Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 11

Calling All Titans

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Action-Packed

    I loved this episode! So much action and I love how a myriad of the titans were involved. Great way to get the end of the series started, as sad as that sounds.
  • The Titans all over the world are attacked by The Brain and his Brotherhood of Evil.

    Well, well, well. This was an excellent episode. Granted, the only thing that happens are that the Titans all over the world are attacked and most are then captured by the Brotherhood of Evil. So it's all set-up, but that's how it usually is with these type of episodes. It's only mission besides to entertain you, is to make things really interesting, leaving you waiting for the follow up. I loved this episode for the action, but even more I enjoyed the new heroes, Argent being my favorite of the heroes introduced.

    We get another cool fight between Robin and Madame Rouge, it's almost as awesome as the one in "Trust". We get to see almost all of the heroes and villains who have previously appeared on the show, those we don't see appear in the next episode with a few exceptions. This Brotherhood of Evil may not have been up to the level of the Trigon arc, but this episode and the next makes it all worthwhile.
  • In this perfect episode the Brain and his team of evil took out half of the titans as they went on strike. The titans had to rush to increase the amount of team members to stop the evil brotherhood. Soon the war of good and evil spread around the world.

    This was the perfect episode and it couldn't get a bit better. I loved the cliff hanger. I couldn't wait to see the next episode. This episode was amazing and probably the best episode in the show. It didn't lack in anything. It had great action, an interesting plot. Ut also had some good scenes with different titans. I loved all the different villains and heroes matching up against each other around the world. This is a perfect episode that any Teen Titans fan would love to watch over and over again. It is definetly one of the best episodes in the show.
  • The Titans split up to warn other young heroes around the world about the Brotherhood of Evil. However, one by one these heroes (including the Titans) are picked off by the Brotherhood. With Robin now captured, can the other survivors rise up?

    This episode was really great! It had action, adventure and suspense! This is an awesome way to bring an end to Season 5. What I liked about this episode is that we see new Titans like Argent, the Herald, Pantha, Killowat, Bushido, and Jericho. However, I wish the writers had changed Pantha's character a bit and didn't make her a wrestler. What was also cool was that we got to see some other Titans like Thunder and Lightning, Titans East, Tramm, and Melvin, Timmy, and Teether. I loved the way the writers incorporated all the Titans in this episode and how it seems like the Titans' final battle. What I liked about this episode was that we also get to see some new villains like Cheshire, Angel, Psimon, XL Terrestrial and Punk Rocket. We also get to see old villains like Gizmo, Billy, Mammoth, Kid Wykkyd, Kardiak, Kitten, Cinderblock, Katarou, Control Freak, Atlas, the Puppet King, and obviously the Brotherhood of Evil. The way the Brotherhood planned their attack was brilliant so that the Titans couldn't help each other. I loved how new and old villains and new and old heroes were put in this episode, even if they had a cameo. The slight cliffhanger at the end left me wanting to watch more.
  • This episode would have been better if.....

    Terra was in it!!! Why couldn't she have been revived 2 episodes before Things Change? It would be a better episode if Terra was back, and fighting! That way, I could give this episode a full 10 without hesitation! Everything else is great though! It just needs Terra, the missing link. Heck, they could have gotten rid of Things Change and the episode after this would be a GREAT season finale! Titans Together has a very good ending! All I want is Terra, is that much to ask for?
  • How can you not like this episode.

    I thought this episode was so cool. The titans are spread accross the globe and the broterhood of evil are slowly taking them down one by one because of the brains plan.

    I liked how they showed all different Titans, some of which havent been shown before. The action was exciting but was kinda sad to see that the Titans were losing. This episode is one of the best in season 5 and one of the top episodes of the entire show.
  • I can't help but love this episode even though, when you think about it, all that happened was communicators were given out to new characters and (most of) the Titans were taken down.

    This is an amazinngly done episode only outshone by the next episode, 'Titans Together'. One of the things I love about this episode is the name. Don't ask me why but the name 'Calling All Titans' sounds kinda cool. Maybe it's because (I think) Robin mentions it in the episode.

