Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 4

For Real

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Not that bad of an episode

    This episode was pretty cool, although I would've preferred the Titans being put to the test rather than the Titans East
  • The Titans East are put to the test, THE test, by Control Freak.

    The only "regular" Titan to appear in this episode is Cyborg, okay the others are shown when Control Freak talks about them, but it doesn't really count. This is a Titans East episode, and it's a great one. Control Freak is back, so one would assume this is a comedy episode, and it is. Control Freak can be funny, but also really annoying, here it's pretty balanced, only occasionally in the beginning did I find him annoying. The Titans East are just as cool as the reglar Titans in my opinion, and they all get their moment to shine in this episode. The tests orchestrate by Control Freak are cool with some very clever twists where you go "how are they gonna accomplish that?" Especially the Mas y Menos test.

    This is a funny episode, unfortunately some gags are repeated again and again, including the chat-room people gag and the videogame-ish sequence where Control Freak go through the Titans Tower corridors, running into the Titans East. But still, this is a very enjoyable episode, the animation is a step up from the previous two episodes, it's more, I don't know, "energetic", for lack of a better word and the action scenes really benefit from it.
  • A battle between two side that might not be so different after all.

    A reviewer on another site once mentioned that there might be a little Control Freak in all of us. Given that Control Freak is a major geek who is starved for genuine recognition and wants people to like him, but usually falls short from getting what he truely wants; it's not that far from the truth. We all want people to like us and sometimes we go out of our way to make them happy or impress them and when we fail, it hurts. Then you have the good side, the Titans East, who like Control Freak don't quite get the recognition they desire and usually are looked at as Titans-Lite by the general public. So seeing Titans East trying to solve Control Freak's puzzles with some fairly creative solutions makes it even more interesting because of these simularities. This is another great episode from the wonderful fifth season and the chat room sequences were very amusing to watch. I especally give them credit for making Bumble Bee into such a cool character. The comic version was pretty uninspiring (she had a honey gun and such) so they didn't have much to work with. They enhanced her powers, redesigned her outfit and gave her those cute afro puffs and there you go. (Same goes for Aqualad's hunky redesign. I like the concept of making him a hunk with drooling fangirls.)
  • The Titans West are out of town, and the Titans East are there to help!

    Titans East are helping help titans West because they are fighting the brotherhood of evil. When they get there, Control Frak starts to fight them. He said that they are no match compared to the 'real' Titans. After that, they go around saving the town, but no one knows who there are. Then, when they are down, Control Freak tests them on how well they are ar being Titans. He geta Bumblebee Bumblebee to Stop a train from reaching First St. before a bomb blows up. But he shrinks her in size, and she stops the bomb in time by disabling its timer. Aqualad to stop the Gotham water supply from contaminating while fighting a mechanical shark. He completes the tast by getting the mechanical shark wedged into the pipe to block the pollution. Mas Y Menos by press two buttons at the same time. They create a whirlwind that quickly speeds them to the buttons. Speedy to stop missiles from bombarding a bridge without energy arrows. He uses himself on an arrow as a catapult and veering the missiles into each other. When he and everyone else sees that they are great, he goes out and admires them. But the attack him in time. Cyborg calls them to see whats been going on, and they tell him that everything is just fine.
  • A Titans East episode. Control Freak's the best villian!

    For Real is the second episode to focus on someone other than the 5 main Titans. (The first was Trust). Anyway, from the not-so-great-but-good performance Titans East had, I think this episode was quite good because it provided excellent character development for the Titans East.

    Control Freak also had some good character development and I really think that it was quite innovative and smart of him to invent the perfect challenge for the Titans East.

    And also, I think that this episode was quite funny. The chatroom scenes and the mistaken identities were quite good. Mas Y Menos speaking english was rare and sadly, this is the only episode they speak English.

    Overall, this episode may not be exciting but its the kind of episode that won't stop you from laughing because it has one of the series best villians: Control Freak!
  • Control Freak has escaped from prison and challenges the titans, only to find that the teen titans aren't there, instead he has to deal with Titans East.

    oh, i loved this one! Esp. the begining how control freak kept going to diffrent rooms of the titnas tower all prepared with that speech of his only to find that the titans aren't in the tower! When he was describing each and every titan, he would dress up as that titan, he looked funny in Starfire's costume. And how the people of the city kept mistaking the titans east for the teen titans.
  • Melody Fox's second episode made and what an episode it was!

    Summary: Control Freak returns to Titan Tower with "The Ultimate Titans Challenge," a series of events designed specifically to challenge the Teen Titans. But what happens to Control Freak's big plan when he finds himself facing not the "real" Titans - but the Titans East?

