Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 13

Car Trouble

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Nov 11, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Cyborg has just finished building the vehicle of his dreams: the T-Car! After a brawl with the electrical menace Overload at an electronics superstore, the Titans emerge to find the T-Car gone! A wild adventure unfolds as the T-Car changes hands from bad guy to worse guy... with Cyborg racing all over town, trying to catch up.moreless

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  • Eh, nothing special at all.

    Cyborg builds a car, car gets stolen twice, then possessed and he ends up destroying it, then building a new one. That's it. It wasn't funny, I hated Gizmo who was really annoying. Overload was just there so Cyborg would have no choice but to wreck his own car. And Cyborg, as cool as he is designed, is just not interesting enough to carry an entire episode by himself, unless it has great action like in "Only Human". Luckily Raven shows up in the third act, but she doesn't do much. So what worked? I loved the brief moment with Starfire pushing the buttons in the car like crazy, starting the windshield wipers exclaiming "They're dancing". I loved that, the brief battle with Overload was mildly entertaining I guess. The final car chase was...okay. I just can't find anything to truly recommend it, ultimately this is one boring episode with little to offer. It is watchable, but nothing more.moreless
  • Cyborg builds a new car and someone steals it.

    The episode starts out with Cyborg building the car and the other four Titans come. Raven is bored to death and the other three Titans are interested. They get an alert and they decide to go in the T-Car. They go to Cook's Electronice Store and a villain called Overload is causing havoc. But Cyborg is staying outside and these two people named Sammy and Cash come. Raven pulls Cyborg and takes him to the battle, and Sammy and Cash get an idea. Meanwhile, the Titans are fighting Overload and they find his weakness, water. They go outside and find nothing in the parking lot. He finds out that his car was stolen and he decides to go look for it. He then finds a person and they tell him where Sammy and Cash went. Meanwhile, they are racing and they race against this car. They win but soon discover that Gizmo is in the car. Gizmo steals the car and Cyborg comes and finds Sammy and Cash. Cyborg eventually finds out Gizmo stole it and decides to find him. He catches up and Gizmo doesn't want to give it up. They go to different places and Cyborg falls off bridge. He is at the diner and Raven comes up and tells that the other three Titans went across the city to find his car. They soon find Gizmo and Sammy and Cash escaped but Raven caught them. Raven and Cyborg 'borrow' their car and chase after Gizmo. They eventually stop him and Overload takes over the car. Cyborg destroys it and Overload, Gizmo, Sammy, and Cash go to jail. Later, Raven and Cyborg build a new car and after they are done, Raven gives Cyborg a big smile. Overall, a really, really, good episode. It was also very funny.moreless
  • Cyborg finally built the T-Car, his dream vehicle. However, it gets stolen by worse criminals each time.

    Okay, my conclusion: Cyborg episodes are... indescribable. They lack in substance, are too mechanical for the enjoyment of mankind- those who are not cyborgs, that is. Car Trouble narrates an adventure of a mechanic wanting his car back. I know it shows the human side of him and all, but it makes me feel like withering. For goodness' sake make a good show out of Cyborg please! We can see how he saves the technological world or something, just nothing to do with his humanity, ever! I sometimes forget he's an extraordinary robot boy, his episodes are so mediocre and feeble.moreless
  • A bit weird, considering "The sum of his parts" was the episode you should watch before it.

    PLOT IN SHORT: Cyborg builts a car from scratch and in extremely proud of it. No wonder that after it gets stolen, he's obsessed with finding it. The journey will deffinately be long and not an easy one, but it'll help the "man of steel" learn a thing or two...

    I'm a bit confused by this episode... I mean, after watching "The sum of his parts" which clearly stated that Cyborg valued his human side more then the iron one, he goes crazy about losing (not even this much really) some of his metal side.

    Cy fans can treat this episode as one showing his view about the non-organic parts of his body, but the real story is about how people can get attached to things they put a lot of work into and how important they can become.

    This episode gives a quite interesting lesson (the issue is rarely mentioned in other TV shows I've watched) however except that I find this one a little bellow other.

