Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 13

Aftershock (2)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 21, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

In a world without Titans, Slade has taken control of everything: the streets, the city, and the heart of his young apprentice. But... are our heroes really gone?

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (33)

    • In this episode, Plasmus, Cinderblock, and Overload are morphed into one giant monster, but in later episodes (e.g. "Calling All Titans"), they're separated again.

    • This is the only completely serious episode of the entire show. Unlike other episodes, including "Haunted," there is no humor in it. No, not even Beast Boy (or any other character) gives away so much as any exaggerated facial expressions.

    • In this episode, Terra's suit is a light blue when it should be a light gray, as it was in the previous episode.

    • There weren't any buttons on Slade's wrists, so how could he activate the neural interface just by touching his wrist?

    • Beast Boy was able to break out of the rock hand restraining him as a snake by transforming into a gorilla. So, why couldn't he transform hismelf into something that would break off the rock holding down his foot while he was a wolf?

    • Cyborg made a precise measurement on the magnitude of the volcano, although there was no read-out on his scanner.

    • When the team fights Ternion, Raven's pose in midair keeps changing.

    • Terra's neural interface would only allow Terra to fight under Slade's control if she was up and willing. So, if this is the case, how was Slade able to control her the first time after he activated the suit when Terra was in no mood to battle whatsoever?

    • After Slade jumps up and punches Terra, after jumping from below the giant mountain she created, he grabs her by the head. But the next scene shows him holding her from her neural interface.

    • Even if the Titans can free Terra, how will they break off the neural interface?

    • When Slade beats up Terra, parts of the cloth covering her skin of her arms, legs, and her stomach are ripped, are shown drooping, and reveal the skin underneath them. This is visible in the scene where Slade says, "You've failed me, apprentice." When Terra then tells Slade that she is sick of fighting and working for Slade, although the cloth is still seen hanging, the patches of skin that should be exposed are still covered.

    • When Raven shielded the Titans from the lava, the shield was clear instead of black.

    • After Terra is under Slade's control, she hits Beast Boy with a strange yellow light, much like one of Starfire's starbolts.

    • When Cyborg gets all surprised when Beast Boy turns into a dinosaur and destroys the robot that was squeezing him, his red, robotic eye blinks. (The same thing happens again after Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and punches the robot behind him.)

    • When Plasmus, Cinderblock, and Overload first form together, and it shows the team, Robin's cape is really really short.

    • When Terra backs away, when the Titans first attacked her, in a far shot, her hair covered the left side of her face, but then, in the close shot, her hair covered the right side of her face.

    • When Terra passes the bank, first the doors are closed, and then when she passed by the bank AGAIN, the doors are opened.

    • Throughout the episode, Terra's hair covering her face keeps changing sides.

    • When fighting Ternion, Cyborg wraps his extended arm multiple times around Ternion, but it's snapped off. Seconds later, both Cyborg's arms are fine.

    • During the rest of the Teen Titans series up until now, Slade was as tough as nails, and the five Teen Titans combined could only do him minimal damage. Yet in this episode, Terra somehow is able to send him packing with an attack pattern that wouldn't even be able to defeat Cinderblock.

    • When Terra is patrolling the city in the beginning, she goes past the bank, and there's a flashback of the Titans stopping Mumbo. Once the flashback is done, we see her pass the bank... again.

    • When Beast Boy walks into Slade's lair and sees Terra crying, her hair is too short for one shot.

    • When Terra first runs from the first fight, she runs around a corner and stumbles a bit to catch her breath. She then begins to lean against the wall, and in the very next shot, she is already leaning on it. It just looks very choppy.

    • On Terra's suit, the "S," symbolizing Slade, keeps changing. Sometimes, it's an orange "S" on a black background. Yet, other times, the "S" is black on an orange background. The "S" also changes shapes. Most of the time, it's made of three straight-ish lines, forming an "S," but after Slade tells Terra that her suit is part of her nervous system and skin, the "S" looks more like a rounded one, and yet again changes color combinations.

