Teen Titans

Season 4 Episode 1

Episode 257-494

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The show, Clash of the Planets, is similar to the Star Wars trilogy. Plus, the title is similar to Clash of the Titans.

    • Several of the little kids in the studio audience of the kiddie show are the same kids at the playground in the beginning of "Spellbound."

    • In previous episodes, when a villain has escaped from prison or is on the loose, a Titans alarm would signal. So why would an announcer have to inform the public that Control Freak has escaped for the Titans to realize what has happened?

    • How did Control Freak escape from prison? I thought he was pretty much powerless without his remote, and it's pretty unlikely he found the parts and equipment to make another one in jail.

    • In the scene where Cyborg is with that girl in the soap opera, the right side of the mechanical part of his head is gray, when it should actually be blue.

    • When Robin faces down The Offworld Outlaw, he's still in his water-skis and life vest. Yet, when the Outlaw is distracted by the bear and Robin hits him, he's back in his regular costume. That's a quick change job.

    • As Control Freak and Beast Boy are fighting in the cooking show set, Beast Boy can briefly be seen as a *brown* bear being knocked into the view from the left.

    • Robin says the broadcast signal is coming from inside the electronics store, but this would be impossible as broadcasts can only be transmitted from a building with the right equipment to transmit a broadcast to other televisions. (I highly doubt that an electronics store had any means to do this since they are only concerned with selling TVs.)

    • After catching the football, Raven is holding it at chest level when she is tackled. In the instant replay, however, she is holding it at waist level.

    • In the beginning, Control Freak was going from TV to TV which had the same show, why did he only appear on one TV at a time when he was not inside TVs, but broadcasts?

  • Quotes

    • Pelican: I must find my pet hippo.
      Please tell me where he went.
      Is he skipping through a meadow,
      Or camping in a tent?

    • Robin: Okay, we need to find Control Freak and get back out of-- (is suddenly pushed aside by the Quiz Monkey Host)
      Quiz Monkey Host: (puts his arm around Starfire) Alright, young lady, fifteen seconds on the clock. Each correct answer wins you a fabulous prize! Zero answers, puts you in a cage with the Quiz Monkey.
      (Co-host unveils a cage with a rabid monkey inside; Starfire giggles)

    • (Beast Boy transforms into a hippo and gets launched into the pelican show)
      Pelican: Oh, hippo! Oh, hippo! I have missed you so!

    • Beast Boy: You seem to have forgotten that I've seen every episode of this show, and in the deleted scenes from Season 5 it showed that a 12th level space samurai could be sent to the Nether dimensions using the Hak Joon Chant!! (Chants) Hak Joon Kang!! Hak Joon Kang!! Hak Joon Kang!!
      (Control Freak gets sealed in a clear revolving panel)

    • Robin: (To Beast Boy) How do you know we're going the right way?
      Beast Boy: 'Cause we just passed the engine core, which means we're right below the detention level. So all we have to do is follow the main particle flux conduit to the galactic command center.
      Raven: Frightening. Truly frightening.

    • Cyborg: When's the last time you turned off the tube?
      Beast Boy: Um . . . I think I went to the movies three weeks ago.
      Starfire: I wish to remind you that you did not actually go to the movies, but merely observed a television program about a person who went to the movies.
      Beast Boy: Oh, yeah. That was cool.

    • Control Freak: You can't win! This is my world; I'm cool here!
      Beast Boy: Dude, this is television, the good guys always win, and you are so not the good guys.

    • Robin: 500 channels...
      Raven: And still nothing on.
      Cyborg: He could be anywhere!
      Beast Boy: There! The Space Network is having a Clash of the Planets marathon. If I was Control Freak, and I am so glad I'm not, that's where I'd be.
      Starfire: Please, this Clash of the Planets is...?
      Beast Boy: Only the greatest Sci-fi series ever made! For an entire generation of fans, it's not just a TV show, it's a way of life.
      (Starfire looks skeptically at the large flashing "Clash of the Planets" banner)

    • Cyborg: I know where we are! We're in the first episode of season 4!

    • Robin: Where did he go?
      Starfire: Perhaps he has flown away to some place less creepy and bad smelling?
      Cyborg: Yeah, what kinda nasty, old show is this, anyhow?

    • Quiz Monkey Host: How many atoms in one kilogram of oxygen?
      Starfire: 3.7625 times 10 to the 25th!

    • Control Freak: I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. And those buttons on your remote that don't seem to do anything, I know what they do! From this moment on, your television belongs to me — Control Freak!

