Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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After a few weeks as a Teen Titan, Terra has everything she ever wanted: a nice home, good friends, and even a little romance with Beast Boy. Everything seems perfect... but is it? And does Terra have an even darker secret than her first?

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • In the hall of mirrors, the red side of Slade's Mask is on the right side of the mirror, in the real face shot of Slade it's also on the right, so it should be on the left in the mirror.

    • When Terra and Beast Boy were riding the haunted house ride, the "T" on Terra's shirt is missing.

    • Why did Raven crack the floor down if she knew Cyborg was standing nearby?

    • When Raven attacks the Sladebots after saying, "That's my room!" she throws two huge chunks of the wall at the robots. The tower, however, is not that thick, so where did these chunks come from?

    • At the beginning of the episode, when the snap shots are being taken of each Titan (excluding Terra), every picture is tinted, except for Starfire's.

    • When Terra says, "Beast Boy, come on!" her eyes are gray when they are supposed to be blue.

    • At first when Beast Boy and Slade are fighting on one of the ferris wheel carts, the cart says number 4, but when you see Slade jump off of the cart, it says 9.

    • For much of the fight between Beast Boy and Slade on the ferris wheel, the cars they are standing on don't move when you can clearly see the others moving in the background.

    • At the start of the episode, when the Titans are playing 'spin the pizza slice,' if you look closely, you'll notice the slice clearly has pepperoni and anchovies on it. So, two questions: Why was Beast Boy sad about losing, and why was he even playing?

    • After Beast Boy returns to the Tower, there's a back shot of Robin with a rip in his cape, and his belt showing through. Isn't his cape 10 times stronger than steel?

    • When Terra is shown in the mirrors, with all of the reflections of her horrified face, the reflections are all of her face made enormous, with none of her body being shown. Also, if you look at all of them, you can tell that all of them are the same image, with no changes in angle or anything.

    • When they show Slade in the hall of mirrors, he looks like he's about eight feet tall in the reflection, but he's standing far enough away that he should look smaller than Beast Boy and Terra.

    • Where's Cinderblock and/or Plasmus? They're indestructible, and it would have given Slade more of a chance to wipe out the Titans.

    • Why does Beast Boy have a huge rectangular hole in the outside wall of his room? The tower is supposed to be locked down for the night, and flying up to that floor would be trivial for any number of villains.

    • When Slade threw Beast Boy out of the door of the ferris wheel car, it was labeled '3'. However, when they show a shot of Terra and Beast Boy in it later, car 3 is above them.

    • During that cute little carnival montage, Beast Boy and Terra knock down milk bottles with baseballs (or at least Beast Boy does). He throws one, so he has only two left. Terra throws one, misses, and then Beast Boy throws another one, yet he still has two, even though he should really have one.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Terra: Beast Boy, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen.
      Beast Boy: Then why did you let it?
      Terra: I don't know, okay? I don't know. Slade, he helped me. Saved me from myself. He said I owed him, but...
      Beast Boy: So, it was all a game? You were just pretending?
      Terra: No. You said you'd be my friend no matter what, remember?
      Beast Boy: (Turns away from her) Slade was right. You don't have any friends.

    • Beast Boy: (Curious face) Terra, is everything okay?
      Terra: (Smiles) Totally! What makes you...
      Beast Boy: Because I'm having fun, and I really want you to have fun, but if you're not... you know... with me...
      Terra: Beast Boy, you're my definition of fun! Now, come on! (Grabs Beast Boy's hand) Let's go ride some rides.

    • Terra: Beast Boy, if you knew something bad about me, would you still be my friend?
      Beast Boy: Of course.
      Terra: I mean, if you were really my friend, I could tell you anything. And no matter how horrible it was, you'd still like me, right?
      Beast Boy: Yes. I promise, Terra. No matter what.
      (He goes over to kiss her)
      Slade: Hello, Terra. Remember me?