    Besides the name, I find it really cool how the episode was done. The way that when a Titan is beaten, a chess piece(sp?) is knocked off by Mala. I like the symbolism of the chess game. One very minor thing I have with this episode is how we only meet Argent for like a minute or something. I know she wasn't the only one but I think her character is kinda cool. But it's nothing major so this doesn't effect the episode rating.

    As I said above, when you think about it, all that happened was the giving out of communcators and a Titan being taken down over and over again. And where is the Doom Patotral? Who knows. But truthfully, I don't really care. I LOVE this episode. Maybe it was the chess thing that won me over or just the end where Robin goes (I believe),Calling all Titans, the Brotherhood of Evil has been listening to our conversations. They know where we are. I am going to terminate communication, or something like that. And if I was in the age group the creators of Teen Titans were probably aiming at, I would be off my seat, eyes glued to the TV and waiting eagerly for the next episode.
  • Awesomeness!!

    My god! That's got to be one of the best Teen Titan episodes I've ever seen. I think it was perfectly structured, especially the way things started falling out of the place one after the after. It kept me literally falling out of my seat and oogling the screen.

    It also, makes you raise loads of questions, such as Will they be alright? or What's going to happen next? (even though it's quite obvious, but looking at it from the mind of a child that's what it would probably do)

    Beast Boy was hilarious. Imagine climbing all that way only to find you've got to climb more. I really felt it for him. And then again especially at the end when all their communication was shut off. It's nail-biting all right.

    All in all, a fantastic episode.
  • To cool

    This was one of the best episodes I ever seen in my life.The set The best The best and did I forget to minson the Best Episode I ever seen in my life.This is a all out fight between good vs evil but which side will pervile?Well you\\\'ll just have to see it for youself because this cannot be put in words and I simply don\\\'t have the time but when u see it you\\\'ll be saying OMG what an episode! So just saying the great of all time about come and I can\\\'t wait to see it saying god_bay airbender_100.
  • THIS SEASON HAS BEEN AWESOME! [except for the fact that Homecoming Part 1 and Revved Up wasn't good.]

    Summary: The final game has begun. While the Titans are spread out throughout the globe on one last mission, Brotherhood mastermind, the Brain, makes his move. Robin has a strategy of his own, but as all the villains begin taking down all the superheroes all at once, will it be enough to save his friends?

    Final thoughts: This is a wayyy good episode. It had action all through out the show. I usually think too much action episodes is only decent, this episode proved me wrong.

    The only thing that really bugged me is how they had to introduce about 6 characters in just one show. If they were to add more shows, they should've put this in season 6. Because people like episodes that just slows things down to tell the story, not rush things through.

    Other than that, amazing episode, hopefully the conclusion is gonna be good.
  • The new heroes, the old heroes, the unknown heroes are all fighting together and seperately... would you have it any other way??

    When I first heard that this episode featured every Titan and honourary Titan, I thought it would lose focus from Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire... but I was wrong!

    I loved the way that all the Titans were in touch and how that wonderful plan caused their downfall. It was good to see so many different heroes with varied powers helping each other and fighting to the death with all the villains we saw in past seasons who we thought would never come back. The battle scenes were immense.

    I was surprised that Robin got caught first, seeing as he is like the main Titan in this episode, but what you gonna do!

    This episode was so exciting and is starting off as a good way to end season 5 and the show itself. The new heroes, the old heroes, the unknown heroes are all fighting together and seperately... would you have it any other way??
  • OK, but I have one dislike in this. Read on to see why...

    It seems funny how British villains like General Immortus and Mad Mod can show up when the series is working well, but our British hero Argent has only shown up when the series has finished, and even then it is only to win back those who were put off by "Revolution".

    The rest of this episode, I feel is great, and of no bother, but why is it that the UK are treated like a breeding ground for supervillains and that our own heroes have been ferried off to New Zealand?!
  • Give me \"Titans Together\"!!!! I need to know what happens next!!!!!!!

    This one was awesome, okay so the situation wasn\'t so awesome, but the action was! I was so caught up in the whole thing! Of course, I have been saying all season that everything is Robin\'s fault and he\'s been a moron and should not be handing out the communicators, and finally he realized and admitted it. Anyway, the end drove me crazy! I need to see what happens next!!!! 5 (out of 5) stars!
  • This one of the episodes I most enjoyed lots of action.

