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  • Short Rant

    All I can say is, THIS SHOW IS STUPID!
  • This show sucks

    I hate this show. It's uncool and unfunny, it's also awful compared to Teen Titans. The teen titans in this show look totally weird and all the stuff in that show totally stinks. I can't believe they cancelled Green Lantern and Young Justice because of this stupid show. They should cancel this show and bring back Teen Titans, Green Lantern, and Young Justice. When will they do that already?
  • Not my new favorite show. In fact it is one of my new least favorite shows

    This is one of the stupidest shows ever with the sole purpose of destroying all character and plot from the original Teen Titans all for the sake of humor. Most kids don't care that much for sheer mindlessness. There's hardly anything redeeming about it. The only reason why it is a 'success' is because it is given the SpongeBob treatment by spamming it all the time and not giving other cartoons much of a oppotunity. I wasn't a fan of the original Teen Titans but I recommend watching that instead. At least the writers on that show tried and treated their audience as if they had intelligence and maturity. If CN gave other shows a chance this show wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of seasons. Seriously are the excutives trying to put CN back into another dark age that they worked so hard to get out of?
  • This show is somewhat meh in my opinion.

    Please put your pitchforks and torches down, Yes, i don't hate this show, and i will give you my positives and negatives of this show


    Elephant in the room: This show is a rip-off of the original Teen Titans.

    This show is stupid.

    This has become the SpongeBob of Cartoon Network.

    Has plenty of bad episodes.


    There are good episodes of this cartoon (in my opinion of course) like, Video Game References which as the title says, is just a bunch of funny video game references, 40% 40% 20% which has brilliant animation, and has a great song, and TTG vs. PPG which took two shows that everyone hates and made it funny, and there are other good episodes as well in my opinion. (Cool School and Dreams are a few examples)

    The music is actually decent in my opinion. just think this show is over-hated.

    I hope you guys aren't mad at me.

  • Ooooooooooooo-k.

    How old are some of you? Such animosity. You people seriously need to lighten up. Or finish growing up.


    But it's FUNNY-- IF you're not a DICK who takes ALL THE WRONG THINGS WAAAAYYYY TOO SERIOUSLY. Why don't all you hacks create your own shitty fanfics and post 'em on youtube, see how you like it when other artless, unfunny, unimaginative and TOOOOTALLY UNQUALIFIED haters shit all over YOUR work.

    The voice actors are SUPER talented (more than YOU'LL ever be, if you keep on spewin' all that crap), the dialogue is SHARP (it's SUPPOSED to be for kids but it's smarter than some supposedly ADULT shows-- but obviously, that idea, along with the dialogue, is simply lost on some of you who've learned to mistake PRETENTIOUSNESS for SUBSTANCE), and best of all, it offers a glimpse into what it looks like when PEOPLE DON'T TAKE THEMSELVES SO SERIOUSLY AND JUST WANNA HAVE SOME LAUGHS.

    Religious fanatics, stuffy traditionalists-- there's never any room for new direction with you people.

    That's why the world is largely unfunny, cause everything has to be sacred and done the same way over, and over, and over, and over

    and over

    I'm not coming back to respond to this, out of principle that I've just had to deal with far too many RELENTLESSLY unfunny, UPTIGHT, shit-talking SHEEP that now I really, really don't care to suffer them, or argue with them. You.

    So feel free you to continue being a miserable nay-saying loser who contributes nothing but troll-speak, CLINGING to your safety-security blankets and sacred nerd-gospels on HOW A FUCKING CARTOON SHOULD BE.
  • Hey teen titans go f**k yourselves

    Oh! My gosh this is awful I mean I'll admit I like the episode where they went exploring in Cyborg's body but everything else is horrible. Someone please cut my eyes out cause I rather be blind than watch anymore of this crap. Cartoon Network I speak for everyone and say bring back the original because there is no way anyone going to accept this.
  • The bane of everything.

    Your new favorite show? Wrong! Your new worst nightmare. Looks horrible and is horrible. Don't watch. The transcripts even are bad.
  • Worst Superhero show EVER!

