Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 11

Calling All Titans

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 07, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Robin gave the communicator to Madame Rouge and she showed it to him. How could she do that when the Brain was using it to track down Titans?

    • When Starfire is flying the T-Ship, her left glove was gone for a moment, then it came back again.

    • In "Spellbound," the entire team (minus Raven) couldn't defeat Kardiak. Now Beast Boy can defeat him alone?

      Response: It was noticed in the episode "The Beast Within" how Beast Boy can adapt to fighting quickly, as seen in the first battle, the Titans knocked him out, but in the second battle, he dodged every attack thrown at him and defeated the Titans. Another reason could be, he was threatened and cornered, his animal instincts probably kicking his fighting skills up a notch allowing him to defeat Kardiac single-handedly, and if you'll notice he turned into a squid when he took him on and probably constricted him to unconsciousness or his fighting skills just simply improved.

    • The Puppet King seems to have his magic back. How could he when his remote was destroyed?

    • Cyborg uses a communicator, even though the communicator is built into his arm (see the episodes "X" and "Divide and Conquer").

    • Robin mentions Kid Flash, even though he never met him or gave him a communicator in any of the episodes we saw.

    • When Johnny Rancid and Cinderblock are shown attacking Mas Y Menos, Johnny Rancid goes from being in his human form to the form he took in the episode "Fractured." How is that possible if he no longer has Larry the Titan's powers anymore?

    • At one point in the episode, before the Titans split up, Cyborg's front is missing the gray armor, namely the hatch secluding his powercell.

    • In one scene, it shows Thunder and Lightning with a communicator, but Robin never gave them one in "Forces of Nature" and he hasn't seen them since to do so.

    • Why doesn't Beast Boy fly up the mountain as a bird instead of exhausting himself climbing?

      Response: He probably would have exhausted himself even more by flying by either slowly hovering with his wings till he reaches the top or spiraling around the mountain to reach the top, those being the only two ways he could have made it with wings.

    • Where is the Doom Patrol? They are the whole reason the Titans are in this mess, and this is their arch foe. So where are they?

    • When Beast Boy attacks Kardiak, he becomes a giant squid. How did he get up into the air to attack Kardiak like that?

    • Why wasn't Argent flying the first time she started getting chased by the droids?

    • Neither Kitten nor Killer Moth were familiar with what mutated Silkie in "Can I Keep Him?," so how did they mutate the moth Kitten was on?

    • When Brain is talking about his pieces being in place, it shows Kardiak, but he has no tubes.

    • When they show a picture of Aqualad swimming through the water, the back of his eyes are white with black pupils, when it should be white pupils and black in the back.

  • Quotes

    • Robin: Calling all Titans, this is a test of our communications system. Is everyone ready?
      Kole: We're ready in the north.
      Gnarrk: Gnarrk!
      Pantha: And in the south.
      Mas: Estamos en el oeste.
      (Mas Y Menos run to Titans East Tower)
      Menos: Y el este!

    • Beast Boy: I told Robin we shouldn't separate, but he sent me up here and I just climbed up this big mountain and so here's your stupid communicator, and if bad guys come, you know what to do. (Passes out on the ground)

    • Beast Boy: Great idea, Robin, giving communicators to everyone. Could this Jericho guy live any farther away?

    • Robin: Beast Boy, we're heading home.
      Beast Boy: WAHOO! Race you to the meeting point!

    • Monsieur Mallah: We can no longer follow the Titans every move.
      Brain: We no longer need to.

    • Robin: Madame Rouge, I thought Hotspot took care of you.
      Madame Rouge: You thought wrong.

    • Argent: (About the communicator) It sort of clashes with my outfit. Does this come in black?

    • Robin: The Brotherhood of Evil will be defeated.
      Brain: No, Robin, it is you who has been defeated. I have captured the king. Your pawns cannot save you. You have lost.

    • Starfire: You are Argent?
      Argent: Who wants to know?
      Starfire: Starfire of Tamaran.

    • Beast Boy: I told Robin we shouldn't have split up!

    • Cyborg: (To Pantha, who is busy wrestling) Hi, my name is Cyborg and I came here to... (Is tagged by the wrestler that Pantha beat up, and Pantha throws him across the ring) Wooooooooaah!

    • Robin: Calling all Titans!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kitten With a Whip: Reference
      This is an allusion mostly from the movie, Catwoman.

    • Game of Chess: King and Queen
      While picking off each Titan, a white chess piece is knocked off. All the black pieces surround the white king. The black pieces represent the Brotherhood of Evil and the king most likely represents Robin, as he is the leader and the last to be attacked. When Starfire is attacked second to last (Robin being last), the queen is knocked off. King and Queen? Possible Robin/Starfire pairing symbolism.

    • Kilowatt: Appearance
      Kilowatt's blue skin and thunder streaks resemble classic Japanese superhero Inazuman.

    • Punk Rocket: Guitar
      Allusion to Haru-Haruko from FLCL and her ever so magic guitar.

    • Johnny Rancid: Braking
      Johnny Rancid's skidding stop along the highway is taken from the classic anime movie Akira.

    • Bushido: Upppercut Punch
      When Bushido did an uppercut punch to Katarou, it looked like how Ken does it in Street Fighter.

    • Herald: Dimension
      The dimension where Raven meets Herald looks almost identical to the one where Mordred sent all the adults in the JLU episode "Kid's Stuff."

    • Madame Rouge: Reforming
      Madame Rouge reforming sort of has a reference to The Terminator.

    • Kitten With A Whip
      Kitten now has a whip - an obscure reference to the 1964 movie Kitten With a Whip starring Ann-Margaret and John Forsythe, and immortalized on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    • Brain: Shall we play a game?
      Referencing the oft-repeated line spoken by the computer Joshua in the 1983 movie WarGames.

    • Control Freak: Monsters
      We see control Freak bring in monster from "Episode 257-494." They were the Creature from Jones Lake, the Offworld Outlaw, Baron Ryang, and 7-Gorn-7.

    • Titans: Ambush Montage
      When the Brotherhood of Evil attacks all the Titans, it seems exactly like the fall of the Jedi in Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith; it is a montage, the background music is sad, and different groups of villains attack in different areas of the world.