Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 11

Calling All Titans

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The Titans are back at the Tower in the T-Jet when Robin says they have one last mission. The Brotherhood is going after young heroes and the Titans need to split up to contact the rest and give them communicators. They separate and go on their separate missions, unaware that the Brain is using the captured communicator to monitor their progress and begin the end-game.

Beast Boy ascends a mountain to contact Jericho, while Starfire approaches a dam where Argent is repairing a leaking dam with her solid-light constructs. Starfire gives her a communicator while Beast Boy heads for the top. Robin contacts Bushido, who is fighting a group of ninja. Robin warns him against the last one and then helps him when more reappear. Cyborg goes to a wrestling arena where Pantha is battling. She grabs Cyborg, thinking he's a wrestler, and they fight for a while. She's a friend of the captured Wildebeest and leaves her with a communicator. In another dimension, Raven looks for Herald and fights some extra-dimensional jellyfish. Herald comes to her aid when they are proof against her powers. Beast Boy finally gets to the top of a tower and meets with Jericho.

Robin heads back and initiates a test of the communications network, contacting all the members while Brain taps in thanks to a communicator hooked directly into his braincase. Immortus and his soldiers attack Argent at the dam while the other Titans head back, and Robin gets word of the attack. Robin sends Starfire to help Argent but other emergency calls come in.

Mas Y Menos fight Johnny Rancid. Trident and Plasmus battle Aqualad. Bumblebee battles two flying villains. Gnarrk and Kole fight Gizmo and Billy Numerous. Mammoth intercepts Cyborg in the Arctic. Raven comes to help Bumblebee and fights Psimon and Kyd Wykyyd. Cardiac intercepts Beast Boy over the ocean on his way to Aqualad. Starfire arrives to find Argent defeated and Kitten and Killer Moth engage her in battle. Robin sends Tramp to help Aqualad but he's intercepted by a growing villain. Bushido fights Katarou while Speedy takes on Cheshire and loses. Pantha fights Adonis while Jericho ducks two villains and Herald battles Warp and See-More. Kilowatt fights Control Freak and the Puppet King while Lightning and Thunder battle two more giant villains.

Robin is left trying to coordinate efforts when Hotspot arrives, but "he" reveals that he is Madame Rogue. She attacks and reveals that Brain is tapped into the communicators. Robin slows her down long enough to warn the others, then rigs his communicator to explode, damaging the Brain and destroying the rest. The Brain assures Mallah that they no longer need the communicators to monitor the Titans.

While many of the Titans have proved triumphant in their individual battles, Rogue brings Robin back to the Brotherhood's lair where he, Aqualad, Speedy, Argent, and Menos are all added to the villains' "collection."