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  • season six is amazing

    oh man do i like this show it is really awesome it is just as awesome as the original series and i am glad that they brought back the original voice cast and yes raven is still my favorite teen titan boy is she beautiful and i hope we will get a live action teen titans movie that would so be awesome and have somebody be raven with tara strong as a voice over so yeah teen tians go rocks,only a real teen titans fan like myself would say this.
  • season six is amazing

    oh man do i like this show it is really awesome it is just as awesome as the original series and i am glad that they brought back the original voice cast and yes raven is still my favorite teen titan boy is she beautiful and i hope we will get a live action teen titans movie that would so be awesome and have somebody be raven with tara strong as a voice over so yeah teen tians go rocks,only a real teen titans fan like myself would say this.
  • this cartoon its okay

    This show is okay at first i hated it so much but then after a few episodes when nothing good was on TV but this i watch some episodes and i like them so ill give it a 5
  • Love it! one of the funniest cartoons ever

    Teen titans go is too hilarious, I hope it never gets canceled. people need to give it a chance. I like that it's a comedy series, i really never liked the serious versions, too boring.
  • Am I the only one who likes this show?

    Come on lighten up guys, It may not be as good as the original Teen Titans but to me it's funny it's supposed to be for entertainment purposes for kids so quit whining there will always be reruns on youtube ;)
  • Yet another installment in a franchise to fail.

    I can safely say that most spin offs or reboots of successful franchises had a lot of hype, but failed epicly when they were broadcasted on TV, and TTG is no exception. Teen Titans was a show that had thrilling fight scenes, unique characters, plently of funny moments, was dark, but appealed to all. So when I heard about a new Teen Titans reboot, I was excited and hyped to see it, only to be really disappointed. Teen Titans Go is a new take on the Teen Titans franchise which continues to follow the lives of the titans of the original TT series. But the difference is that this show goes off in another direction and instead of continuity to where the series last left off, it focuses more on the comedy aspect of the Teen Titans, and that really butcheres their reputation. It's similar to how they ruined the Marvel franchise with the Super Hero Squad Show making the show focus more on Comedy and turning the characters into midgets.

    The first thing already wrong with the show is the whole idea in general for focusing on Comedy more than action. Isn't action the whole purpose of the original show and the super hero genre in general? Teen Titans was a Comedy, but it focuses more on action as well. It completely ditches the whole purpose of the original. All the characters have been completely butchered and act nothing like their predecessors, and they now look like children more than teenagers, it's like they drank from the youth fountain.

    Robin was a though and intelligent leader, now he's a bony wimp and acts like a jerk towards his friends.

    Beast Boy was the goofball in the group, but he knew when it was time to get serious, well unfortunately in this show they took all the seriousness out of him and turned him into a no-brained annoying slacker, and he acts like a pervert towards Raven.

    Cyborg acts like a jerk and picks on his friends, and always laughs at people's bad luck.

    Raven and Starfire are the only characters that don't make me want to throw my remote on the TV. Starfire is still her cheerful self who is trying to get used to life. Raven is still the spiritual and paranormal girl trying to balance her emotions.

    The action leaves a whole lot to be desired. It is almost nowhere to be found in this show. Whatever it consists of is nothing more than try hard and wimpy attempts to battle their enemies. This is quite possibly the weakest form of action in an animated series. Heck, you could probably find better action in Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

    The humor has many lame attempts at being funny and constantly reuses the same gags in every episode. Most of the jokes feel too stupid and immature and very rarely did I laugh at it.

    The artwork is terrible to look at, like I said before, the titans look more like children than teenagers, the colors are too bright. The animation, while pretty decent, could've been better, and it can look choppy from time to time.

    TTG could've worked as a reboot to the Teen Titans franchise, but it got severely hampered with it's bad concept, limited action, lack of humor, bad jokes, butchered characters, and overblown colors.
  • This sucks lollipops.

