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  • Keep hating, but this amazing show is still here

    If you don't like the show, don't watch :)

    Great animation, comedy, characters etc. I love how over the top it is and great to watch when you just wanna have fun and laugh.
  • I Have To Explain This...

    Well, we all know that Teen Titans Go! is based on the 2003 series. Well, I choose the original other than this version. I have some really good points. So here I go...

    1. The Original Had Smoother Animation

    I have sensitive eyes. When I'm watching Teen Titans Go!, I find myself squinting due to the brighter colors and the style. The TTGo! style isn't good for my eyesight. The original Teen Titans had smooth animation. It wasn't so flashy, and it's better for my eyesight than Go! But at least TTGo! didn't go all Problem Solverz, then that would be a bigger issue. I'm also adding that the original reminds me of childhood.

    2. The Original Had An Continuing Storyline

    In TTGo!, there is no actual storyline. There was that RobStar kiss in Mouth Hole, but the episode right after that everyone pretends nothing happens! TTGo! doesn't do Canon unlike the original show. You know, this isn't TOO much of an issue, but it bugs me.

    3. The Original Had Better Messages

    Well, actually, TTGo! doesn't actually teach you anything. I don't think that it's good for children because of it's weirdness. Go watch the following episodes, Smile Bones, Leg Day, and Dignity of Teeth. I am still scarred for life by some of the things I've seen on this show. The original version was better for kids. Even suitable for teenagers and most adults. It had inspiring messages and I didn't feel like a dweeb by the end of each episode.

    And consider the following. I'm ELEVEN. That's right, you read that. I found out about the original through TTGo!, and I decided to watch some episodes if it. The original is better for kids. Also consider this, most people wouldn't remember Teen Titans if it wasn't for this spin-off. TTGo! is how I started loving the original. Thank you for your time to read this.
  • I like the original one better than this crappy garbage. One of the most STUPIDEST animated TV shows ever!

    The first one, I have to admit, is way more better than this filth. I hated this show! I mean seriously, are the creators of this show on drugs or something?! This show is honestly stupid, lame and totally overrated, that this just makes me sick to me stomach! I kinda like how they are making Batman look like an idiot, it's funny, especially that first episode where Cyborg was acting like a dickhead towards Beast Boy for that birthday present he got him. That was priceless. But I still hate the show. Aqualad is me, we both concurred that this show is a mockery to superheroes and a huge disgrace to the original series. And how there them insult the beloved original series. That really pissed me off with what they just did. I mean, just because the original show had some funny scenes, doesn't really mean they should make a reboot that can be idiotic. I love how they brought the old voice actors back, but I really hate the series itself because it's stupid, childish and really not cool.

    I give this show an F++++ and I wish they had a 0, so I can give this vile, moronic show a HUGE 0/10. WORST ANIMATED TV SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Would be harmless, if didn't had the Teen Titans name.

    These days, people are tasked to destroy what we liked in the past.

    Teen Titans GO! directly INSULTS the people who watched the original show.

    Now, let's remove the Teen Titans name, and analyze the show for what it is, and not surprising, the show sucks.

    The writting is bad (there's an episode where Beast Boy and Cyborg just say Waffles), the jokes are unfunny, the moral are disguting and it's each character is pretty much written with a book filled with bad stereotypes.

    There are much better shows airing on Cartoon Network right now: Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show. Go watch those shows that are amazing, and leave this piece of animated shit rotting in the corner.
  • Funny

    I'm a little disturbed here... many of the people writing reviews here were young viewers back about six seven eight years ago. You guys are atleast 18 at least most of you. It was at best mediocre when it came out, don't get me wrong it was a good show for kids, like 9 10 11 year OLDS most of them should be older by now and realize that the show was definitely for kids. It wasn't hardcore liKe other cartoons , such as DBZ.

    So why are people reviewing it with bias. Your older watch something else!

    Now to review the actual show in one word, funny. The show is really funny for older and kids a like a lot of refrences to adults lol. It's not suppose to be action it's suppose to be comedy no one cares if it doesn't remind you of the older action (kiddish either way) episodes it's not a reboot.

