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Teen Titans Go!

Wednesday 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 23, 2013 In Season


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  • Cartoon Network's abomination

    It pisses me off that Teen Titans Go! airs like most of the time. This show is the reason why good shows like Steven Universe, Sonic Boom don't get anymore airtime.

    This is not normal for a show that airs much more than any other show on Cartoon Network. Other Cartoon Network shows deserve better.

    FUCK TEEN TITANS GO! This show deserves to die!

  • More like "Teen Titans Go Fuck Yourself!"

    A disgrace to not only the original Teen Titans, but a disgrace to DC itself.

    The main characters are unlikable, the episodes are stupid, lazy, and nonsense, and every moral in this show is godawful. This show is an irredeemable failure.

  • Even from a nostalgic view, this show is bad.

    This show is no where NEAR the original. As a fan of the original myself, I didn't know what to think. I was glad though that unlike the new PPG, they aloud the original voice cast itself to return. But to make sure it wasn't just my nostalgia talking, I got both my little cousin and the little girl I babysit to watch TTG. They didn't laugh a single bit, and about half way through the second segment they told me to turn it to something different. The comedy isn't that good, and the characters personalities have certainly changed. Robin has became way more self-centered and bossy, Raven smiles a lot more, Starfire hasn't changed much though, and don't even talk about what happened to Cyborg and Beast Boy. I've seen a few episodes, i've chuckled a few times, but it hasn't made me DIE of laughing. Like I said earlier, the only TRUE redeeming feature of this show is that the original cast is back. 2/10.
  • HA! Really??

    Teen Titans Go! makes Breadwinners and Fanboy and Chum Chum look like MASTERPIECES. This is the MOST EYE-GOUGINGLY TERRIBLE cartoon ever. I would rather watch Pickle and that's an overstatement. But yes, it's that bad. Worse than everything on PBS Kids.
  • Amazing show

    to hate, i love the fact that it exist so i can share my hate with everyone, I have never ever watched the original but i think it is a comedy show with horrible jokes.
  • One of the most STUPIDEST animated TV shows ever! My nickname for this garbage is: "A blackhole of Cartoon Network stupidity".

    The first show, I have to admit, is way more better than this filth. I hated this show! I mean seriously, are the creators of this show on drugs or something?! This show is honestly stupid, lame and totally overrated, that this just makes me sick to my stomach! Obviously, Cartoon Network is gonna go downhill if they keep airing this sorry excuse for a cartoon. I kinda like how they are making Batman look like an idiot, it's funny, especially that first episode where Cyborg was acting like a dickhead towards Beast Boy for that birthday present he got him. That was priceless. But I still hate the show. Aqualad is me, we both concurred that this show is a disgrace to all superheroes (DC) and a huge mockery to the original series. And how there them insult the beloved original series, and my little pony. That really pissed me off with what they just did. I mean, just because the original show had some funny scenes, doesn't really mean they should make a reboot that can be idiotic. This show is obviously the new Johnny Test. Except this show is more dumber and lamer. Out of all the tv shows, this one is one of the most shameful shows in media history. I really can't believe Cartoon Network cancelled Young Justice, to make room for this trash. If I were those DC heroes, I would beat the "titans" 'til they die. "Your new favorite tv show"? Ha, more like "your new favorite IRRITATION"! This nuisance is really starting to takeover Cartoon Network and somewhat Boomerang. They ruined the characters, the animation looks like it was drawn by a bunch of people who have nothing to do in their lives anymore and the plotlines are honestly stupid (except for "Let's Be Serious"). To me, "The Fourth Wall" episode was a huge spit in the face to it's haters (and it's own fans). And I really can't believe LeBron James is guest starred in this atrocious bullcrap of a show. I love how they brought the old voice actors back, but I really hate the series itself because it's seriously stupid, childish, really uncool and completely overrated. I may be nostalgic at times, but at least I speak the truth. I don't have a problem with anyone liking this show (maybe a little), but I really think this show sucks in my very honest opinion. And please for the love of god, just cancel it already!!!!!!!!