    I swear when I heard Teen Titans was coming back, I got me ten tons of buffalo wings and threw myself a party. It was good, you should of been there. But this is a review, not a diary. Teen Titans Go is the lovechild of bad writing and budget cuts. Throw a bit of half assed references and you've got this show. If you watched the original you'll understand that this... Teen Titans Go! is like a zit that will not go, even after you've applied balms and anything dermatologists are willing to let you do. I want to find the genius who made this, decided to do this... to ruin my life.

    This is the magnum opus of lazy cartoons, the ultimate disgrace that Cartoon Network has shoved out of its channel to be openly mocked or ignored like the plague.
  • Teen Titans if it were an abridged series devoid of any humor or wit

    Lets take a look at Cartoon Network's newest in down right ***ed decisions. Lets take a show that yeah clocked out on many MANY cliches but was still balanced on humor and dark themes which made its charm all the more believable. "I got such a good idea lets make it into a comedy consisting of sugar high characters that NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP". The executive hacks saw dollar signs and Teen Titans GO! Was made.

    I'll start by saying I don't hate the show because it's new, I hate it because it represents the old in an absolutely livid and derivative way. First the characters and I just want to start with how much they fucked up Cyborg and Beast Boy. You remember when Cyborg use to bend over backwards trying to keep the T Tower under heavy maintenance. How about giving a damn for the things like equipment. And what about Beast Boy who not only DIDN'T EAT PEPPERONI PIZZA but was a vegetarian because he's been all those animals and it'll be a side of cannibalism he ingested them. NOPE NOT here instead they're no only the source of "comedy" in the show but actively share a brain and not even in the "bros forever" way. They'll actively wreck the tower, their friend's stuff and just over all get on everybody's nerves. It's jarring and I'm nerding the fuck out of myself because one is a character that wouldn't even think of doing this and the other feels the same. Robin the same but with annoying self centerness thrown in, Raven's a pegasister and used for Tara Strong and MLP jokes, and Starfire's naive and seemlessly harmlessness is amped up to eleven.

    The plots of the episodes are all over the place and for a show who's previous IP had original properties and great mostly lacking here. There are the clich plots of getting a license or a character doing something for their own selfish gain. But the writers went somewhere YOU DON'T GO. There's one episode I have a vendetta for and that's "Staring at the future". If any of you remember when the creators where showcasing the idea and basically said "we haven't seen ANY episode of the previous Teen Titans" FUCKING SHOWS HERE. What they did is take a good episode from the previous (How long is Forever) twist it apart, take a dump on it, and try to use some of the most repulsive, insulting pathetic excuse for fan service that actually comes off as a backhand to any of us who watch the original

    Lastly like said I don't want to hate it because it's here no I hate it because it's called Teen Titans. I hate because it's treated like a spinoff with no love of the original and feels like someone insipid excuse for an abridged series or parody. But I'm still going to be a little nice and give it a 6.5.


  • We Lost Young Justice for this?

    The original "Teen Titans" show was awesome, combining a perfect blend of action and humor and only being dark when it came to Slade and Trigon. Then it had a sad depressing series finale, Things Change.

    When Young Justice came on, it was like a darker Teen Titans but still mega awesome and just as good as Teen Titans, but we still missed Teen Titans. So what happens? We lost Young Justice and got Teen Titans Go! which was lame and stupid and an insult to what made Teen Titans great.

    While I love that the original voice cast returned (and the only reason this isn't a two out of ten), it isn't the same. They took the perfect bend of action and humor and threw out 98% of the action and replaced it with more humor.

    And yet.... It's not the worst show I have ever seen. There are actually some good moments on this show. My personal favorite episode is Pie Bros as it actually shows real emotion and true friendship in it. And Robin's chicken dance in Super Robin actually made me laugh. However if it gets canceled, I won't even care.
  • good.

    I thing it is a great show
  • Teen Titans, NO!

    Honestly, I should have given it a one, at the most, but I felt generous enough today to rip into this monstrosity of this series.

