Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 8

Deep Six

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 13, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • How does Raven know about Atlantis?

    • What were the other Titans doing when Aqualad and Beast Boy went to hunt down Trident?

    • Even if the Titans sealed the Tridents' cave in, couldn't they still come out the way Aqualad and Beast Boy came in?

    • Aqualad wasn't moving his limbs at one point while underwater, so how was he moving?

    • When Beast Boy and Aqualad get the Trident copies to beat up themselves, the clock is stuck at 0:04, but when they turn around after the Tridents knocked each other out, the clock goes back to counting down.

    • When the Titans huddle up after Aqualad saves them, Starfire's metal band is missing yet again.

    • After the Titans (using the T-Sub) seal up the place where Trident was, and Starfire says victory, and has her hand and arm up with a peace sign, she's missing her metal band!

    • There several occassions where Beast Boy transforms into a great white or mako shark and stops swimming. Being heavier than water, both great whites and makos must keep swimming, otherwise, they will sink and drown. This should have happened to Beast Boy.

    • In later episodes, such as "Titans East," Aqualad is shown to be able to control water. This would have come in mighty handy here and in "Wavelength."

      Maybe he didn't learn that power until "Titans East"

    • Why doesn't Raven use her powers to levitate the T-Sub?

    • The Titans agree that there is no way for them to get back above water without the T-Sub, but there is. If Cyborg were to shut down and Starfire hold her breath, then Raven could have made a shadow bubble around herself, Robin, and the two mentioned before. Beast Boy could have turned into any animal and swum up.

    • In "Switched," Raven said her powers were driven by her emotions. So, why didn't stuff blow up or something when she was all ga-ga over Aqualad?

  • Quotes

    • Beast Boy: (To the dozens of Trident clones) So, if you are all perfect, which one of you is the best?
      Tridents: (simultaneously) I am!

    • Aqualad: What is your problem? We are supposed to be on the same side, but you treat me like an enemy!
      Beast Boy: I don't need you on my side! This was my mission until you showed up!

    • Aqualad: (About Trident) He already gained some kinda new power! It is like he can be everywhere he wants.
      Raven: Noticed that...

    • Starfire: (About the sea creatures) Wondrous!
      Beast Boy: If you think they are cool, wait till you see me out there kicking butt!

    • Captain: Who... what are you?
      Trident: I am excellence! I am perfection! I am Trident!

    • Robin: (Sealing the cave with the seismic blasters) Yes!
      Raven: Cool!
      Starfire: Victory!
      Cyborg: Boo-yah!

    • (The Titans are in the T-Sub ready for take off)
      Robin: Main power, online.
      Starfire: Oxygen tanks at maximum.
      Raven: Defense systems, active.
      Cyborg: Twin turbo hyper-jet engines, purrin' like a kitten.
      Beast Boy: And your secret weapon is ready to rock.
      Cyborg: (To Beast Boy) The only time you're a secret weapon is after eatin' a tofu bean burrito.

    • Beast Boy: Uh, hi!
      Trident: Keep your thoughts to yourself, worthless scum!

    • Beast Boy: (To Trident) How many of those fork-thingys do you HAVE?

    • Raven: We're at the bottom of the ocean.
      Cyborg: Our sub is swiss cheese.
      Starfire: And we do not breathe water.
      Robin: We'll take any help you can give us.

    • (Beast Boy is getting ready to go out of the sub and turn into a sea animal)
      Beast Boy: I was born ready. Time to do what I do best. Promise not to get jealous.
      (Beast Boy goes out and turns into a whale)
      Raven: He just put on 300,000 pounds. (Sarcastically) I am so jealous.

    • Aqualad: Where were you?
      Beast Boy: Where was I? I was fighting Trident! ALL BY MYSELF!!!

    • Beast Boy: Man, you're the best!
      Aqualad: No, you're the best!
      Beast Boy: Yeah, you're right, and if you ever want me to prove it I'm always up for a race.
      Aqualad: Just try to keep up.

    • Aqualad: I usually work alone
      Beast Boy: Me, too.
      Aqualad: No, you don't! You're part of a team!
      Beast Boy: And you hang out with Tram the Fish-Boy! What's your point?

    • Aqualad: Bye, Raven, Starfire.
      Raven: It was nice meeting you.
      Starfire: Oh, yes, very, very nice.

    • Beast Boy: Incoming! (Hits Aqualad) I said incoming!

    • (Cyborg turns off Beast Boy's microphone)
      Beast Boy: (Makes chomping noises) Hey! What's this, is this thing on? Hey, cut it out!
      Cyborg: (Puts microphone back on) Goodness me, I seemed to have accidentally switched off Beast Boy's microphone!
      Raven: Could you go ahead and accidentally leave it off?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Beast Boy: Cut it out!
      After Cyborg turns off the mic, Beast Boy says, "Hey, is this thing on? Cut it out!" Incidentally, "Cut it out" is the catchphrase of Dave Coulier (Tramm/Captain), and his official website is known as www.cutitout.net. Coulier used that phrase numerous times on Full House.

    • Aqualad: We Atlantians try to keep a low profile...
      Atlantis was a city that disappeared into the sea thousands of years ago. Many people believe that the Atlantians had advanced technology and even magical powers.