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Teen Titans Go!

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 23, 2013 In Season


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  • They could have done better.

    There are some things I dont like about these new version of Teen Titans. Starfire and Beast Boy are the only characters that are still okay, since Beast Boy is supposed to be the funny one and this new version of Starfire is still kinda similar to the original one, and prettier than her original version too. But, I'm very disappointed of the new Robin, he's very immature and gets annoying sometimes, makes the original one look bad, just sad. Cyborg is extremely childish too. Raven has gone lazy, uses her powers for almost everything, cant even grab something to eat without her powers, hardly shows her legs, arms and face like in the original show, plus she now plays with baby toys and likes pony shows, her personality completely ruined. This version hardly has any action, its more about food and do random stuff in the tower. Well, its way better than the other garbage shows on Cartoon Network.
  • no no no no no

    I have real actual genuine anger about the new teen titans go am going to start with the characters. Starfire one of my favorite people from the show, she use to be the curious alien Tamaran who wanted to learn all of earths customs and fit in and help. Now she is still an alien but they made her in to a tween wanting to be like the earth girls and it is so infuriating because that was never how she would act or want to act.

    Cyborg and Beastboy I am not going to say anything about them except the took every fucking emotion from them except for being idiots. Robin/nightwing, he use to be the leader of them, strong, brave, funny, and he had his love interest, starfire. They made him into a "goofy" non funny, *** who can't do anything without his staff. They also brought batman into it and I think they made him gay with commissioner Gordon.

    Every villain in the show they have taken every bit of charm and finesse from and just made them punching bags for the titans to molest because they have a power boner.

    "Terra was a former member of the Teen Titans, whose role as a hero or villain is complicated. Until the episodes Aftershock - Part 1 and Part 2, she was confused and insecure, only wishing to be a heroine and a friend of the Teen Titans. However, she was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to control her powers, in return for her unwavering loyalty and of the teen titans wiki. That is what she use to be and then they had the gall to try to stuff her WHOLE character in ONE FUCKING EPISODE. They made her look like someone who only wanted to destroy the titans and had no fucking feelings toward any of them. "You were the best friend I ever Terra saying goodbye to Beast Boy in the original show.

    And finally we have Raven oh my GOD where do I fucking start. She was a half demon half human from a different dimension, she is the daughter of Trigon. Trigon is Raven's demonic father. Trigon is an inter-dimensional demon who sought to take over the universe. He is the main antagonist of the fourth season, and is widely considered the most powerful and impure villain of the entire show. He also serves as Raven's arch-nemesis. And Arella. Arella is a very peaceful, controlled, motherly woman, but also rather fatalistic like her daughter, mainly due to the part she had unwittingly played in Trigon's scheme. So they turned her father into this pussy who wanted "daddy daughter time" but is sent back to his realm just like it was a walk in the fucking park. Her mother has not made an appearance yet and hopefully she will not get to before they cancel this piece of shit reboot. They also made her really into fucking ponies like they were the only fucking thing to calm the literal demon inside her.

    So there was my rant i'm going to play some video games to feel better. so i will leave by saying Fuck you Fuck you and Fuck you for doing this shit to everyone. Fuck you.
  • Teen Titans Go! down the drain

    First of all I'd like to say I get why some people like this show. Its cute, occasionally funny, and it is meant for a younger audience than the original show.

    That said here is why I hate it.

    First off it is the complete rip off of its predecessor. It refuses to stand alone on its value.

    The characters are pour copies of the prior interpretations. They took the key points of these characters that made them original and interesting and replaced them with a stale goofiness that is neither funny nor creative.

    Often making references to the original (example: Silky), this show rarely if ever retains any of the history it tries to incorporate.

    Secondly, the humor is lacking.

    Don't get me wrong dumb jokes can be funny, but no matter how funny it is the first time eventually the laughing stops.

    Most of the "comedy" revolves around unrealistic stereotypes of the main line up, for instance;

    Robin is a bossy egotist who is really very insecure (especially when it dealing with his mentor).

    Starfire is a typical cheerleader airhead, who is more interested in her appearance than what is happening.

    Raven is the mood goth girl that secretly loves cute things.