    Compared to the predecessor, Teen Titans, TTG is nothing more than an half-assed comedy/sitcom/parody, and a bad one at that. For starters. Their new personalities are something left to be desired for:

    Starfire: an oblivious airhead. She reminds me of the overly girly cheerleader type that every guy falls in love with, and she lacks a depth of character- actually, if anything, it's bordering on "fake".

    Raven: a typical, moody goth girl, who seems to like cute , girly things secretly, and watches a rip-off version of MLP. It completely is out-of-character, and it transforms her into a generic stereotype.

    Beast Boy: Just an idiot.

    Cyborg: Notably, he and Robin had the biggest personality changes in the show. Cyborg transformed from being a serious, fun robot-humanoid, into a pretentious, egotistical jackass/idiot, one episode in particular, is when he wasn't grateful that Beast Boy planned a surprise birthday part for him, and he felt that he was entitled to getting pissed off .

    Robin: DEAR LORD, he particularly had a 180, and instead of being a serious crime-fighting teen, the pre-anime era, he was focused on improving himself, as a crime-fighting hero, and he was depicted as a passionate "above-average" now transformed into a stupid, immature, irrational punk, to say the least, and it's cringe-worthy watching him.

    The actual animation:

    Obnoxiously colorful. The neon colors makes it hard on the eyes, and only makes the show less appealing to watch. The characters are in an anime chibi-style, which isn't necessarily bad, but for a show that once was a serious DC-inspired show, someone can only assume that it's lazy 2D animation.

    Actually Watching the Show:

    I have only seen this series a few times, due to the fact that it is sparsely aired on CN, however, I must admit, the episodes are boring, and generic-not bad, but nothing to write home about. There was an episode where Robin felt useless to the team, so he asks Raven to give him powers. Basically, he locks every criminal up, causing the titans to part ways, since there's no more criminals to fight. Robin applies for an office jobs, becomes old, his friends visit him, and then he died. The end. Yeah, you can tell how uninspirational, and pointless the conflicts are. Infact, doing this review, I managed to watch an another episode called "Lazy Day" which basically Beast Boy and Cyborg are enjoying a day of doing nothing, (because the claimed it's Sunday, even though it was Tuesday) and are acting like douchebags, for absolutely no reason. When Starfire cooks up some Chili, BB and Cyborg rush over to the kitchen to eat up the chilly, and by the time they came back, the couch is gone. Then we're treated to a montage of the 5 Stages of Guilt- all because they wouldn't get their selfish asses off the couch, So now, Robin purchased a treadmill, and all of the sudden, the plot line is non-existant. Unlike this schlock, the original version created a depth of character, and there was true inspiration, creative, action-packed, and most importantly, enjoyable to watch. You can clearly understand why so many ex-fans and I hate the new series. It disrespects what TT stood for, and it completely changes the way we portray these so-called "heroes"
  • It Could Have Been Better

    At first, I was the part of the consensus that this show needed to be cancelled. Then, after seeing some reviews and thinking that maybe the fans of the original series were just bitter. I decided on a 7.0 rating. I decided to come back and revise it.

    While I wanted to give the show a chance, it really falls flat with me. There are just too many things wrong.

    1) Characters: Like it has been emphasized, the characters are really stereotypical. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if they weren't such jerks about it. TTG completely erases any sense of sympathy one has for any of the five titular characters. Instead of apparently relating to them (I guess that is what the creators were going for) we come to hate them due to their shallow, "don't care" attitudes.

    2) Animation: The animation isn't as atrocious as certain CN originals Uncle Grandpa, Problem Solverz), but it is nothing to be proud of. Honestly, I would have appreciated the anime-influenced animation that was used in the shorts, but I guess WB wanted to save money (probably explains what happened to The Tom and Jerry Show). You can tell that the animation was trying to get the younger demographic in on the fun. It is especially weird because the animation suggests "for children", while the other aspects of the series suggests "immature teenager".

    3) Story: I only found some episodes funny, but even they weren't that great. The stories usually focus on one or two of the characters' immaturity in how they handle a situation. From Raven sending the rest of the team off just to play with her MLP-ripoff dolls to Cyborg and Beast Boy trying to apparently kill a pizza boy just so they can get free pizza. It comes off as poorly-conceived and only serves to make the characters that much more unlikeable.