    I still enjoyed watching it though.moreless

    Till now, this is the worst episode of Teen Titans! I mean, what does a car have to do with kicking the villains butt? And I think I almost fell asleep! Really, really bad Titans! I got to like the series more when I saw the Aprentice 1, and 2! That is Teen Titans! But how can this be a season finale? And I really didn't get it. It was about Cyborg recovering his new car, who was stole by some street punks, and then by Gizmo. And there, I got lost. I hope that the next Titans episode is way better than this one!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Originally, the villain Ding Dong Daddy was suppose to be the one who stole Cyborg's car before Gizmo. But for unknown reasons, he was replaced by two delinquents named Sammy and Cash to steal Cyborg's car.

    • When Raven appears in the electonic store, her outfit looks sky blue till she leaves then it changes.

    • Raven could have used her magic to stop the T-Car that Gizmo was driving.

    • When Cyborg tries to "buff out" the scratch on the side of the T-Car after Gizmo gets it scratched, the passenger-side mirror broke off, but later reappears on the T-Car. Also, the scratch is gone -- even before Overload rejuvinated the car.

    • Gizmo ejects from the car in a vertical ejection seat without making any sort of hole in the roof.

    • Raven states that she moves objects by putting her soul into them. In "Switched," when she changed bodies with Starfire, her powers stayed with her body.

    • If the T-Car is connected to Cyborg's system, shouldn't he be able to remotely control it?

    • When they finally crash with the Prison Transport van, Overload releases, but the Transport in fact is going to the city (remember that Raven and Cyborg come in the other way after they leave the city chasing Gizmo). The point is, if the other Titans just delivered Overload to the authorities at the city, why is he being transported back to it? If you are carrying a prisoner through a road, should be because the prison is not in the same place you catched him.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Overload: Only way to stop Overload is to destroy your precious car!
      Cyborg: It is not my car anymore... (Blows up the T-Car)

    • Sammy & Cash: But then we totally escaped before the cops showed up!
      (They are suddenly surrounded by Raven's forcefield)
      Raven: Escape from THAT before the cops show up...

    • Cyborg: I'll take you to any place you want to go!
      Beast Boy: The beach!
      Robin: The movies!
      Starfire: The swamp moons of Drentax IV.
      (All the others faint)
      Starfire: (Blushing) He said any place...

    • Beast Boy: (About the T-Car) Sweet!
      Robin: Nice!
      Starfire: It sings!
      (Raven's head appears in front)
      Raven: Can we go now?

    • Cyborg: (With incredible joy) It is my great pleasure to present for the first time anywhere, the thing you've all been waiting for, my coolest, hottest, fastest creation...
      Raven: (apathetically) Just get on with it...
      Cyborg: I give you the future of Titans transportation, the one, the only: T-CAR!!!

    • Raven: (Looks at Cyborg, milkshakes around him) Fourteen milkshakes. Not a good sign.
      Cyborg: What are you doing here?
      Raven: Looking for your car. Soon as we turned in Overload to the police, we all split up to search the city.
      Cyborg: Might as well stop looking. T-Car's probably halfway to Metropolis now... From the day I designed her, I knew she was gonna be special. And I work so hard. Every fuel injector, every spark plug. I made her perfect. I put my heart, my soul, and my circuits to this car. And now she's gone forever. Maybe you're right. Maybe it was just a car.
      Raven: Maybe, maybe not. When I use my powers, I have to put a little soul of me. That's kinda what happened here. It wasn't just a car, it was your... "baby."
      Cyborg: Yeah. Thanks, Rae.
      Raven: And, right now, someone's eating curly french fries in your baby.
      Cyborg: (Looks at Gizmo in his car) He'll get ketchup on the seats!

    • Cyborg: You lost my car... My car lost in a race?!
      Thief: Oh, no, don't worry, man. The car won; the thing handles like a dream!
      Cyborg: Really? How did she handle the corners, 'cause, you know, I've been working on the suspension... Don't try to distract me!

