Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 4

For Real

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 15, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • When Bumblebee was disabling the bomb, why was her stinger touching the railroad ties, instead of the rails, which circulate the electricty necessary for stopping the bomb?

    • What sort of underground railroad needs railroad ties?

    • Speedy shouldn't have been able to stop those missiles, since his first contact with one of them should have killed him. And how is it he knew reflexes as well as Robin? He was trained to use a bow and arrow, not to spar with Robin-based moves.

    • There were only about 8 missiles in the sky when Speedy and the people on the bridge first saw them. Later on, when Speedy is going to stop them, there's at least 20 of them.

    • Bumblebee said the challenge was cancelled, but the test was already over before Bumblebee knocked Control Freak out.

    • How was Speedy able to steer a missile?

    • During the scene where Control Freak states his master plan to the public, it shows the man Aqualad saved, but in Killer Moth's house.

    • Since Control Freak's remote collar only stopped Bumblebee from growing in size and Bumblebee's strength is the same, regardless of her size, as we learned in "Wavelength," why was she so powerless in stopping the bomb or the train?

    • If the Titans East are guarding the Teen Titans' city while they're away, then who's guarding Steel City?

    • At one point, when Bumblebee is chasing the train, an animation error caused the train to run on top of the wooden railroad ties instead of rails, which were underneath the wooden ties.

  • Quotes

    • Control Freak: Speedy! Your challege is to fend off my indomitable incoming missiles. If you cannot, the Bay Bridge will be annihilated.
      (Speedy holds up an arrow, but it and his other arrows disappear)
      Control Freak: Uh... nah... uh... ah, no arrows!

    • Control Freak: Mas Y Menos! For you, I have created an amazing race through the city. If you are able to push these two buttons located across town from each other, then you will stop my device.
      Mas: Okie dokie.
      Menos: We got it!
      Control Freak: But you have to touch both buttons at the same time, which means you can't be touching!
      Mas Y Menos: How can we be at two places at once?!

    • Control Freak: Aqualad! On the other side of the reservoir is a tank full of polluted water. I have deverted the flow of water to the flow of polluted water is heading straight for the reservoir. If you cannot shut off the main bound in time, the city's water supply will be contaminated.
      Aqualad: Piece of cake!
      Control Freak: While fighting a ferocious shark.
      Aqualad: Did you forget?! I can speak to animals.
      Control Freak: No! Which is why I devised a mechanical shark who only listens to my commands. Get him, Glen!

    • Bumblebee: We are here to protect the city, not for the recognition. And there's still a villain on the lose so...
      Control Freak: (On TV) Greetings, Titans East! Your evil nemesis is back!
      Speedy: Looks like he found us.

    • Control Freak: What do you think of the Titans East now?!
      Computer Geek #1: Anyone can say they're a Titan, doesn't mean it's true.
      Computer Geek #2: Who decides?
      Computer Geek #3: They should have matching jackets.
      Computer Geek #4: There should be a test.
      Control Freak: There should be a test!

    • Aqualad: Why did you do that?!
      Bumblebee: They are trusting us to protect the city! Do you want them to think we are in over our heads with some second-rate bad guy who didn't even make the list!

    • (After Bumblebee blamed Silkie)
      Cyborg: (About Silkie) Well, Starfire left plenty of food for him.

    • (While Mas Y Menos are sweeping Titans Tower, they see Silkie hiding under a pillow)
      Mas: It's okay, Mr. Silkie.
      Menos: (Carries Silkie like a baby) Pappi, is here.

    • Speedy: (Looking around Titans Tower) Man, they even have flat panel computer displays. How come we don't have flat panel computer displays?!