    4) Humor: Now, I'm going to say this and I hope that no one gets mad at me: I think the concept of Teen Titans being a comedy is okay. Now, bear with me on this one. When I first saw promos for the 2003 series, I originally thought that it was a comedy (especially when the announcer claimed that they were fighting for the last slice of pizza). However, I was a little surprised to see it be a well-written action series. Now, back to this show, I don't have a qualm with TTG being a comedy. The main problem is the TYPE of comedy it wants to be. I think we can all agree that TTG is CN's latest idea to cash in on the success of Adult Swim humor rudeness, gross-out humor, shallowness, "every man for himself" attitude, surrealism at its weirdest). Now, I'm not too much of a fan of Adult Swim, but I can appreciate its idea and what it is going for. However, having a show like TTG aimed at a younger demographic is especially bad. It gives the superheroes represented in the series a bad name, and with the decline of action cartoons on the rise, it can even serve as a template to kids on how heroes should act. Like I said, I don't mind heroes being used in a comedy, but if you are going to do that, do it in a way that saves the heroes' integrity. Don't just bash it with their stereotypical and shallow attitudes; it ruins almost everyone's tastes for them and makes them less palatable heroes. As for ideas for a kind of comedy, a high school comedy would be typical, but if done right it would not be terrible. I would have even been okay with the idea for the shorts. They still acted similar to their 2003 counterparts and they still fought crime without considering themselves.

    All-in-all, TTG is a terrible idea for a comedy and only serves to tarnish the good image the five adolescent heroes have made for themselves in the past (whether in the TV serial (or series if you count cameos) or in comics). The next time CN and WB decides to do a comedy with superheroes, I hope they decide to do it in a way that keeps their honor intact and make them less stereotypical than the "dumb jock" or the "goth girl".
  • Teen Titans Go! down the drain

    First of all I'd like to say I get why some people like this show. Its cute, occasionally funny, and it is meant for a younger audience than the original show.

    That said here is why I hate it.

    First off it is the complete rip off of its predecessor. It refuses to stand alone on its value.

    The characters are pour copies of the prior interpretations. They took the key points of these characters that made them original and interesting and replaced them with a stale goofiness that is neither funny nor creative.

    Often making references to the original (example: Silky), this show rarely if ever retains any of the history it tries to incorporate.

    Secondly, the humor is lacking.

    Don't get me wrong dumb jokes can be funny, but no matter how funny it is the first time eventually the laughing stops.

    Most of the "comedy" revolves around unrealistic stereotypes of the main line up, for instance; Robin is a bossy egotist who is really very insecure (especially when it dealing with his mentor).

    Starfire is a typical cheerleader airhead, who is more interested in her appearance than what is happening.

    Raven is the mood goth girl that secretly loves cute things.

    Cyborg though a mechanical genius is a Dumb jock. with a reoccurring superiority complex.

    Beastboy is an idiot. enough said.

    Then there is the frequent silky gag. The little larva shows up vomits on something and that either fixes or ruins the situation. (In some cases the vomit does absolutely nothing)

    Another tired joke is that nothing EVER seems to be resolved at the end of the episode. (shock humor is only funny when it is still shocking!)

    Animation is the third issue the only thing flatter than the drawing style are the characters. I'm an artist so I can appreciate new styles in animation, but there is nothing new about this minimalist garbage. It quickly becomes obvious that this is not about trying something new, but rather they are just trying to save on money and effort with this crappy hack job. This has been done hundreds of times, and its not even fun to watch.

    Maybe my rating is a little harsh but this show is all about feeding off what came before and doesn't even represent it well. It's a little kid show that does not deserve the fans it has.
  • Dear LORD Why....

