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  • Season 2009 Episode 1: Teen Choice Awards 2009

  • Spoiler alert!:
    When the awards Twilight won were shown, it said Robert Pattinson won for "Choice Movie Actor", instead of "Choice Movie Actor-Drama".

  • Musical Performances:
    "Much Better" & "World War III" by Jonas Brothers
    "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas
    "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus

  • Season 2008 Episode 1: Teen Choice Awards 2008

  • This year, there was a new category: the Do Something Award, for young people that saw a problem in the world and then fought it. Nine nominees each won $10,000 for their cause. The winner was Chad Bullock, an anti-smoking activist, who won $100,000.

  • Nominees for the Choice Breakout Music Artist:
    -Colbie Caillat.
    -Flo Rida.
    -Jordin Sparks.
    -Leona Lewis.
    -*Taylor Swift*.

  • Nominees for the Choice Rap Music Artist:
    -Flo Rida.
    -*Kanye West*.
    -Lil' Mama.
    -Lil' Wayne.
    -Lupe Fiasco.

  • Nominees for the Choice Summer Song:
    -"7 Things" by Miley Cyrus.
    -*"Burnin' Up" by The Jonas Brothers*.
    -"Forever" by Chris Brown.
    -"I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry.
    -"Leavin'" by Jesse McCartney.

  • Nominees for the Choice Summer Action/Adventure Movie:
    -"The Dark Knight".
    -"The Incredible Hulk".
    -"Journey To The Center of The Earth".

  • Nominees for the Choice Movie Villian:
    -Cate Blanchett (Spalko in "Indiana Jones 4").
    -Jeff Bridges (Stane in "Iron Man").
    -*Johnny Depp (Sweeney in "Sweeney Todd")*.
    -Samuel L. Jackson (Roland in "Jumper").
    -Susan Sarandon (Queen Narissa in "Enchanted").

  • Nominees for the Choice Drama TV Show:
    -"Friday Night Lights".
    -*"Gossip Girl"*.
    -"Grey's Anatomy".
    -"One Tree Hill".

  • Nominees for the Choice Drama TV Actor:
    -Chace Crawford (Nate in "Gossip Girl").
    -*Chad Michael Murray (Lucas in "One Tree Hill")*.
    -Patrick Dempsey (Derek in "Grey's Anatomy").
    -Penn Badgley (Dan in "Gossip Girl").
    -Taylor Kitsch (Tim in "Friday Night Lights").

  • Nominees for the Choice Drama TV Actress:
    -*Blake Lively (Serena in "Gossip Girl")*.
    -Hilarie Burton (Peyton in "One Tree Hill").
    -Katherine Heigl (Izzie in "Grey's Anatomy").
    -Leighton Meester (Blair in "Gossip Girl").
    -Sophia Bush (Brooke in "One Tree Hill").

  • Nominees for the Choice Comedy TV Show:
    -"Desperate Housewives".
    -*"Hannah Montana"*.
    -"How I Met Your Mother".
    -"Two And A Half Men".
    -"Ugly Betty".

  • Nominees for the Choice Male Music Artist:
    -*Chris Brown*.
    -Jesse McCartney.
    -Justin Timberlake.
    -Kanye West.

  • Nominees for Choice Most Fanatic Fans:
    -Britney Spears.
    -*David Archuleta*.
    -Jesse McCartney.
    -The Jonas Brothers.
    -Miley Cyrus.

  • Shawn Johnson, winner of "Choice Female Athlete", wasn't able to attend due to the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

  • Nominees for Choice Male Athlete:
    -*David Beckham (soccer)*.
    -Eli Manning (football).
    -Kobe Bryant (basketball).
    -LeBron James (basketball).
    -Tiger Woods (golf).

  • Nominees for Choice Female Athlete:
    -Candace Parker (basketball).
    -Danica Patrick (indy racing).
    -Maria Sharapova (tennis).
    -Serena Williams (tennis).
    -*Shawn Johnson (gymnast)*.

  • Nominees for Choice Action Sports Male:
    -Kelly Slater (surfing).
    -Mick Fanning (surfing).
    -Ryan Nyquist (BMX).
    -*Ryan Scheckler (skateboarding)*.
    -Shaun White (skateboarding; snowboarding; surfing).

  • Nominees for Choice Action Sports Female:
    -Dallas Friday (women's wakeboarding).
    -Gretchen Bleiler (snowboarding).
    -Hannah Teter (skateboarding).
    -Kristi Leskinen (free ski).
    -*Stephanie Gilmore (surfing)*.

  • Nominees for Choice Comedian:
    -*Adam Sandler*.
    -Dane Cook.
    -Jonah Hill.
    -Michael Cera.
    -Will Ferrell.

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