Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 8

Deep Six

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 13, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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When a mysterious amphibious villain called Trident makes off with a boatload of dangerous toxic waste, the Titans hop into the T-Sub to put a stop to his scheme. Beast Boy is stoked to morph into all kinds of cool undersea creatures, but unfortunately for Beast Boy, another big hero shows up to steal the spotlight: Aqualad. A fierce (and funny) rivalry quickly grows between the two heroes.


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  • Holy smokes. This is one bad episode.

    Well, no shows are perfect, Teen Titans is no exception. Yes, this show has it's fair share of bad episodes, and this is among the absolute worst, I would probably rank it second worst, behind "Transformation". But wait, I ranked "Things Change" even lower than this one, yeah, as a single episode "Things Change" is better, but I gave it a 1 because it completely failed as a series finale.

    Anyway, back to this episode, "Deep Six", the introduction of Aqualad, and it's a bad one. The episode does try to convey him as an awesome hero, naturally, it is his introduction, but they go too far with this by having Starfire AND Raven swooning over him. This really annoyed me, and was utterly pointless, going against character for a cheap laugh, that wasn't funny. Aqualad has cool powers, but he's such a boring character in this one. His constant bickering with Beast Boy was annoying, speaking of which, Beast Boy was obnoxious, his complaining and jealousy got tiresome real quick.

    The villain, Trident, what can I say? He is dull as heck, the only thing he has going for him is the voice of Clancy Brown. Gee, clones you say? I wonder, will they try to trick the clones into fighting each oth...and they did. Predictable, the whole episode is predictable. Beast Boy and Aqualad can't stand each other, by the end of the episode they've become friends. And can you believe it? They did the Starfire and Raven swooning gag AGAIN, at the end. Some episodes can be saved just by having awesome action and creative fight scenes, here it's just nothing special. Ugh, this is one episode I will most likely only watch once.moreless
  • Nothing makes your day better than Beast Boy's antics!

    So it's obvious that season 1 of Teen Titans has many fillers and not-so-important happenings, (some that were just plain not-so-good). I can't say that I liked this episode, but it's grown on me a bit after watching it a couple more times. The Titans team up with underwater hottie (at least, that's the case in the female Titans' eyes), Aqualad, who go on a deep sea adventure to stop an evil fishy named Trident. Animation, wasn't SD, just very poorly done. Storyline, not one that I'm crazy about, in fact, the first time I saw it, I was very bored of it mid-way. Luckily, what saved it was Beast Boy and his humor/jealousy (ironic how Beast Boy is funny when he tries not to be!) I'm glad that they made Beast Boy be able to have lines in his squiddy state (since squids, or any other animal for that matter, can't talk). Criticisms: Why is the episode called 'Deep Six'? It should be called 'Deep Seven'! Tramm was there, he was the one who fixed the T-sub, otherwise the Titans would've been stuck living beneath the surface! Why is it that both Starfire AND RAVEN get hooked onto Aqualad's looks and charm? She really doesn't strike me as theperson to get 'crush hearts' in her eyes with Starfire! And, most importantly, why DOESN'T Robin get jealous over Starfire's crush??? Now THAT would've made for a great episode: Robin AND Beast Boy being jealous of Aqualad... though it would've taken away from the 'great' storyline. All and all, what really makes up for this is Aqualad's voicer, Wil Wheaton! Thanks for saving the worst episode of the season!moreless
  • An entire episode underwater.

    This episode was a whole lot better than I thought it would be but it still could have been better. Trident was a cool villain but he wasn't so exciting. Beast Boy tries to prove his worth in this episode and it becomes really annoying after a while. Raven and Starfire are all googly eyed over Aqualad. Yes, Raven, I couldn't believe it either. This episode was very weak in action because most other episodes had tons of action. When Trident was about to hatch thousands of himself, I thought there was gonna be a big climax, but it was just okay. This is a low episode of the season but it was still really good.moreless
  • Raven so did NOT have a crush on that guy. Other than that it was ok I guess.

    Ok so at the beggining the titans are hunting down this guy named Trident. They go under water only to get sunken down. A guy named Aqualad comes and saves them, making Beast Boy jealous. So the titans have to stay and help with repairs while Aqualad and Beast Boy go hunt Trident down. At first they are losing because of the fact that they had no teamwork. Then when they do have the power of teamwork, they figure out that the original Trident has been making a lot of clones of himself. They defeat all of them with the newly repaired T-Ship. So it was an almost good episode because Raven had a "crush" on Aqualad. I support Beast Boy and Raven. Do the math.moreless
  • This is the worst ep. of this show...

    It has so huge crime-list, i don't know, where to begin:

    -the worst pre-title sequence

    -the most annoying, and weak villain

    -lame dialogues, only one good joke

    -Really out of the character of TT show: just an example: Raven as a drooling teenager????!!!! sic!

    -The worst fighting-scenes of all time...

    -No real story or excitement

    -and so on...

    I think it has only one good move: it is the first ep. with Aqualad, who is a really sympathetic character in the comics. He is one of the original Titans too. But this is not enough, to save the day. Compare to other TT episodes this one is a shame. Sorry if i have faults, my english isnt perfect... :-)moreless
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