    Cyborg though a mechanical genius is a Dumb jock. with a reoccurring superiority complex.

    Beastboy is an idiot. enough said.

    Then there is the frequent silky gag. The little larva shows up vomits on something and that either fixes or ruins the situation. (In some cases the vomit does absolutely nothing)

    Another tired joke is that nothing EVER seems to be resolved at the end of the episode. (shock humor is only funny when it is still shocking!)

    Animation is the third issue the only thing flatter than the drawing style are the characters. I'm an artist so I can appreciate new styles in animation, but there is nothing new about this minimalist garbage. It quickly becomes obvious that this is not about trying something new, but rather they are just trying to save on money and effort with this crappy hack job. This has been done hundreds of times, and its not even fun to watch.

    Maybe my rating is a little harsh but this show is all about feeding off what came before and doesn't even represent it well. It's a little kid show that does not deserve the fans it has.
  • This is stupid.

    I always liked when they had the original teen titans. But the complete fools at CN suck and had to change into teen titans go! This show is for little kids, it's so childish and immature now. It's not like the original, it's just garbage... I hope they see that and continue the original... Fact I just watched it, and I just saw that in the show they made a throwback to when when what's his face showed what he looks like without his mask. Man I miss the days where the original dominated the CN and was the top show.
  • Teen Titans NO!

    This show is terrible! It's a huge opposition from that original Teen Titans. This show will just attract annoying bronies around the world, in fact, there's an MLP:FiM reference in one episode. It's much dumber and uglier than the original, and 0% recommend for the family! This show is bland in every single way possible and I really don't recommend it. Even worse than some better modern South Park episodes. HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED
  • Surprisingly Entertaining

    Like many of you, when I first heard of a reboot of Teen Titans, I was ready to jump on board. Then, like most of you, as soon as I saw the animations style and bright colors, I felt betrayed thinking that Cartoon Network was trying to mold my childhood into some horrible, bright colored, 30 minute long toy advert. Then about a week ago, while waiting for Steven Universe to come on, I seemed forced to watch Teen Titans Go while I waited. The first thing that struck me was the unusual time slot, Why would they put such a supposedly terrible show even within an hour of their most popular shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show. When it came on I expected a half hour of cringing and anger, but as the show came on I was shocked how hilarious it was. It then dawned on me that the show wasn't bad, it was just misunderstood. The show that we all remember was action packed with occasional humor while this show is a straight-up comedy. It's showing the titans when their not kicking ass and just trying to pass the time. Sure they don't have the theme song, sure they changer the character's personality's a lot, but it's still a very funny and entertaining show when looked at through new eyes and not crazed, nostalgia powered eyes like many die hard fans were upon first viewing.
  • People seem to compare this too much to the original.

    People need to know that this is not meant to be a sequel or continuation of the original Teen Titans, they need to know also that this is for younger people and has a less serious attitude. It has the same humor and voices of the original Teen Titans. The reason most people give this show a bad review is because they are disapointed since they were expecting it to be like the original teen titans, but it is not nor was it meant to be. If you just look at it itself and stop comparing it to the original Teen Titans, it will be a lot better of a show. Also people who grew up with the original teen titans, I'm sure if you were still a child like you were when you were watching the original Teen Titans, this would have been just as amusing, perhaps in a different way, but equally amusing, this show overall is just as good as the Original, just in different way. Just clear your head of the old one and this is pretty good, and be happy that ALL (as far as I can tell) the original voice actors from the original series return and that the voices are exactly the same
  • What in the Hell?

    This show used to be something great. It was on par, if not better, than some of the Marvel comics. I was hoping for a continuation of the original series, but instead I got this autistic shit. They completely changed characters personalities and lowered their combined IQ to that of a potato. This is apparently done so that they can entertain a "younger" audience. That's complete horse shit, when I was in kindergarten my friend and I were ecstatic over this show. We used to watch Teen Titans, Ben10, Samurai Jack, etc. which all had a somewhat adult theme to it. We enjoyed the story most of all (note: I was 5 or 6 at the time, and I could still grasp the concepts that are now deemed to advanced for kids it seems), which there is none of in this abomination. Every character had an in depth background and characteristics, but they absolutely ruined that. Robin went from a strong and intelligent leader, to a selfish tyrant with a superiority complex and an annoying pigs squeal of a voice. Beast Boy became a jackass. Star Fire went from a strong loving character, to the overly naive girly girl. Raven went from the most powerful character with the most intriguing and dark back story, to a brony kill joy. Cyborg went from the most intelligent character to jackass #2 with a meat fetish. I don't hate this show because it has Teen Titans in the name, I hate it because it seems the creators actively went out of their way to deface a great show. This is another addition to the long list of CN fuck ups that was intended to reach the "younger" audiences, like that liberal piece of shit, Clarence, and that brain cell slaying dog shit called Uncle Grandpa.
  • Whats with all the hate?