    Never have I hated a TV show more than Teen Titans Go! Growing up, my brothers and I loved the original series, and its one of the few we agreed on. This is just a mockery of a legacy. Robin's an idiotic perfectionist, Raven's secretly a MLP fan, Starfire's a tool, Cyborg's pathetic, and Beast Boy's an imbecile. No amount of hero cameos can fix this disaster. It's continued season renewal is one of life's great mysteries.
  • Too much griping

    I don't get all this relentless bitching over a comedic cartoon. At least it's consistently comedy unlike the original which tried too hard in its awkward mix of comedy and action and failed at both. The same people taking this cartoon so damn seriously are the same who took that nonsense seriously.
  • Teen Titans Go... die in heck

    Now, this is aimed at a very YOUNG audience... So it's obvious why older viewers hate it. (accept for guy that's 47, thanks for having the courage to share your opinion). But, why? The original was aimed at all audiences, girls, boys, all ages! Then this. Kinda decent animation, terrible stories, stupid morals, it's just not... good! Cartoon Network is probably just squeezing every single penny out of it. I mean, it's not completely terrible... The jokes are... decent, I guess. Not really though, just, barely below decent. There are so many other good shows on Cartoon Network right now! Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, Mighty Magiswords! Then we have this. Somehow, Teen Titans Go it's the most popular? Well, with children, that is. I'm a child, and I watched this show at 8. I hated it! It was plain CRINGE! Now I'm 10, it's still cringe for me. Plus, they air it OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, then they add a tiny bit of SU, Gumball, Magiswords, Bears, then, they go back to Teen Titans Go! I would rather lose my ROBLOX, wait, that's taking it a little too far... I would lose 10 DOLLARS than watch this show... But I have to, because it's the only one showing and every other show on other networks are just live action. It's sometimes the only cartoon airing. tbh, that's a bad thing. It just means CN is just airing it OVER and... you get the point. Now, onto the characters and their difference from the original Teen Titans.

    Robin in Teen Titans: Fearsome leader.

    Robin in Teen Titans Go: Selfish piece of crap.

    Starfire in Teen Titans: Robin's main love interest. Actually has a brain in this one.

    Starfire in Teen Titans Go: Stupid, piece of big fat crap that pushes Robin away.

    Raven in Teen Titans: Magic interdimensonal demon... person...

    Raven in Teen Titans Go: Stupid magic interdimensonal demon... person...

    Cyborg in Teen Titans: A likeable party guy.

    Cyborg in Teen Titans Go: Someone I want to die.

    Beast Boy in Teen Titans: A guy who can transform into animals!

    Beast Boy in Teen Titans Go: A stupid guy that can transform into animals!

    Basically, Teen Titans Go makes every character either stupid, change their personality to bull, or just make them plain unlikeable. CN has ruined this channel with this... ABOMINATION! They're probably airing this show to give kids products or something! MAKE STEVEN UNIVERSE EPISODES, OR SOMETHING THAT ISN'T THIS! Oh yeah, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence... I forgot about those, tbh, they should make new episodes of those instead of Teen Titans Go. They are 9001x better. I mean, CN has made worst shows *cough* Out of Jimmy's Head *cough*. But, that's about it for me. I mean, if they improve the plots and fix the characters, it'll be a decent show. Maybe even a LEGIT 8 out of 10! :O! But, CN is just ruining their channel with cringe-worthy shows. I now rest my case. Btw, I'm 10 and I think all of this. lolololol.
  • Teen Titans NO!

    Well, CN has finally done it. They have ruined my favorite channel that I would look forward to watching like The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe. Now, I can't even watch it because CN says its "My New Favorite Show", which isn't true because it's MY NEW HATED SHOW!!!! They have taken over the channel and replaced "New Thursdays" with "New Titans Thursday" which made me SO MAD!!!


    Robin: Doesn't care for any of his fellow team mates and cares more about impressing Starfire where SHE DOESN'T CARE.

    Starfire: She has gotten very stupid and her personality is always changing (Which, in my opinion, is the worst problem with the show)

    Raven: Very much the same as the original but now she is a MLP lover (OH GOSH)

    Beast Boy and Cyborg: They act both the same... stupid and doesn't care for other Titans to the point where they end up fighting each other.