    So people can understand how others are rating this show think of this parody movie "scary movie" are you going to review it because it wasn't scary like the movies it was parodying off of? No cause it's clearly a different movies same goes for this show. This show reminds me of the first seasons of spongebob before it got lame and stupid. Jokes are funny and creative so don't expect any badly drawn fights like the original Teen Titans. If you want to just laugh and watch comedy then this show won't dissapoint. BTW the ratings for viewers of this show ate really strong it's the few not the most that are complaining, thing is sometimes they are lox enough to make a difference, I don't want this show pulled off the network cause of tge hardcores.
  • Cartoon Network makes a mistake... AGAIN.

    Cartoon Network, or CN, has been known to make really stupid choices and this show, THIS SHOW is the most stupid choices of them all! First off, all the fans of the old show may be excited to hear that their childhood favourite was brought back, only to find out that it was a stupid kid comedy. In addition, CN thinks that we dislike the show because we think that superhero shows cannot be funny, however they fail to realise that TTG isn't funny AT ALL. The humour level of this show is at the same level of blowing air into a baby's face. Finally, why does CN cancel shows (like Young Justice) that are a BIG asset to their company only to replace it with one that nobody likes?! It only makes them lose viewers and subscriptions. Overall, this show is just a disappointment to the DC and Teen Titans fan community.
  • Attack on Titans Go!

    Before I start, let me just say that if you are a fan of the show, that's fine. I'm not judging you. This is strictly how I feel about the show, and is not a direct attack on those who watch it.

    This is honest to God, one of the worst shows I've ever seen in my life. I remember when Teen Titans Go was announced and thinking "The Teen Titans are coming back? Hell yeah!" I'd been nearly a decade since the original discontinued and I was more than ready to see these beloved characters return to kick some ass and further develop. And when I found out the original voice actors were reprising their roles, I was beyond satisfied. But then I realized it was going to be a comedy with random humor, accompanied by sub par flash animation, and chibi designs.

    Sure I was disappointed, but I wasn't ready to give up just yet. Then I saw the first few episodes. At first I was shocked, then enraged, then just all around depressed. This show was BAD. But you know what, I kept watching it. I decided to just mentally distance this show from its predecessor and like it for what it was. And It became a guilty pleasure. There were some funny ideas like Robin needing to pass his drivers test, and the Titans fighting over who had to do the laundry. This is ONLY the first few episodes mind you. Then the show got heinously worse and worse and eventually, I just stopped watching it. I decided it just wasn't worth my time and left it at that.

    Then I watched some episodes of the original Teen Titans and realized right then, just how serious of an insult Teen Titans Go is. Its insulting to the talented voice actors, its insulting to the people who worked on the original who took so much time and effort into creating something that had so much depth and meaning, it's insulting to the DC as a whole, and above all else, it's insulting to the fans. Let's tear this fucker apart.

    As previously mentioned, this show is a comedy that revolves around stupid random humor and nothing else. So if that's the shows only aspect, It has to be good, otherwise there's really nothing to like about it. The humor is some of the worst I've ever seen. I'ts amazing how unfunny this show is. Episodes like "Waffles" are a perfect example that just sum it all up. What happens?

    Beast Boy and Cyborg have a competition to see who can say the word "waffles" the longest and even though the characters establish that it's annoying and unfunny they continue. At the very end when everyone else does it, they decide it isn't funny anymore. That's the joke! Even by kids show standards this is weak. As for plot, where the hell do I begin.

    Every episode has some sort of twisted ending that raises more questions than it answers and every time I see an episode I can't help but wonder if the writers were stoned off their asses.

    It's like "Hey you know what would be a fantastic idea? Let's call our episode "Serious Business" and all it focuses on is the Titans doing random stuff in the washroom. "Oh yeah that's perfect! It's like Raven uses her time to tap dance, Starfire uses the toilet to make chili, and Beastboy sexually fantasizes over Raven. (that's actually quite normal when you think about it) "And in the end, all the bathrooms can talk, and they all take off into outer space!" FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!!

    There were so many possibilities for stories when the original show got canceled. Could you imagine, Beast Boy meeting Terra again, or the Titans meeting Batman, or having their origins stories revealed in depth, or even Beastboy and Raven falling for one another. Well........ you kinda, sorta, maybe get that here. It's just done in a way that makes no sense and is devoid of any drama, action, logic or even fucking comedy.