    First off, when I first heard Teen Titans was coming back, I was mad happy. One of my favorite shows would continue in all its glory. Hell Yeah! Then I see the trailer, signed heavily, but I tried watching it thinking, maybe this won't be too bad, its just a show for laughs, it maybe as good as Regular Show or Adventure Time. Might as well try it. It has been a year since it aired and there was a few times that maybe, maybe it could be funny, but LORD.. THIS IS TERRIBLE!! This show is a disgrace to Teen Titans. I know that it is aimed for kids, but even most kids don't like it and prefer the original. The jokes SUCK, the characters SUCK, the plots, SUCK, the singing and dancing, I JUST WANNA BLOW MY HEAD OFF. This is supposed to be a parody of the original I get it, but EVERY PARODY IN THE WORLD IS BETTER THAN THIS. This is just a bastardization of what was great about Teen Titans. The characters act like idiots (that aren't funny), the singing and dancing make me cringe my lights out, and the jokes that make this a "parody" are s***. Like, I'm a teen, and sometimes I just wanna sit down and reminisce about my childhood with some funny cartoons and such. But then I turn on the TV and the first thing I see is this s***. Like for real. The only shows on CN that are any good are Regular Show and (for the most part) Adventure Time and I enjoyed Total Drama All-Stars quite a bit. Other than that, CN offers nothing to me, NOTHING. Young Justice was canceled for THIS!? What is wrong with this people today, I just don't get it. Overall, this show sucks, is a waste of energy and animation, and should be canceled and should continue with the original. Long story short, THIS SHOW IS ASS!
  • Oh god no..

    When I heard that Teen Titans was being brought back, I was very excited. "Yes! Finally Cartoon Network is doing something right!" I thought to myself. I was looking forward to see if they were going to continue the "Is Terra still alive" arc that they kind of jump sharked.

    So I waited and waited and then I saw the commercial for Teen Titans Go. Needless to say, I was mortified of the style they chose to do the characters in. What is with CN doing cartoons with practically no substansial styles? Anyway, I thought, okay, maybe it'll still be good? WRONG. I've watched a few episodes and I can't help but cringe at what Teen Titans has been reduced too. I'm really disappointed at what they did to Robin's character. I mean, his whole serious attitude did annoy me sometimes in the original series but it's what made him, him. Now, he's just way too goofy for my taste. The other characters seem to be in tact but the situations they are in just make them (with the exception of Raven), so stupid. And not to mention the plot holes like Jinx being evil again & Terra being evil again.

    The biggest reason why this show is such a disappointment to me is that they were able to get all the original voice actors to play each character. That's very rare to happen when it comes to bringing back old shows. So with this fact, it could have been amazing had they continued from where they left off on in the original series. I remember watching an interview with the creators of Teen Titans Go, and they admitted that they never watched the original series...

    I don't know, I know this show is supposed to be comedy but even at that, it's just way over the top for my liking personally. I won't chide anyone who likes this spinoff. I just wish that they went back to the original series and continued from there. All I can say is this show is a big letdown. The only redeeming quality is that they were able to get all the original voice actors.
  • teen titans go

    it's not what we used to have and I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not like the good old days but watchable

    Gotta say with the way cn was going this was a bit expected. every show in the past had jokes about the characters and more action was with them but them once the fame of animations was drying up cn switch up and tried to keep in people by making either jokes that tried forcing itself to be funny by bringing injokes that wpould bring the real answer someone would say in the situation or basically pointless jibberish with no reason of it being needed (Uncle Grandpa biker women gas stop are you efing serious ?) But thank god Teen Titans Go in my opinion atleast make the annoying one atleast a musical which takes away the annoyance but not by much and they atleast give the characters some of thier original emotions. All thats about it is that it seems like a parody trying to reference old episodes but with a 10 min per episode choice its sad that thier might not be a episode thats a bit serious like something with terra{ because for some reason she acts like she did on the old one but the villianous side) and that slade will not get introduced because of he always serious behavior and mean but true it gets an above rating for it not trying to be serious but should atleast try and test one seroius episode and see the feedback it gets
  • Worst Than The Superfriends

    Ii took a lot of years for DC to shed the image of the Superfriends. Now thanks to Teen Titans Go! it was almost wasted. This abomination relies on the stupid childish humor which Cartoon Network is now known for.
  • A generic ripoff of The Big Bang Theory.

