Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Feb 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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It's Raven's birthday, but she is far from wanting to celebrate. But before Robin can learn why, the Titans receive a distress call and go to check it out. When they get there, they are greeted by none other than Slade, back from the dead. However, Slade seems to have new powers along with a strange red mark on his head and he has a message for Raven that he is going to deliver - no matter what.moreless

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  • Lovely Episode

    A great beginning to the Raven saga of season 4. I loved the foreshadowing with Dr. Light, Slade's return, and the horrid almost-rape scene. Raven's gradual opening up to Robin and the rest of her team was well-done and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of this part of the show. Also, fantastic action as always.
  • Slade has a message for Raven... a bad one.

    At the beggining of this episode the titans hastily take out Dr. Light with the help of Raven. Before they celebrate Raven says no quickly and goes back to the tower. It is her birthday tommorow, not a good thing. Again in her room as she trys to meditate to calm herself but the entire room bursts in flames and when she screams all the flames burn out. Robin enters the room to ask her whats wrong, but before he can the alarm goes off. They go to this warehouse and find Slade there...alive. While the titans are in shock Slade shoots a fire blast at Raven, who narrowly escapes it. They are outmatched and with the other titans out of the way, Slade moves onto Raven and burns a symbol on her arm. Then the whole place starts to break down and the titans are in danger, escpecially Robin, who is about to be crushed by a gear. Raven then yells "STOP" in desperation and time freezes everyone and everything, besides herself and Slade. She unfreezes Robin, and then Slade shows up. Robin tells Raven to run, but Robin is beaten quickly by Slade. Later, while time is still frozen, Slade "captures" Raven at the top of a building and delivers his "message" as her whole body has symbols on it. As time unfreezes, she falls down to the ground but Robin catches her. After this the titans celebrate her birthday, and this time she obliges. But Raven knows something is wrong.

    I thought it was a great episode. Kind of dark, I might add but great.moreless
  • The beginning of the Raven Saga has started.

    This starts off Raven's story basically. I like the way the started the episode. I was glad to see Slade and Trigon again. Well, the episode starts with Dr. Light trying to make the world never-ending daylight. The Titans come and stop him. But Dr. Light attacks and the Titans attack too. Dr. Light is soon knocked to the ground and the Titans surround him. Dr. Light says, "No one defeats Dr. Light, no one!". Raven comes up and her body transforms into the demon body in "Nevermore". Dr. Light is scared and surrenders. The Titans go to get some doughnuts but Raven leaves and goes back to the Tower. Then, it shows the underground and Slade resurrects from the dead. Later, in Raven's room, she is watching the clock and it turns to 6:00 p.m. She hears a knock at the door and she goes out to the leaving room. The Titans surprise her and she falls to the ground. Raven wonders how they knew it was her birthday. Beast Boy says he went into the mainframe and found her birthday on it. Raven is mad and destroys everything and eventually leaves. Robin follows her and asks her questions and she responds, "If you knew anything about the day of my birth, you know there is nothing to celebrate." She is in her room and started mediating. She mediates and starts coughing. She opens her eyes and finds her room on fire. Trigon speaks to her and she screams out no. She then opens her eyes and she is sweating. Robin comes to the door and he said he heard her scream. Then, the alarm goes off and she says trouble. At this factory, Cyborg is naming villains like Gizmo, Mad Mod, and Killer Moth. Starfire says the report says it was an intruder. Beast Boy says they will kick his--- Suddenly, he knocks into Robin and he says no. Slade is there and he says how he 'missed' the Titans. Slade tells the Titans he is not after Robin though. A mark appears on Slade's forehead and he throws fire at Raven. Raven turns into her soul self and goes through the wall. He attacks the Titans and tells how he is after Raven. Raven stops time and Slade is the only one unfrozen. Raven unfreezes Robin and they go out of the facory. Robin, Raven, and Slade face off and Raven takes Robin to a church. She tells him how something bad was going happen and Slade comes through the door and attacks both Titans. Raven is the only Titan left and Slade starts chasing her through an alley. He throws a ball of fire and a wall of fire appeared in front of Raven. She turned ino her soul self and went through the fire. Slade flies after her and she throws stuff at him. She then controls two buildings and crushed Slade. She is relieved but Slade comes out and catches her. Marks appeared all over her body and both of them travel into the future. There, the end of the world has happened. Titans Tower is destroyed and the Titans are turned into stone. Trigon has ruled the world and Raven doesn't want it to happen. They eventually travel back to the present and Raven is knocked out. Slade pushes her off of the building. Raven is falling to the streets until Robin comes and saves her. He tells her that they will go home and they did. Raven is in her room cutting her hair and she eventually hears another knock on the door. She goes out and finds arrows leading the way there. She followed it and the Titans threw her another surprise party. She said that they will need ice cream. The three Titans go and Robin and Raven are talking. She says no one could stop the bad thing from happening. Robin says it is over but Raven looks at her hands and says it is only the beginning. Meanwhile, Slade is at the underground place and he says that the first task is complete and Trigon says the world of mortals would soon be ended.moreless
  • Why did Raven's hair grow long?

    I wanted to see this episode for so many days. I have got cartoonnetwork an year ago only. I am new to TV.com..

    so hello everyone ! !!!!

    one question ---- Why did Raven's hair grow long when slade held her ? ? ? ? ? It doesn't make any sense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . But I really liked this episode. After so many days i got to see slade... my favourite villian. . . . .

    Anyways overall this episode was excellent ..... and this is my first reviewmoreless
  • Lots of it for Raven.

    Character development major alert! Raven learns that her birthday is only bad 'cause she doesn't think of the good side of it. Thankfully, the other Titans help her remember that towards the end of the episode. The Slade thing feels rather incomplete and there is major RobxRae development here. What happened to the BBxRae side? Anyway, love matters aside, this episode provides cool fight scenes, although if Raven didn't dodge so much it would've been more awesome. The hair growth and birthmarks feel very unnecessary, but they may prove to be important later on. The only question is, does this kind of thing happen every year for Raven?moreless

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