    Calling all Titans, I love this episode. Robin was doing his last move given all superheroes a communicator to get prepare against the Brotherhood of Evil. Robin's plan failed and the Brotherhood of Evil Started taking down all Titans and honorary Titans allies. The leader of the Titans was captured and we to wait to see what's going to happen in the next episode.
  • I'm surprised Robin was the first titan of the actual titans to get caught

    Normally the bad guys capture Starfire or one of the other ones but Robin first. That was a nice move (at least I think so). I was different from how they normally do it. That means someone else gets to be the hero. I have nuttin' against Robin but I'm just a little tired of him being the one that saves everybody. 'bout time someone else was the hero
  • The Brotherhood of Evil vs The Titans

    This was exactly what I was expecting from Season 5! It was action packed! It was cool! It was amazing! It was foreshadowing! Man, "Calling All Titans" was one episode I would never forget!

    The Titans split up, searching for heroes to give Communicators too and join the team. Of course, the Brotherhood of Evil is always prepared, so they start to take down all of the good guys...

    One by one, the Titans are starting to fall down to the Brotherhood of Evil, but, the Titans must fight back and defeat them, and that's exactly what they do, but not all of them. That little part of them that doesn't fight back, they are taken to the Brotherhood of Evil...
  • An excellent episode!

    This episode is a must see! Almost every single villain shows up in this episode to fight every single young hero in the world! This is an episode which would make you wish that Teen Titans had one-hour long episodes. With great fights such as Speedy v.s. Cheshire this episode was full of action!
  • Awesome episode. Loved it.

    Okay, I know I probably like every episode of Teen Titans but this one was just so cool. I loved these other people that I've never heard of before. The only thing I can't understand is why Robin didn't call Kid Flash and Wonder Girl when he was calling everyone else. Honestly, in my opinion, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Speedy would relate to him most because they're all just a bunch of sidekicks (I know some of them aren't sidekicks(or maybe they are I don't know) but people who have never heard of them before will be like,"Are they sidekicks?" But those things put aside this was a great episode. And I loved the fight scenes. Argent is now one of my favorite Titans!
  • Awsome I sooooooooooooo cant wait till the conclusion of this epidode.

    O man I loved this episode. It was funny when Pantha was beating up cyborg and jericho like petting B.B. when was on the ground. I liked every single bit of this episode. It was so cool. I cant wait till B.B. kicks the sh*t out of the Brotherhood. This was the best episode in the season so far. But I cant wait till it gets even better. They better not cancel season six because the show keeps on getting better.
  • It all comes down to this: Madame Rouge predicts the future.

    The Brotherhood of Evil's trap is sprung: Robin betrayed every honorary Titan without knowing it. It was cool seeing all the Titans doing the communication test, and Madame Rouge got frozen and smashed...Alright. Also, Star Wars Episode III got it's first parody: That montage of the BoE attacking scattered Titans was exactly like the Clone Troopers turning on the Jedi. And when Robin broke off communication, I knew the brain would say they didn't need them anymore. And to an earlier reviewer, I too yelled when Madame Rouge came out disquised as Hot Spot. Also, for those of you thinking this is the last season of Teen Titans, I have three words...IT CAN'T BE! Are you forgetting Slade is still on the lose? Plus, if Terra does not get revived for this battle (which she really should be), They'll have to do it in the final season.
  • The final battle begins

    This episode was excting from start to finish and keep me on the edge of my seat. The Brotherhood of Evil uses a Titans commiunacator to track down the super heroes on the planet and capture them. They are all ambushed and with the titans separated they are all defeated one by one. The Brotherhood Of Evil catches Robin and the episode ends. the ending was exciting and makes me want to see more. A Great Episode!
  • A strange yet good episode. Not the one I thought it could or should be.

    Ok, this ep has alot of problems. The main ones.
    1. No Kid Flash
    2. Too quick
    3. Robin was uber-tricked..pretty sad considering the lackluster villian.
    4. Somehow the Puppet King has some strength.

    Good stuff;
    1. Argent...way cool character.
    2. Some interresting new characters.