    Most Plots are very stupid and don't make sense. The worst episodes are "The Return of Slade", "Waffles", "Lets Get Serious" and "Hive Five"


    I don't have a BIG problem with the animation but I think they could have improved on the art style and flash animation.

    There, I said it..... TTG is probably one of the worst cartoons on TV right now. I wish it could just cancel and we can forget about the mess that the writers caused and CN promoting it way too much...

    EDIT MADE 9/24/16: I still don't understand why they keep this show around. I think they do this because these "writers" think it's funny to make fun of the fan base. CN Is going down hill, I think we know that, but this was one of the shows that caused it including: The Annoying Orange, Uncle Grandpa, and Supernoobs.

    EDIT: 11/25/16: THIS SHOW IS SO BAD TO THE POINT WHERE ITS JUST PLAIN CRINGE! Seriously! 75% of the "jokes" are just making fun of the haters! This isn't even a show anymore! It's just a giant middle finger to all the original fans! Anyone over the age of 9 would see that this show is terrible! I hope this show ends soon! I dont want this show to turn into a SpongeBob or Simpsons cliche!
  • This show doesn't deserve well

    What's worst about Cartoon Network is the people behind Teen Titans Go!, my first problem about the show, It was made by Flash.

    Similar to Johnny Test, The show is about a boy named Johnny who try's to save the world with random sound effects in the show.

    The show on CN, it was based off the original show: Teen Titan's, the show had better Animation style, The character's are likable, In the remake show TTG, they try to make edgy cool LOL joke's and random unfunny garbage, MAN! END THIS SHOW CARTOON NETWORK!!!!!!

    0 rating's will make you happy >:(
  • Decent comedy

    Fantastic kids show
  • Don't Get The Hate


    I have never come across a more highly rated and highly hated show than this one.

    Do not get it. At all.

    I am a 47-year-old male. I watched and liked the original Teen Titans, very much.

    Almost every single time I watch Teen Titans Go!, I laugh. Multiple times.

    It is one of my favorite shows, and I think it's hysterical. And I am extremely selective when it comes to TV shows, cartoons or otherwise.

    It's different than the original TT. Okay. So what?

    It never marketed itself as being like the original. It looks extremely different, sounds different, feels different.

    I have watched painfully unfunny shows. Many of them. This is not one of them. Not remotely close.

    If you hate because you're a purist, so be it, I guess, but I still don't get it. If there was a great demand for the original show, or it got great ratings, it would still be on the air. It's not.

    The original cast is on board and obviously loves the show. I am still smiling thinking about an episode I watched of it this morning.

    If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me. Much more than good enough.

    It isn't the original show. Get over it and enjoy it for what it is, which is a very funny show. Lots of us are.


    I love most shows out there now a days, and heavily enjoyed watching Teen Titans original show. I don't even judge a show based off of how ugly it looks. I understand Adventure Time to Gumball can get a good laugh here and there even though there not my favorites for sure. Even Uncle Grandpa has likable things. But Teen Titans Go, NO! It is the worst show I have ever seen. Other then being bad, it has to drag down a great show from the past and try to ruin it as well. Even shows I hated like Flapjack weren't this bad. It make you hate teen titans. It make you hate Cartoon Network and it makes everybody who is over 5 say "What happened to cartoon network" and I will quote steven and say "It could've been great".

    I dont hate the animation style. Many American animations movies and video games has shown me sometimes getting the best animation does not matter. Rick and morty is ugly. Best show I have seen in a long time. Again why Teen Titans go is bad is because of its plot and story. And the way it destroys the past show.
  • This is a kids trap that RUINS it's franchise


