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  • The Next Best Cartoon Since Spongebob... Not!

    Well, people make comedy funny but it kind of seems like Teen Titans Go is making fun of comedy all together. I mean its like jingling keys in front of a child's face but the people keep get forgetting they are not toddlers or babies. I hate this show so much that I will rather tell kids that's it's the water of the abandoned Disney water park (That water park closed down because theirs bacteria that eats the brains). Only fathers and people younger than 4 will get the jokes. I know it's for kids but I'm a kid at heart even though I'm an adult and it makes me wonder, are they trying to poison are children. I think kids love a story more than a no good comedy black hole. Why do you think Spongebob is better? True it does have comedy elements but each episode has a story. Even Disney knows this and every art they have is based around a real story (I used the word art because Walt Disney did say, "It's no cartoon it's . So, this spinoff seems like a failure because people aren't defending it. I know there are maybe 2 youtubers who tried to defend it but lost of youtubers are disowning the show. I mean there is a Youtuber who made a cartoon about Teen Titans trying to explain to the producer of Teen Titans Go why it so horrible and he even made a video about how the Teen Titans feel about the script and it's funnier than this cartoon. I mean if I had an award show called the Toilet Oscars featuring all of the shows that are horible Teen Titans Go would be the winner of the crappiest show. It's not hater got to hate (I seen most of the episodes and I don't get the point and what's the big deal with people trying too hard to make it funny even though its not), it's not because of the comic book fans (I haven't read any comic books and I'm an fan of the original), and it's not because of the viewer ship (Kids and adults aren't watching CN that much because the constant comercial of the app by one of the characters of Teen Titans Go and it's really anoying like the anoying orange). I bet not a lot of people will love the movie that you'll get so many bad ratings from the fans and critics that the company of CN will choose not to air the 5th season (I'm just guessing and making a prediction. The only thing I'm looking forward too is seeing who Kristen Bell is going to voice because I love anything Disney and she voiced Princess Anna in Disney's Frozen and she played herself in Liv and Maddie). However, I do not approve of Teen Titans Go as a kid friendly show it's more like a kid enemy show. I know I'm still a kid even though I'm an adult I'm still a kid and I believe that Teen Titans Go is so bad that once kids watch it they don't have to pretend to be sick to go to school because they are already sick. It's so bad that it makes the kids feel more like Patrick. It's so bad that it takes the hero out of super and replaces it with annoying¬funny. Too much comedy can lead to big problems and this shows comedy is same as jiggling keys covered in something brown over a kids head but the brown stuff gets into the mouth and its not mud nor chocolate. I'm a writer and I love a story that can give me inspiration for the heroes, but this show is an inspiration for villains. End Teen Titans Go soon when the movie bombs poorly. It's so bad that it doesn't deserve a movie or a 5th season. There is a lot of reasons why people aren't watching CN anymore. Leaks online about new episodes, too much comedy, and kids are getting into the app phase that they'll delete the app when they are bored with it. Has anyone ever heard of the Pokemon Go app phase, some people still play it but it's a phase. Sooner or later the kids will realize that Teen Titans Go is just their phase and decide that they don't want to watch it anymore. So, of course I would want Cartoon Network to have their own movie but anything but a no story spinoff. The only shows on CN that can keep a story for 11 minutes or more is Regular Show, Adventure Time, and maybe Steven Universe. Come on, stop twirling around on your head and do something that's actually funny to all oh wait they don't know how that they would rather eat bean burritoes for inspiration for their shows even though the shows are already going down the toilets as well Ooooooh. Seriously, CN is loosing viewers because of too much comedy and better shows. Ducktales 2017 is a reboot and it's better than the brown stuff that comes out of the butt of this show. That Ducktales is still similar but different as well. So, I'm going to say Teen Titans Go needs to end soon. That's all I;m going to say
  • Teen Titans go?! More like KINDERGARTEN ***GOTS NO!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pls stop with TtG

    TTG is a failed, cheap, unfunny exuse for a show. It has terrible plots (they had an entire episode of 2 titans saying waffles) it has terrible jokes. Its aimed for kids not caring for the other ages, using flashy colors, loud noises, and super heros. Its a complete cashgrab the creators claimed they never seen the original yet there are many refrences and episodes related to the original. They completly destroyed the legacy of their original counterparts and the other heros that are included in the show. In other words its only for the money and this show was made by a lost bet.
  • Teen Titans NO!