    This show made me laugh my socks off come on people get a sense of humor it's supposed to be for kids but I am 16 and I love this show and the original version of teen titans, so go on haters, hate on me for liking Teen Titans Go, I can take it from intolerant fools.
  • Absolute Comedy.

    I've been laughing hysterically at every episode I watch of this. While I've had minimal exposure to the original series, I find that Teen Titans Go! is a comical masterpiece. It's been a really long time since I last laughed with all my heart at a cartoon.

    Never once did I feel that the comedy is too naive; sure sometimes it's simple, but even in those instances you still can't help but laugh. Simple and effective can best the intricate and challenging.

    What resonated with me the most while viewing this show are the subtle references to the cartoons of my childhood.

    References are tricky, basing the entire joke on a reference is the cheapest form of comedy, while pop-culture or 'modern' references themselves severely hinder the comedy in the long run.

    Then comes TTG and subtly throws in references to classic media icons from Scrooge McDuck to MC Hammer while still keeping it classy and not basing the entire joke on the hope of the viewer 'knowing the material'. This results in having a funny joke that is merely enhanced should the viewer know the reference that was thrown in.

    The astounding acting, adorable animation, charming character chemistry... There is absolutely nothing I hate or even mildly dislike about this show.

    Save this one for when you want a good hard laugh like in the golden era of toons.

    And let's not forget, all the negative reviews here are versions of 'bring back the old show!'. It's strange that I, a 26 year old man, is seeing how those younger than me are behaving like crotchety old people that are afraid of change and can't stop speaking about the "good ol' days".

    Also, Raven. Enough said.
  • Bring back real show

    First, Old Teen Titan,It was good, we saw their different side and watched action,fun, clever villian hero fights then show okey then Young justice came,It was better in my opinion in every you canceled this good show now you guys ruined learned how robin is cool and what he has also we liked or love the character you now you are killing your own character with these type of show. New generation wont see their best side,they wont be inspired from them and they wont get the thing we got from older shows.

  • robin

    every one else is cool and all but robin is annoying he never shuts up hes always needey and needs to butt out
  • The good days are over...

    The old Teen Titans was amazing, I can't believe it was cancelled in the first place! Then fast forward a few years and then they put the show into a blender, put it on high, and force fed it to us.
  • brong back old teen titans

    I need the email of the ppl who made teen titans. I like the new one but please bring the old one ones back i beg thats the best kind in the world lov u teen titans
  • Teen titans go ! TO HELL

    Some how the writers of teen titans go ruined one of the best superhero team of all time! I loved raven in the first series, in the new series she is a stupid pony girl that never takes down her cloak, and she doesn't mean to be rude she just has to keep her powers inside. Starfire is girly girl who sucks! Robin is a fat jerk that is a control freak. Cyborg is just stupid and careless! Where is slade? why is terra evil? Raven does like beast boy in comics but Starfire likes robin. They canacelled young justice for this crap !!!!!!! Stop watching teen titans go and someone needs to get it off the air Who thinks its good as the orginal so what it has the gang back together they are so different. Robin is so cool in the orginal he kicks butt unlike in teen titans GO! Someone that thinks it's good does not like shows with plots and the show is going nowhere! If I ever say I like teen titans go take me to a insane aylum!
  • Hysterical comedy in its own right

    I found this show a couple of months ago, with the help of my kids. We simply LOVE it, and we are always searching for episodes we haven't seen. I came on here to see how long this show has been on and was taken aback by the poor overall rating and comments. Then I realized that the show is a comedy short - spinoff? - an alternate universe?? - to another show called "Teen Titans". I've never ever seen that show, and I guess I'd be ticked if my favorite (cancelled) serious super hero show was changed into a show with a different genre. Even so, I've survived several iterations of Batman (movies/series/graphic novels) without going berserk over the changes and different styles. If you don't like this show, fine, but it's unfair to compare it to the earlier show. If I wanted serious super heroes, I'd watch "Batman the Animated Series". But right now I'll stick with this show because it's just fun to watch. Sorry for the rest of you.
  • Over advertisement !!!