    This ep though jumps the shark because villians would never be this organized. At least villians on this show. Also, Robin..the Batman of there group is such a tool of the BoE. Compared to the past seasons, he would not have fell for it that bad.

    But overall a fun, not serious, episode.
  • Best Episode of the season. Well written, good plot.

    Really good you get to see too genius's go out at it. Was good plot, good fights. Get to see all the villians battle it out. Good to see some of this battle, even thought there short. We finally see Robin fail, horrible and trying to fix his mistake, but the mistake cause all the heroes any communication. Can't wait for next week episode that will concluded this episode.
  • A great episode! I couldn't find anything wrong with it.

    Plot: All 5 Titans split up to give communicators to 5 other heroes: Argent, Pantha, Herald, Jericho, and Bushido. The Brotherhood of Evil split up and attack every single Titan with a communicator. The Titans are overpowered, and Robin finds out that he mistakenly gave Madam Rouge the communicator that allowed the BOE to track them. The episode ends with the Titans overpowered, and for now, they have lost.

    Wow. This was an intense episode! There was Tons of action in this episode, and that's what I expected. The episode ended suspensefully. I'll probably get people asking me why I gave this a 10, but I've already said this was an episode with no flaws, IMO. The plot was excellent and the action was superb. I wonder how the Titans will win. Oh, well.
  • TRhe Brain launches his final opperation to ride the world of all the Titans

    This ep was amazing. through thye entire ep i on the edge of my seat. Every Villian from the beginning of the series came back for this amazing ep. this ep is the best of the entire series and good for a near ending of the series. Robin finally learns what became of Hotspot and the whole world seems to be falling on the titans across the globe. i myself can not wait to see the next ep to see how the BOE gets defeated. if this is the end of the series than they arte endcing it perfectly for all of us.
  • It was amazing!

    Finally it all came to a conclusion! We get to see every hero that was in Teen Titans (minus Terra and Red Star(even though he was pictured))!
    And it seems now that all is lost and there is no hope of the titans being saved.
    One can only hope that all will work out for the best. Can't wait till next weeks conclusion!
  • The One Way To Make Robin insane... It was His Fault...

    Robin sends the Titans out on scouting missions across the globe to inform other teen heroes of the Brotherhood of Evil. Not only is there a lot of butt kicking action, there were numerous debuts and unthinkable teamups. Trident/Plasmus, Warp/Seemore, Psimon/Kid Wykkd, Atlas/Adonis, Plasmus/Trident, and the list goes on and on... We even got to see Tramm the Fishboy do a little fighting too against XL Terrestrial. Jericho and all of the other new charcters have hot designs. Along with the asthetics, this episode pulled through with killer dialogue and mindblowing sessions between the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. This may be one of the last episodes of Teen Titans, but it will be one of the most remembered... Bravo.
  • This episode is awesome. Read my review to learn why.

    This episode is awesome, and a must see for all fans of this show. It is the turning point in this season's story arc. We see almost of all of the Titan's allies that have appeared in the series and many new ones. The Titan's must try to save all of their allies who were attacked by the Brotherhood. In the end Robin, along with several of the Titan's allies, is captured. I can sometimes see why this show is being cancelled. Though the episodes in this season are okay, they aren't as good as those from the earlier seasons. But it is episodes like this one that make me think that Cartoon Network is stupid for cancelling this show.
  • The final game has begun. While the Titans are spread out throughout the globe on one last mission, Brotherhood mastermind, the Brain, makes his move. Robin has a strategy of his own, but as all the villains begin taking down all the superheroes all at on

    This was action pack. This was amazing I'm glde I didn't miss it. No Robin got captured!!!!!:(. what will the Titans go I was yelling, "No that's not Hot Spot." Then he found out it was his fault that the titans were under attack. I felt really bad for him. I enjoyed seeing clips of every one that was a pluse cause i saw some people i didn't know.
  • It's definitly Jynx

    She was the only villen not fighting anyone, she's the only one the Brotherhood doesn't know about. She is the one. It might be Beast boy, but I'm sideing with my Jynx thery (well she mgiht be the one who kills Madam Roug if they do kill her)

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