Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 11

Apprentice (1)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 04, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Who is Slade? The question that has been keeping Robin awake at night is about to be answered. Slade contacts the Titans and unveils his master plan: to use the high-tech Chronoton Detonator device to stop time... forever. When the Titans fall right into Slade's hands, Slade announces that he wants Robin to become his apprentice. To save his friends, Robin has no choice but to agree.


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • The chase scene in Robin's dream is parallel to the chase scene at the end of "Masks," but Robin doesn't throw anything at Slade.

    • Why would there be camera's in the sewer, enough so that Slade could get his many eyed perspective on the Titans? It's possible Slade has spy-fly-type cameras to track the Titans.

    • Look Closely: When Starfire is standing on the pier, her boot briefly takes on the lines from the garage door behind her.

    • When Robin becomes Slade's apprentice, his mask becomes pointed at the top. Later, it goes back to normal.

    • Couldn't Raven use her powers to sense out Robin's location?

    • Cyborg said that Robin's communicator was deactivated, but as we saw in the scene where Robin was dressing up, the communicator was still on.

    • While farthest away from the bomb, Starfire has a huge reaction to it's chromium sources, while, as they get near it, her allergies lessen.

    • Why didn't Raven teleport Starfire out of the sewer to sneeze instead of placing a shield in front of her face? The sound of the sneeze alone would have been enough to detonate the bomb, had it been real.

    • Why couldn't Raven use her powers to either stop the boat during the chase, or brake off the motor to stop it from moving?

    • Starfire's allergies are pretty bad while she's looking for the bomb, yet she doesn't sneeze once while she's chasing the boat on which the bomb is in.

    • At first when they are searching for Robin, Starfire's chain thing that goes on her signal isn't there, then in the next scene, it is.

    • When Cyborg, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy first started to follow the boat, Raven and Beast Boy were standing in the sewer water. Why weren't they flying? I know Cyborg hasn't a choice, but Raven and Beast Boy can fly, why would they rather be standing in the nasty water?

    • When Robin was dreaming about Slade, right after he hit at Slade, Slade's eye turned red for a split second.

    • When Raven finds the Pier 41 reflection on the bomb, wouldn't that mean that the Titans would have to go to the building across from Pier 41, not to Pier 41 itself?

    • Everyone but Beast Boy knew what the Cronoton detonator did, but that doesn't make sense. It's understandable how Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire knew, but how did Raven know? She doesn't really seem like someone who's into that kind of thing.

    • How could Cyborg's diagnostics NOT pick up the nano-probes?

    • In the opening scene of "Divide and Conquer," it was almost impossible to take down Cinderblock. Now, Robin can K.O. Cinderblock by HIMSELF?

    • After Starfire sneezes, her purple arm band is on the left. After she sneezes in the sewers, her arm band is on the right.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Cyborg: (About Starfire's allergy to chromium) Interesting!
      Starfire: Not really. In my world, chromium-allergy is quite common.
      Cyborg: No! The key component of a chronoton detonator is a metallic-chromium core, which means...
      Beast Boy: Starfire can track it!
      (Starfire sniffles and looks despondently)

    • Starfire: (To Robin, who seems to be unable to stop beating the wrecks of a robot) Please, you may stop now, we are victorious!
      Robin: Slade got his finger on the button, and we got nothing! That sound like a victory to you?

    • Beast Boy: (To Robin) Hey, uh, maybe you should stay here and coordinate the search...
      Robin: (Angrily) What?
      Cyborg: Man, when it comes to Slade, you got issues. Might be better for the team, if you sit this one out.

    • Robin: (To Slade, about the detonator) Tell me where!
      Slade: You are a clever boy, Robin, I am sure you and your little friends can figure it out. However, since I control the detonation, time is not on your side.

    • Slade: You are still in the dark about my intentions... disappointing, Robin! I expected a little more from you.

    • Robin: (Gets the detonator) It's over, Slade.
      Slade: On the contrary, Robin. This is only the beginning.

    • Beast Boy: No way! Uh, what's a chronoton detonator?
      Starfire: It eradicates all chronotons in a localized area, utterly destroying the components in the space time continuum.
      Beast Boy: Uhh??
      Raven: It stops time... permanently.

    • Robin: I'm nothing like you! You're a criminal, a psychopath; all you care about is destruction.
      Slade: And all you care about you destroy.

    • Raven: Would you at least like to know where to look? Slade gave us more information than we thought... here... in this reflection.
      Beast Boy: Ooh... squiggly lines... way informative.
      (Raven types and reflection becomes readable)
      Starfire: Peir 41!
      Robin: The docks!
      Beast Boy: Heh...

    • Beast Boy: We blew it, we're gonna be frozen in time forever!
      (Cronoton detonator doesn't blow up)
      Beast Boy: Why aren't we frozen in time forever?

    • Slade: Sending trouble your way, leaving cryptic clues for you to unravel... I was testing you. For some time now, I have been searching for... an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps. And, Robin... I've chosen YOU. Congratulations.

    • Cyborg: I will not be having attitude from a boat!

    • Starfire: Ah-choo! (As she sneezes, she accidentally releases a starbolt at the others; Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven stand there dazed and smoking)
      Raven: Gesundheit.
      Starfire: (Sniff) Forgive me, I'm allergic to metallic chromium. There must be a source near... AH-CHOO! (Sets off an explosion as the other Titans get out of the way)
      Starfire: (Sniff) Sorry.

    • Robin: No! There's too much at stake for me to --
      Starfire: Robin... (Robin stops and turns towards Starfire) We have not forgotten the "last" time you faced --
      Robin: I made a mistake, Starfire! It won't happen again. I can handle it -- I promise.

    • Robin: Who are you?!?! (Takes Slade's mask off, Robin is underneath, laughing evily; Robin wakes up and is shocked that he was just sleeping)

    • Slade: (On telecommunticator) Greetings, Titans. I hope I haven't awaken you.
      Beast Boy: (Yawns) What are you, an insomniac? Who calls at 5 in the - (Gets elbowed by Raven) Oww!

    • Beast Boy: You know, just because we're trying to catch Slade doesn't mean you have to act like him.
      Robin: Don't you EVER compare me to him! He's trying to destroy the city, I'M TRYING TO SAVE IT!

    • Slade: If you join me, if you swear to serve me, if you never speak to your friends again, I will allow them to live. But, if you disobey, even the smallest request, I will annihilate them, Robin, and I'll make you watch! So, do we have a deal?

    • Raven: Is that how you plan on stopping the detonator?
      Beast Boy: You do know how to stop it, right?
      Cyborg: How hard could it be? (Cyborg throws the boat piece into the water, walks up to the detonator and touches it, and it opens up, surprised) Oooh.

    • Slade: I know it seems bad now, but trust me. You'll learn to like it.

  • NOTES (17)


    • Robin: Dream
      When Luke slices off the Vader helmet in Star Wars, his face is under the mask. The same thing sort of happens to Robin. When he takes off Slade's helmet, Robin's face is under there.

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