Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 6

Date With Destiny

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Feb 14, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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A creepy criminal known as Killer Moth threatens to destroy the city with a flying army of mutant moths, unless Robin agrees to take his spoiled-rotten teenage daughter, Kitten, to her junior prom. So while the other Titans are scouring the city in search of Moth's secret hideout, a reluctant Robin has no choice but to go along with the villain's bizarre demand.


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  • Great episode: funny, romantic, interesting,AND exciting!

    This episode has a reasonable amount of action, like most of the other episodes, but the focus is not as much on the action as it is on the development of a few characters by playing with their emotions. An interesting villain, Killer Moth, and his bratty daughter are used to reveal the romantic relationship between Robin and Starfire, as Robin has to take Killer Moths daughter to the prom against his will, which makes Starfire extremely jealous. There is also a dance they share at the end that hints that the feelings are mutual. The rest of the episode also has a fair deal of suspense, with the threat to destroy the city from Killer Moth at the center of the excitement.

    All in all this episode pulls strings on different aspects of the show to provide an entertaining half hour for all types of Teen Titans fans.moreless
  • Brilliant concept that delivers a funny and interesting episode.

    The pre-intro opening is genius. Killer Moth the dad to a bratty teenage girl? The episode is off to a great start. When it becomes apparent what it's going to be about, you know it's going to be good. Then after the intro we are introduced to the villain Fang, now, Teen Titans have it's fair share of lame villains, Fang is not one of them, the design is fantastic. But here comes my biggest quibble with the episode, the chase lasts way too long, it's superbly animated and everything, but they could've cut it down a fair bit.

    Starfire steals the show as we see her in various fits of jealousy, the anime style is perfect for this and there are big laughs to be had. It could've been repetitive but the expressions are more over the top than the last and it works out great. But...when Kitten says, or rather shouts "Not at all like my worthless exboyfriend Fang!" Look out, it's got to be the ugliest use of the anime style I've seen so far on the show, but it's only for a couple of seconds, then we're back to the same high quality and great fun. This show can boast of having several fantastic guest voice actors, Thomas Haden Church is brilliant as Killer Moth. Some have complained that we didn't get to see the dance between Robin and Starfire, this didn't bother me, the episode had enough dancing already.

    "Date with Destiny" is a prime example of why I watch Teen Titans, it's a lot of fun, and the action scenes are excellent.moreless
  • This is my review of "Date With Destiny"

    This episode involves a villain called Killer Moth who threatens to release his army of mutated moths in an attack on the city unless Robin takes his bratty daughter Kitten to her prom. Of course, this is really just her trying to get back at her original boyfriend, a guy by the name of Fang, who is a jewel thief with the head of a spider. The other Titans are sent to investigate further to find the location of the moths. However, Starfire decides to investigate Kitten throughly at the prom. She forces Robin to dance with her and Starfire predictably freaks out. And then when Kitten asks Robin to kiss her, Starfire REALLY freaks out. He tells her that he will not because the other Titans had found her father and he is being taken down as they speak. In anger, she pushes the button on the controller, which releases the moths. Luckily, the other Titans block the exits. However, then Fang shows up and gives Kitten a bunch of jewelry that he of course stole. A fight then breaks out between the boys. Then the girls get into a fight. After what seems like forever, she loses the controller and Robin crushes it, turning the moths back into larva. Then the police come and arrest them both. When they get in the police vehicle, they find that Killer Moth is in there already in a case. By now, all five of the Teen Titans are on the yacht. All of a sudden, spotlights circle around Robin and Starfire, and the announcer declares them the king and queen of the prom. (In response to some other members on this site who think that this ending is impossible, this probably happened because either the prom committee decided that they should win by default for saving the day or they had a second election on land after the ship had been evacuated) Of course, Robin and Starfire then dance together. Personally, I think that this episode had a great ending and anyone who believes that Robin and Starfire should make a great couple (and there are many fans of the show that believe this) will definently get their money's worth. Personally, I think that the network should start reairing this every Valentine's Day. I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.moreless
  • Great eample of why I watch Teen Titans.

    I love this episode because it was filled with Robin and Starfire. They were the couple every one wanted to get together and this was one of the first episodes anything happened with them. The things the other characters say (that aren't at the dance) are hilarious. My favorite part was when star and kitten were fighting and kitten dunked star's head in the punch, and then Kitten got kicked in the cake and she totally flipped out. Then what star's face looked like when she came out of the punch was priceless. Over all this is my favorite Teen Titan episode ever.moreless
  • An enjoyable episode with a really neat and original concept.

