Teen Titans

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 11, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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The Grand Ruler of Tamaran has arranged for Starfire to be married. Robin has a hard time believing that Starfire is going to marry someone she hasn't met before. The Grand Ruler turns out to be Blackfire, Starfire's evil sister! Even stranger, Starfire has to marry what looks like a giant booger! Can Robin stop Starfire from marrying this thing? And what is Blackfire up to?moreless

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  • Blackfire returns.

    So in this episode, the teen titans go to Tamaran, for some special event that has to do with Starfire. They soon find out that Starfire is part of an arranged marriage, all the teen titans have a problem with that, but of curse, the person who has the biggest problem with that is Robin. A lot of Robin/Starfire scenes in this episode that brought the rating for this episode up. Blackfire is out of prison and she is the one who arranges the wedding. Raven finds out it's a setup, only to give Blackfire unlimited power. Of course, the Teen titans saved the day, it ended a bit bluntly, nothing that special about this episode, except the fact that there is hope for Robin & Starfire getting together, which is always a good thing.moreless
  • Blackfire returns and the Titans go to Tamaran

    The Grand Ruler of Tamaran has arranged for Starfire to be married so Starfire and the rest of the Titans go to Tamaran. Robin has a hard time believing that Starfire is going to marry someone she hasn't met before. The Grand Ruler turns out to be Blackfire, Starfire's evil sister, and Starfire has to marry what looks like a giant green thing. Starfire has to get married because if she doesnt her home planet will be destroyed. The Titans think that something eles is going on and they investigate. They find out that the whole war is a fake and Blackfire only wants to enslave the Tamaran people. Just when Starfire is about to get married Robin yells to Starfire and she decides that she doesnt whant to marry the green thing. Starfire then decides to overthrow Blackfire and they duel for the rights of the crown. Starfire defeats Blackfire and banishes her from Tamaran. Starfire than gives the crown to her caretaker Galfore and returns home to Earth.moreless
  • Starfire getting married? Robin just cannot take it.

    This episode is much better than the previous 2 of the series. Starfire episodes are usually wacky and this was no different. Starfire is getting married to Glgdsklecchh and Robin cannot do anything to stop it, except by sheer chance it turns out that it was Blackfire plotting this all along. Unluckily, the most extreme fight scene in the episode is only between Blackfire and Starfire, which is rather boring. That is the only boring part about this action-packed, comic and incredible half-hour tale of romance, sisterhood and culture. Pretty informative and very funny, a must-watch for comedy fans and RobxStar supporters alike.moreless
  • Good episode.

    Betrothed is a great episode. It has all the titans going to starfire's planet so that they can all see that they can all see her getting married. And also in this episode the titans learn that starfire is a princess in her home plante tamaran. I liked how Robin was jealous that starfire was getting married and that Blackfire (starfire's older sister)was trying to become ruler of tamaran. My favourite part of the episode is when starfire and blackfire both has their battle at the end of the episode. Overall: A great episode centered around starfire. One of the best episode of the third season.moreless
  • Starfire returns home to get married.

    The show opens up with Starfire packing her thing to return to Tamaran, when she says she not returning Robin asks whats wrong, and they get vthe shock of their lives when Starfire annouces she is getting married.

    I loved this episode, it was funning seeing Robin jealous, one of my favorite parts was when Robin was trying to talk to starfire outside of the T ship while in space, and realizes he can't breathe, I craked up.

    The showdown between Starfire and her sister was great, just proves that Starfire is the betther fighter.

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes that centers on Starfire.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • Blackfire said that she'd broken out of prison, but wouldn't that mean that the Centauri Police would be out to find her and bring her back?

    • Galfore addresses Starfire as Starfire, which is the name she adopted after she came to Earth. Shouldn't he have called her by her real name - Koriand'r?

    • If Galfore has never been to Earth, how could he even know the English language?

    • X'Hal - The goddess of the Tamaraneans. Galfore uses the name as a greeting in "Betrothed," and Starfire also uses it to ask Robin if he is enjoying his stay (when he goes to convince her to forego the marriage).

    • Why were the Titans surprised at how Starfire eats if she ate the same in "Go!"?

    • When the team was held captive in Blackfire's prison, why didn't Raven use her powers to pass the team through it?