    • At the end, when Beast Boy put his hands on Terra's shoulders, the first square of cloth on her upper left arm is ripped. Yet, in the preceding shot, it was undamaged.

    • When Terra is battling the Titans in the fog, Starfire's starbolts are gold instead of green.

    • In one of her flashbacks, Terra fights The Amazing Mumbo. Regardless of events in the comics, in the TV series continuity, Mumbo was defeated, and his wand destroyed, long before Terra met the Titans.

    • When Beast Boy breaks down the door to Slade's lair, a security camera pans over to the doorway; Beast Boy then unplugs the camera. Either action would trigger any competent security system.

    • Before Beast Boy puts the plaque on Terra's final resting place, in the shots that shows the team walking there to place it, the plaque is already there.

    • When Terra looks around at the Titans in the fog, after asking Beast Boy if he's even going to talk to her, the growl of the wolf Beast Boy had become during that scene can be heard although Beast Boy's silhouette of his human form is visible through the fog. It has been shown many times that Beast Boy can make multiple animal noises in human form, if not all of them.

    • Terra cannot remove the neural interface because it has integrated into her nervous system and skin, according to Slade. However, towards the end of the show, he lifts Terra up by slipping his hand under it.

    • Early in the episode, Terra mentions how quiet the city is -- now that the people are gone. If the city was abandoned, why was it necessary to stop the volcano? (It really diminishes the impact of the ending if Terra died to save empty buildings...)

    • After she took a beating from Slade, Terra's second square of cloth was ripped on her upper leg. During her fight with Beast Boy it switched from her second square to the third, then switched back again.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Terra: (To Slade) You... can't... control me... anymore!! (Knocks Slade into the lava pit in a furious outburst of her terrakinetic powers. She passes out a little. Triggers a volcano)
      Robin: Terra's power! It's triggered a volcano!
      Cyborg: Big enough to take out the whole city! And way too big to stop!
      Raven: We have to get out of here!
      (Robin signals retreat, and all but Beast Boy follow)
      Beast Boy: Terra! Come on! We gotta go!
      Terra: (Resolutely) I have to stay.
      Beast Boy: (Horrified) No!
      Terra: I'm the only one who can stop it.
      Beast Boy: Please, Terra, you can't! It's too late!
      (She brushes the hair from her face, giving him a clear view of both eyes for the first time since she left with Slade at the end of "Betrayal")
      Terra: (Smiling) It's never too late.
      (BB's face softens as he realizes what this decision means -- both for Jump City and for the flawed hero finally finding redemption -- and she gives him one last hug; close-up: her eyes are filled with tears)
      Terra: You were the best friend I ever had...

    • Terra: You can't treat me like this.
      Slade: Can't I? (He hits her hard, sending her crashing backwards into a wall) Who else would have you, my dear? You've done horrible things. Unforgivable things. Where else could you possibly go?
      Terra: (Turns) Anywhere but here! I'm sick of fighting, and I'm sick of you!

    • Slade: You'll have to forgive my apprentice. As usual, she can't seem to control herself, so, from now on, I will be controlling her every move.
      Beast Boy: What have you done to her?
      Slade: Nothing she didn't want me to. Terra came to me seeking control, and that's exactly what I've given her: my control, her body.

    • Terra: (To Slade) It's not too late to walk out the door.
      Slade: I'm afraid it is, my dear. See, you have no control in the matter.

    • Starfire: (About Terra) She seems quite scared.
      Raven: Scared isn't the same as SORRY.

    • (Beast Boy pins Terra down in gorilla form, and she temporarily snaps out of Slade's control over her body)
      Terra: You have to stop me, Beast Boy! Please! I don't want to fight anymore!
      Beast Boy: (Resumes human form) Then don't let Slade control you anymore!
      Terra: I have no choice.
      Beast Boy: That's a lie! You've always had a choice!
      (Slade regains his control over Terra, and her eyes glow, and she sends BB flying backwards; he gets up again and crosses/storms over to her again)
      Beast Boy: It's all been your choice! You chose to work for Slade, chose to betray us, and now you've chosen to give him control! Slade isn't doing this, Terra! You are!
      Terra: No!