    This has got to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen!! Before I begin back in 2013 I was excited for this show to come out but when I saw the first episode I was angry and nearly threw up due to seeing this piece of crap! I can tell what it was, it was generic, stupid and just an abomination ! NOW let's begin! First off let's start off with the theme song! The theme song looks so promising but it's not! Once the show starts the characters are immediately stupid and lazy! THIS IS NOT THE TEEN TITANS!! Robin is the best but not very good raven IS A FAN OF MY LITTLE PONY AND MAKES FUN OF SHOWS JUST LIKE MAD! Hey people will get angry if you make fun of their favorite shows ESPECIALLY My Little Pony! Anyway raven is just a character the doesn't save the show! OH BOY Star Fire is the stupidest and worst character in TEEN TITAN GO I MEAN TEEN TITAN NO! Star Fire has to be one of the most unfunny character EVER! She can't even say sentences right! Star Fire also feels forced I mean FORCED! She was different in the original show!! Next up beast boy is a another obnoxious character that's no different the star fire sounds like a baby! Finally Cyborg, again no different than star fire and beast boy! This show is such an insult to you and kids intelligence that you lose brain cells watching 5 minutes of this show. The animation is horrible because the graphics and plots are EXTREMELY LAZY!! Even worse than 12 Oz Mouse and Peppa pig .CN blew it again and that's not all, the show plays RIDICULOUS amounts of the day. This show plays on weekdays 5 hours 15 minutes, weekends 5 hours 30 minutes. MY GOSH IS IT ENOUGH FOR A NETWORK ON FOR 14 HOURS AND SOMETHING REPETITIVE AND ABYSMAL!! And it's gets worse children love this show so the make videos how they love it so THATS why it plays episode for so long! This show also feels so lazy, dumb, and forced. There's even a rumor that the writers KNEW this was bad, they knew this show was stupid and they said in their own words that this show is bad but it must go on. WHY, just WHY writers you have to ruin one most loved shows with superhero's to one of the worst and most hated Superhero show of all time. Anyway this show is a mega fail and a kids trap in many ways I also makes ME THINK BREADWINNERS,PICKLE AND PEANUT, FANBOY AND CHUM CHUM, CAILLOU,AND DORA THE EXPLORER AND PEPPA PIG IS A PARTY!!! BUT HOW IS THIS NOT CANCELLED?? Instead of you and your kids watching this horrible disaster instead watch The Loud House, Steven Universe, Old Spongebob, Old Simpsons, Adventure Time, Regular Show and Gravity Falls. You could save your brain cells. grade F- new rating 55/1000 CHAOTIC
  • More like teen titans go F Yourselfs

    this show sucks so bad. I never watch it anymore. I just go to boomerang and watch the original teen titans. I hate. I MEAN HATE Cartoon Network Now! Steven universe is better.

    This show is just terrible.
  • Crappiest Cartoon Network Show Ever!

    Teen Titans Go?

    More like Teen Titans No!

    Oh my god, this show is beyond the worst animated cartoon ever on Cartoon Network, even worse than The Groovenians and Johnny Test!
  • No respect at all

    In one episode they said slade was coming back and as an original show fan and a deathstroke fan I nearly died at the excite ment I have I first issue comic of his first own comic as him the main character and all they did was show his mask in the screen and there was no fight animation or nothing they just when back to the Titans tower and said they kicked his ass and in the same episode robin gets literally clobbers by a clown I'm not even kidding
  • this show is an insult to everyone, and it is just a dumb joke

    It really is. All of my friends who watch this show despise this cartoon, if you can even call it a cartoon! You'll lose brain cells just by being within a 100 meters of someone watching this crash site of a tv show! Kids deserve smarter shows than this, Parents deserve better cartoons than this so there children won't be so stupid after they watch it. But over time, I realized that the best thing to do is to just ignore and forget about it, even though thats hard to do because its still being aired in the truckloads. Honestly, this show actually looked good to me in the begging because i didn't really know what i was watching. But now its pretty obvious that this cartoon is a joke. The creator of it took no consideration in the original show when he made it. It was simply made for kids to laugh at because the jokes in the show are so stupid that only children under 10 would find them slightly funny. And lets just leave it at that because this show doesn't deserve anymore attention than it already has.
  • "Toddler Titans" - Teen Titans GO: Review

    I love "Teen Titans" even to this day. But, when I heard there was a sequal coming. I was exited to see my favorite super heroes back again for the second time. Then, when it started airing, This was my face when I was watching "Teen Titans Go". What the f*ck. Let me just tell you. Basically, your heroes we all know and love are in this show and the same voice actors are in the show. In the originial, The characters act like teens sometimes even adults and that's great because they are heroes. In here, Even when the show is named "Teen Titans Go". Our heroes act like 5 year olds. I swear to god, Every episode they act like children. Lets talk about the animation. It's not the worst animation I've ever seen but It's so blinding to look at. The Originial was like a Drama/Comedy/Action all mixed in a blender. BUT THIS SHOW IS LIKE ALL COMEDY. Oh, and by the way. THE COMEDY know that some people like "Teen Titans Go" but I don't understand why. Maybe they didn't like the originial, or not see the originial.