    • When Robin is thrown into jail, the back of his cape briefly turns yellow.

    • It's all right that Starfire didn't expect to see her sister out of prison. But, in that case, who was the Grand Ruler Starfire expected to see, what happened to him/her, and why none of the Titans asked this after learning Blackfire took over Tamaran?

    • During the wedding, when Blackfire is asking if anyone has a reason for Glrdsklechhh and Starfire to not be married, one of the Tamaranians doesn't have a pupil in his right eye, yet everyone else does.

    • When Starfire says, "All hail, Emperor Galfore!!," her metal band is on the wrong arm.

    • The scratches the T-Ship obtained in battle are missing as the Titans fly into Tamaran's atmosphere, and reappear even worse than they were before as the T-Ship lands.

    • During part of the scene where Star is being introduced to Glrdsklechhh, Raven is missing her chakra.

    • When Raven opens the box to the Jewel of Charta, you see it shine in Raven's face and when it does that, her chakra is missing. It's also missing when Blackfire zaps her.

    • If the Jewel of Charta is really THAT powerful, then why did something happen when Starfire took it off Blackfire's chest, and something not happen when Starfire crushed and destroyed it?

    • At the wedding banquet, Beast Boy claims to be a vegetarian. At the end of "Titan Rising," he asks for non-dairy waffles, which would make him a vegan.

    • When Robin said something about table manners, he had no gloves.

    • The band on Starfire's arm kept switching from her left arm to her right.

    • After Starfire takes the gem from Blackfire, we can see that Blackfire still has it on her chest until she gets buried in the rubble, after which time it just vanishes.

    • Raven's belt thing is missing when Glrdsklechhh finds out she was spying on him and Blackfire, but when she's in the prison thing, it's back on.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Blackfire: (To Starfire) After all, you will always be my little sister.

    • Starfire: I have missed you, Galfore.
      Galfore: And I have missed you… (Kneeling, bowing head) … Princess Starfire. (Castle guards follow his lead)
      Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, & Raven: PRINCESS?!?!
      Starfire: Oh, yes, I am… second in line for the throne. Perhaps I forgot to mention.

    • Starfire: (To Glrdsklechhh) I am sorry Glurdule . . . Gilderr . . . you . . .

    • Blackfire: You can and you will. You see, sister dear; this darling creature is the exalted sklerch of the swamp moons of Drenthax 4. And since his invasion army is parked outside our castle, I arranged your marriage to save our beloved Tamaran from annihilation. If your groom can't kiss his bride, we can all kiss Tamaran goodbye.

    • Beast Boy: Alien animals! Cool! (Alien animal snaps at Beast Boy, who then runs around the place like a headless chicken with his head tucked into his suit, Raven stops him and slaps him)
      Raven: You're the alien here.

    • Robin: (Surprised by Starfire's table manners) I'm guessing you picked up your table manners back on Earth?

    • Beast Boy: (About Galfore) Hahahahahaha! You mean this dude's your nanny?
      Galfore: YOU FIND THAT AMUSING, LITTLE ONE?! (Beast Boy stops laughing, and whimpers, realizing that Galfore is huge)

    • Beast Boy: (Upon being offered some Tamaranian food) HELLO! Vegetarian in the house! (Shows Cyborg a piece of the food he's offered) Does this look like a veggie to you?
      Cyborg: Umm, umm...
      (Cyborg eats the piece of food from Beast Boy's hand)
      Beast Boy: I'm not hungry...

    • Beast Boy: Let's hurry! I couldn't figure out how to use the bathrooms here!
      Cyborg: We ARE NOT having any accidents in the T-Ship, you hear me?

    • Galfore: (In Tamaranian) "Nubba Gunschtic Curriudersal."
      Starfire: (In Tamaranian) "Hesbalt Rutha, Galforeka."
      (Galfore then gives a yell and leans toward her)
      Robin: Titans! (They prepare to fight)
      Starfire: (As Galfore tickles her) HAHAHAHAHA!
      Cyborg: (To Robin) Um, unless they tickle people to death here, I think you can chill.

    • Cyborg: (To Robin, after Starfire announces her wedding) Did you know about this?

    • Raven: (About Glrdsklechhh) Um, he's cute.

    • Blackfire: (To Starfire, about Glrdsklechhh) Smile wide for your new hubby!