    Well, CN has finally done it. They have ruined my favorite channel that I would look forward to watching like The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe. Now, I can't even watch it because CN says its "My New Favorite Show", which isn't true because it's MY NEW HATED SHOW!!!! They have taken over the channel and replaced "New Thursdays" with "New Titans Thursday" which made me SO MAD!!!


    Robin: Doesn't care for any of his fellow team mates and cares more about impressing Starfire where SHE DOESN'T CARE.

    Starfire: She has gotten very stupid and her personality is always changing (Which, in my opinion, is the worst problem with the show)

    Raven: Very much the same as the original but now she is a MLP lover (OH GOSH)

    Beast Boy and Cyborg: They act both the same... stupid and doesn't care for other Titans to the point where they end up fighting each other.


    Most Plots are very stupid and don't make sense. The worst episodes are "The Return of Slade", "Waffles", "Lets Get Serious" and "Hive Five"


    I don't have a BIG problem with the animation but I think they could have improved on the art style and flash animation.

    There, I said it..... TTG is probably one of the worst cartoons on TV right now. I wish it could just cancel and we can forget about the mess that the writers caused and CN promoting it way too much...

    EDIT MADE 9/24/16: I still don't understand why they keep this show around. I think they do this because these "writers" think it's funny to make fun of the fan base. CN Is going down hill, I think we know that, but this was one of the shows that caused it including: The Annoying Orange, Uncle Grandpa, and Supernoobs.

    EDIT: 11/25/16: THIS SHOW IS SO BAD TO THE POINT WHERE ITS JUST PLAIN CRINGE! Seriously! 75% of the "jokes" are just making fun of the haters! This isn't even a show anymore! It's just a giant middle finger to all the original fans! Anyone over the age of 9 would see that this show is terrible! I hope this show ends soon! I dont want this show to turn into a SpongeBob or Simpsons cliche!

    EDIT: 7/31/17: Welp, I'm back after a long hiatus. Haven't really seen the recent episodes because i'm trying to stay as far away from this as possible. But, during one of the commercial breaks on an episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, I saw that they are having a four night special event for TTG that is supposed to wrap around the episode 40%40%20% Surprised they listened to the fans. Idk i sound kinda depressed in this because I've kinda given up on CN. The only reason they keep this show around is because its just like CN's own little cash grab. And what do we have left?

    The Amazing World of Gumball - Ben Bocquelet said he is leaving after season 6.

    Adventure Time - Ending by next year.

    Clarence - Mediocre at best.

    Mighty Magiswords - Mediocre at best.

    Steven Universe and We Bare Bears are the last hopes of CN, i guess.

  • Still in Production?

    You mean to tell me this show is still being aired on Cartoon Network? And that more episodes are still being produced?

    Gee, and I remember submitting my review of this show 10-11 months ago, and I expected it to indeed be done by at least the end of that year.

    Yet, I am now told it is one of the most watched shows on Cartoon Network, that's unfortunate.

    It should be cancelled, I would not want my children to be brainwashed by their trash, of what some might call a "good taste" in humor.

    I already said before that the idea of taking classic characters from the original show and making them act foolish as if they were in their own little sitcom, is just a bad idea.

    The only thing you really have going for with this show is their animation style, which I still think the poor animators deserve better setting and character as opposed to what we got.

    One thing I also do wonder, seeing that this show does have the original voice actors from the original show, aren't they getting sick of recording these lines? Lines that is quite obviously of bad writing?