    Seriously, this show tries too hard to be funny, yet the humor falls flat on its face. Everything about this show is generic and nothing special, really. And how dare you make fun of MLP?!
  • What a slap in the face for Teen Titans fans!

    Good god! What has Cartoon Network done to one of the greatest action cartoons ever made?! Are you seriously telling me they cancelled Young Justice for THIS?! REALLY?!! What a slap in the face for Teen Titans AND Young Justice fans!

    Alright, let me cool down a moment. I will admit that it's good to have the original voice actors back. And seeing the Titans in chibi form is kinda cool. But apart from those two things, nothing about Teen Titans Go! is good. The humor is immature and mean-spirited, the episodes are rarely about saving the world and more of stupid problems at their home, and the characters are not what they used to be! Robin's a cocky little jerk, Beastboy is actually annoying in this as opposed to sorta funny/sorta annoying, and what the hell is Raven doing watching My Little Pony?! The original Raven wouldn't watch something like that! And then we got Terra. If you think resurrecting her at the end of the first series, but having forgotten Beastboy, was a bad idea, then you're gonna love what the creators of THIS crap came up with for her character. In this show, she's evil instead of tortured, and hate's Beastboy... Screw you Teen Titans GO!!

    I don't want to stay on this page any longer than I need to, so I'll just wrap this review up now. Cartoon Network doesn't have much of anything good now. But Teen Titans Go!, it's not their worst show, but it's pretty close. If you were a fan of Teen Titans, then stay FAAAAR away from Teen Titans Go! unless you want your memories tarnished. It is a complete pile of crap and an insult to the 2003 series.
  • Why all the hate?!?!?!?

    Pretty much like the title says. I don't understand why so many people dislike this show. It's fun, it's wacky, and it's overall awesome! The character designs are great and WHO CARES if it isn't like the old one. If you care, then whatever, because I don't.

    Teen Titans Go! is a great show.
  • A decent show bashed by whiny nostalgitards.

    I know I'm gonna get a load of thumbs downs on this, but it just goes to show that people can't handle the truth. Lol.

    Before all the Teen Titans fanboys and fangirls dog on me for defending the cartoon that "destroyed" their precious series, I would just like to specify that this show was not meant to be a continuation of where the series left off. It contrasts too heavily to the original Teen Titans? Well, no duh! It's supposed to show what goes down when they're not fighting crime. People like to whine about the animation, but it really isn't that bad. The characters aren't as dangerously OOC as people claim and the humor is slightly better compared to other modern shows on the channel. Personally, I believe the show's rating is far too low and that that folks should stop comparing apples and oranges. While I love the original TT series and was a bit skeptical to watch this adaptation at first, you have to keep in mind that Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! are two VERY different shows.
  • Too bland and overexagerated for anyone with a taste for quality

    These Teen Titans ae pretty dumb and over reactive to events that take place. I dont even know what anyone is really thinking about when they say this is a good show because in reality, it sure is not. The voice acting is ok but the plots dont feel like something the titans would originally do. Even worse are the animations and fight scenes as they clearly feel bland as well. Another good thing that let itself go these days.
  • Should have just made the original keep going...

    I like the Teen Titans, but I hate the new one. It has no drama or anything like the original series. It just seems more like the Amazing World of CrapBall. All the show really has is a bunch of poor animated characters (Raven is the worst) that just wander around and do random activities like eat a bunch of fries and cheat at dodgeball. They turned Terra, a torn character who had trouble choosing good and evil into a laugh who's just an average criminal. Teen Titans is a 10, Teen Titans "Go" is a 1.
  • Stil the Teen Titans

    This is a 6-7 "average" show but I gave it a 10 because i don't think it deserves such a bad rating. This isn't a great show but it is likeable and entertaining, as the original.

