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Teen Titans Go!

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Teen Titans Go! is a Cartoon Network series with consists of animated shorts based in the Teen Titans world. They are more lighthearted than the the regular Teen Titans show.

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AIRED ON 4/16/2015

Season 2 : Episode 58

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AIRS ON 9/5/2015

Season 2 : Episode 58

S 2 :  Ep 77 Aired 7/28/15
S 2 :  Ep 76 Aired 7/29/15
S 2 :  Ep 76 Aired 7/27/15
S 2 :  Ep 75 Aired 7/3/15
S 2 :  Ep 74 Aired 7/3/15
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S 2 :  Ep 72 Aired 7/2/15
S 2 :  Ep 72 Aired 7/2/15
S 2 :  Ep 71 Aired 7/2/15
S 2 :  Ep 70 Aired 6/30/15
S 2 :  Ep 69 Aired 6/30/15
S 2 :  Ep 68 Aired 6/29/15
S 2 :  Ep 67 Aired 5/21/15
S 2 :  Ep 66 Aired 5/14/15
S 2 :  Ep 65 Aired 5/7/15
S 2 :  Ep 64 Aired 5/7/15
S 2 :  Ep 63 Aired 4/30/15
S 2 :  Ep 62 Aired 4/30/15
S 2 :  Ep 61 Aired 4/23/15
S 2 :  Ep 60 Aired 4/23/15
S 2 :  Ep 58 NEXT EPISODE Airs 9/5/15
S 2 :  Ep 58 Aired 4/16/15
S 2 :  Ep 57 Aired 8/27/15
S 2 :  Ep 57 Aired 4/16/15
S 2 :  Ep 56 Aired 8/20/15

Fan Reviews (154)

  • More like your new WORST favorite show! Shame on CN (now uncensored)

    A 1 score would been harsh, but I would just give a bad score. Well, where to begin on this piece of shit show? It's freaking bad as hell! I won't mind a retool of my favorite superhero show, but as time goes on, it becomes a huge disaster. WTF is wrong with these kids?! Do they really want to like this show on purpose as well as these commercials trying to tell us that is this our new favorite show? Cause it's bullshit! Let's get into the problems of this show first and then this promotion crap later.

    The animation and art style: I would love a show if the animation is outstanding (even if it suck like later Simpsons/SpongeBob/Family Guy episodes). But here the animation feels lazy and uninspired. The animators put little effort to the character design and how they express their faces. In fact, they re-used the same faces and animation so much that I even like Family Guy's new animation better than colors are too damn bright. not as bright as Problem Solverz, but it's still up there.

    The Writing: Oh don't know where to start. But the writing for the most part is terrible. These plots the so called writers came up with are stupid for the most part. Sometime it can be okay if it not ludicrous, but they just don't know how to write very well. Especially those damn producers of this show and maybe John Loy version 2, Ben Gruber. John Loy counts as well but he left for no reason so I kinda miss his shitty writing.

    The characters: OK, WTF is up with this? Characterization is all over the place in this show. I hate how over the place the characters are. Robin is either a butt monkey or a jerkass. At worst, he's an asshole who deserve the crap. Cyborg is loud for 24/7and it's annoying. Beast Boy is just a mix of Cyborg and Robin. Starfire hadn't changed too much but her emphasis on the is getting on my nerves. Raven even though people say that her character is closer to the original 2003 show, it's not the case. At worst, she can be a Pegasister which I could care less. All of the Titans had moments of being jerks towards each other and that's the big problem with this show.

    Humor: my god, this type of humor. The show rely too much on the following jokes: self-aware pony jokes, and obnoxious humor. That's all they had. I laugh sometimes if the jokes is not one of those three categories.

    Music: The only good thing about the music is the background music and the ending credits. Other than those, it plain sucks. Do they really need to shoehorn annoying unneeded songs like the Waffles and the awful Pee Pee Dance? Just stop it...

    That's all the problems they have. The only good thing about this show is the voice acting. But, Strong's vine seriously, do you guys have to be like the producers? Act like your own selves cause your voice acting isn't even as awful as the humor/writing here. It's still as good as the 2003 series, but with more emphasis on the yelling. I'm looking at you, Scott and Khary. Both of you need to tone down on the yelling. Robin and Cyborg's voice when they're screaming are annoying as hell.

    So that's it on my opinion of the show. Now here's the main reason why I hate this show so much. Its promotion. What is wrong with Cartoon Network these days? Just when they gonna have a rebirth of cartoons, they made this #1. They got nothing on SpongeBob or Gravity Falls. It doesn't help and to make matters worse, those (used to be cute at first, but wore thin) annoying vines like videos with the kids copying what the characters say. Uh, ok, see, this is why I hate TTG. It's just so insulting and obnoxious. I would want to ask someone to change the channel if the goddamn show is on. Also the worst thing about this shit is this fucking slogan: "Your NEW favorite show, like More like your NEW LEAST favorite show EVER!! That does Network, this is your last warning. Either tone it down on the ego of this show or don't bother airing it all!! Keep in mind, a 1 is NOT my score. The reason why because there are some occasional good episodes and jokes. But that is it. Otherwise, the show sucks and it's bad enough that a non-original show is considered to be the highest rated show on Cartoon Network right now. I will celebrate the day it ends for good. 3/10 overallmoreless
  • Teen Titans NO!

    This show is terrible! It's a huge opposition from that original Teen Titans. This show will just attract annoying bronies around the world, in fact, there's an MLP:FiM reference in one episode. It's much dumber and uglier than the original, and 0% recommend for the family! This show is bland in every single way possible and I really don't recommend it. Even worse than some better modern South Park episodes. The animation is a poor man's CHIBIS and chibis look much better than THIS shit. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDEDmoreless
  • Very funny show!

    Love this show! Definetely better than the other Teen Titans animated series. I think this one takes the cake!
  • Why is the show still on the air

    The thing about teen titans go is that it tried to be funny but fail the writing is bad and they know it. the creator of the show said that the show you guys watch is stupid so why like the show when they said that It is a insult to fan of the original and should be cancelled NOW .
  • This Show Is Absolute Cancer to Cartoon Network!

    This cartoon is a perfect example of what an abortion it really is. The main characters are stupid, , the episode plots are lazy that it makes complete zero sense (ex. Waffles, Crazy Day, Sandwich Thief, and worst of all, everything about this show is extremely insulting to the original Teen Titans and to its . Let's Get Serious, The Return of Slade) Honestly, how is this show still alive? I don't get why this godawful show is popular when all it does is extremely offends us, especially with that "New Favorite Show" slogan, which is not. What the fans really want is season 6 of the original Teen Titans. The original is so much better than this pure-hatred. The original had better action, comedy, and moments from characters that were very likable. Teen Titans Go! has no redemption of how this show should be turned into a comedy. And what angers me is that it airs like 60% of the time, that everyday of this show is a marathon. Because of that, we haven't seen much of Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe. I hope Cartoon Network realizes that this show is a terrible mistake from the very start and fires the creators. That's what we hope for as well.

    As much as I hate to admit, but Johnny Test and Uncle Grandpa were at least decent than this failure of a cartoon.moreless

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