    This show is NOT AMAZING!





    This show is NOT JUST BAD,







    The final verdit for "Teen Titans Go"

  • Teen Titans Go. Not bad, perhaps it could do it better

    Yes. I know. Teen Titans Go is a comedic take on the 03' show "Teen Titans". An show for me, it atleast bringed me back the Teen Titans, but it wasn't what I expected sadly.

    The ratings from 8.0 and up separate TTG from TT quite a lot. But, it isn't that separated. Teen Titans Go! has bringed the same voice cast. The same team roster. The same origin companies (DC and Warner Bros Animation), the same location, the same city (renamed to Jumpcity), the same villains, and even the same five superhero team, but in a new look. It even brings clips from the 03' show (The Mask, and The Fourth Wall). It has more silly and funny humor, and some new interesting adventures. Despite that, I wish the criticism episodes never existed, and the airtime takes up 90% of CN's airtime, preventing CN from having variety, also preventing Steven Universe and Adventure time from airing anymore.

    Also, the biggest problem with its comedy genre is its own company origin (DC). This show pretty much damage DC's standards and duty with which works with. DC shouldn't distribute full-comedy shows since it's a comic book company, and Marvel never did full-comedy shows. Before TTG, DC shows weren't only serious, they had great occasional funny moments, which is ok for a show. but this comedy show is a bit exagerated for DC's origin genre.

    Before "The Fourth Wall" episode, I was a fan admiring the show, still being conoscious about the genres and company origins. But, after I saw "The Fourth Wall" I was being full disgusted and didn't like the show anymore.

    I respect every opinion, but with one exception. NEVER, EVER say in my face that TTG is better than TT, otherwise you will get punches and fucks from me.
  • A Very Pointless Show

    By no means a terrible show, there is absolutely no reason on Earth why this show needed to be made. Teen Titans Go is truly a disappointing show that when I first heard about it, I thought it would be exactly like the classic old "Teen Titans" show, but nope, it was nearly nothing like it. The show is about the old crew once again, except dumb down. Instead of the show being that action-packed, the show is mainly about the five being lazy in their tower, and that's one of the main problems of the show. The characters in the show, instead of being developed and strong fighters, are literally dunderheads. I can see the potential with the animators and the writers for this show. First of all, the animation isn't bad, in fact the animators have talent here. The writers don't do as good a job as the animators as they do write some mediocre jokes, but not all of the humor is tedious as some of its humor is laughable. Another huge nitpick I have with this show is literally the fact that the animators and writers are working with the wrong type of setting and characters. If the characters were original and a new setting was involved, there could surprisingly be a better show, and maybe even better writing involved. Overall, Teen Titans Go is what I would consider a back-stab to the many people who grew up with the original "Teen Titans", like myself, though Teen Titans Go didn't destroy me, but it is has seemed incredibly pointless to me ever since it aired back in 2013.

    1.5/4 Stars
  • I Gotta Admit. This is pretty sweet.

    I know the show has really corny jokes and it comes on wayyyy too much but I do think overtime the show will start to die down a bit and soon it will become a more loved show by many people.
  • I cant even look at the show, really...

    This show is just plain garbage and it makes me sick to it! Sure, the EARLY episodes were good but the show is just cringy and loud. Cartoon Network needs to just show it less or matter of fact, CANCEL IT! The creators are obviously rubbing the horrible jokes in our faces! Also Tara Stong is OBVIOUSLY offended of the crossover with the 2016 not so powerpuff girls! Which is STILL a new show! They probably did that so quickly just to annoy the hell out of Tara! I understand the pain she's going through! So if Cartoon Network is CANCEL THIS! ITS GIVING ME ANXIETY!
  • Really..