    The characters are completely bastardized when you compare them to the original. Do I even need to explain this. The Titans are as unlikable as a kick to the balls. During the first couple episodes they actually had a small bit of consistent character passed down from the original, but ever since, they've been all over the place. Their personalities are random as all hell. Sometimes, Robin is the voice of leadership, but in other parts is a messed up immature control freak who will do anything to get inside Starfire's pants or skirt or whatever. Beastboy and Cyborg aren't any better. Both of them cringe at the therm "responsibility" even though Cyborg is supposed to take care of the tower and the vehicles and Beastboy (my favorite character btw) once held his own and led a team against the fucking Brotherhood of Evil.

    Starfire is the most reminiscent to the original, but that's really not saying much. She still gets the same treatment. And Raven. Holy shit, did they ever fuck her up. In the original, she was the smartest, the calmest, the most powerful, and the most mysterious of the five. In this show, anything goes for her. And of course they made her into a pegasister, a fact that they constantly shove in our faces. It just blows my mind how messed up this is.

    The worst part is the creators just don't care. Anyone whose seen "The Return of Slade" knows this. All it was was a giant metaphorical FUCK YOU to the critics. Why am I not surprised. I knew right from the start that Ron Perlman wouldn't do this shit.

    Someone may say to you, this show is meant for kids. Don't ever let that be the end of the argument. I was 7 when I watched the original show. That kid enough for you? The original Teen Titans was for everybody. Ten years later my opinion hasn't changed. Because we are older, we know what makes a good show. Nostalgia isn't the problem. There were shows ten years years ago that were complete trash, looking back. Teen Titans is not one of those shows. Many people who like Teen Titans Go are more than likely to look back and say "What the fuck was I thinking".

    This is not a good show. Everything about it just dropped the ball. Perhaps one day CN will listen and cancel this show. All we can do is hope because, as it stands, our opinions just don't matter to them. I don't have a problem with wanting to make a stupid show, but when you use the Teen Titans' good name and just fucking shit all over it, that's when I lose my cool.

    Thank you for reading, and remember. Don't lose hope. We may still see that faithful adaptation one day.... one day.... one day....

  • Ugh.....

    This show SUCK

    Not only is Teen Titans Go! a stupid show, it's insulting to the fans of the original Teen Titans. There's that one episode, "The Return of Slade" Not only is that episode title so misleading that it had 100% nothing to do with villain Slade, it was like a giant "FUCK YOU" to the fans. The entire episode was just a ratings trap trying to keep a failing cartoon alive, when the entire episode was all about a clown. There is completely no point trying to defend this piece-of-shit show when all it does is insult the original fans, give bad morals, and have unlikable characters that act like complete fucking ***s.

    The worst part is that it mostly airs on Cartoon Network, when shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time do not get any airtime on the channel.

    I hope this cartoon gets permanently cancelled. I'll have to say,"Teen Titans Go!" more like "Teen Titans Go Fuck Yourself!"
  • Poison the people responsible for this!

    EVERY friggin' episode of this show sucks! I've heard so many complaints and I've actually bothered to watch a bit of it even with CN claiming "Your new favorite show" to us. Yeah, that's not even close. Actually, this is my most hated show now.

    I've decided to say this: Everyone who directs, writes, or animated this gar-bitch needs to be guillotined, poisoned, gunned down, or at the least, be fired from CN and banned from ever working on another animated show again.
  • It's not the Teen Titans show I grew up with. That's fine. It's not a good show, however. That's not fine.

    My first time watching Teen Titans Go! a short while after it premiered, I honestly didn't mind it too much. It just came off to me as the kind of show that would be okay to watch when there was nothing else on and I felt that most of the criticism it was getting at the time was for it just not living up to what most fans expected. However, as time went by, the more I watched of the show, the more I became annoyed by it and the more my eyes became open to its problems. Even forgetting about the original series entirely, most of the criticism this show has received for its poor writing, characters, and humor is fair game to me, so I'll begin my own criticism as such...

    Plots: Many of the plots in this show are utterly stupid and bemusingly bizarre. I'll just list off a few off the top of my head...

    Beast Boy and Cyborg have a staring contest over a piece of pizza and end up thirty years into the future.

    Cyborg and Starfire rediscover the wonders of childhood and regress into eggs.

    Beast Boy and Cyborg try to teach the other Titans to inhale their food just like them, but realize their folly when their stomachs become so full they come to life.

    When Robin tries to get the other Titans to spend less time in the bathroom, they try to show him the magic of it.

