Teen Titans Go!

Season 1 Episode 11

Super Robin

Aired Wednesday 7:30 PM Jul 02, 2013 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Envious of the other Titans' powers, Robin wants some of his own. After a disastrous scientific experiment goes awry, he convinces Raven to use her magic to give him powers, despite her warnings that it could ruin his life. Robin uses his powers to solve all of the world's problems, putting them all out of a job and ruining his life.moreless
  • Okay this one made me laugh

    When Robin did the dance, I was laughing. That had to be the funniest moment in the series so far. The part where the Titans appear at Robin's death bed was pretty funny as well.

    However, between the two, the episode had little to offer. After Raven gives Robin superpowers, Robin stops all crime in the world, costing the Titans their jobs so Robin gets a regular job and gets a bland waste of a life.moreless
  • starts off funny, ends horribly

    This review contains spoilers. I laughed throughout the beginning, I liked how Robin was jealous that he didn't have powers, and so he decides to try and create a freak accident to merge his DNA with a robin, only to backfire and turn him into a bird man. He begs Raven to change him into a super hero, and although she cautions him about powers being a curse, she agrees to do it, if he does the chicken dance for her. That part was funny, but after Robin gets his powers, he defeats all of the world's problems so fast, that it causes the Titans to leave, because there is no point in being Titans anymore, if there's no evil to thwart. Then the rest of the episode is a montage of Robin living a normal life, getting married, having kids, having a boring job, leading up to him lying on a death bed, sad and alone, only to have the Titans standing beside his bed and cruelly laughing at him, with Raven closing in on Robin and whispering "I told You Then the screen goes dark, and you hear a beep, reflecting that Robin's heart stopped beating, and died. I mean seriously, WTF? That is just dark, no body wants to see characters they love die like that, too many of this show's episodes have awful endings to them, that ruin the episodes. I thought this was Teen Titans, not Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I think the episode would have made more sense if Robin questioned what he was doing with his life, and then uses his powers to somehow reverse the Earth's timeflow, like Superman has done in the past, and then he could prevent any of that from happening. Instead, the creators just let him die a sad, and harsh fate, while being laughed at...moreless

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