    So it's already enough that they let shows like Clarence on television, but your going to remake and ruin on of the best classic cartoon network show? THE WORST THING IVE SEEN SINCE CLARENCE!! Other than beast boy, they completely change the personality of the characters. They made robin is a complete loser, who bitch and complains every episode, They turned Cyborg to a cowardly lion, and made Starfire and Raven Complete Bimbos. So clap it up cartoon network, you really took an L on this show
  • I can't believe I used to like this!

    I had never seen the original before, and when I saw this, I decided to watch it. I thought it was okay at first, but then something terrible happened. I grew more and more in love with this show. I grew obsessed with this show. I insulted the original show and the modern show's haters, I thought it was the best show EVER (What was I thinking?!), and more awful things. Luckily, my mom saved my life. She decided to buy me these Teen Titans (Original!) DVDs for my birthday. And THEY changed my mind. This is my opinion about the old and new titans:

    Robin then: GREAT leader who was never ridiculed (like in the new show) and knew Kung Fu.

    Robin now: Arrogant pervert who only cares about 2 things: himself and Starfire.

    Beast Boy then: Funny! The cute comic relief character! I even have a bit of a crush on him. (GAAH WHY DID I SAY THAT!?)

    Beast Boy now: Lazy whiner who pluralizes EVERYTHING. Also, he acted out sexually with Raven.

    Cyborg then: BB's best friend. Super strong with a big heart.

    Cyborg now: One word: LAZY!!

    Raven then: Hybrid who has to control her emotions so her demon side won't get out of control. Like Cyborg, she also has a big heart.

    Raven now: A pegasister, I mean what the hell were the creators thinking?! Also, she's supposed to keep her emotions under control, yet she abuses Beast Boy and dances.

    Starfire then: A kind alien princess who was raised a slave. Her older sister tried to kill her but she wasn't hurt. She escaped to earth where she met the titans.

    Starfire now: Constantly says the word "The" all the time. Other than that and the fact that she abuses Robin she is okay.

    Parents, if your child is watching this, make them watch the original! It'll save them!!
  • Realized why I don't like Teen Titans GO

    In Teen Titans the characters gave more respect towards each other. For example, in one episode when Star Fire was called a Troq - Cyborg empathized with her and he told Star Fire to inform Robin about the situation right away and not do it later. Once Robin heard word of what's happened he was reasonably pissed about how Star Fire was treated. Star learned to stand up for herself in the face of adversity. The message was that some people can be prejudiced towards others that are different but the words of people that will not judge primarily on appearances are the ones that matter the most. I am not against comedy unless the humor gets way too mean spirited. Pixar did a better job about letting go of one's childhood than The Return of Slade did because in Toy Story 3 Andy shared his toys with Bonnie instead of throwing his childhood memories away. The past is something to be shared with the next generation not only for kids to learn in an engaging way but helps how they will live in the future. This also help the adults themselves to move on to the present and not be trapped in the past.

    Updated commentary:

    In the past this channel had Cartoon Network's Cartoon Theater, Toonami aired more than one night a week, Miguzi, and a wide variety of animations to watch. Now I guess they don't care because it's for kids? Who cares about treating the audience with dignity as long as they are paid? Cartoon Network needs to wake up now by listening and start caring what people would like to say in order to fix this before it's too late.

  • Children geting hurt from doing stunts thag they see from both tv cartoons of teen titans

    Ok, kids keep getting hurt all around the world because they think that they can do all of the things they see on TV but they can't. My brother keeps hurting himself and others thinking that he can be like the people that are actually just fiction. Kids don't understand what they r doing. I am a very strict person when it comes down to TV shows and movies. I do research to see if it's interesting or not and if it's cartoon. I am a 13 year old girl and I have never watched cartoons in my life. On the slightest chance of watching little enstines and super why with the kids I babysit because it's educational than teen Titans. My brother as I have stated has hurt himself and others meaning me. Yesterday he saw teen mutant Ninja Turtles and thought he could fight with a mettle poll and I got hit in the face. Kids copy things they see on TV all the time and u might not even realize it until they are hurt.
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