    I quite enjoy surreal entertainment, but the weirdness in this show simply does not work due to the childish plots being combined with awful writing. Seriously, the weirdness in this show just comes out of nowhere and the characters are just written to play along with it. For example...

    In a particularly dreadful episode known as "Salty Codgers", the character Raven is given a love for old people never seen in any prior episode. This love is so strong that she actually allows a villain to transform the other Titans into old people. For whatever reason, the other Titans are completely alright with this, decide to live out their lives as old people, and Raven is even fine with the Titans staying old people after one of them DIES. She even lets the rest of them DIE. This leads to her to having to trick Death to get their souls back, but as punishment for tricking him, the other Titans become zombies. And she's fine with this.

    Need I comment on this?

    In intelligently written surreal shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, the weirdness works because the characters drive the plots, not the other way round. Thus, my next line of criticism...

    Characters: Some actually argue that this category of criticism is where the show deserves some leeway, as the characters are deliberately exaggerated in an attempt to parody how they were in the original show. I'd agree with said line of defense if the characters were well-done parodies of what they were in the original show, but sadly, I do not believe so. First of all, the characters do not spoof aspects of the original characters that were deserving of mockery, they take their aspects that were NOT deserving of mockery and twist them into quirks that are completely unbelievable and irritating.

    Robin's undying drive to stop crime has become an undying drive to be in control of everything, even to the point of insulting and injuring his teammates, Raven's apparent coldness hiding her kindred spirit that resulted from her conflict with her inner demon and heinous father has become actual coldness with her openly enjoying harming and spiting others and inner demon and father being played for cheap laughs, Starfire's love and care for all living things in the midst of her struggle to fit in has become childlike obliviousness and nothing more, and Cyborg and Beast Boy's love for fun and their friends and silliness despite their opposition against evil has become a love for behaving like complete manchildren, even to the point of BEING EVIL AND HURTING THEIR FRIENDS.

    This is not parody. Parody is when you satire things that are stupid and/or wrong, not things that are right. That is just flat-out insulting if anything when you take what makes a character admirable and make it look like a joke.

    Second, even disregarding all that, the characters are still not amusing to me in the least. I'm no stranger to characters who are "so terrible, they're funny", but even in that regard, it simply does not work because as mentioned earlier, the characters do not drive the plot, the plot drives them. Their terribleness is not something that's timed for key plot points and jokes, it's simply an excuse for the plots and jokes to be as stupid as possible without the characters going against them. This leads to my last line of criticism...

    Humor: Juvenile and repetitive. Someone I know summed up what is wrong with this show's humor perfectly. It's childish and rubs the same thing in your face again and again, whether it be "DODGEBALL STYLE", "MONEY GRANDMA", "IN AND OUT", "BODY ADVENCHA", and of course, "WAFFLES" repeated well over one hundred and fifty times. It sadly does not end there with tiresome repetition of words and phrases, lame running gags such as characters being mauled by animals for literally no reason, Robin failing to get close to Starfire, and Photoshopped images accompanying every "cool phrase" or "cool thing" they try to play off quickly drone over you as well.

    The childish humor is also very prominent, including jokes about peeing in an elevator (Caged Tiger), sexism being justified by cooties (Boys vs. Girls), chili prepared in a toilet (Serious Business), not being able to count to ten (More of the Same), and teaching someone to be funny by walking goofily, farting, and rapping about how unfunny someone else is (Uncle Jokes). I used episodes as citations for each example as some sort of proof that I am not making any of this up.

    And sadly, even much of the comedy outside of all that falls flat. A once in a blue moon funny joke can not redeem the many clunkers this show has, whether they be bland or simply trying too hard to be funny in a dark and mean-spirited way. The main event of this show is supposed to be the humor, and humor is the category in which it is the most flawed, unfortunately.

    Overall, this show is not recommendable to fans of the original show, or just fans of Cartoon Network. For fans of the original show, besides the obvious, I would recommend "The New Teen Titans", a series of animated shorts that despite only airing briefly some time ago and being all about comedy, are genuinely funny and worth checking out. For those who just want to watch a good comedy show on Cartoon Network, I would definitely recommend either We Bare Bears if you're into lighthearted, goofy humor, or The Amazing World of Gumball if you're into mean-spirited, satirical humor. Either one should provide you with a far more rewarding experience.