    The best aspects of it are the characters (we all know them) and the multiple cultural references, which include nods to the whole DC universe, other . shows and movies, music (Couldn't stand the weather comes to my mind), etc. Plots are less creative and/or interesting as they focus more on comedy than drama but episodes aren't ruined by the often childish jokes, they just lack the maturity seen in the old show.

    Fanboys, as usual, whine about it but I don't get why. I love the original show, as it is part of my childhood, but TTG isn't bad, give it a chance! Almost forget: for those of you who complain about it, this show didn't replace TT nor Young Justice, they just weren't renewed (which is stupid, as they were great) . I too thought it was awful and refused to watch it but once I gave it a try I got hooked, after all they still are the Teen Titans.
  • Doesn't need to be a Teen Titans show

    Teen Titans is an action/drama/comedy anime (I call it an anime anyways) that all ages and genders could enjoy. This however is a totally different show. The jokes aren't really funny and the characters aren't the same. The only thing that is the same is the voices. BEAST boy can turn into inanimate objects which is stupid, also he eats meat. Last I heard the writers didn't even watch Teen Titans. Why make a show about teen titans if you don't even know much about it? This would have been great as a new and original series but they had to ruin Teen Titans. Nothing follows and only fanboys or people that never saw the original show. I don't like comparing but this is an embarrassment. This show gets my "Try" rating so I say give it a try before you rate.
  • A Great Show

    This show is great. It's a hilarious take on the Teen Titans, a teenage group of superheroes. This series focuses on what the Teen Titans do when they're not fighting crime as opposed to the 2003 series which was about them fighting all the time. Despite what some people say the animation in this show is excellent and really fits the rest of the show's tone. The voices are also great. There is a bit of dark humor and some character might die but will always come back the next episode. Overall, this show is great and you should take a look.
  • No. Just no.

    WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?! HOLY SHIT! NO! NO! WHAT IS THIS?! AARGH! *heavy breathing* This is god awful! This is a terrible remake of Teen Titans, which, by the way, is amazing. The original Teen Titans had drama, that made it good. This thing doesn't. It's just comedy. Teen Titans had comedy, but it was serious, too. It just had this great taste mix of bitter and sweet. This is sweeter than sugar. Here are some of the plotlines for this show.

    * Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy have a boys' night out

    * Cyborg and Beast Boy compete burgers and burritos

    * Robin tries to find a replacement staff

    * Raven cracks her tooth after Cyborg gives her a cyborg meatball

    * Cyborg and Beast Boy have a pie party

    * Cyborg and Beast Boy lose the couch

    That is just a few of the terrible plotlines that this show has. The characters has been destroyed.

    Robin became this goofball who doesn't do anything serious

    Cyborg is stupid and a little bit of a jerk

    Beast Boy is the same, but dumber

    Starfire is sorta herself, but weirder

    Raven smiles and likes ponies, nuff said.

    All in all, this show is terrible. There's no drama in this show. It's awful. Bye my friends. 2/10
  • what the actual fuck?

    This show is a joke. Whoever made this must have been high on shrooms. The animation is terrible and its not even funny. My dog rubbing his ass on the carpet is funnier than this show poorly resembles the actual teen titans show. Cartoon network has gone to hell, and honestly I don't want to waste my time watching it anymore.
  • Love it.

    I really do love it. I think the animation is much better then the old one since it was too anime, However, the old one had better detail and no kind of cheap looking neon colors and all. I was a big fan of the old one and watched it when I was little, but sometimes had a hard time understanding. I think this one is better in the way of being funny, cuter and giving robin a less serious side. And I love how the characters kept their voice actors. and for the comments below, they could never bring the old one back. even if they did, it would be diffrent since its a new generation and kids wouldnt be interested. you fans of the old one would not be interested either since it would not be the exact same. some things can not return or make remakes because its done, in the past and over with. they re made this one, for the new generation and for those tt fans who accept change like me. The world is always changing, and what comes back, will never be the same as the original. so instead of complaining about it, just move on, and the old one will never come back.
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