Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 4

For Real

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Control Freak breaks out of jail and teleports to Titans Tower, announcing his intent to defeat them using his "Ultimate Titans Challenge" in his role as their ultimate nemesis. Unfortunately, the Titans are away and only Silkie is there to keep him company.

Titans East show up as Cyborg briefs them on how they're to hold down the fort while the main Titans take on the Brotherhood of Evil. They arrive and Control Freak confronts them, announcing that he's here to fight the "real" Titans. He's not impressed with them, but they've never heard of him, either. He decides to begin his Challenge anyway, but since his various gimmicks are geared to the "real" Titans, the others are able to hold their own. Disappointed and bored, Control Freak teleports out.

Cyborg calls in, but the Titans East say nothing is going on, so he won't think they're in over their heads. When they get an alert at a Bank, they show up and confront the villainous LeBlanc. They quickly take him out, unaware that Control Freak is monitoring them then checking in with his chat-room buddies on the Internet to get the scoop. Aqualad rescues a drowning man, Bumblebee rescues two construction workers from a crane, Mas Y Menos save a train, and Speedy rescues a cat – nobody seems to know much about them and they're starting to feel the lack of recognition. The gang split a pizza while Control Freak decides to test them with his newly redesigned Ultimate Titans Challenge. Each of his tests are designed specifically for the Titans East and will be televised across the city.

Bumblebee must stop a subway train rigged with explosives, but she is forced to shrink and can't enlarge back to normal size. Aqualad must stop the flow of polluted water to the city's water supply, but must deal with robot sharks that are immune to his powers. Mas Y Menos must push two buttons at the same time that are separated across town. Speedy must fend off a missile barrage heading for a bridge without using his arrows.

Speedy rigs the suspension cables and a tow truck into a giant bow and "fires" himself at the missiles, then directs one into the others. Aqualad lures the shark into the pipe with the pollutants, blocking the flow. The shrunken Bumblebee catches up to the bomb and destroys the timer when she can't remove it physically. Mas Y Menos create a whirlwind that throws them at super speed toward the two separate buttons to touch them simultaneously.

As his chatroom buddies turn against him and the city cheers the Titans on, Control Freak unwisely appears before the heroes and gets quickly taken out and hauled away. Cyborg checks in, but Bumblebee assures them everything is in control. He says that the Titans will be away for a while and Titans East is glad to handle things while they're gone.
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