    Every time I turn to CN Teen Titans Go always be on. GIVE US A FREAK IN BREAK!!!!!! Even when a show be on commercial the stupid Teen Titans Go Ad's always appear. CN are you that despirate to get kids to watch a crappy show like this. That's sad on so many levels. I'm suprise you don't advertise other shows as much as you do this show. Also why is CN push this show so hard with reruns, Crappy Commercials and kids talking to the Teen Titans charcaters. That's not CN all about, It's about verity, action, people of all ages and not focus on one thing FREAK IN COMEDY!!!!
  • I like the original one better than this crappy garbage. One of the most STUPIDEST animated TV shows ever!

    The first one is way more better than this filth. I hated this show! It's stupid, lame and totally overrated, this just makes me sick! I kinda like how they are making Batman look like an idiot, it's funny. But I still hate the show.
  • Not Horrible Just Mediocre

    The original "Teen Titans" show was awesome, combining a perfect blend of action and humor and only being dark when it came to Slade and Trigon. Then it had a sad depressing series finale, Things Change.

    When Young Justice came on, it was like a darker Teen Titans but still mega awesome and just as good as Teen Titans, but we still missed Teen Titans. So what happens? We lost Young Justice and got Teen Titans Go! which was lame and stupid and an insult to what made Teen Titans great.

    While I love that the original voice cast returned (and the only reason this isn't a two out of ten), it isn't the same. They took the perfect bend of action and humor and threw out 98% of the action and replaced it with more humor.

    And yet.... It's not the worst show I have ever seen. There are actually some good moments on this show and I admit, the show is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. However if it gets canceled, I won't even care.
  • Why just why

    This show shouldn't exist its funny on some occasions but the humor can be bland cliche and straight off annoying did they have to make another show

  • Great Show

    To be honest, I don't get why people bash this show. My only guess is that they're butt-hurt because it's different from its predecessor. Hell, I'm a fan of the original series and I love this show. What's not to like?

    I know I'll probably get some gripe from haters for saying this but, TTG Robin is better than original Robin. I always thought TT Robin took himself a little too seriously. TTG Robin, however, takes this and plays it for comedy. I like that they made an In-Joke with Raven liking Pretty Pretty Pegasus. It's a nice touch. Point is, they're all funny and play off each other well.

    True, there are some episodes I don't care for but what show doesn't have those?

    I recommend this to anyone who enjoys wacky comedies, parodies, and superheroes in weird situations.

  • Dont do it

    dont do it, dont turn into disney's crappy shows or even annoying orange. oh wait.....
  • Not bad, but nothing like the original series

    The jokes are fairly funny, the voice actors do an impressive job and it puts in characters that weren't seen or mentioned in the original (even Batman, ducking Batman makes a cameo in the series). However, there's no denying that this new series leaves several questions unanswered. What that girl really Terra? If so, how was she set free? What was that creature? Where's Slade? Trigon had three other sons, won't they want revenge? More importantly, what was in Robin's case? These questions are never answer and might never will be, but this is still a good series on it's own. Ridiculous, yes, but it gets a few laughs here and there.
  • Its Unnecessary.