    • Cyborg: Just a rookie and already you're an MVP, and the winner of the coveted four cheese trophy. The world wants to know, how does it feel?
      Terra: Good... and kinda greasy.

    • Robin: (After attacking one of Slade's robots) Tell Slade the Titans have a message for him.
      Terra: Eat dirt!

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy) Do you trust me?
      Beast Boy: More than anyone I've ever met.

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy) You said you'd be my friend no matter what, remember?
      Beast Boy: (Turning his back on her) Slade was right. You don't have any friends.

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy, who is holding her in his arms) You saved me.
      Beast Boy: Yeah, that was cool.
      (Several seconds pass)
      Terra: Um, Beast Boy? You can put me down now.

    • Starfire: They are too numerous to fight! What shall we do?
      Robin: Fight anyway.

    • Starfire: Pleasant Slorvacks!

    • Beast Boy: Um, don't suppose you guys have a veggie burger?

    • Slade: The girl you knew was merely an illusion. A fantasy. In reality, she's been working for me.

    • Raven: (To the other Titans) Problem is, Terra gave Slade more than secret codes and hidden cameras. She gave him us. Our flaws... our weaknesses... everything he'd ever need to know.

    • Beast Boy: All you had to do is knock on the door and say...
      Take 1
      Beast Boy: (Turns into a strong man) Yo, Terra. You, me movies Friday?
      Take 2
      Beast Boy: (French look and accent) You're the most beautiful women I've ever seen. (Puts rose between teeth)
      Take 3
      Beast Boy: (Cool guy; swinging keys around finger) You want to go for a ride on my moped? (Moped beeps)
      Take 4
      Beast Boy: (Is a puppy, barks)
      Take 5

    • Raven: (Passing a giant rock to Terra with her powers) Terra, catch!
      Terra: (After destroying several of Slade's robots with it) Thanks a ton!
      Raven: Closer to TWO tons, actually.

    • Beast Boy: (About Terra) Now she'll NEVER go out with me! (He hears a cough and see's Terra watching him from his window) Um, how long have you been standing there?

    • Slade: I trained her to control her impressive powers. Then sent her to destroy your little T from the inside........

    • Terra: (To Beast Boy) All I ever wanted to do was to spend time with you.

    • Terra: (After Slade zaps Beast Boy with a gun) NO! I won't let you hurt my friend!
      Slade: Dear child, you don't have any friends.

    • Raven: (After watching Slades robots running around by her room) That's MY room! No one goes in my room!

    • Beast Boy: Terra, run!
      Slade: Stay where you are child.
      Beast Boy: What do you want with her?
      Slade: You mean, she didn't tell you? I thought you two were friends.

    • Slade: I had plans for you, Terra. Did you think you and your little boyfriend could just run away?

    • Beast Boy: (Takes bite of pie, face and voice become serious) This... is the greatest pie.. in the history of pie!
      Terra: There's a place about two hundred miles outside of Gotham that bakes a mean cherry, but for apple this is the best there is.

    • Cyborg: Someone wanna explain how TWO HUNDRED armed robots got past my security?

    • Beast Boy: (To Terra) We've got to get back to the tower!
      Terra: Beast Boy, I'm not going back.
      Beast Boy: Huh? Why not?
      Slade: Because she's not your friend, she's my apprentice.

    • Raven: I knew it! I knew we couldn't trust her!
      Robin: But we did. We all did.

    • Raven: I trusted her.
      Robin: We all did.

    • Terra: Come on! The night is still young!
      Beast Boy: But... pie!

    • Slade: (As Slade has Beast Boy in a choke hold) You think you know her? You know nothing. She never even liked you!

  • NOTES (15)


    • Beast Boy: Gorilla
      When Beast Boy catches Terra as a gorilla, it is similar to the movie King Kong, where he holds Jane that way.

    • Terra: Do you trust me?
      The scene when Terra is floating on a rock, holds out her hand and says, "Do you trust me?" is similar to what Aladdin does in the Disney movie, Aladdin.