    I hope this show does end production sometime either this year or the next.

    1.5/4 Stars

    Okay, I get why little kids like this "show" and personally I could turn a blind eye to this Shit-Fest but there are a few things I just cant ignore. First of all this "show" keeps making nods to the original teen titans and even went so far as to say as a joke that "Teen Titans Season 6 Is Coming" That is just a punch not in the face but in the dick to almost any fan of the original show. Second off , They are literally corrupting kids minds for a cheap laugh, Like they made kids not trust farmers (which is a noble profession in my book) in the episode "Titan Saving Time". That is why I hate the show. And that is why cartoon network needs to take a long hard look at what they turned into, because I'm officially watching only boomerang from now on, you know where all the oldies-but-goldies shows are.

    Edit: Okay, so the new America special just came out and it was the worst episode to date. Apparently none of the creators knew that Britain no longer dislikes us. But they insisted on making fun of Britain and even the queen. Now let me just say that I'm american and stuff like this makes me ashamed to be one.

    Edit: Just made a petition h t t p s : / / t i n y u r l . c o m / s u f h e h 7
  • An Obvious Cash Grab

    First off, the reason I'm giving this more than one point is because it's not the worst show in the world. I also try to give a reasonable number for my reviews. I never give just ones or perfect tens.

    Anyways, I'm not comparing this to the original show, in fact, I myself have never even seen the original show, so I'm not giving it this low rating because they may have changed things about the original Teen Titans.

    The characters in this show are just childish, unintelligent and ignorant assholes, Raven being the only somewhat tolerable character of the group. Most jokes are crap jokes and jokes about 'cooties'. The show also makes fun of their audience. (Which is the reason they make their money in the first This show is targeted towards 6-10 year-olds, so this wouldn't be surprising. But Cartoon Network has to realize that this isn't a channel dedicated to toddlers. And this show most likely won't be getting cancelled any time soon, since it's Cartoon Network's most money-making show. (Therefore it plays about eight hours per Eventually even the kids will get tired of the show playing all day, and switch the channel to Nickelodeon or Disney XD, or whatever channels kids watch now. So Cartoon Network, if you realize that even your target audience doesn't even want to be on the channel Teen Titans Go airs on, you're going to lose views fast. Very fast.
  • A fucking disgrace to the original

    If it's bad this show has it. Terrible the original show was about action with compelling storylines, fantastic visuals, and great characters. This show lacks all of that. Instead of extending the original like the cast wanted,some dumbass at WB and cartoon network said,"let's appeal to children with TEEN Titans" yeah,great fucking idea sherlock. No wonder the show is fucking appalling to anyone who had any respect for the original
  • teen titans go... far away. please

    Let me be clear that while I loved the 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, and various versions from the comics.. i'm not above a reboot or re-imagining of them.. or any well established property.. The problem is, Teen Titans Go is suppose to be a continuation of the excellent 2003 series.. It has the costumes, enemy designs, and enough references to things from the 2003 series that it's clearly suppose to be a sequel..

    It just happens to be a really bad sequel that completely mocks the original series in virtually every way and even mocks fans of the original show.

    First the design and animation style.

    Considering it's a sequel series, the character designs are ugly and seem like they were designed by a lazy artist. Sure if you squint really, really, hard you might see some very minor similarities to the 2003 versions, but you'd need a very powerful telescope to see them. The costumes are sort of similar and probably the only thing that truly resembles the 2003 characters.

    as for the animation?.. well. it's the same cheap, lazy flash style seen in a lot of modern US cartoons and not necessarily this show's fault since it's what other shows are also doing and probably what Cartoon Network wanted to save money. Though the show does have the characters being pretty ugly looking a lot of the time thanks to this cheap animation style.

    Next up is voice work and sound/music..