    • Cyborg: (To Speedy) Now, make sure to activate the security lock-down every night. (To Mas Y Menos) And if you're going to wash the T-Car, buff counter-clockwise. (To Aqualad) Oh, and don't eat the turkey leg in the fridge. (To Bumblebee) I'm saving that for turkey night. Uh, turkey.
      Bumblebee: Don't worry, Sparky. You just concentrate on stopping the Brotherhood of Evil. We have everything under control here. Bumblebee, out. (Turns off Cyborg's radio)

    • (On radio)
      Cyborg: Titans East, come in.
      Aqualad: Hey, Cyborg.
      Cyborg: I'm transmitting a list of villains to keep an eye out for. When word gets out the Titans are out of town, someone may try to pull something.
      Speedy: When word gets out the Titans East are in town, they'll think twice.
      Cyborg: Okay, guys, thanks again for looking after the city while we're off fighting the Brotherhood of Evil.
      Bumblebee: We're happy to help.

    • Control Freak: I devised this aerial sensory detonator to intercept Robin's birdarangs in mid-flight. It will easily annihilate your puny arrows.
      (He blasts an aerial sensory detonator that looks like a hand, Speedy lets an arrow fly, the arrow and the detonator collide and the detonator gets pinned to the wall by Speedy's arrow, Control Freak stares open-mouthed, from the collision, to Speedy)
      Speedy: You were saying?

    • Control Freak: But there's no way Bumblebee can stop the train in time.

    • Control Freak: (After his gadgets fail to stop Titans East) Those would have worked on the real Titans. Your powers are just . . . stupid. I don't want to fight you anymore. (Teleports away)
      Speedy: Did the bad guy just zap himself out of the fight?

    • Speedy: This stinks. Nobody even knows who we are.
      Aqualad: So what if the kid didn't know your name? Let it go, Robin.
      Man: (On TV) Before I knew it, I was surrounded by dolphins, and some guy in a unitard pulled me out of the water.
      Aqualad: "Some guy in a unitard"?
      Speedy: Let it go, Unitard Guy.

    • LeBlanc: (Being taken to jail) With the Titans out of town, I thought I had a chance.
      Mas: We are the Titans.
      Menos: It is true.

    • Old Woman: (Running out of bank, to Titans East) Don't go in there. Wait for the Titans.
      Bumblebee: We are Titans.

    • Control Freak: Greetings, Titans! Your number one - (Sees Titans East) Hey, you're not the Teen Titans!
      Bumblebee: We're Titans East!
      Aqualad: Aqualad!
      Speedy: Speedy!
      Mas Y Menos: Mas Y Menos!
      Bumblebee: And, Bumblebee!
      Control Freak: Uh... yeah, never heard of you.
      Speedy: Never heard of us? Who is this guy?

    • Bumblebee: (About Titans Tower) There she is. Home sweet tower. At least temporarily.
      Mas Y Menos: La casa de ellos es la casa de nosotros. (Translation: "Their house is our house.")

    • Control Freak: Stingers, huh? Well, Bumblebee is never gonna be as cool as Starfire.
      Computer Geek #1: Starfire and Robin forever.
      Computer Geek #2: Starfire should be with BB.
      Computer Geek #3: No way.

    • Control Freak: (About Speedy) He used himself as an arrow. Unbelievable.
      Computer Geek #1: You never said he could use himself as an arrow.
      Computer Geek #2: Hey, don't be a Titans East hater.
      Computer Geek #3: Titans East are cool.
      Computer Geek #4: Bumblebee and Aqualad forever.

    • (After Mas Y Menos stop a train from falling off a cliff)
      Computer Geek #1: Big deal.
      Computer Geek #2: Mas Y Menos just go fast.
      Computer Geek #3: I wonder if they can eat fast, too.
      Computer Geek #4: LOL.

    • Cyborg: The Tower sensor detected weapons fired. Everything okay?
      Aqualad: We had to deal with Control -
      Bumblebee: Controlling Silkie. He's eaten everything. Must've eaten through one of the sensors. (To Silkie) Bad Silkie.

    • Control Freak: (On TV, to Titans East) You guys were so cool. (Zaps himself out of the TV) I mean, I didn't think you could pull it off, but you did.
      Speedy: I can't believe the bad guy just zapped himself in front of us.