    • Cyborg: (To girl in soap opera) Yo, I don't love you. My name's not Lance. And I'm just looking for some fat guy in an overcoat.
      (Girl kisses Cyborg)
      Lance: (Walks into the room) What the -

    • Control Freak: Isn't there some word that the good guys are supposed to say to make me stop?
      Robin: Freeze!
      Dinosaur: Freeze? That's today's sloppy mess word! Kids, you know what that means!
      Kids: OATMEAL!!!
      (Robin & Raven are drenched in oatmeal)

    • Commercial Voice: The makers of Azarath and Metrion are proud to introduce: Zinthos. New and improved Zinthos gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And because it's blue, Zinthos goes with everything. Zinthos isn't right for everyone and may cause bloating, cramping, hair loss, disturbing visions, fits of rage, and growth of additional eyes. Children under three should not be exposed to Zinthos. Do not get Zinthos wet and never feed it after midnight. If you experience trouble meditating, stop saying Zinthos and consult your ancient scrolls immediately. New Blue Zinthos.

    • Robin: (On TV) Do not watch this program, it will liquify your brain. An escaped criminal has tampered with this transmission, and it is imperative that you turn off the television right now. I'M SERIOUS! STOP WATCHING THE SHOW!
      Raven: I don't think they're listening.

    • Beast Boy: (Wearing Raven's cloak) You don't need to see our identification.

    • Control Freak: I know kung-fu. Whoa.

    • Beast Boy: TOTALLY! Uhh... I mean... Gee, mom, that would be keen.

    • Cyborg: Chill out, y'all. The monster is just some dude in a costume. (Cyborg touches the monster) That's not some dude in a costume!

    • Starfire: The Control Freak is a dork, yes?

    • Newscaster: TV rots your brain.
      Raven: (To Beast Boy) Told you.

    • Robin: Titans, GO!
      Control Freak: There can be only one!

    • Pelican: Have you seen my hippo? He hides, and I must seek.
      Starfire: I cannot play. Please, do you know a strange man named Control Freak? He is big, not tall and nasty, and known for causing strife. He escaped into the TV -
      Beast Boy: Hey, Star! Run for your life!

    • Beast Boy: I've wasted my whole life in front of the tube. And it's about to pay off.

    • French Chef: I cannot work in these conditions!!

    • (As the episode ends)
      Robin: So, I guess it is bad to watch too much TV.
      Starfire: But, we were only victorious because Beast Boy watches too much the television.
      Raven: So, I guess there really is no lesson.
      Cyborg: Yep, it was all completely meaningless.
      (Everyone laughs)

    • Boy: Who are you?
      Control Freak: I am Count Rol Freakow, the twelfth level space samurai that trained Baran Rang. And I am your father...
      Boy: Nooo!!

    • Beast Boy: Jeepers!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Stroking the Cat
      The villain on the Inspector Gadget TV series was always stroking his fat white cat, sitting in a large arm chair, and his upper body was always a silhouette. Control Freak also speaks with the same accent.

    • Episode: Plot
      The idea of a powerful remote control that sends characters into television sets is somewhat similar to the plot of the film, Pleasantville.

    • Blue Orb: Similarity
      The light blue orb that Control Freak used to blast Beast Boy looked very similar to the Rasengan, signature move of popular Shonen Jump anime star, Naruto (the show shares the name with the main character).

    • Control Freak: Star Wars
      During his swordfight with the Titans, Control Freak telekinetically lifts a few machines in the battlefield. This is a direct reference to the force from Star Wars, as a Jedi uses it to hurl objects at his enemies.

    • Control Freak: Final Battle
      In the final battle against the Titans, Control Freak runs sideways while holding his lightsaber knock-off and looking at Robin. This is a convention of anime that features swordfighting.

    • Bespin, Cloud City: Setting
      When Beast Boy deduces that Control Freak will be in the Clash of the Planets marathon, the setting for the movie looks a lot like Cloud City, where Luke gets his hand cut off by Darth Vader.

    • James Bond: Villain - Ernst Stavro Blofeld
      When Control Freak is talking to the various villains he has summoned, he's stroking a white cat while his face remains unseen, just like the Bond villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

    • Control Freak: Energy Blast
      The energy blast used by Control Freak to blast Beast Boy during the final battle is the Kamehameha Wave that Goku uses in Dragonball Z, and uses the same hand gestures.