    The original voice cast of the main 5 Titans from the 2003 series reprise their roles here though that might be the only good thing about this mess of a show. and even then, considering how differently the personalities of the characters are now, the voice actors are pretty much wasted here.

    For sound and music, it's also terrible.. the opening theme is a badly done remix of a few lines from the 2003's beloved opening theme song and sounds terrible, especially since the lines are literately the same audio lifted from the old song and badly remixed.. other nonverbal music is more or less bad and generic but fits in with the rest of the low effort vibe the show has.

    finally the story/writing.

    This is the area that is probably the worst part about the series

    The original show was about 5 teen superheroes that didn't always get along but were friends and stood by one and other as they fought crime and protected the unnamed city ( that was basically the entire state of California in one giant city with lots of Japanese elements thrown in) from an assortment of villains ranging from pathetic( like control freak and doctor light) to pure evil masterminds like Slade( aka Deathstroke the Terminator).. the characters could be fun, scary, depressed, happy, goofy, sad, angry, obsessed and even unsure of themselves.. like real teens/people...

    Teen titans go on the other hand, is all about unfunny, stupid, mile a minute "jokes" and the titans all acting like preschoolers about things and genetically not acting like they did in the 2003 series ( such as beast boy and cyborg wasting lots of money as they attempt to scam a pizza boy and get free pizza, beast boy being fired from the team, cyborg speaking like and becoming a cross dressing grandma character, eating their food without chew so much their stomach takes over and become city destroying monsters and so forth) basically tings the real teen titans would never be dumb enough to do is exactly what these preschooler titans do.

    Their personalities were also completely destroyed and changed. Robin has gone from smart, skilled ninja like leader that has an obsession with Slade to a ADD character with obsessive compulsive disorder who becomes obsessed to things incredibly easy and won't change even if it leads to the other titans's being injured or killed.

    Beast Boy was from goofy, good-natured, shape shifting teen that grew up and matured in major way in the final season of the 03' series and didn't have the best of luck with girls early on but got better as he matured character that has become a teen with a very low IQ that doesn't seem to know how simple things like which way doors open, takes over the titans while staying in form of a gorilla because he feels like it and generally seems like he's mentally challenged.

    Cyborg was cool, tough but friendly teen that loved building technologically advanced things for himself and the team that could be more mature then the other members at times, was best friends with Beast Boy and could be emotionally extreme (really happy, really sad, really angry, etc) in his ways, but was willing to learn from his mistakes.. now he's also a mentally challenged goofy character like beast boy that does really stupid things all the time

    Raven was dark mysterious and emotionally complicated girl that had to be careful about feeling to much or risk activating her powers. She could be withdrawn but cared a lot about her friends and became less of a recluse held up in her room largely thanks to beast boy and starfire. She loved reading, eating pizza, battling evil and was quite smart about things on earth despite not being from earth originally. and there were hints she might have liked beast boy more then as just a friend though it was never explored in the 2003 series much,.. now she's obsessed with my little pony, isn't above giving in to her demon side to punish, injure or kill people, including her friends, is only evil in this version because of her cloak, likes childish pranks, falls for the idiotic things the other titans do and is lazy

    and then starfire.. she's probably the character who's personality is most intact in some ways.. (though that's not saying much) they did made her stupid, have her fall for things easily, she because psychotic quite easily ,doesn't have any feelings for robin ( despite being in love with robin in the 2003 series and they became a couple in the direct to dvd animated movie that took place after the series ended) and generally just as dumb most of the time as the others..

    Oh and all the episode are generally about them doing stupid things, very little,if any crime fighting despite being superheros,revolving around dumb jokes, pop culture references and there's very little continuity between the episodes

    Overall, thanks to these changes, teen titans go is an insult the original in how it's trying to be a direct sequel to the award nominated 2003 Teen Titans cartoon while not understanding what made the original so beloved.. which was the character designs, the animation, the stories, how the different the personalities of the character interacted and how it coudl be funny and goofy one episode but incredible series and emotional the next, while both being well done and not conflicting one another in terms of quality...