    Just as a final note, if you happen to enjoy this show, that's fine. My review is not some absolute indictment of the show's quality, though it is an indictment of the show I feel is appropriate after watching many episodes of this show well more than once over a period of two years. I will also confess that I personally wanted to like it and believe that it was good or at least okay, but hey, we like what we like.

    I just do not like this show.
  • Dumbest thing I've ever seen

    This show is the dumbest show in the new era it's not even funny it became stupid and lame you need to bring back the older version of the show because nobody likes this series and you have failed as a creater and I think that you need to think about the people and still have the kid effects
  • This is a kids trap that RUINS it's franchise

    Update 6-21-2015/ 8-7-2015

    This has got to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen!! Before i begin back in 2013 I was excited for this show to come out but when I saw the first episode I was angry and nearly threw up due to seeing this piece of crap! I can tell what it was, it was generic! NOW let's begin! First off let's start off with the theme song! The theme song is generic and lazy! Once the show starts the characters are immediately stupid and lazy! THIS IS NOT THE TEEN TITANS!! Robin is the best but not very good raven IS A FAN OF MY LITTLE PONY AND MAKES FUN OF SHOWS JUST LIKE MAD! Hey people will get angry if you make fun of shows ESPECIALLY My Little Pony! Anyway raven is just a character the doesn't save the show! OH BOY Star Fire is the stupidest and worst character in TEEN TITAN GO I MEAN TEEN TITAN NO! Star Fire has to be one of the most unfunny character EVER! Beside the original series! Next up beast boy is a another obnoxious character that's no different the star fire sounds like a baby! Finally Cyborg, again no different than star fire and beast boy! The animation is horrible because the graphics and plots are EXERMELY LAZY!! CN blew it again and that's not all the show plays RIDICULOS amounts of the day in this show plays on weekdays 5 hours 15 minutes weekends 5 hours 30 minutes MY GOSH IS IT ENOUGH FOR A NETWORK ON FOR 14 HOURS AND SOMETHING REPITITIVE AND ABYSMAL!! And it's gets worse children love this show so the make videos how they love it so THATS why it plays episode for so long! So this is a mega fail and a kids trap in many ways I also make ME THINK PEPPA PIG IS A PARTY!!! grade F- rating 0.8/10 DISASTER
  • Is this supposed to be a joke?!

    Are you people kidding with this completely mind f**ked version of a once great show! The dumbass characters(not trashing the voice actors) even my niece and nephew hate this show so get rid of it! Bring back the original and quite ruining perfectly shows!!!!
  • One of the worst abominations to ever hit Cartoon network

    I really have to give these producers and writers credit for what they accomplished here. No seriously... they actually took a good show and made a complete bastardized version of it. Not only that, they flandarized the characters even worse than Modern SpongeBob did with its cast.

    Congrats, guys. YOU SUCK. You're a complete disgrace to the world of animated cartoons.

    Do us all a favor. Cancel this show, formally apologize to every Teen Titans fan you blatantly angered and get professional help for your sick psychotic idea of a cartoon you dared to air to kids.


  • extremely insulting

    whoever thought it would be a good idea to create this piece of crap, i hope you're happy with yourself. this is insulting to the original teen titans and to any of the character that appear on this show. I apologize to anyone who will never be able to get back the time spent watching this worthless excuse for a tv show. What is also extremely upsetting is the fact that they used this to replace amazing shows that were on the older line up
  • Offensive for Teen Titans fans, terrible for the rest of people

    I've read so many reviews comparing this show with the original show. This is not fair since all shows should be judged by themselves. Unfortunately, this show doesn't even work on that level. Unlike most people, I actually liked the first episodes of this series. They were funny and lighthearted. Unfortunately, after some episodes, the series became incredibly mean-spirited. This show doesn't work because it's silly, but because the comedy relies mainly on the characters being completely terrible people, especially Robin and towards Robin. I don't care if the show shows the titans as immature idiots (some of the episodes of the original series did this once in a while), but I get angry when it shows them a villaneous idiots more than capable of thievery, extortion, destruction of the earth, cheating, lying, and pure selfishness not out of the family guy realm.

    Season one: 3/10

    Season two: 1/10

    Whole series: 2/10
  • How could they do this?