    This show is not that entertaining. Its on for the merchandising value and younger ages that never saw Teen Titans. the issue is that everything felt predictable and the parody style plots are, well, underwhelming for fans of the original nostalgic show. So even though things in the show make sense, its not funny, a bit irritating to the fans of the show and well, ITS UNNECESSARY, so I really don't have much else to say. Not interested.
  • season six is amazing

    oh man do i like this show it is really awesome it is just as awesome as the original series and i am glad that they brought back the original voice cast and yes raven is still my favorite teen titan boy is she beautiful and i hope we will get a live action teen titans movie that would so be awesome and have somebody be raven with tara strong as a voice over so yeah teen tians go rocks,only a real teen titans fan like myself would say this.
  • season six is amazing

    oh man do i like this show it is really awesome it is just as awesome as the original series and i am glad that they brought back the original voice cast and yes raven is still my favorite teen titan boy is she beautiful and i hope we will get a live action teen titans movie that would so be awesome and have somebody be raven with tara strong as a voice over so yeah teen tians go rocks,only a real teen titans fan like myself would say this.
  • Love it! one of the funniest cartoons ever

    Teen titans go is too hilarious, I hope it never gets canceled. people need to give it a chance. I like that it's a comedy series, i really never liked the serious versions, too boring.
  • Am I the only one who likes this show?

    Come on lighten up guys, It may not be as good as the original Teen Titans but to me it's funny it's supposed to be for entertainment purposes for kids so quit whining there will always be reruns on youtube ;)
  • Yet another installment in a franchise to fail.

    I can safely say that most spin offs or reboots of successful franchises had a lot of hype, but failed epicly when they were broadcasted on TV, and TTG is no exception. Teen Titans was a show that had thrilling fight scenes, unique characters, plently of funny moments, was dark, but appealed to all. So when I heard about a new Teen Titans reboot, I was excited and hyped to see it, only to be really disappointed. Teen Titans Go is a new take on the Teen Titans franchise which continues to follow the lives of the titans of the original TT series. But the difference is that this show goes off in another direction and instead of continuity to where the series last left off, it focuses more on the comedy aspect of the Teen Titans, and that really butcheres their reputation. It's similar to how they ruined the Marvel franchise with the Super Hero Squad Show making the show focus more on Comedy and turning the characters into midgets.

    The first thing already wrong with the show is the whole idea in general for focusing on Comedy more than action. Isn't action the whole purpose of the original show and the super hero genre in general? Teen Titans was a Comedy, but it focuses more on action as well. It completely ditches the whole purpose of the original. All the characters have been completely butchered and act nothing like their predecessors, and they now look like children more than teenagers, it's like they drank from the youth fountain.

    Robin was a though and intelligent leader, now he's a bony wimp and acts like a jerk towards his friends.

    Beast Boy was the goofball in the group, but he knew when it was time to get serious, well unfortunately in this show they took all the seriousness out of him and turned him into a no-brained annoying slacker, and he acts like a pervert towards Raven.

    Cyborg acts like a jerk and picks on his friends, and always laughs at people's bad luck.

    Raven and Starfire are the only characters that don't make me want to throw my remote on the TV. Starfire is still her cheerful self who is trying to get used to life. Raven is still the spiritual and paranormal girl trying to balance her emotions.

    The action leaves a whole lot to be desired. It is almost nowhere to be found in this show. Whatever it consists of is nothing more than try hard and wimpy attempts to battle their enemies. This is quite possibly the weakest form of action in an animated series. Heck, you could probably find better action in Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

    The humor has many lame attempts at being funny and constantly reuses the same gags in every episode. Most of the jokes feel too stupid and immature and very rarely did I laugh at it.

    The artwork is terrible to look at, like I said before, the titans look more like children than teenagers, the colors are too bright. The animation, while pretty decent, could've been better, and it can look choppy from time to time.

    TTG could've worked as a reboot to the Teen Titans franchise, but it got severely hampered with it's bad concept, limited action, lack of humor, bad jokes, butchered characters, and overblown colors.
  • This sucks lollipops.

    I swear when I heard Teen Titans was coming back, I got me ten tons of buffalo wings and threw myself a party. It was good, you should of been there. But this is a review, not a diary. Teen Titans Go is the lovechild of bad writing and budget cuts. Throw a bit of half assed references and you've got this show. If you watched the original you'll understand that this... Teen Titans Go! is like a zit that will not go, even after you've applied balms and anything dermatologists are willing to let you do. I want to find the genius who made this, decided to do this... to ruin my life.

    This is the magnum opus of lazy cartoons, the ultimate disgrace that Cartoon Network has shoved out of its channel to be openly mocked or ignored like the plague.
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