    It's a shame that Cartoon Network though teen titans fans would be ok with this mess of a show.. if it had been an unrelated series aimed at preschoolers (this one is definitely aimed at preschoolers) that existed separate from the beloved 2003 Teen Titans cartoon, it might have been terrible but harmless.. But obviously it's both terribly and makes a mockery of the original and it's fans

    Teen Titans Go is failure in every sense of the word.. it gets a low score but only because of the voice actors (though even they don't help or save the show at all).. if you liked the original 2003 show, don't watch this the original... if you have kids, or know kids that have started watching this, show them the original one that challenged them a little while still being fun..

  • Terrific cartoon!

    This cartoon is hilarious! It is so funny that I sometimes laugh out loud, surprising even myself. The show's writers are comic geniuses. It is great for children AND adults: I watch it with my granddaughter, and she loves me and her are totally bonding over our love of the show. I would recommend this show to anyone!
  • Alright, let's do this right this time.

    It has been about two years since I wrote my review for TTG. I decided to rewrite my old review because while reading it I'm thinking, "Man I sound so shallow here!". Plus, the show wasn't at it's worse at that time so I really shouldn't have been THAT angry. I still stand by this show being bad, but now for different reasons than what I used to think. There are still a couple things I stand by though. Like how they changed the characters personalities. Pretty much all of the main cast gotten dumbed down in some way or another. And "Waffles" is still up there with one of the worst episodes I can remember. Although "The Return of Slade" is probably the worst in my opinion. But now to move on with other things.

    1. There seems to be this trend that the show likes to do with some episodes. Think of episodes like "The Fourth Wall" and the previously mentioned "The Return of Slade". Those episodes are pretty much saying "HEY WE'RE DIFFERENT THAN TEEN TITANS! GET OVER IT!" Okay, two things to say here. First off, this is showing that whoever is writing the scripts for this show can't take criticism AT ALL. And second, so what? That doesn't excuse your show for being poorly written 95% of the time. What happened to the other 5% you ask? Well, I'll get to that later. Anyways, another thing. There's an episode called "The Cape", where they (and I'm not joking here) dubbed over an episode called "Divide and Conquer". It was a first season episode of Teen Titans. Now I'll admit to something here. When the episode "Dreams" came out and they a similar joke to this (where they dubbed over Trouble in Tokyo), it actually got a laugh out of me. Mostly because they did it FOR ONE JOKE! But now here, it was throughout almost the entire episode. Why? Are you trying to trigger people who liked Teen Titans? Because it sure seems to be working. Again, the first time was funny but it got stale when it happened again.

    2. Now here is the real reason why I'm SO disappointed with this cartoon. And this brings me to what I said earlier. "Video Game references", "40% 40% 20%" and "TTG vs PPG" are episodes I like to call diamonds in the rough. Meaning that they are actually GOOD. "40% 40% 20%" have the best animation this show has ever had, and "Video Game references" & "TTG vs PPG" did get a few laughs out of me. Watching these episodes I'm thinking "Wait, what? These are actually not bad". Which leads me to ask this to the writers of this show. If you can pull off episodes like these, why don't you do so more often? My only reason I can think of is they're too busy talking smack to critics and Teen Titans fans rather than trying to put EFFORT in their work. Even when they're not doing that, everything else is just mediocre at best. There, now you know the 5% from earlier that I was talking about.