    I give this show an F------+------ and I wish they had a 0, so I can give this vile, moronic show a HUGE 0 out of 10. WORST ANIMATED TV SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Childish, that's right, this is a children show

    I am a huge fan of Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go, I enjoy watching this show with my seven-year-old son. It is hilarious, my child gets a kick out of it. It's evident the show structured to caption the minds of children, it's supposed to be funny, it's supposed to make people laugh.... Its old ppl that have lost the sense of imagination, can't enjoy things new and fun! So go to boomerang and watch that network... Oh my bad... Teen Titans Go is also on that channel too smd, miserable people! I hope Cartoon Network will not cancel this show due to the bad ratings from grown people (that more than likely sleeping on their mother's couch) who probably should be working
  • Fan of the original or not, it doesn't fucking matter (I edited my original comments because I refrained from letting my full lecture out. But here it

    Personally, I have never seen the original Teen Titans show. The most exposure of it I had was the movie where they go to Tokyo. That's all I can remember. So I would not say I am a "fan" or the original. So. Let me tell you how much I hate this show. And if you dumb fucks already forgot:


    The animation is bland and mundane. I have seen animators that are featured on gaming channels be more diverse than this. AND SOMEONE THEM USE CRINKLED PAPER AS THE BACKGROUND. And if you dumb fucks already forgot:


    When this show came out, I was very tolerant and was able to see the good in pretty much anything, and I end up liking this. When I first watched the actual show, my ears were fucking bleeding from the godforsaken intro. The creators just thought "OH SHIT BRUH WE GOTTA GET HIP AND CRUNK WITH THE KIDS BRUH HOW DO WE GET HIT AND CRUNK WITH THE KIDS BRUH OH I KNOW BRUH LETS FUCKING REMIX IT BRUH YEAH BRUH THAT'LL FUCKING DRAW IN THE KIDS

    Having a song that was already good remixed by someone that has less amount of skill than a late-night DJ does not usually turn out well. And if you dumb fucks already forgot:


    The songs that are used during episodes SUCK. A sheet of glass has more interesting visuals, tunes and creativity than this fuckfest of a show. There are 5 year olds that can play piano better than the crew of this show can write songs, story and characters. And if you dumb fucks already forgot:


    The fucking COMMERCIALS are more interesting than this show!

    There are SO MANY SHOWS that can be played, but the people at CN are like "FUCK YOU FOR THINKING WE HAVE GOOD According to the TV schedule, TTG is played over 80 times a week. The only show that becomes close to that number is the Amazing World of Gumball. And that show barely reaches HALF of the amount of TTG.


    And before the dumb fucks say "EHHH THERE'S NOT ENOUGH EPISODES Shut the fuck up. There are enough episodes in the other shows mentioned to fill the 80+ of Toddler Titans (As called by Mysterious Mr. Enter). And if you dumb fucks are still not convinced, Let me list of the shows that succeed better.

    SU: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    AoG: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    UG: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    WBB: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    Clarence: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    OtGW: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs

    AT: Better comedy, animation, colors and songs


    However, for those who have reason, there's an opportunity. Not to destroy the show, but to shrink it to let the others listed above to make themselves more prominent. If you haven't already, search up the petition to limit the number TTG airs and sign the petition. This doesn't even have 200 signatures and it needs OUR support.

  • Piece of Shit?

    Well uhh this is fucking straight garbo dick (false profit i sware). I'd rather have consensual anal sex with my dog than watch this
  • sorry for cussing

    teen titans go is a fucking show for the minds of fucking kids who dont know a good fucking show if it hit them in the face robin is a stupid bitch who thinks the world revolves him cyborg is now a fucking dumb alnog whith his friend fuckboy (my new nickname for beatboy) then theres the alien who changed alot the old one didnt care about her fucking hair and raven is well she hasn't changed that much they fight the hive even when there not doing anything bad and sitting on a bench is not a fucking crime they mad batman super lazy and lame jezz if they made the old show fight the new show they old show will fucking win since THERE batman will fight instead of laughing and being lazy and anyone who likes teen titans go is a fucking moron peace out guys smell my ass #americandad
  • Why so much hate?

    This show should air on Boomerang and CN early in the morning instead of Baby Looney Tunes, cause this show is a classic, Baby Looney Tunes is not.