    Final Thoughts: Wow. What a good episode. After a serious tone of the season, we get to lay back, and relax and watch an hilarious episode.

    This is what Titans East episodes should be. I wasn't looking forward to this episode considering the fact that Titans East Parts 1 and 2 wasn't very good.

    The best part of this episode was where Control Freak fought with each Titan like a very own video game. I thought that was so awesome. Even if it wasn't that action packed. Also the chatroom thing it was so funny!

    This was a great episode. Nice animation, good action, and great jokes which is all you can really ask for in an episode. It's just too bad this episode doesn't go with this season. But it's still one of the best.
  • A funny episode but not very exciting

    For Real was about Titans East. I finnally now have seen a better representation of them and what the team are capable of.
    The villan in this episode is control freak..YAY, he always makes me laugh.
    The challenges that control freak gives TE to do are impossible really, they shouldent of been able to do it. Besides the impossible challenges that TE passed, this is a fun episode to watch but not all that great.
  • The Titans East have to prove themselves.

    For a Titans East episode, this was surprisingly good (though not compared to most other episodes).The way they did it, the TE feeling like the core Titans were getting all the glory, was great. But I thought having Control Freak as a villain would make it too easy and boring, and I was only slightly wrong. The TE felt snubbed, the public didn't think they were real heroes. So Control Freak gives them a series of challenges to prove themselves. Amusing, right? Well, it would be, if done right. But 3 of the 4 TEs did it in about 5 minutes. I mean, these are supposed to be challenging. Only Mas y Menos almost lose. But they're ripoffs of Kid Flash anyways. Basically, they get these challenges, they beat them, and they beat Control Freak. Sort of cliche. But over all, an ok episode.
  • It was a funny episode.

    This episode is quite funny, Control freak trying to make a dramatic entrance and ipress the titans and them not being there, nobody knowing who the Titans Esat are...
    It was funny how Control Freak describes the Titans west and wears the suits (although Raven and starfire was extremely creepy!!!).
    And the Titans East defeating him, Control Freak chatting on internet with other geeks, talking about the titans east.
    It wasn´t the best episode to be sure, but is a good episode to watch, maybe not laugh but actually have a little fun.
    Although in my opinion nobody's faster than Kid Flash, Mas y Menos are clever and fast (Not even compared to Kid Flash obviously), Speedy is quite the Arrowman, Aqualad capable water fighter, Bumblebee a capable leader.
  • Hahaha! Very funny episode.

    This was such a funny episode man! Control Freak has to challenge titans East instead of the real titans. He keep ssaying that his atacks would have worked if he were fighting the real teen titans. And he acts like a fan, he knows all of their weaknesses, its a bit creepy, i'll admit, how he is especially obsessive about Starfire. It was also funny when Titans East even said that control freak wasn't even on the Teen Titans bad guy list. They keep reffering tp "the list" and that made me laugh. Also how Control Freaks friends, kept saying that titans East weren't REAl titans, and how the Teen Titans, were so much awesomer. Good episode, I reccomend it.
  • A better representation of the Titans East.

    When it was revealed Titans East was going to have an episode there was lots of "WTF's" on the forums. Well honestly, this was a pretty decent episode.

    As stated before, this episode show cased the Titans East. I perfered them in this episode over the Titan East finale in season 3.

    While the Teen Titans are out fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Titans East play house sitters. With the Titans gone, the villians try to take advantage. The villians being Control Freak and LeBlanc. And before I get to deep into this review, I'd like to mention that LeBlanc's role in this episode was a total waste. He appeared for the matter of 5 minutes.

    Now back to what I was saying, Control freak comes to the tower, hoping to face off againts the Teen Titans. One thing I really liked was Control Freaks dialouge with the Titans East. It was extremely funny when he asked Speedy if he's the Titans East's 'Robin'.

    My favorite scenes in the episode was the AIM chatting between Control Freak and his friends. I have a suspicious feeling the writers got their lines from the message boards. Some of the stuff they said had me laughing like, "Star should get with BB", or "Robin never appreciates Starfire." And my favorite is when the little Boy says "lol".

    Control Freak was pretty funny in this episode. I didn't laugh quite as much as I did in Episode 257-494, but he was still funny none the less. His facial expressions were fantastic. His reaction when he finds out he isn't on the Titans Bad Guy's list was hilarious. And the final scene, where he zaps himself into the Titans West presence. 'I can't believe the Bad Guy zapped himself infront of us'.

