also gets reunited with his dead wife.
  • Back to DePolo
    Back to DePolo
    Episode 15
    Marty discovers that he can travel through time. He goes back six months to when he ate the old hamburger and warns his past self about it. So, when he and his friend find the old hamburger under the bed, and Marty refuses to eat it, Steve eats it instead and ends up dying. Each time Marty goes back and alters the event, someone else in the family ends up eating the hamburger and dying.moreless
  • The Play's the Thing
    The school's play "Mutiny on the Bounty" is coming up and Steve lands the lead role with the help of Marty. Some of the people around Steve, however, are getting worried because he is constantly talking to thin air...
  • Who's the Boss
    Who's the Boss
    Episode 13
    Steve throws Marty a sixteenth birthday party even though he's dead and Marty insists on inviting kids from school and other dead people like Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln (you get the picture)...
  • Grumpy Young Men
    Grumpy Young Men
    Episode 12
    Steve's dad, Casey, has returned to the family but when Grandpa moves in as well, Steve has to learn a lesson in respect and Marty learns his invisibility isn't limitless.
  • Living Doll
    Living Doll
    Episode 11
    Steve meets Diane, a girl he falls in love with from Science Club and brings her on a date; but he forgot he was meant to baby-sit Katy, so Marty brings one of Katy's dolls to life, but Diane thinks Steve is going out with her.
  • Steve & Marty & Jordan & Uncle Lou
    Steve and Jordan are spending time together and Marty is reunited with his uncle. While Marty likes to go wherever Steve and Jordan, Steve thinks that three's a crowd.
  • Feather's Day
    Feather's Day
    Episode 9
    After Katie loses her tribal feather just before a camp out, Marty plucks one from his wing. It's only when Katie and Steve get to the camp site that they find out the magical power behind it.
  • Jeremiah was a Bullfrog
    Marty gives Steve's science frog the power of speech. Steve then refuses to disect the frog when he befriends it. Making an annoyed teacher and a happy frog.
  • One Dog Night
    One Dog Night
    Episode 7
    Sabrina tracks her runaway cat, Salem, who has used his magic "time ball" to blast everyone in time back to 1979. Meanwhile, Judy is bemoaning the lack of a man in her life, but when Marty turns the family dog into the loyal and loving "Bob," she gets more than she bark-ained for on the disco dance floor; and Marty tries to create his own magic with Sabrina hoping to win her heart even if it takes a thousand years.moreless
  • I Love Nitzke
    I Love Nitzke
    Episode 6
    Love is everywhere when Marty mis-fires Cupid's arrows. Steve's mum, Aunt Pam and sister Katie are both madly in love with Mr. Nitzke, making the school Halloween dance a once in a lifetime experience.
  • Honest Abe and Popular Steve
    Marty is re-assigned to rock star Sammy Noah after he does such a wonderful job by enlisting historical figures to help Steve.
  • Wrestling with an Angel
    With a little help from Marty, Steve finds himself making the westling team.

    But when Marty isn't about, it is up to Steve to get himself out of another one of Marty's mistakes.
  • Sings Like an Angel
    Knowing that Steve lacks having an talent for a talent show, Marty provides him with a singing voice which makes him popular with one girl in particular. Meanwhile, Marty helps an elderly woman through a transitional phase after she sees him at one of the singing shows.
  • Date With an Angel
    Date With an Angel
    Episode 2
    Fearing Steve will be rejected when he asks Jessica to go out, Marty pretends to be her when Steve calls. But rather than letting him down gently, Marty sets up a date and, in an effort to save his friend from heartache, actually morphs into Jessica, turning a dream date into a nightmare.moreless
  • Marty Buys the Farm
    After eating a 6 month old hamburger, Marty DePolo dies. God's cousin Rod tells him he is going to be the guardian angel of his best friend, Steve. Steve becomes happy that his best friend is back until Marty makes fun of the history teacher, Mr. Nitzke. Nitzke tells everyone there's is going by a test the next day, worth 50% of their grade. Everybody gets angry at Steve and Steve gets angry at Marty. Now Marty has to fix everything...moreless