    • Old Woman: (To Bumblebee) You look familiar. Are you Starborg?

    • Control Freak: (To Speedy) So, are you, like, the Robin of the group?
      Bumblebee: No. I'm the leader of the team, and we're done talking.

    • Cyborg: I got reports of missiles, explosive devices, and... a mechanical shark?
      Bumblebee: Don't worry, Sparky. We've got everything under control.
      Cyborg: Great. I knew you could handle it.

    • Control Freak: Did you see that? He talks to dolphins?
      Computer Geek #1: So?
      Computer Geek #2: Beast Boy can be a dolphin.
      Computer Geek #3: Yeah, Beast Boy rocks!

    • Control Freak: (Clicking his remote towards Mas Y Menos) Take that! And that!
      (After Mas Y Menos got zapped by Control Freak's remote)
      Mas: Nothing happened.
      Menos: Must be the batteries.
      Mas Y Menos: Aah! (Slapping their mouths shut)
      Control Freak: Spanish Language Converter.

    • Control Freak: Who are these guys? So, my chatroom chums, tell me, what do you know about the Titans East? Do you think they're real Titans?
      Computer Geek #1: There's a Titans East?
      Computer Geek #2: IMHO, Robin is the only real Titan.
      Computer Geek #3: These guys are just poseurs.

    • Control Freak: (To Titans East, after they question who he is) I am Control Freak! Master of mass-media! Ruler of reality! And I escaped from prison to defeat my arch-nemesi - the Titans! The real Titans! (Dressed as Robin) Robin, teen wonder! (Dressed as Raven) Raven, mistress of magic! (Dressed as Beast Boy) Beast Boy, shape-shifter supreme! (Dressed as Cyborg) Cyborg, half-man, half-robot! (Dressed as Starfire; sounding in love) And, Starfire, alien powerhouse. She's too good for Robin, he'll never appreciate her. (Done with his speech)
      Mas Y Menos: (Lovestruck) Si!
      Aqualad: You sound more like a fan boy than a nemesis.
      Control Freak: Uh, uh, uh, uh... a great villain always studies his adversaries, 'kay?
      Speedy: Well, if you are such a bad dude, why aren't you on their bad guy list?

    • Kid: (After Speedy saves his cat) Thank you, Robin. I liked your other costume better.
      Speedy: I'm not Robin, I'm Speedy.

    • Control Freak: (Looking over a list of the Titan's deadliest enemies, shocked that he's not on the list) "List of notorious villains. Plasmus, Overload, Johnny Rancid… the Puppet King"?! They only fought him once! I'm a recurring villain.

  • Notes

    • While talking to Cyborg in the T-Ship, each character has a speech bubble that reflects his/her own powers:

      Bumblebee - A beehive
      Mas - A plus
      Menos - A minus
      Aqualad - A squid
      Speedy doesn't get one
      Cyborg - A gear

    • Watch carefully: When Speedy is complaining that the Titans East don't have flat panel computer displays, Mas, Menos, and Aqualad are all chewing on toothpicks.

    • This is the third appearance of Control Freak. His first was in "Fear Itself," and his second was in "Episode 257-494."

    • We see Cyborg in winter clothes on Bumblebee's communicator, a reference to the next episode "Snowblind."

    • YTV airdate: April 3, 2006.

    • The reason behind the old woman calling Bumblebee "Starborg" was because she flies and shoots bolts like Starfire, and is black like Cyborg.

    • Apparently, Control Freak can transport "powers" and weapons from the TV dimension to use on his foes now.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Control Freak mentions his last appearance in the first episode of season 4.

    • This is the first time in season 5 that the theme song is sung in Japanese.

    • When Titans East first battles Control Freak in the Tower, the style is made to resemble role-playing videogame visuals, right down to the character sprites and dialogue boxes. Each Titans East member is also given ability stats in typical old-school RPG fashion, including "dexterity" and "constitution."