    So yeah, it's way above average. Titans East do come off as likable in this episode. Hopefully, they'll return in the Season finale.
  • This episode was so funny i was rolling on the floor laughing one moment and sitting on the edge of my chair the next!

    what really got me was the chat room that control fraek was on, It was exactly what me and my best friend Brooke sound like! and since HAlloween was coming up we got to see what the costumes would look like courtesy of Control Freak hahahaha thats when i decided NOT to go as Starfire.
  • Control Freak vs Titans East.

    Well, what do I say about this ep? It was funny. Not at all important, but funny. It had my favorite Titans semi-villian, Control Freak. I didn't really like that it starred Titans east, because I don't like them. Titans East sucks. Bumblebee is annoying & too loud, Aqualad is ok, Speedy is lame because he's concieted & just sorta sucks, & Mass y Menos are helpless when not together. However, seeing past my hatred of Titans East, this was a good episode for Control Freak. Another dazzeling display of how gilarious that villian is. Plus, it went to a different type of situatio the show hasn't really covered before. Challenges are a must for most series, & this ep was a good way to get that overwith, & without degrading any good Titans. Don't misunderstand. I like other Titans besides the main 5. Hotspot is cool, Kole & Gnark are awesome & those lil kids Raven babysitts are just hilarious. But Titans East are a stupid attempt at an addition. Still, good ep. Very funny.
  • Nothing really important...

    This was just a filler episode. Control Freak episodes tend to be pretty entertaining but fillers always feel like they take away from the story.

    It was a nice show of the Titans East that I would love to see more of. I'm wondering though... is the English-speaking Mas y Menos permanent or just for this episode?
  • Titans East are better than the original Teen Titans

    This episode is better than the two-part episodes from the third season. The old lady though Bumblebee is a fusion form of Starfire and Cyborg. The little boy called Speedy, "Robin." What? Because he wears the same mask, too? Aqualad just saved a man from drowning with dolphins, and he called him a unitard guy. Thanks to Control Freak, Mas y Menos spoke English. It was nice while it lasted. I wonder when will we have a chance like this again.

    I hope they have more episodes all about the Titans East. They're better than the original Teen Titans.
  • a very silly episode!

    This was really just a filler episode, nothing happened but it was a good episode none the less… it was sad the way no one knew who the titans east were… and I hope control freak doesn’t appear again, he is a lame villain…
    But I hope Mas and Menos go back to speaking Spanish, I liked them better that way!
  • verry funny.

    Control freak is putting on a game show for the titans, problem being there out of town. But they had been replaced with the titans east. Who complete devastate the test. The titans east end up beating a bank robber who thought he had it easy because the titans were out of town. They call theme selves the titans giving control freak a conniption. He decides to see if the titans east are worthy of calling theme self’s titans. Titans east demolished these tests too. Control freak is so impress he zaps himself in front of theme to congratulate theme. Titans beat up control freak.
  • Loved all the internet chat Control Freak had with his buddies. Was glad to see Silkie back too!

    Loved all the internet chat Control Freak had with his buddies. Was glad to see Silkie back too! I wonder why no one in Steel City has bloged about the Titans East, I mean they've been on duty for at least a few months. Also wonder who's guarding Steel City with the TE on the west coast. Loved the use of the SAP button to make Mas y Menos speak Emgish, but were they switched back to Spanish at the end? Wonder why their T-ship is Blue.
  • This was a very silly episode.

    This episode was silly because Control Freak returns to fight to Titans. Foolessly he doesn't know the Titans are gone and he starts looking for them. In each room he went into he yelled "Greeting Titans!, Your Greatest Nemesis Has Arrived"! It found it hilarious when no one was in the room.

    When Control Freak entered Ravens room. He was jumping on the bed like a child and then the Titans pet jumped on Control Freak. Control Freak "Freaked" out and then he realized it was thier pet. That was another funny part.

    When the Titans East arrived and Control Freak came into the room thinking it was the "real" Titans. When he found out that it wasn't the Titans he was dissapointed.

    The Titans East quickly looked at the Teen Titans villians list and when Control Freak wasn't on there. His reaction was priceless! It was so funny!

    All of a sudden Control Freak decided to become smart and develope a 'Test' for the news, Titans East.

    The plans were for Aquaman, Stop the polluted water from going into the Ocean by tighting a valve. Fighting a Mechanical Shark. Mas y Menos, was for them both to touch two red buttons a long distance apart from each other and press them at the same time. Bumblebees was to stop a Train with a bomb attached before it exploded, and Bumblebee had to be has small as a Bumblebee. For Speedy, He had to stop a lot of missiles before the missiles hit the bridge, without using his arrows. Control Freak was smart giving out these tests and the tests were easy but clever.

    When everyone finished thier mission, The Titans East finally got realized in the crowd of people and Control Freak was stupid enough to zap himself in the front of the Titans East to give them 'Congratulations'.