    I loved the original teen titans as a kid and this show ruins it. Why is the rating for this show PG anyway when the original was Y7? If anything they should be switched around. Anyway, probably the worst episode I think is "Waffles". HOLY HELL I HATE THIS EPISODE!! Beast Boy and Cyborg were so annoying. All they said is, well you figure it out. Robin is the worst character in my opinion. A leader in the original who always looked out for his friends is a total jerk in this version. From what I heard, the people who made this show didn't see the original Teen Titans. Well that is LIES!! Almost every Teen Titans character was in this spin off. If you want a cartoon with great action and characters, watch the REAL Teen Titans, not this crap.

    *sees this show has 100 episodes*

    "I don't want to live on this planet anymore"- Professor Farnsworth
  • What is happening here?

    Why does CN keep fucking up our shows? The original Teen Titans was the best cartoon ever. It was creative, awesome plot lines and had its own cool animation style. Now, well... this show jumped the shark.

    Here we go with the characters:

    Robin: was a good leader, confident and smart. Now he is incredibly annoying and always focuses on conquering Starfire.

    Beast Boy: don't even get me started. Along Cyborg, he was stupid, but was smart and funny at the same time. Now, eh.. he is really stupid, doesn't care a fuck about anything else but playing videogames and eating pizza and always makes annoying jokes. Plus, he is really lazy.

    Cyborg: same as Beast Boy.

    Raven: she is always the same private and dark girl, but too bad the writers decided to make her watch MLP 24/7. That is a step in the wrong direction.

    Starfire: she got dumber, but for the most part she is the same.

    Plot: crap and random. It is always focused on stupid adventures in Titan Tower and occasionaly, it is focused on beating up a villain, but it rarely does.

    Animation: too colorful and bright. It doesn't even look like a comic anymore, instead it looks like a poor man's version of chibis.

    IN CONCLUSION: if you do not want to end up having your memories destroyed, avoid this show, because it hardly looks like what it was before. Screw you Teen Titans GO! Bring us back the old Teen Titans!!

    UPDATE 24/07/2015: I can't believe that CN is pissing us off with even more of this bullcrap. We see and hear it everywhere: promos, other channels etc. I mean, come on! You idiots at Cartoon Network should promote Adventure Time, Gumball, Regular Show and those other two popular ones at the moment, not this unholy abomination!!!! It was and still is a pain in the ass having to see this every time of the day!!!!! Guys, stick with those 5 popular cartoons and not this.
  • Cancelled this knockoff of Teen Titans! Immediately!

    The Teen Titans used to be so serious with their hero work, now they're turning into random idiots and

    Robin-formerly serious, now selfish

    Cyborg-formerly smart, now a moron

    Raven-formerly cool and dark, now a My Little Pony lover

    Beast Boy-formerly cool, now insensitive

    Starfire-understand human, now an idiot and wants to marry a chili

    We've seen all the episodes; and it's the worst TV show in DC Nation. In fact, the only episode I like is "Let's Get Serious" when Young Justice say that they were a mockery to all superheroes. Man, thank you Aqualad for saying that to them. The original Teen Titans was my favorite show in Cartoon Network, but now, it makes me see a dog eating a dead raccoon and other roadkill off the street. Seriously, that is better than watching this show and Teen Titans Go is a stupid, idiotic, pointless, not funny, lame excuse of the original Teen Titans back in the day is better than this crap. I hope the creators of the show get fired and this show gets canceled so I don't have to see this sorry excuse for a show ever again.
  • The Fall Of The Titans

    The piece of shit on this earth . makes every Teen Titan fan want to kill you . why would you want to make some ones childhood look like crap. Please delete this shit and get back to Young Justice
  • Man, fuck this show!!

    Stop showing up on Cartoon Network 24/7. This show is awful and a big "FUCK YOU" to the people who wanted a continuation of the original series!

    and worst of all, it's renewed for ANOTHER SEASON!!! JUST END IT AFTER SEASON 2!!!!!

