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Legendary Sandwich/Pie Bros Premiere Discussion

How many stars would you give this installment?

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    [1]Apr 27, 2013
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    And so begins a new take on a DC classic.

    Bothsegments werepretty good, and the additional use of all the old voice actors helped tremendously to give it a good feel.

    Robin's a macho jerk, Raven's hilarious, especially her secret pony love, Starfire is just as cluelessas ever, and Cyborg and BB are a great pie duo. Interesting to see Mother Mae Eye make an appearance, and that ending was seriously dark humor. Aside from that I loved Robin's cheapness, Starfire's party ideas, and emotional aspect between Cyborg and BB. It was probably the stronger of the two, though I enjoyed the epic quest for a sandwich only for Silkie to waste that immortality.

    Anyways, as Cyborg would say I have a feeling this series is going to continue tobe "comedy gold" in the up and coming weeks, it definitely fits in with CN's current programming.

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    [2]May 1, 2013
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    I myself didn't like how they treated my favorite character from the previous series, Raven. Making her the "brony" (I'm pretty anti-meme/anti-pony so that's just me). I also felt she wasn't sarcastic enough like she was in the previous series.

    I thought Robin was the funniest with Beast Boy having some respectable lines on the second segment. The stories are stupid but I still got a few chuckles nonetheless. I think Teen Titans Go! shows some promise, even with taking these characters and developing a more conventional cartoon. It's a pretty big deal for me though considering this is the first cartoon on the air I'm following in quite a few years.

    I think that ending of the second segment would've worked better if they didn't show Robin/Star/Raven afterwards.

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    [3]May 4, 2013
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    Legendary Sandwich - 2/5 stars

    Pie Bros - 0.5/5 stars

    I was pounding my face on the table after I saw the ending to Pie Bros. The previous episode we had on tuesday was alright, the 2nd pairing actually wasn't that bad. But still I doubt this show is going to get any better.

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    Pie Bros is the only episode of Teen Titans Go! I praise.

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