    I have to admit, the idea of a villian having a normal, spoiled brat daughter who he even puts his city-domination plans aside for is a very interesting and original idea. (And Kudos for the great re-design on Kill Moth's overall look.) It's this story line alone that really steals the show for this episode (though I'm not saying the other Titan's attempt stop Kill Moth wasn't entertaining). I especally enjoyed how Starfire totally misses the point of a prom (thinking it's some kind of battle) and agrees for Robin to take Kitten to one. Overall, I liked the mix of humor, goofy moments, and action and it was really nice to see Robin and Starfire to dance at the end.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Starfire uses the eyebeams, which she claims she gets in the next episode, "Transformation." How could she use them now?

    • Starfire wore a pink sleeveless dress with no shoulder pads at the dance, but at the end of the dance, she's in her original costume and her top HAS shoulder pads.

    • As shown earlier, the mutant moths could eat through solid steel and wire. Why couldn't they eat through or rip off the things blocking off the basement?

    • How could Robin and Starfire have become Prom King and Queen if they don't even attend the school? Plus, everyone evacuated the boat (except for the two who were paralyzed by Fang's venom), so how could anyone have voted for them in the first place?

    • When the Titans are blocking the vents, Beast Boy turns into a jellyfish to block a vent, but then he goes back to the group. Couldn't the moths have escaped?

    • When Robin tears off his black suit, his gloves magically appear on his hands. He doesn't wear his gloves with the suit.

    • Whenever Starfire dives for Robin when he just got zapped by Fang's venom, Starfire's metal band is on the wrong arm.

    • When Killer Moth goes up to check on Kitten, the entrance to the basement is just an average door. When the Titans go in, however, it is a secret passage through the floor.

    • When Starfire gives Robin his flower, it is white, but sometimes during the episode it looks pink.

    • Why was Raven riding in the car with Cyborg when the Titans were chasing Fang if she can fly?

    • After Starfire throws her glove on the floor after slapping Kitten, it reappears on her arm without her putting it back on. Not only that, but there is a glove still on her arm even while she is slapping Kitten with it. Also, the gloves she wears do not have a glove end with fingers, but when she pulls the glove off, if you look closely it has a hand coming out of it the color of Starfire's skin, and leaves a hand-shaped mark on Kitten's face, even though Kitten is only on the screen, and slapping it with anything shouldn't have affected her at all. This entire thing makes even less sense than the chess game between Raven and Cyborg in "Overdrive."

    • When Starfire is holding Robin upside down, and Robin see's how the team is doing, his communicator is the wrong colors. The T is black and the outside is yellow. (It's supposed to be a white T with a black background and a yellow outline.)

    • Right before Starfire hit the limo, the car next to her was red, and the car far in front of her was the pink limo, but when she hit the car to her right, it was the pink limo.

    • When Kitten was on the screen next to Killer Moth, she was almost kissing the screen, however, when Starfire flew up and smacked Kitten, Kitten had red lipstick while she was puckering. The same thing happened when Kitten was about to kiss Robin.

    • When Starfire flew up and said, "'This Prom' is some manner of duel, yes?," and slapped Kitten, she took off her metal around her forearm like a glove, and it had an orange hand on it where her real hand usually is, but when Robin picked up her metal and said it was a date, it didn't have a hand on it, just the metal.

    • When Beast Boy screams after running into the pull chain for the light in the basement, Cyborg's robotic eye develops a pupil.

    • In the basement, when Beast Boy turns into a jellyfish, he changes color. He's not supposed to change color when he transforms, except for black markings on some of his forms. Why is he teal as a jellyfish?

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Robin: (about the date) I have to do it.
      Starfire: What?! (her boots fall and then rise again, as Robin's hair is messed up)
      Robin: It's the only way that we can track down Killer Moth.
      Starfire: But, but, but? (follows Robin)
      Robin: I have to do it, Star, no matter how much I don't want to. (closet door opens) And I really don't want to.

    • Robin: (to the two frozen teenagers being wheeled away) Okay, well, sorry we pretty much ruined your prom.
      Boy: Are you kidding? This was the best prom ever!
      Girl: Even if I still can't move my legs!
      Robin: Yeah, that'll wear off. (he and Starfire wave to them as they are being wheeled off)
      Man on Intercom: (spotlights circle around them, and they get in their battle positions) And now the moment you've all been waiting for. The king and queen of this year's prom are...Robin & Starfire! (as the spotlights stop on them, much to their surprise)
      Robin: I guess one more dance wouldn't kill me. (he then takes Starfire's hand and they go dance together)

    • Killer Moth: (Wrapping up evil monologue) ... Soon the city will bow before its new master, Killer Moth!
      Kitten: Daddy, DADDY!

    • Robin: (about Kitten) Start your search with her.
      Raven: Who is she?
      Starfire: She is a Glempork not worthy of Robin's time!
      Robin: (turns back to screen) Name's Kitten. She's got some kind of connection to Killer Moth. Find the connection, and I bet you'll find him.

