Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 2

Every Dog Has His Day

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jan 17, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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A strange green Alien Dog comes to Earth with a mysterious flying saucer chasing after it. But when the Alien Dog bumps into Green Dog Beast Boy, who's hanging out at the dog park, the flying saucer accidentally abducts the wrong pooch. When the Teen Titans spot the Alien Dog, they mistakenly think it's Beast Boy. But later they find out it wasn't Beast Boy and go looking for him, but Beast Boy was trapped with the Alien Dog's giant pet! How will Beast Boy get out of this one?moreless

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  • Weird episode, but not a good one.

    Beast Boy is trapped by an alien who mistakes him for his own dog, yes, could be funny, but isn't. Okay, a couple of things were mildly amusing, the bowling pin gag was sort of funny. Raven being licked on the face by the alien dog was funny, but of course they feel the need to reuse that gag 4-5 times.

    Soto was not a good villain some stone faced giant alien kid, I guess. The episode started off good, with Beast Boy annoying the others, then it dies, and gets a pulse again at the end. Again, the action, was well done, nothing majorly impressive or jaw-dropping, just your average solid Teen Titans battle. The episode is all about how the Titans are friends, even though they do argue from time to time. Guess they wanted to air this episode after "How Long is Forever" suggested that the Titans might break up in the future. "Every Dog Has His Day" is dull, slow and not very funny, it's not completely worthless as it has a few good moments, but in the end, it's not a good example of what the series has to offer.moreless
  • Beast Boy is lonely and gets replaced with a green alien dog. Yes...strange. But still pretty good.

    Ok so Beast Boy trys to find stuff to do with the other titans, but they find him as annoying. He leaves, and turns into a dog on the way and another alien dog replaces him. He finds his owner, "Soto" who wants to leave because he has a better pet than his last one. Meanwhile the titans try to chase the mystery dog and captures him to try to find the location of Beast Boy. They capture dog and find out that Beast Boy is about to leave on a flying saucer. They stop the saucer and the defeat Soto with amazing teamwork. I thought this was actually a pretty good episode even though it was centered around Beast Boy.moreless
  • Since nobody wants to hang out with Beast Boy, he decides to go out on the city. He transforms to a dog and gets captured by an ailen.

    The episode starts out when a spaceship is going through Jump City and it ends up crashing into a forest. A dog comes up and licks the camera. The next day at Titans Tower, Cyborg is working on his car and a green lizard comes up and Cyborg screams. The lizard gets thrown into the wall and Beast Boy transforms back to human. Beast Boy is curious and accidentally sprays fire on Cyborg's car. Meanwhile, Robin is training outside and Beast Boy comes up and gets kicked in the face. Beast Boy wants to train with him but Robin says it more of a solo thing. In Titanss Tower, Raven and Starfire are mediating trying to contact the spirit world. Beast Boy's face appears on the crystal ball and Raven and Starfire screamed. Beast Boy bets he can eat tofu in a hour and he wants to know if they would be his witnesses. Raven and Starfire say no, leaving Beast Boy disappointed. He decides to go to the city and he finds out that the Titans do not want to go with him. He is walking in the city and he finds two women. He comes up to them and asks if they want to go for a ride on his moped. He tells them that he is saving up and he slips on the pizza, causing a glass to fall on his head. They leave and they are adoring a dog. Beast Boy is disappointed and then realizes he could turn into a dog. He goes to the women and they tell him to go away. He leaves and is saddened. Meanwhile, the Titans get an alert and they go to the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, the ailen dog is chewing on a shoe and an ailen ship comes and tries to catch him. He is chased and he bumps into a green dog (Beast Boy). Beast Boy gets zapped and all on the grass is a communicator. The Titans go to the scene and they find the blast in the ground. Starfire finds Beast Boy's communicator and the Titans think he got zapped. Then, the other green dog jumps on Raven and the Titans think it is Beast Boy. They try to find out what is wrong with him and he is running away from the Titans. They follow him and they find out something happened to the bumper and the Titans know he did it. Meanwhile, on the ship, Beast Boy is trying to escape and the ailen dog' owner, Soto, is happy and he wants Beast Boy to stay. Meanwhile, the Titans follow the dog and all of them spilt up. The dog follows all of them and they go into an alley and find the dog. He spits out a bumper and his tongue stretches out and licks Raven. They find out that the dog is not Beast Boy. Meanwhile, Beast Boy is on the ship and Soto says that they would soon leave. Later, the Titans follow the dog and they get a plan. Raven distracts the dog and Starfire really quick put the glass and Robin would put the lid on. They try to find out where the dog is from and the dog starts speaking. He tells them what happened to Beast Boy and the Titans soon leave. Meanwhile, Soto is taking off and his ship is somehow going towards ground level. Outside, Starfire is pushing the ship and Soto is activating it so it would go up. But Raven's dark energy and Robin's rope is pulling it down. It gets on the ground and Raven chants Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos, causing the door of the ailen ship to open. Soto comes out and they start to battle. Soto takes down the Titans and he finds Raven trying to get in the door. She then flies and grabs a tree and Soto grabs hold of it. They keep fighting and they can't stop him until Beast Boy comes. Robin destroys the tree and they all start to battle. Raven and Starfire finish him off and the collar goes on Soto and the dog put it on him. Soto says he would be the dog and the dog would be the master. The Titans are all in shock and the ailens finally leave. The Titans welcome Beast Boy back and Raven says they should go and get pizza. Beast Boy stays behind and Robin wonders. Beast Boy then tells him that he had enough attention for one day. Overall, a hilarious episode.moreless
  • Beast Boy as a green dog gets taken back by Soto thinking he is its pet. The Titans track him down and save him.

    Why are Beast Boy episodes always so ridiculous? First it was the Aqualad thing, now an alien canine. I'm sure he is worth more than just barks and filler episodes. This episode was one of my least favourite. Beast Boy was not portrayed as anybody really awesome and basically was the cause of all that trouble. Soto was funny in a bad way and the dog seemed to be even more adorable than Beast Boy, how awful. This epi was certainly bad as compared to How Long Is Forever and I hope the next BB episode is worth liking him for.moreless
  • A funny episode, which proves that Titans are really friends, even if they do work on one another's nerves.

    PLOT IN SHORT: Beast Boy wants to hang around with someone, but his friends are annoyed by that, so he goes out to town in hope to find a playmate there. Trying to win two girls hearts, he changes into a dog and soon after gets kidnapped by a space ship, whose owner, an alien named Soto, thinks BB is his lost dog. Meanwhile the other Titans are starting to get worry about their friend and leaves to find him. But will they be able to and even if, will they manage to "convince" Soto to give them their friend back?

    Basically there's not much dept in this one, but the episode is pretty funny and this time around the Titans are facing a really tuff guy.

    Overall it's a good ep if you just want to laugh a little.moreless

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