Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 1

Final Exam

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 19, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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When three H.I.V.E. academy graduates, known as Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth, want to be hired by a mysterious man named Slade, he puts the three to one final test: destroy the Teen Titans. And when Robin mysteriously disappears after falling into the sewers of Jump City, the four remaining Titans lose possession of their home, Titans Tower, and get kicked out until an unseen hero comes and shows to his friends there is some hope left.moreless

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  • lo mejor de lo mejor

    Es de las mejores series que e visto
  • Titans vs. Jinx, Mammoth and Gizmo.

    This episode is a good one, sure it doesn't have a whole lot to offer besides flashy action scenes and a few funny comedy bits, but it's a lot of fun. It also introduces Jinx, one of my favorite characters from the series, she has really cool powers. Mammoth is the standard tough guy, not very interesting, Gizmo is not as annoying here as I usually find him to be.

    The action is top notch, but the story is predictable and follows the same plot used in countless The Batman episodes, hero(es) meet villain(s), loses, meets up again then wins. The part where Robin has disappeared and may be dead, was a complete waste, not dramatic in the slightest, what is the writer trying to say, that the Titans depend on Robin to defeat the enemies? This may have been the first episode to air, but "Divide and Conquer" is actually the first episode, both are pretty similar, a team member is lost from the group and the rest have to cope without him.

    Final Exam is a good episode, it has some amazing action, funny stuff in it, beautiful animation and the introduction of Jinx.moreless
  • A rocky start to a great series...

    With premire episodes, they're either spectacular but go downhill from there, or they're... not the best, but can only go up. While the first episode of Teen Titans wasn't the best, it still had more good than bad qualities: with the good qualities, it had an interesting plot, a great introduction to great characters, and, of course, it was the first episode of an awesome series. The bad qualities were voicers with unsure voices for their characters (mainly for Beast Boy and Raven), and a lot of scenes with mistakes and coloring errors. But the series could only go uphill from here... and luckily, it did!moreless
  • first of . . . not really a whole lot but a few handfuls.

    this shows each personialty. raven-stoic cyborg-enegic Beast boy-groopy starfire-bubbly robin- always in control. i am suprized they pick the one without super powers to lead the group but he's the weakest but any count. each has there own strengths and weaknesses. raven can move things with her mind, go through soild objects, does magic spells, (gains more abilites as series goes on.) but if she shows slightest emotion, things blow up and her powers don't work correctly. cyborg is on a mega-battery, beast boy as maturly issues, starfire is wayyy tooo trusting and doesn't understand simple earth phases, and robin in a supernatural fight on his own is slight more than target partice. but together they are a force nothing can't beat down for too long.moreless
  • Not bad, but nor good. Something is missing from this one.

    Not bad, but nor good. Something is missing from this one. And I think the missing thing is: Originality. I like TT because this is something else, not like the typical superhero-shows. But this episode is not a good example for this statement...

    This is really an average one. It's story is not crap, but also not a masterpiece, the fighting scenes are all right, but nothing special. It is only Slade's appearance what saves the day here. His last dialogue with the H.I.V.E Academy Instructor is a really good way to finish this ep, but also keep the suspense alive.moreless
Andrea Romano (I)

Andrea Romano (I)


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Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman


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Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson


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Lauren Tom


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (26)

    • The Hive trio were obviously trying to make the tower their headquaters. On the roof we see construction with Hive patterns. This was a mistake, considering they were only there for a few hours and never came outside.

    • The finger on Cyborg's arm that has the camera is his middle finger. Bootch on the part of the animators.

    • Teen Titans is rated TV-Y7-FV (directed to older children). These shows may be suitable for all, but may not be appropriate for some children under the age of 7. This rating may include mild fantasy violence, crude or suggestive humor and may contain some content not apporpriate for younger children.

    • During the opening animation, the back of Robin's cape is yellow, though the top part is black, and throughout the series, it is black.

    • If Beast Boy doesn't eat meat, why does he have a fang? Only carnivorous animals have fangs.

    • Beast Boy doesn't eat meat because he's been those animals. If that was how things work for him, then because a majority of the animals he turns into are carnivorous, he should also crave meat.

    • When the sun was shining on Robin and he said "Not if I can help it," the wind was blowing his cape to the left, but it was blowing his hair to the right.

    • Beast Boy's voice sounds rather deep the first few episodes. Then, eventually, his voice grows higher. Conversely, Raven's voice was slightly higher and more nasally in the beginning of the series then eventually becomes deeper and throatier.

    • The commercial about the series before this show came out said: "Five young fighters drawn from the corners of the universe..." According the the story, only Raven and Starfire are from different places; Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy were all born on Earth.

    • When Starfire says, "He has to be somewhere, so go there and look!" Raven's hair becomes a brighter shade of purple.

    • When Robin fell into that river, where exactly did he go? I mean, he was missing for the whole rest of the episode!

    • So, what exactly was that little blue monster in the fridge supposed to be?

    • At the end of the episode, Beast Boy panics about not being able to find his CDs, which are lined up on his shelf, alphabetized, but Gizmo had thrown all those out of the shelf and nobody bothered picking them up.

    • There were only three gears on the bus Raven stopped, while all vehicles have at least 5 or 6.

    • In the beginning, Raven's cloak is purple, but it should be blue.

    • Why was Raven fighting Jinx with her hands and feet? Where was her telekinesis?

    • Whenever Mammoth throws Beast Boy as an elephant and he hits Robin, when Robin and Beast Boy are tumbling back, once again, the part of Robin's cape that's supposed to be black, is yellow.

    • When Raven moves the bus' gearshift into park, the "P" is on the bottom; it's on the top in every single vehicle.