    • (Sammy laughs)
      Cash: You got busted.
      Gizmo: So did YOU, you brainless stinkbombs!

    • Starfire: (messes with the controls and hits the Windshield Wiper button) Look, they are dancing!

    • Cyborg: Drumroll, please. (Beast Boy turns into a lemur and starts banging his belly) Ladies and gentlemen, and whatever Beast Boy is...
      Beast Boy: (Changes back) Hey, Cyborg, you want a drumroll or not?

    • Cyborg: (After the T-Car has been stolen) My wheel lock! My car alarm! MY BABY! Somebody stole my baby!

    • Cyborg: (To Beast Boy, who is leaning out of the window as a dog, and slobbering all over the place) YO! I know you're not drooling on my paint job!
      Beast Boy: (Changes back to normal, but still has a long strand of slobber on his face) Heh... my bad..

    • Raven: (In the back of the T-car) Are we there yet?
      Cyborg: (Annoyed) NO!

    • Cyborg: Pull over!
      Gizmo: Make me, robo-wimp!

    • Sammy: Dude! That is phat!
      Cash: Sweet ride... she yours?
      Cyborg: (Proudly) Built her with my own two hands using the finest parts and cutting-edge techno - (Raven grabs him by the ear and drags him away)
      Raven: Boys...

    • (After Cyborg realizes his car has been stolen)
      Starfire: I understand your pain, Cyborg. When I was small, my favorite Zarnik was eaten by a rampaging Gloorg. Believe me, after your Zarnik has been inside a Gloorg, you do not want it back.

    • Overload: (After the T-Car blows up) Overload... Overloaded...

    • Cyborg: Boo ya! Check out my baby's Proton Cannon! (Raven glares at him) Er... I mean... Oh, no!

    • (Cyborg is sobbing on the ground)
      Cyborg: My car wasn't eaten, it was stolen!
      Beast Boy: Hey, look on the bright side, at least it wasn't my fault.
      Robin: Not helping.

    • Cyborg: (To Gizmo) Are you even old enough to drive?

    • Cyborg: Fuzzy dice? Aww, now that's just tacky.

    • Cyborg: (To Gizmo) Get your tiny butt 'outta my car!

    • Cyborg: I SAID PULL OVER!!!
      Gizmo: Hey! Let me go, you fart-smelling hairball!
      (Gizmo breaks wind in Cyborg's face)
      Raven: Okay, making it REALLY hard to concentrate.

  • NOTES (23)


    • Cook's Electronic
      When fighting Overload above the shop he was robbing was a sign that says Cook's Electronic. This is an allusion to Fry's Electronic.

    • Tail Light: After Images
      The tail lights show an after image trail on a few shots, specifically when its first stolen. This is similar to the tail lights of the motorcycles on the movie Akira.

    • Music
      The music which can be heard when Cyborg repairs the T-Car in the beginning and in the end, is the same which can be heard in Justice League episode "Eclipsed (1)" after Flash confronts the talk show host, Glorious Godfrey.

    • T-Car: Cliff Chase
      The race between the T-Car and Cyborg on the cliffs closely resembles (occasionally, shot for shot) the car chase at the beginning of the movie, The Castle of Cagliostro. Particular moments include when the convertible Cyborg is driving being attacked by the Proton Cannon, which mirrors shot for shot when Lupin and Jigen have grenades thrown at them, and when Cyborg's convertible drives straight up the cliff.

    • Cyborg: Fuzzy dice? Aww, now that's just tacky.
      The pair of dice hanging from the rearview mirror was made popular in George Lucas' film, American Graffiti. It has since been copied in many shows, including this episode.

    • Cyborg: T-Car's probably halfway to Metropolis by now.
      Metropolis happens to be the name of the city where Superman lives. Cyborg also mentioned Gotham City in "Final Exam," as did Terra in "Betrayal." As this city is the D.C. comics equivalent of a day time New York (Gotham being the night time equivalent), it would be well known throughout the D.C. comics universe.

    • T-Car: Appearance
      When the T-Car has the flames painted on, it looks a lot like Wayne's car from the movie, Wayne's World.