    Also, whoever likes Baby Looney Tunes but hate this is now my new enemie.
  • This is a kids trap that RUINS it's franchise

    Update 6-21-2015/ 8-7-2015 /3-7-2016

    This has got to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen!! Before i begin back in 2013 I was excited for this show to come out but when I saw the first episode I was angry and nearly threw up due to seeing this piece of crap! I can tell what it was, it was generic! NOW let's begin! First off let's start off with the theme song! The theme song looks so promising but it's not! Once the show starts the characters are immediately stupid and lazy! THIS IS NOT THE TEEN TITANS!! Robin is the best but not very good raven IS A FAN OF MY LITTLE PONY AND MAKES FUN OF SHOWS JUST LIKE MAD! Hey people will get angry if you make fun of shows ESPECIALLY My Little Pony! Anyway raven is just a character the doesn't save the show! OH BOY Star Fire is the stupidest and worst character in TEEN TITAN GO I MEAN TEEN TITAN NO! Star Fire has to be one of the most unfunny character EVER! She can't even say sentences right! She was different in the original show!! Next up beast boy is a another obnoxious character that's no different the star fire sounds like a baby! Finally Cyborg, again no different than star fire and beast boy! The animation is horrible because the graphics and plots are EXTREMELY LAZY!! CN blew it again and that's not all the show plays RIDICULOUS amounts of the day in this show plays on weekdays 5 hours 15 minutes weekends 5 hours 30 minutes MY GOSH IS IT ENOUGH FOR A NETWORK ON FOR 14 HOURS AND SOMETHING REPETITIVE AND ABYSMAL!! And it's gets worse children love this show so the make videos how they love it so THATS why it plays episode for so long! So this is a mega fail and a kids trap in many ways I also make ME THINK PEPPA PIG IS A PARTY!!! grade F- new rating 1000 CHAOTIC
  • my feelings on Teen Titans go

    Personaly i feel its a diss to the true Teen titans what brain dead monkies made this piece of crap show take this crap off and bring Teen Titans back to its true glory
  • What a HUGE dissapointment! Especially the fans for this mistake!!

    I cant believe this sorry excuse for a show is still running! Please! If I needed to watch some stale comedy, I'd rather be strapped to a chair forced watching an Uncle Grandpa marathon! If I could give this a lower score, it would be way below the negatives. If you think this crap is a funny or good show, you must be mentally ill and need serious help. If you're actually here calling the people who gave this shit low ratings haters or sensitive or soulless or blah, blah, blah, then you obviously have your fists shoved down your throats as you're being bent over by your fathers. The best way to help you guys out is by consuming sulfuric acid and enjoying the nice agony in your remaining seconds of life. OMFG, I can't even...
  • a abomanation and the worst show on cn

    seriously, where the creators of this show in heroin?. the jokes are horrible. the characters have . cancel this show or i will drink bleach.
  • Show is horrible

    This show is a huge let down compared to the original teen titans and the fans agree. The only episode i thought was decent was the one were over and over it said the original was better. The main audiance for this show is ages 4-8 and the majority of kids watching are older and dont like the show also a lot of the intended audiance think the show is horrible. So i would love if they cancelled this show brought back the original teen titans or at the least shorten the amount of times it plays because it always seems to be on tv and make it better suited for a bigger audiance and enjoyable for everyone.
  • TTG is amazing

    Great animation, comedy, characters etc. I love how over the top it is and great to watch when you just wanna have fun and laugh. :)
  • A major insult to the original series.

    Everything about this show is a problem. All of the characters are unlikeable and show no common sense or intellectuality, instead, they give us morals such as, "Love your garbage and it will love you, or, bad guys and good guys can live in harmony" These morals are not portrayed in a silly way, but they take them literally and serious which is a serious issue. Nothing about this show is good. The first season was good, but after that, it all went down the drain.

    Terrible show and should be canceled as soon as possible. Not to mention, they keep mocking fans of the original and shows that're much much better. I find that really sad. Just kill this fucking shit with fire!