    • If you notice right when Gizmo jumps off Cyborg when he puts the rocket on him in the first fight, his eyes glow yellow for a bit.

    • Watch when Mammoth finishes the quake attack, watch the lower right-hand corner of the screen when they show the entire street. You can see Jinx and Gizmo fall into the sewer through the other side of the crack. Lucky for them that Gizmo has a jet pack.

    • When Cyborg is yelling at Beast Boy "They won, we lost! It's over!," he holds up the arm with the missing hand, but then two seconds later when it zooms in on the group before Robin shows up, his arm is there.

    • When Gizmo was charging at Jinx on the roof for a quick flash, you see the scene when Gizmo attacked Cyborg with his spider invention.

    • When Jinx first goes into Titans Tower, she has on high-heeled shoes, but when she makes Beast Boy fall through the floor, she has on platform shoes.

    • Addendum: Shifting the automatic transmission to park may or may not stop the bus. If Teen Titans were aimed at Europeans, she would probably have put the hand brake on.

    • Raven stopped the runaway bus by shifting the bus' gear to park, but that's an engine setting and the engine wasn't on, not that it would stop the bus, anyway. It would make more sense to turn on the parking brake, but that was probably broken by Jinx's magic.

    • When Cyborg finally stops the bus, he notes that the driver was missing. So, who was honking its horn?

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Starfire: (To Raven) I do not understand. How could you not find him? People do not just vanish! He has to be someplace, so go there and look!

    • Friendly Woman Voice: Jinx, the enchanting sorceress, who's powerful hexes mean bad luck for her enemies.

    • Slade: If your students are going to serve me, they have to pass one final exam: destroy the Teen Titans!

    • Cyborg: Maybe y'all should call me fly-borg! I was half-way to Gotham City before Star zapped that thing off my back.

    • Jinx: (after bringing bad luck to Beast Boy) This just isn't your lucky day.

    • Starfire: (shocked) Someone has disposed of all our blue, furry food!

    • Robin: Sorry to interrupt the victory celebration, but like I said, this isn't over.
      Cyborg: It's just getting started.

    • Beast Boy: (After Raven heals him) Who knew we had a doctor in the house.

    • Beast Boy: That didn't just happen, tell me that didn't just happen.
      Raven: It did happen. We cannot change the truth, no matter how much we dislike it.

    • HIVE Academy Instructor: I assure you, such failures are not tolerated within the HIVE. Once the agents have been retrieved from the authorities, they will be disciplined. Strictly disciplined.
      Slade: Actually, your agents served my plans quite well. I never expected them to succeed. They were merely messengers, and the message has been received.
      (Images pop up TVs with Robin)
      Robin: (On television) Who is Slade?

    • Raven: They went into my room. NO ONE should EVER go into my room.

    • Jinx: (Holding up Raven's cloaks) Does she have ANYTHING that is not blue?

    • Jinx: But at least I got my hands on Robin's favorite fashion accessory. (Puts on Robin's belt)

    • Starfire: (To Cyborg, who is trying to repair himself) Perhaps I could be of some assistance.
      Cyborg: I got it.
      Starfire: But you are so damaged and -
      Cyborg: I got it!
      Beast Boy: Hey! She only wanted to help! What is your problem?
      Cyborg: What do you think? We got kicked out of our house, a pint-size Poindexter took me for a joyride, and in case you haven't noticed, I just became left-handed!
      Raven: Enough! We need to control our emotions.
      Cyborg: Or what? Our bad vibes will keep you from meditating?
      Starfire: I wish Robin were here.
      Cyborg: Well, he's not! Don't you guys get it? They won, we lost. IT'S OVER!!

    • Beast Boy: Is it me, or are we getting our butts kicked?
      Robin & Raven: It's just you.

    • Mammoth: What do you call an idiot with a rocket on his back?
      (Gizmo zooms over and sticks one between Cyborg's shoulder blades)
      Cyborg: Huh?
      Gizmo: Doomed!

    • Jinx: (To Raven) You fight like a boy.

    • Cyborg: Well, how am I supposed to watch TV without a remote?
      Raven: Simple. You just get up and change the channel.
      Cyborg: Don't even joke like that.
      Raven: I wasn't joking.
      Cyborg: Good! Cause it wasn't funny!

    • Starfire: I suggest a large pizza with pickles, bananas, and mint frosting.
      Robin: Uh, Starfire? Not everything on the menu is a pizza topping.
      (Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, & Raven twitch; Starfire blushes)

    • Beast Boy: NO! This is the worst thing that can ever happened! My tunes they've been... alphabetized. How am I gonna find anything?

    • Cyborg: Come on, man, how could you deny me the all meat experience?
      Beast Boy: Dude, I've been most of those animals!

    • Cyborg: How could you lose the remote?
      Beast Boy: What makes you so sure I lost it?
      Cyborg: Uh, cause you're you.
      Beast Boy: Hey, just because I lost that video game...
      Cyborg: And the toothpaste, and my football, and the waffle iron...

    • Cyborg: Double pepperoni.
      Beast Boy: I'm not eating meat.
      Cyborg: There's no meat in pepperoni.

    • Cyborg: You've got to be kidding me. The whole place gets clean and I still can't find the... (Robin whistles to Cyborg and points to the remote on the coffee table)

  • NOTES (33)


    • Spider Legs: Appearance
      The spider legs that come out of Gizmo's backpack are remarkably similar to the spider legs that come out of the thing on ZIM's back on the show, Invader ZIM.

    • Cyborg: I was half-way to Gotham City before Starfire zapped that thing off my back.
      This is a reference to Gotham City in Batman. This is the main area in all Batman shows.