    Now if you think I'm done here, you're wrong. And this rant is going to be about Cartoon Network and other things people who hate TTG are saying. For those who are saying "Just cancel this stupid show already. It sucks!" Well, sorry to break this to your guys. But it might not happen anytime soon. Why you may ask? Think about it. This is the biggest thing airing on Cartoon Network right now and really popular with the kids. And yes, we do have great shows like Steven Universe and Amazing World of Gumball. But also keep this in mind. Regular show has ended and Adventure Time is ending soon (from what I heard). And then shows like We Bare Bears are barely (no pun intended) get any screen time. So don't be surprise if SU or Gumball ends anytime soon (although SU is also really popular as well, I don't see on the air a lot). Really the only thing we can hope for is Clarence to make a comeback now that new episodes will be coming up. So yeah, I think you can understand. To CN's perspective, it would be a really dumb move for them to just flat out cancel TTG. Although I do have a bone to pick with them. For one Cartoon Network, you don't have to exploit this show as if it's the only thing you got. Why not promote your much better shows? Secondly, stop it with the reboots. First Teen Titans, then Powerpuff Girls, and now Ben 10. I mean, there was a petition to get Galactic Kids Next Door. Why couldn't we get that instead? Sure it's a reboot of KND, but it could've actually been decent. You even tried to revive Scooby Doo for like, the 100th time. And lastly to you CN, with Nickelodeon rising to the top you got a lot of competition now. Like seriously, look at how well they're doing compared to you. Nick has Loud House and SpongeBob is improving. There's a lot of work needing to be done to be good again.

    By the way, how dare Cartoon Network not promote the Regular Show finale? Shame on them. Okay, rant done.

    So now after all I said, you probably think that I still hate Teen Titans Go. Well yeah I do hate parts of it. But honestly though, it's not even worth it. Don't get me wrong I still don't like it, but I'm not even mad at the show itself. If anything, I'm more mad at the path Cartoon Network is going. Really in reality, I stopped caring. If people still think this is the worst show ever, that's fine. I'm just one of those people who doesn't give a crap about it anymore. I may used to think it was the worst, but now it's not worth it.
  • Really bad.

    This is seriously the worst show ever. It's incredibly stupid and just down right cringey.
  • A Parody Done Poorly

    I get that this is supposed to be a parody show but why use the Teen Titans?

    It would be better if they used originally made expy characters like they did in The Tick, which is a much better superhero parody.

    Also their meme and pop culture jokes are pretty awful and will be dated within a few years anyway, clearly that the writers want to pander to the lowest common denominator in order to make money. The is hands down Blues Brothers 2000 but with the Teen Titans.
  • We shall rejoice when this monstrosity is cancelled.

    Why? Just Why?!
  • Its Unnecessary And Exist Purely For Easy Money

    This show is not that entertaining. Its on for the merchandising value and younger ages that never saw Teen Titans. the issue is that everything felt predictable and the parody style plots are, well, underwhelming for fans of the original nostalgic show. So even though things in the show make sense, its not funny, a bit irritating to the fans of the show and well, ITS UNNECESSARY, so I really don't have much else to say. Not interested.
  • Really CN?

    This show is bad. When I say bad, i mean BAD. The only decent episode was part of 40% 40% 20%.

    I liked the original Teen Titans. This, originally I was all like, "What could possibly go wrong with this?" Then, now I see the schedule. ITS ALL TTG. THE SHOW IS TERRIBLE. CANCEL IT ALREADY.
  • sorry for beating a dead horse

    You know a show is bad when you compare season 6 and 7 of SpongeBob SquarePants and think it's a masterpiece compared to Teen Titans Go. As someone who dealt with Jonny Test, this "show" somehow is even worse than almost naked animals. I have not watched an episode of the original Teen Titans, and yet I still find this show an unholy piece of crap. Cartoon Network airs this damn show more than other, and that is just bullshit. I created an account here just because I need to say how bad this show is. You know what if it was just stupid I probably just ignore it. However, they make critic callout episodes that are just plain tacky. It is crazy that 50% of CN week is this show!
  • This show makes The Last Airbender look like a master piece

