Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 3

Divide and Conquer

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 02, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Cinderblock busts into a prison at the same time that the Titans show up to stop a jailbreak. But when Robin and Cyborg's big "Sonic Boom" maneuver goes awry, the bad guys get away and the boys blame each other. An argument erupts, and when the shouting stops, Cyborg quits!moreless

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  • The first excellent fun episode of the series

    The first two episodes were messy, but this one is really fun. It mixes action and comedy very well and we get nice character interaction. Totally a favourite.
  • The real first episode of the series is a good one.

    Well, liked it. Again, this is a very basic episode, team fights villain, loses, a team member quits, team fights villain again, former team member returns to save the day, happy ending. Yes, that's the episode in a nutshell. The team member who quits is Cyborg after a heavy argument with Robin. Robin can be a super jerk, I'm surprised the rest of the team didn't try to cut in and ease the situation. No, they just watch as Cyborg leaves and doesn't even attempt to convince him to stay. I didn't like that.

    I did like the villain Plasmus, he reminded me of Clayface from Batman which just so happens to be my favorite villain. The action scenes with him were very creative and awesome. The Cinderblock fight in comparison was not as exciting. The aimation is spectacular. There were a few funny moments in the Titans tower, man, Starfire can't cook can she? Well, maybe. Of course Cyborg returns to save Robin and everything's well, but Slade has just begun his schemes. Look, it's a very simple episode, but it's a fun, action packed one. "Divide and Conquer" is a good start for an awesome series.moreless
  • 3rd episode a good episode !

    Ok in this episode we see Teen Titans and some villains (cinderblock and plasmus).

    This episode starts with Cinderblock breaking in the jail to get Plasmus for Slade. The Teen Titans are tryong to stop CinderBlock but 2 titans(Cyborg and Robin) end up fighting. Cinderblock brought Plasmus to Slade and Slade orderd Plasmus to Attack the city.

    Cyborg left the teen Titans. Robin and the rest remaining Teen Titans got to the city and Stopped Plasmus and Cyborg was there back too.

    And Cuborg also stopped Cinderblock. The 2 (Robin and Cybrg) ended there fight.

    And This episode is one of my favorets.moreless
  • An awesome 1st season episode.

    So, which came first, 'Divide and Conquer' or 'Final Exam'? In my opinion, this was the first episode of the series, because of the way it was animated, adding in clips of the theme animation during fighting scenes, and it would be a bit wierd if they used those sequences afterwards, right? Anyways, we get more in tune with the characters, especially Cyborg, and his and Robin's personalities. My only major criticisms of the episode are that the voices don't really match some of the characters as they will in the future and the animation style looks like it's already been done before, but thank goodness for Murakanime! The best part of the episode is the end where we get a mysterious introduction to shady Slade, and his loyal butler, who doesn't make another apperance until the 5th season!moreless
  • Divide and Conquer. "I still got the sonic if you still got the boom."

    Although this is a good episode, it is obviously where animation for the intro came from. Just the fight with Cinderblock alone is one clip after another from the intro. Thankfully the episode gets a lot better after the initial battle. The clips are integrated and less noticeable during the fight with Plasmus. I absolutely love the argument between Cyborg and Robin, you get a real sense of how immature and stubborn they are; they’re just teenagers after all. And the aftermath of Cyborg’s resignation provides a good opportunity to watch how each Titan copes. It’s obvious that Starfire is the peacemaker in this situation. Although you can’t argue with Raven’s method of denial, “My mind is never troubled, people come, people go. It’s pointless to be upset about Cyborg ((monitors crack)).”

    I would really like to know Plasmus’s back story. Was it a birth defect or was it something he became after some possibly slimy incident? Either way, I dig the vinyl underwear!

    It’s not the best episode, but the Teen Titans had to start somewhere.moreless

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