    Ok I would like to start off by saying the original teen titan was the best show on cartoon network for a while but this BULLSHIT teen titans go? Please don't get me started on this godforsaken, unfunny, goofy ass abomination to ever hit my TV screen. I forced myself to watch all the episodes to give it a fair rating atleast all I have to say is if someone took a hot shit on a piece of aluminium foil and set it out in the sun for everyone to see that would be better then this lame ass show. They made the characters goofy, random, poorly drawn and a complete insult to their previous characters, this fail comedic spin off is actually funny to kids and drug addicts because its so horrible. I cant even take the characters serious now I mean fighting the Teenaged mutant ninja turtles with displays of mental disorders and crystal meth like antics? Starfire marrying a pot of chilli? Cmon now really??! the creators of this show are obviously hardcore pill popping crackheads and the voice artist for them to even agree to do this are obviously sell outs. If you watch this show you must either be a toddler or your probably having a bad acid trip. One episode I actually liked is when the YJ leauge basically told robin to his face that they were a mockery of everything superheros stand for. I couldn't have said it better myself. ((Kinda ironic sense YJ was replaced by TTG)) this show sucks so badly I literally just made my account just to voice my opinion on this insult.

    So to wrap it up I say this eyesore of a TV show should be cancelled effective immediately, Do not watch this season of concentrated shit, it nearly gave my eyes a damn hernia and the creators of this show should be smacked with a sack of bricks and fired for even attempting to make this a valid show, -0 stars to the highest degree of the rating system hands down!!!

  • Teen Titans Gone!(What? Not good enough?)

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Teen Titans Go at first. I used to see it as a funny parallel version of the original, but then it started going downhill. Over time the characters seem to be more whacked and uninteresting. Robin is now the butt of all jokes, which seems kind of unfair since he was my favorite, BB & Cyborg... well... no complaints from them, Starfire seems as if she was an 8 year old, and Raven... no complaints from her, excluding she's an MLP lover. Not only that the characters are getting more dull, but so are the episodes! I mean come on! From love monsters to ponies to cooties to soccer trolls to fighting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(WTF??!!), etc. *Sighs*-_- Nowadays I feel like I'd rather re-watch Codename: Kids Next Door. At least I've seen a better plot from that one.

    This was meant to replace Young Justice?! Now to go into my room and cry myself to sleep again...
  • The worst cartoon since MK: Defenders of the Realm

    This show is absolutely terrible. I could draw a black dot on a white piece of paper and that would be more interesting than any of the cardboard-cutouts in the show. My favorites, Cyborg and Beast Boy, have been turned into uninteresting, mopey oafs, Robin has become a conceited control freak, Raven is nothing more than a depressed emo, and Starfire is just a total buffoon. Do not watch this show, it is a waste of time. Want a good superhero show? Watch "Spectacular Spider Man" or the original.
  • DC Universe's Lowered Standards Hitting Beyond the ground.

    Hey remember when Teen Titans was actually good? Well how about this new half-ass-warded train-wreck like the Infinite Crisis game that was a moba. Well let me tell you about Teen Titans Go one of the worst unfunniest insult to the franchise. Let's see what is wrong well for starters alot of things.

    1. Forced Humor.

    2. Bad character development and tries way too hard to be funny

    3. Makes these characters more hated and makes you like the villains more which is kinda sad

    4. Uses really unfunny and tries to hard to be entertaining.

    5. Lazy looking and looks bad to even look at or hear.

    6. If your autistic and like this you are doomed.

    7. Makes Marvel actually look more amazing and only way to enjoy this show made by DC is to take LSD. Sadly it will just make it worse then good.

    If I was them I would put more effort into returning to what made the series good. Sadly only reason kids are watching it is because there is nothing else on. I can see Cartoon Network and DC Universe going bankrupt in the near future. Just like Capcom, Konami, and Nintendo.


    Robin: He used to be a strong willed, serious character, sure, he had his moments where you would laugh at him but, NOT LIKE NOW WHERE HE'S A FUCKING LAUGHING STOCK!

    Beastboy: Okay, you didn't change him much, sure, I can agree with him being a laughing stock cause that was the point of his CHARACTER in the original, good job keeping that with him


    Cyborg: Beastboys best friend in the original, pretty sure he is here too, I can accept that he has some fun moments but, when he fights, you need to make him SERIOUS!


    In the end, I think it's safe to say, STEER, CLEAR, OF, THIS, SHOW!
  • You can petition this

    Wouldn't let me post the link to the sight, so look up Teen Titans Go Petition.
  • What is WRONG with you people?

    Sometimes shows are just made to make us laugh and don't need to serve any deeper purpose than that. In this category, this show rocks.

    Does everything need a strong plot and character development? Good grief stop over analyzing everything! You must have been a lot of fun on Saturday mornings with your sugar cereal and scathing criticisms of whatever cartoons you were watching.
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