    Another problem is the animation, ugh, this looks so lazy and poor compared to the original. The use of polygons is so obvious and incredibly I- I can't even use words to describe how horrendous it looks! Also, giving this show a 1 out of 10... I'm being too generous, aren't I? Heck, even giving this a -100/10 is like giving this show an Emmy's.
  • This sucks BALLS

    This show is the worst piece of shit I've ever seen its opened a new door for even more crap if this keeps happening Cartoon Network will become Nickelodeon a sespool of fart jokes stock images and crap Crap CRAP
  • This is a Bad One...

    Oh, Teen Titans GO! I gave your show a chance back in like 2013 or whenever the first few episodes came out. I tried, really I did, to enjoy this show. Not because I love to torture myself or something weird like that, but because I knew that this show is the closest thing we're ever going to get to a season 6 of the original Teen Titans show. Not only were my entire childhood memories crushed, but what's worse is the creators of the show like to tease the fans of the old show. They even went as far as to re-dub the original's clips.

    I always give tv shows a chance, but this one just wasted my time. With the show having 100+ episodes, it's easily the worst show on Cartoon Network at the time. In conclusion, it's a terrible show, that only very young children, or the mentally insane, would find funny. Also, if you're gonna say something like "Well, if you don't like it, then just don't watch it". If I didn't watch it, I wouldn't be able to have an opinion on this show. So what you're really telling me is to stop having an opinion. Well, I'm just respecting the 1st Amendment.
  • Love how this show makes fun of its nerdy haters

    Not at all like the original, but hilarious once you give it a chance. Eatch the episode where Cyborg sings the night begins to shine. There's a reason this is going on it's third year.
  • Teen Titans GTFO!

    Why does CN keep fucking up our shows? The original Teen Titans was the best cartoon ever. It was creative, awesome plot lines and had its own cool animation style. Now, well... this show jumped the shark.

    Here we go with the characters:

    Robin: was a good leader, confident and smart. Now he is incredibly annoying and always focuses on conquering Starfire.

    Beast Boy: don't even get me started. Along Cyborg, he was stupid, but was smart and funny at the same time. Now, eh.. he is really stupid, doesn't care a fuck about anything else but playing videogames and eating pizza and always makes annoying jokes. Plus, he is really lazy.

    Cyborg: same as Beast Boy.

    Raven: she is always the same private and dark girl, but too bad the writers decided to make her watch MLP 24/7. That is a step in the wrong direction.

    Starfire: she got dumber, but for the most part she is the same.

    Plot: crap and random. It is always focused on stupid adventures in Titan Tower and occasionaly, it is focused on beating up a villain, but it rarely does.

    Animation: too colorful and bright. It doesn't even look like a comic anymore, instead it looks like a poor man's version of chibis.

    IN CONCLUSION: if you do not want to end up having your memories destroyed, avoid this show, because it hardly looks like what it was before. Screw you Teen Titans GO! Bring us back the old Teen Titans!!

    UPDATE 24/07/2015: I can't believe that CN is pissing us off with even more of this bullcrap. We see and hear it everywhere: promos, other channels etc. I mean, come on! You idiots at Cartoon Network should promote Adventure Time, Gumball, Regular Show and those other two popular ones at the moment, not this unholy abomination!!!! It was and still is a pain in the ass having to see this every time of the day!!!!! Guys, stick with those 5 popular cartoons and not this.

    UPDATE 8/1/2016: I'm back. And nothing happens, even if critics are trying to pull off this hell spawn.

    If those madmen woke up, even just a second or two, they'd realize how HORRIBLE this... thing grew up to be. CN's like in a coma now, a coma dominated by UNCLE FUCKPA and TEEN TITANS GTFO. Now I can only hope they'd do something about it, otherwise I'm done with this channel. For Good now.
  • Poor show

    I also didnt watched the original show. But this dont looks good.
  • Teen Titans Get the Fuck Out

    I didn't really watch the original Teen Titans when I was younger, but it goes to show that I don't need a fanbase to tell me that TTG is literally one of the stupidest, most ***ed children's shows to have ever hit the dish. I've seen bad shows like Breadwinners, the Mighty B, Flapjack, and a bunch of other new bullshit that Nick and CN keep releasing, but TTG has surpassed them all. Absolutely nothing about this show is remotely comedy, but is simply embarrassing. Now kids channels today are poisoning children's minds with this shit. My fucking nephew keeps watching this crap and I wish I could pop him upside the head for doing so because watching this show is like committing an American crime. Why the fuck is this show still GOING is the question. What the actual fuck now? GET THIS SHIT OFF OF MY TV GUIDE!!!!!!!!!
  • Teen Titans NO!