    • Control Freak: (Faces off with Cyborg & Robin)
      When Control Freak faces off with Cyborg and Robin in the Star Wars scene, he jumps into the air and freezes for a couple of seconds. This is from The Matrix.

    • Titans: (Sit down and drink coffee)
      At the very end of the episode, the Titans sit down drinking coffee just like how the cast of Friends does in Central Park. You can even hear the laughter of the audience that comedies like Friends have.

    • Control Freak: You better watch out for them good ole' boys!
      The car that rockets off the ramp over Robin and this statement are making reference to The Dukes of Hazzard in which the "good ole' boys" would race their car off ramps.

    • Clash of the Planets: Villain
      Though the villain in "Clash of the Planets" is a parody of Darth Vader from Star Wars, physically he bears a closer resemblance to Baron Karza from the old Micronauts toy line.

    • Chef: I surrender!
      The chef was presumed to be French, but he had an odd accent that could also be Japanese. He was wearing a red suit, just like Japanese chef Hiroyuki Sakai of the television show, Iron Chef. If the chef is French, then the writers were probably making fun of France, which has a reputation for surrendering wars.

    • Agent 257: Agent 257 to base: I have the Rinaldi device.
      Not only is Agent 257 a reference to Bond, but the "Rinaldi device" is a reference to the "Rambaldi devices" seen on Alias.

    • Beast Boy: Wile E. Coyote
      When Beast Boy was chasing Control Freak, Beast Boy took the form of Wile E. Coyote from The Road Runner Show. Control Freak was also running swiftly, the way he ran looked exactly like the Road Runner. The whole scene was a direct reference from The Road Runner Show.

    • Superman: Phantom Zone
      The last battle with Beast Boy and Control Freak was held in to a 2D prison. This was taken from the movie, Superman II.

    • Robin: (Water-skis over sharks)
      At the scene of Robin water-skiing over sharks, is a reference to Happy Days where Fonzie jumps a shark on TV. More Info

    • Control Freak: Engage!
      As Control Freak is taking off with his jetboots he yells "Engage!" The word engage has been used in the Star Trek series since the beginning, before any major starship battle starts, the captains always yells "Engage!"

    • Control Freak: Opening Speech
      The little speech Control Freak gives in the beginning of the episode is the same as the one given in the beginning of The Outer Limits.

    • Quiz Monkey TV Host: You're the next contestant on...
      This was a play of Bob Barker, who hosts The Price is Right, and announces each contestant with the exact same inflection.

    • Clash of the Planets: Name
      In addition to referencing Star Wars, Clash of the Planets could've also been referring to Battle of the Planets, a.k.a. Gatchaman.

    • Control Freak: Wristbands
      Control Freak's wristbands, used to deflect the starbolts, are an obvious nod to the bracelets of Wonder Woman.

    • Control Freak: I know kung-fu. Whoa.
      This quote is a spoof on Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. It was also uttered by Neo/Thomas A. Anderson, complete with the sunglasses.

    • Clash of the Planets: Star Wars
      The whole "Clash of the Planets" show was a spoof on Star Wars. Every little detail would be too many to name, but major points are in it. "I am your father," lightsabers, Jedi Mind Trick, etc.

    • Dr. Seuss: Style
      When Starfire was projected into her own individual show (the one with the bird hunting for his pet hippo), that was done in the style of a Dr. Seuss cartoon. Telltale signs are the rhyme scheme and the animal character.

    • Control Freak: There can only be one!
      A reference to the movie series, Highlander.

    • Beast Boy: You don't need to see our identification.
      When the Titans run into some security robots while making their way through "Clash of the Planets," Beast Boy grabs Raven's cloak and tries to use the "Jedi Mind Trick" from Star Wars. Only problem is, he apparently forgot it doesn't work on robots.

    • Scene Transition: The Swirling / Teen Titans Logo
      The scene transition with the swirling and the Teen Titans logo in the middle, is reference to the old Batman series.

    • James Bond: Appearance
      When Robin was on the Eiffel Tower and Control Freak stole the guys clothing, the guy from the movie was supposed to be a take on James Bond.

    • Control Freak: Hasta la vista, Titans.
      He says it in the exact same accent Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for.

    • Commercial Speaker: Zinthos
      Obviously, a note on Raven's spells, but there's also a Gremlins reference: Do not get Zinthos wet, and do not feed it after midnight.

    • Beast Boy: Gee, mom, that would be swell.
      The black and white show Beast Boy is on is likely a reference to Leave It to Beaver.

    • Control Freak: We have the technology.
      This is a reference to the movie, The Six Million Dollar Man.

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