    • Kitten: Fangie-poo, you really do care!
      Fang: Let's never fight again, baby! (Fang holds up some jewels)
      Kitten: Oh, Fang! (They kiss)
      Robin: You know, you two make a really bad couple.

    • Beast Boy: (After Fang spits spider webbing at him that pins him to a wall) Super loogie! Eeeurgh!

    • Beast Boy: (About Fang) He's got a spider for a head. Not like he's gonna be hard to find.

    • Starfire: (Eyes flaring) Kitten is a manipulative Zorblark who does not deserve Robin's attention!
      Robin: Starfire will join you on the search.
      Starfire: Hmph!
      Cyborg: And you?
      Robin: I can't... I have a date (Beast Boy, Raven, & Cyborg look puzzled)

    • Starfire: (At the Tower; Robin is frozen by Fang's poison thing; Starfire just put Robin upside down and cracked him) Are you feeling better?
      Robin: Much, thanks.
      Starfire: (Smiles) I welcome you.

    • Kitten: (Yelling) You're going to pay for this, Robbie-poo! You're going to pay!
      Cyborg: So, no second date?

    • Robin: (Vertical shot of Starfire in her Prom dress) Starfire?
      Starfire: In such occasion, I believe it is costumary to wear a dead plant? (Places white rose on Robin's tuxedo)

    • Kitten: Would it kill you to smile? (Robin tries to smile)
      Robin: Maybe.

    • Fang: (To Robin) Keep your hands of my girl! (Kicks Robin)
      Starfire: (Throws a starbolt) Keep your legs off my boy! Feeling better, Robin?
      Robin: (Tearing his tuxedo off) Best I've felt all day!

    • Kitten: From now on, this is going to be our song.
      Robin: (Desperately, to Cyborg) Please tell me you've found Killer Moth.

    • Kitten: (To Starfire, yelling) You ruined my dress!

    • Beast Boy: (About Killer Moth) For a weirdo who lives in his basement, this guy is pretty tough.

    • Cyborg: Not yet, but we tracked down your girlfriend's address.
      Robin: SHE'S NOT MY -

    • Kitten: (Robin & Fang are fighting) Isn't this romantic? They're fighting over me!
      Starfire: They are NOT fighting over YOU!! (Kitten & Starfire start fighting)

    • Kitten: And I don't want just anyone, daddy. I want someone handsome and totally cool. Someone who will drive Fang wild with jealousy. I WANT... (Shot of Robin)

    • Kitten: Kiss me...
      Robin: Sorry. I don't like you that way. Matter of fact, I just don't like you.
      Starfire: Yes!
      Kitten: What?!?!?!?!?!
      Robin: Killer Moth's being taken down as we speak. We're done here. (Begins to leave)
      : No, we are not! Daddy's not calling the shots tonight, Robbie-poo. I am!
      Robin: Daddy?
      Kitten: And unless you want me to let those nasty bugs out for a midnight snack, then you better pucker up! (Kitten tries to kiss Robin, but he blocks it with his finger)
      Robin: Not even if you paid me!

    • Robin: Consider yourself dumped!
      (Steps on control for the giant moths' control)
      Kitten: NOOOOO!!!!

    • Starfire: Besides, you may require saving. This Kitten is perhaps some form of ooze monster in disguise. She certainly is ugly like a monster, yes?

    • Kitten: Come on, Robbie-poo. You've never ever danced before?
      Robin: Tried it once, didn't like it.
      Kitten: Fine, then I can have the whole city destroyed, or we can skip straight to the kissing.
      : Wanna dance?

    • Beast Boy: You know, now that nobody's making them on mutating, these little guys might actually make good pets.
      Raven: Don't even think about it.

    • Kitten: (A pink limo arrives at the prom, Kitten steps out) Yoo-hoo! Robbie-poo! Your Kitten has arrived! Meow!
      Robin: On second thought, maybe I will need saving.

    • Killer Moth: Unless you want your city reduced to a moth eaten waste land, you will do exactly as I say.
      Robin: What do you want?
      Killer Moth: My demands are simple, the city will declare me as ruler, the Teen Titans will surrender, and Robin... will take this lovely, young lady to her junior prom.
      Kitten: Hi, Robbie-poo! (Robin stares at Kitten in disbelief)
      Robin: Um... What was that last part again?
      Starfire: Robin, who is the girl? And why does she call you "poo"? (Robin starts to crumble to pieces)

    • Killer Moth: Her name is Kitten, and you will take her to Prom!
      Starfire: (Slapping Kitten) This PROM is some manner of duel, yes? If so, Robin eagerly accepts!
      Robin: It's not a duel, Star. It's a date.
      Starfire: (Gasps) Robin DOES NOT accept! Do you hear? ROBIN DOES NOT ACCEPT!

  • NOTES (17)