    The reason the original was canceled was because that show did not really connect well with younger audiences. This show repressents two things, One: Its better to revive a show rather than reboot it, Two: This show is ruining the reputation of the whole Teen Titans franchise. Also, the Teen Titans in this show are not even heroes, not even super heroes either. If they are trying to get younger audiences connected to the franchise by making the Teen Titans not act or look super to the population of Jump City, then thats where the flaws start channeling. Younger audiences need characters and heroes to look up to so they can feel confident and optimistic as they grow up to be good people, shows like Teen Titans Go is a really bad example for them. If parents are really going to let kids watch this, the least they could do is teach them to never talk or act like them, that way they will know which type of person they should behave as.
  • Short Rant

    All I can say is, THIS SHOW IS STUPID!
  • This show sucks

    I hate this show. It's uncool and unfunny, it's also awful compared to Teen Titans. The teen titans in this show look totally weird and all the stuff in that show totally stinks. I can't believe they cancelled Green Lantern and Young Justice because of this stupid show. They should cancel this show and bring back Teen Titans, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. When will they do that already?
  • Not my new favorite show. In fact it is one of my new least favorite shows

    This is one of the stupidest shows ever with the sole purpose of destroying all character and plot from the original Teen Titans all for the sake of humor. Most kids don't care that much for sheer mindlessness. There's hardly anything redeeming about it. The only reason why it is a 'success' is because it is given the SpongeBob treatment by spamming it all the time and not giving other cartoons much of a oppotunity. I wasn't a fan of the original Teen Titans but I recommend watching that instead. At least the writers on that show tried and treated their audience as if they had intelligence and maturity. If CN gave other shows a chance this show wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of seasons. Seriously are the excutives trying to put CN back into another dark age that they worked so hard to get out of?
  • This show is somewhat meh in my opinion.

    Please put your pitchforks and torches down, Yes, i don't hate this show, and i will give you my positives and negatives of this show


    Elephant in the room: This show is a rip-off of the original Teen Titans.

    This show is stupid.

    This has become the SpongeBob of Cartoon Network.

    Has plenty of bad episodes.


    There are good episodes of this cartoon (in my opinion of course) like, Video Game References which as the title says, is just a bunch of funny video game references, 40% 40% 20% which has brilliant animation, and has a great song, and TTG vs. PPG which took two shows that everyone hates and made it funny, and there are other good episodes as well in my opinion. (Cool School and Dreams are a few examples)

    The music is actually decent in my opinion. just think this show is over-hated.

    I hope you guys aren't mad at me.

  • Hey teen titans go f**k yourselves

    Oh! My gosh this is awful I mean I'll admit I like the episode where they went exploring in Cyborg's body but everything else is horrible. Someone please cut my eyes out cause I rather be blind than watch anymore of this crap. Cartoon Network I speak for everyone and say bring back the original because there is no way anyone going to accept this.
  • The bane of everything.

    Your new favorite show? Wrong! Your new worst nightmare. Looks horrible and is horrible. Don't watch. The transcripts even are bad.
  • Worst Superhero show EVER!

    Never have I hated a TV show more than Teen Titans Go! Growing up, my brothers and I loved the original series, and its one of the few we agreed on. This is just a mockery of a legacy. Robin's an idiotic perfectionist, Raven's secretly a MLP fan, Starfire's a tool, Cyborg's pathetic, and Beast Boy's an imbecile. No amount of hero cameos can fix this disaster. It's continued season renewal is one of life's great mysteries.
  • Too much griping

    I don't get all this relentless bitching over a comedic cartoon. At least it's consistently comedy unlike the original which tried too hard in its awkward mix of comedy and action and failed at both. The same people taking this cartoon so damn seriously are the same who took that nonsense seriously.
  • Teen Titans Go... die in heck

