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Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! is a Cartoon Network series with consists of animated shorts based in the Teen Titans world. They are more lighthearted than the the regular Teen Titans show.

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AIRED ON 11/26/2014

Season 2 : Episode 28

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Season 2 : Episode 28

  • brong back old teen titans

    I need the email of the ppl who made teen titans. I like the new one but please bring the old one ones back i beg thats the best kind in the world lov u teen titans
  • Teen titans go ! TO HELL

    Some how the writers of teen titans go ruined one of the best superhero team of all time! I loved raven in the first series, in the new series she is a stupid pony girl that never takes down her cloak, and she doesn't mean to be rude she just has to keep her powers inside. Starfire is girly girl who sucks! Robin is a fat jerk that is a control freak. Cyborg is just stupid and careless! Where is slade? why is terra evil? Raven does like beast boy in comics but Starfire likes robin. They canacelled young justice for this crap !!!!!!! Stop watching teen titans go and someone needs to get it off the air Who thinks its good as the orginal so what it has the gang back together they are so different. Robin is so cool in the orginal he kicks butt unlike in teen titans GO! Someone that thinks it's good does not like shows with plots and the show is going nowhere! If I ever say I like teen titans go take me to a insane aylum!moreless
  • Hysterical comedy in its own right

    I found this show a couple of months ago, with the help of my kids. We simply LOVE it, and we are always searching for episodes we haven't seen. I came on here to see how long this show has been on and was taken aback by the poor overall rating and comments. Then I realized that the show is a comedy short - spinoff? - an alternate universe?? - to another show called "Teen Titans". I've never ever seen that show, and I guess I'd be ticked if my favorite (cancelled) serious super hero show was changed into a show with a different genre. Even so, I've survived several iterations of Batman (movies/series/graphic novels) without going berserk over the changes and different styles. If you don't like this show, fine, but it's unfair to compare it to the earlier show. If I wanted serious super heroes, I'd watch "Batman the Animated Series". But right now I'll stick with this show because it's just fun to watch. Sorry for the rest of you.moreless
  • Over advertisement !!!

    Every time I turn to CN Teen Titans Go always be on. GIVE US A FREAK IN BREAK!!!!!! Even when a show be on commercial the stupid Teen Titans Go Ad's always appear. CN are you that despirate to get kids to watch a crappy show like this. That's sad on so many levels. I'm suprise you don't advertise other shows as much as you do this show. Also why is CN push this show so hard with reruns, Crappy Commercials and kids talking to the Teen Titans charcaters. That's not CN all about, It's about verity, action, people of all ages and not focus on one thing FREAK IN COMEDY!!!!moreless
  • I like the original one better than this crappy garbage. One of the most STUPIDEST animated TV shows ever!

    The first one is way more better than this filth. I hated this show! It's stupid, lame and totally overrated, this just makes me sick! I kinda like how they are making Batman look like an idiot, it's funny. But I still hate the show.

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