    • Robin: You saw her face. She doesn't even like him.
      Raven: True, but she doesn't need to.

    • Starfire: Marrying him will bring peace to my planet. It is good for everyone.
      Robin: It's not good for you.

    • Blackfire: You dare challenge the Grand Ruler of Tamaran?!
      Starfire: No... I challenge my sister... FOR THE CROWN!

    • Starfire: You may be the Ruler of Tamaran, sister, but you will never be the ruler of ME!!

    • Robin: You're getting MARRIED?!
      Raven: Anyone we know?
      Starfire: I... do not know who is to be my groom yet.
      Robin: You're getting MARRIED?! To someone you don't KNOW?!
      Starfire: Yes, and I am happy to be seeing Tamaran again.
      Robin: (Pressed outside Starfire's window, in the airless vacuum of space) But you're getting MARRIED?! (Realizes he can't breathe, coughs, chokes, face turns blue)

    • Blackfire: Surprised to see me, little sister?
      Starfire: I am... surprised to see you out of prison!
      Blackfire: Oh, that. Well, after you had me thrown in jail, I got bored. So I broke out and took over Tamaran for kicks.

    • Cyborg: (After Beast Boy turns into an alien animal) Dude, how'd you know you could do that?
      Beast Boy: Lucky guess.

    • Beast Boy: I can't tell what's a bed, what's a chair, and what's alive! How am I supposed to take my beauty nap?

  • NOTES (28)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Emerald of Charta
      Charta is a town in northeastern Colombia. A rare type of emerald known as a trapiche emerald is occasionally found in the mines of Colombia. A trapiche emerald exhibits a "star" pattern. Some of the most rare emeralds come from three main emerald mining areas in Colombia they are generally the most prized due to their transparency and fire.

    • Robin/Starfire: Balcony Scene
      When Robin climbs the balcony to see Starfire, it resembles the famous scene in William Shakespeare's famous romantic tragedy Romeo & Juliet in which Romeo climbs up to Juliet's room window and declares his love for her.

    • Tameranian Crown: Appearance
      The Tameranian crown looks like the tiara that the Scarlet Witch (a villainess turned heroine from the X-Men and The Avengers) wears.

    • Starfire: Dragonball Z
      When Starfire realizes Blackfire's intentions, she releases energy and reveals her normal clothes, like all the characters in Dragonball Z release their ki.

    • Robin: The Graduate
      When Starfire is about to be married, she hears Robin banging at a windowpane, much like Dustin Hoffman's character does in The Graduate during a similar -- although not as action-packed -- sequence.

    • Glrdsklechhh: Appearance
      Glrdsklechhh kinda looks like the farting creature in Disney's Treasure Planet.

    • Blackfire: Guards
      Blackfire's guards are dressed like the High Chancelor's in the Prequels and carry axes like Jaba the Hutt's Gamorrans in Star Wars - Return of the Jedi.

    • Balcony: Appearance
      When Starfire is standing on her HUGE balcony, it resembles the one outside Jasmine's room in Disney's movie, Aladdin. Additionally, the shot of Robin holding out his hand to Starfire, saying "We're getting out of here" mirrors Aladdin holding his hand out to Jasmine, asking "Do you trust me?"

    • Blackfire: Appearance
      Most people probably noticed that Blackfire is colored differently than all of the other Tamaranians. She was different in the comics, too. There, she looked the same as the rest of her species, but was the first one to be born without the ability to absorb the energy of the Tamaranian sun, leaving her flightless. This made the rest of the Tamaranians consider her a cripple, and got her removed from the line of succession. She left her homeworld and gained power in other civilizations, eventually coming back and conquering her people. The Teen Titans helped a group of rebels overthrow her, and Blackfire's entire legacy of blood was ended when she and her parents were killed in an explosion. Since being flightless would have negated Blackfire's one-upping attitude, her look was changed instead, so that she would still be different.

    • Robin: Starfire!
      When Robin is on a balcony behind a window at the top of a church, yelling and trying to stop the wedding of his beloved, it parallels the scene in The Graduate where Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) tries to break up a wedding of the woman he loves.

    • Landing Pad: Design
      The landing pad the T-Ship lands on is patterned after the landing pad from Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back.