    Overall, It was a very funny episode. We learn the hilariousness of Control Freak and how smart he can sometimes be.
  • Who knows a good eppie with titans east!

    Well i have to say before i watched this i had doubts but this was so fricking hilarius i can't believe i doubted this, i loved the part of the chatroom i cannot believe the writers have the guts to mock us loyal fans!!!! and the mas and menos speaking in english was weird i liked them better in spanish!
  • I think this episode was funny. The only bad thing was we didn't get to see the Titans in action.

    The episode was good only because it was the Teen T itans episode. But they could have added at least on Titan.But overall it was ok, just ok. Hopefully the nexy episode will be better, my favorite character is Raven personaly so it would be fun to see her in all her power for the first time in the season.
  • While the Teen Titans are out of town battling The Brotherhood of Evil the Titans East come to watch over the tower but everyone thinks they are imposters.

    This has to be the funniest episode of Teen Titans I ever saw! Control Freak is the funniest villan. Especially when he was dressed as Starfire and says he has a crush on her. Then Aqualad calls him a fanboy! By the end of the episode I was in tears laughing! I also loved it when Contol Freak was talking to the computer geeks. They remind me of me and some of the people I talk to online! I can't believe one of them wanted BB/Star and Bee/Aqualad! Rob/Star BB/Rae and Cy/Bee all the way! I still can't believe Control Freak has a crush on Starfire. And while he was dressed up as her he said Rbin doesn't appreciate her and that he should dump her or something. That was just hilarious!
  • This one was defintaly funny.

    This one was defintaly funny. I laughed so hard I almost fell out of my seat. It was much beter than the last one! I really hope the next one is just as good. I really liked the chatroom and viedo game style. Oh and also I noticed that Control Freak has a crush on Starfire.(eww)
  • who cares

    Nothing important happened in this episode at all. But is was still worth watching. Control freak is a pretty funny bad guy. His presence alone in the episode is enough to watch it. This episode also helped introduce the titans and east. The virdict is in they still suck. Beating Control freak is no accompliment. The whole episode the just whine about how know one knows who they are. The only good part of the show is when they go the control freak part. It was hilarious how they showed him in each titans costume. Well anyway, if you missed it you missed nothing. If you watched it you watched somthing. And lets face it, you didn't have anything better to do on a Saturday night.
  • funny funny funnny. I think control freak is the funiest villan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I loved how control freak described the titans. He is sooooooooooooooooooo fat its is so funny especially when he is in starfires costume. and finally Mas and Menos speaks normal I mean I can't understand one word. It was really funny too with the little game boy scene. and whe controll freak talks. One thing one of the computer geeks said bb and star together. I totally disagree. Starfire might still think he is a clorbag.
  • An awesome episode.

    This episode was great! I wish we could have seen the real Titans, but whatever, it was still awesome. I liked the action, and it lets you see more of the Titans East. It was funny when Aqualad got called 'some guy in a unitard.' Also, finally we got to understand what Mas and Menos were saying, if not for a short while. And the part where Control Freak is talking about each Titan, and it shows him in their superhero outfits, that was hilarious. (Although seeing him in Star's mini skirt and shirt was disturbing.) The only disappointment was that my favorite Titan, Raven, wasn't in either of the past two episodes!
  • Finally Titans East gets some respect.

    Nobody respects them, and now I think that this episode opened their eyes. They're no different then the Teen Titans. And in a way, they are like the regular Titans. But that does not make them copiers. How come everybody hates Titans East? Are those people affraid that The East Titans would be better then the original, and soon it's all about East? Whatever. I really loved and enjoyed the episode.
  • One of the best filler episodes in the series.

    I have to say I LOVED this episode; it had cracking up so much. Control Freak is a very funny (and slightly disturbing) villian! If I didn't know any better, I would probably think he was a fan of the Titans, not a enemy. The chatroom for the Teen Titans was funny and made me wonder if I (or anyone I know) ever act like that (by that I mean saying things like: Starfire and Robin forever; Starfire should go with BB [I really don't agree]). It was also kinda funny to know Control Freak has a crush on Starfire (I don't about you but it's a little o.0 to me). All in all, a funny filler episode that makes wonder how much of a villian is Control Freak, and makes me laugh at how that the people don't know the Titans East.
  • good episode

    The titans east are filling in" for the teen titans while they go out to stop the brother hood of evil. Controll freak is back with the oltament test with the titans. He finds out that the titans are not home. Then the titans east are moving in. But-mble be calls sieborg sparky. Aqua ladd sp"edy mosiemenos and bumble bee. Then they asked controll freak. Controll freak sounds like a fan boy. He came here to fight the titans. He thinks that victry
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