    • Slade: (After Terra has managed to trap Beast Boy's leg under a pile of rocks) Very good, my dear. Now, shall we finish him off?
      (An extremely unwilling Terra walks stiffly, against her will, towards Beast Boy, who's still trying to extricate himself. Terra's hands begin glowing)
      Beast Boy: Terra... no!
      Terra: (Straining to hold back) He's... too powerful... ! I... can't stop him... !
      Beast Boy: Yes, you can! It's your power, not his! You can still control it! You can still do the right thing!
      Terra: (Sadly) It's too late... (Her outstretched hand glows more brightly with her terrakinetic energy, and a huge boulder rises from the ground, forms itself into a sharp pike, and is pushed to Beast Boy's throat; he gasps; Terra's about to commit the final act, when...)
      Robin: (Swinging in) STOP!!
      Slade: Strike, apprentice! Now!
      Robin: Terra! No!
      (Starfire flies in; Raven's eyes glow from the shadows, and she steps forth with both hands set to blast)
      Raven: It'll be the last thing you ever do!
      (The standoff is now well and truly joined -- Terra holding Beast Boy at the point of her lethal stone barb, while she herself faces down checked starbolts, cannon, telekinesis, and explosive discs)
      Slade: I gave you an order!
      (Terra stares wide-eyed; cut to Starfire in midair, hands and eyes fully loaded)
      Slade: (From o.c.) DO IT!!
      Starfire: Please, Terra, no!
      Cyborg: Don't do it! Don't do it!
      (Cut to her and Beast Boy.)
      Robin: (From o.c.) Listen to us, Terra.
      Starfire: (From o.c.) You're still our friend! We want to help!
      (Their voices and those of the other two armed Titans call out a jumble of arguments, trying to talk her down; as they fall silent, cut to Beast Boy and zoom in slowly)
      Beast Boy: It's your life, Terra. Your choice. It's never too late to change.
      Terra: Sorry, Beast Boy -- for everything I've done...
      (He gives her one more doleful glance -- and with a scream of supreme fury, she swings her hand across the lair; the projectile pivots to point in that direction, away from Beast Boy and all the other Titans, and rockets directly at Slade)

    • Slade: A world without Titans. I never thought I'd see the day. But victory is at long last mine. Well done, my dear apprentice.
      Terra: Thanks. It was fun.

    • Raven: (After Ternion has been defeated) We're going to need a bigger jail.

    • Terra: (About the Titans) Slade, help! I can't beat them alone!
      Slade: Dear child, you are never alone.
      (Overload, Cinderblock, and Plasmus suddenly burst out of the ground and merge together)
      Cyborg: And I thought they were ugly before...

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy, scared) Beast Boy! Beast Boy! Stop! Aren't you even gonna talk to me?
      (He growls at her, in lupine form)
      Cyborg: There's nothing left to say.
      Starfire: You attempted to annihilate us!
      Raven: Did you think we wouldn't take it personally?
      Robin: It's over, Terra.

    • Slade: (To Terra) You chose this life. You promised to fight by my side forever. And that is a promise, my dear apprentice, which I intend to make you keep.

    • (In front of Terra's body, which is made of stone)
      Raven: We'll be searching for a way to reverse the effect.
      Robin: We'll bring her back.
      Cyborg: Someday...
      (Beast Boy lays down a Plaque for Terra that reads:)
      A Teen Titan
      A True Friend
      Beast Boy: I'll never forget you, Terra...

    • Terra: My name is Terra and I have done horrible things. I have sworn to serve a dark master. I have obeyed his every command and commited crimes in his name. I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. One-by-one I have destroyed the Teen Titans. And with no one left to stop me I have brought an entire city to its knees. My name is Terra. I have done horrible things... and I have absolutely no regrets...

    • Beast Boy: Her name was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people I have ever known.

    • Terra: (To Slade, about the Titans) I can't believe they nearly beat me!
      Slade: (Punching her) That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you.

  • NOTES (19)