    The animation is flash animation is lazy, and flash animation is lazy itself. The characters are terrible and their powers make me yawn. I have millions of other things to say. Hell, I could've written a 6 paragraph essay based on my argument.
  • Teen titans go ? More like teen titans no!

    I hate the new teen titans

    The old one gave a good story line gave educational life experiences and gave examples of important life lessons

    The new one has no story line

    Makes fun of the old titans and is a disgrace to all shows

    I belive kids should grow up to know the old teen titans
  • Teen Titans NO!

    Well, CN has finally done it. They have ruined my favorite channel that I would look forward to watching like The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe. Now, I can't even watch it because CN says its "My New Favorite Show", which isn't true because it's MY NEW HATED SHOW!!!! They have taken over the channel and replaced "New Thursdays" with "New Titans Thursday" which made me SO MAD!!!


    Robin: Doesn't care for any of his fellow team mates and cares more about impressing Starfire where SHE DOESN'T CARE.

    Starfire: She has gotten very stupid and her personality is always changing (Which, in my opinion, is the worst problem with the show)

    Raven: Very much the same as the original but now she is a MLP lover (OH GOSH)

    Beast Boy and Cyborg: They act both the same... stupid and doesn't care for other Titans to the point where they end up fighting each other.


    Most Plots are very stupid and don't make sense. The worst episodes are "The Return of Slade", "Waffles", "Lets Get Serious" and "Hive Five"


    I don't have a BIG problem with the animation but I think they could have improved on the art style and flash animation.

    There, I said it..... TTG is probably one of the worst cartoons on TV right now. I wish it could just cancel and we can forget about the mess that the writers caused and CN promoting it way too much...
  • Just no...

    I just have to put it out there...

    Okay. Cartoon Network has made a huge dent in the face of cartoons... (If you know what I

    Just to make it really easier, I will put down a list of programs that made Cartoon Network go downhill.

    List of Programs that made Cartoon Network go downhill:

    Teen Titans Go


    Uncle Grandpa

    Now... I hope I didn't leave any out. And before wasting money on another program Cartoon Network, DON'T MAKE IT HORRIBLE AND CHEESY!
  • This show is so fucking stupid.

    This show gave me cancer, and I'm suffering from it. And if you're gonna say "LEL ITS FER KIDS ONLY" then go kill yourself. Every time this piece of shit come on, I just wanna look away and change the channel.

    1) The characters are down right stupid.

    2) That Waffles episode is annoying as shit. 180 TIMES.

    3) Didn't I mentioned their ***ed?

    4) I rather watch Uncle Shitpa than this.

    It's just so stupid and annoying. WHAT IS WITH THE ARTSTYLE OH GOD! ffs CN, get your shit together.

    So go ahead, if you disliked this, then you have bad taste in cartoons.

  • Teen Titans Fuck No!

    This show is a disgrace. The animation is cheap Flash, so almost anyone with even one hour of learning animation can use and master. The beautiful animation from the 2003-2005 show was changed into colors so bright they burn out your fucking eyes. The characters are VERY unlikeable, I wanted to stab all of them at least three times each. The humor is NOT FUCKING FUNNY! It's not clever. The humor is just abusing Robin and making him look like a wimp, and saying waffles 180 times in ONE FUCKING EPISODE. It's morals are very bad, and brainwash children. Hey kids, did you know it's okay to eat teeth? It's also very important that you love your garbage! Also, the true meaning of Christmas is presents! No, not the birth of Christ, not treating others kindly, bringing in the homeless, IT'S FUCKING PRESENTS! This show is not only bad because it took much-loved pre-existing characters and turned them to shit, no. It's animation is shit, the characters suck, the humor is god-awful and brainwashes kids, and the morals are FUCKING BACKWARDS! This show will brainwash your kids, and is a disgrace to all animation, all comedy, all kid shows, DC Comics, and the original superhero team it is FUCKING BASED OFF OF. Please do not let your kids watch this. It's fucking poison for them.
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