    Now, this is aimed at a very YOUNG audience... So it's obvious why older viewers hate it. (accept for guy that's 47, thanks for having the courage to share your opinion). But, why? The original was aimed at all audiences, girls, boys, all ages! Then this. Kinda decent animation, terrible stories, stupid morals, it's just not... good! Cartoon Network is probably just squeezing every single penny out of it. I mean, it's not completely terrible... The jokes are... decent, I guess. Not really though, just, barely below decent. There are so many other good shows on Cartoon Network right now! Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Mighty Magiswords! Then we have this. Somehow, Teen Titans Go it's the most popular? Well, with children, that is. I'm a child, and I watched this show at 8. I hated it! It was plain CRINGE! Now I'm 10, it's still cringe for me. Plus, they air it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, then they add a tiny bit of SU, Gumball, Magiswords, Bears, then, they go back to Teen Titans Go! I would rather lose my ROBLOX, wait, that's taking it a little too far... I would lose 10 DOLLARS than watch this show... But I have to, because it's the only one showing and every other show on other networks are just live action. It's sometimes the only cartoon airing. tbh, that's a bad thing. It just means CN is just airing it OVER and... you get the point. Now, onto the characters and their difference from the original Teen Titans.

    Robin in Teen Titans: Fearsome leader.

    Robin in Teen Titans Go: Selfish piece of crap.

    Starfire in Teen Titans: Robin's main love interest. Actually has a brain in this one.

    Starfire in Teen Titans Go: Stupid, piece of big fat crap that pushes Robin away.

    Raven in Teen Titans: Magic interdimensonal demon... person...

    Raven in Teen Titans Go: Stupid magic interdimensonal demon... person...

    Cyborg in Teen Titans: A likeable party guy.

    Cyborg in Teen Titans Go: Someone I want to die.

    Beast Boy in Teen Titans: A guy who can transform into animals!

    Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go: A stupid guy that can transform into animals!

    Basically, Teen Titans Go makes every character either stupid, change their personality to bull, or just make them plain unlikeable. CN has ruined this channel with this... ABOMINATION! They're probably airing this show to give kids products or something! MAKE STEVEN UNIVERSE EPISODES, OR SOMETHING THAT ISN'T THIS! Oh yeah, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence... I forgot about those, tbh, they should make new episodes of those instead of Teen Titans Go. They are 9001x better. I mean, CN has made worst shows *cough* Out of Jimmy's Head *cough*. But, that's about it for me. I mean, if they improve the plots and fix the characters, it'll be a decent show. Maybe even a LEGIT 8 out of 10! :O! But, CN is just ruining their channel with cringe-worthy shows. I now rest my case. Btw, I'm 10 and I think all of this. lolololol.
  • This show doesn't deserve well

    What's worst about Cartoon Network is the people behind Teen Titans Go!, my first problem about the show, It was made by Flash.

    Similar to Johnny Test, The show is about a boy named Johnny who try's to save the world with random sound effects in the show.

    The show on CN, it was based off the original show: Teen Titan's, the show had better Animation style, The character's are likable, In the remake show TTG, they try to make edgy cool LOL joke's and random unfunny garbage, MAN! END THIS SHOW CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!!

    0 rating's will make you happy >:(
  • Decent comedy

    Fantastic kids show
  • Don't Get The Hate


    I have never come across a more highly rated and highly hated show than this one.

    Do not get it. At all.

    I am a 47-year-old male. I watched and liked the original Teen Titans, very much.

    Almost every single time I watch Teen Titans Go!, I laugh. Multiple times.

    It is one of my favorite shows, and I think it's hysterical. And I am extremely selective when it comes to TV shows, cartoons or otherwise.

    It's different than the original TT. Okay. So what?

    It never marketed itself as being like the original. It looks extremely different, sounds different, feels different.

    I have watched painfully unfunny shows. Many of them. This is not one of them. Not remotely close.

    If you hate because you're a purist, so be it, I guess, but I still don't get it. If there was a great demand for the original show, or it got great ratings, it would still be on the air. It's not.

    The original cast is on board and obviously loves the show. I am still smiling thinking about an episode I watched of it this morning.

    If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. Much more than good enough.

    It isn't the original show. Get over it and enjoy it for what it is, which is a very funny show. Lots of us are.

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