    • If you noticed, the cat Speedy rescued from the tree was the same one Control Freak had on "Episode 257-494."

    • Plasmus, Overload, Johnny Rancid, and the Puppet King are mentioned in this episode, but do not appear.

    • Apparently, Control Freak is a part of some kind of Teen Titans online fanatics club. One that doesn't seem to mind Control Freak's "tests."

    • Apparently, from what all of the geeks (including Control Freak) said, it's no secret that Robin and Starfire like each other.

    • Control Freak uses the language converter feature of his remote to make Mas Y Menos speak English, but they still have their Spanish accent.

    • This is the second episode in a row Raven and Beast Boy do not speak.

    • Control Freak gives each of the original Teen Titans nicknames in this episode, which are as follows:
      Robin - Teen Wonder
      Raven - Mistress of Magic
      Beast Boy - Shape-Shifter Supreme
      Cyborg - Half-Man Half-Robot
      Starfire - Alien Powerhouse.

      These nicknames are all from the Teen Titans comics written by Marv Wolfman.

    • Based on his reaction to Silkie, Control Freak is probably afraid of the little worm.

    • When Bumblebee's buns fall off her head, she strongly resembles Max from Batman Beyond.

    • When Cyborg contacts the Titans East, he's calling from a snowy area. This could be a reference to the next episode, "Snowblind," which would mean they are probably somewhere in Siberia.

    • Control Freak calls Robin "the Teen Wonder," an obvious close reference to his other comic and cartoon counterparts' timeless nickname "the Boy Wonder."

    • Control Freak set a trap for each of the original Titans, but each of the Titans East fell into and defeated them instead.

      Bumblebee fell into Starfire's trap
      Aqualad got Cyborg's trap
      Mas Y Menos received Beast Boy's trap
      Speedy had Robin's trap

      There was never a trap for Raven set.

    • Control Freak complains that the Puppet King has made the Teen Titans' list of notorious villains, even though he only fought them once. This is eerily similar to complaints made by some Teen Titans fans when the Puppet King was included in the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming (2)," despite having only been in one episode before. This is either an uncanny coincidence or excellent foresight on the writers' part, as "For Real" was written and produced months before "Homecoming" ever aired.

    • This is the first episode where anyone has referred to Silkie or even called it by name since "Can I Keep Him?" back in Season 3.

    • One of the computer geeks suggests that Beast Boy and Starfire start a relationship.

    • One of the computer geeks suggests a relationship between Aqualad and Bumblebee.

    • One of the computer geeks suggests a relationship between Robin and Starfire.

    • Control Freak is in all of the original Titans' costumes when he is talking to Titans East in the beginning.

    • Apparently, Mas Y Menos still have crushes on Starfire.

    • It is evident that Control Freak has a crush on Starfire. Seen from the hearts in his eyes and the comment, "She's too good for Robin, he'll never appreciate her." His infatuation most likely goes past crush.

    • The Titans East have a T-Ship, but in blue.

    • Cyborg is the only Titan that is seen and has dialogue in this episode, although all five Titans are mentioned.

    • Opening theme song is sung in Japanese. This is the first time in the series that the Japanese lyrics have been close captioned.

    • Control Freak's challenges/tests and disabilities of the Titans East:
      Bumblebee - Stop a train from reaching First St. before a bomb blows up, without shrinking in size. She stops the bomb by disabling its timer.
      Aqualad - Stop the Gotham water supply from contaminating while fighting a mechanical shark. He stops the contamination by getting the mechanical shark wedged into the pipe to block the pollution.
      Mas Y Menos - Press two buttons at the same time, resulting in a break-up of their speed. They tackle this by creating a whirlwind that quickly speeds them to the buttons.
      Speedy - Stop missiles from bombarding a bridge without energy arrows. He tackles this by using himself on an arrow as a catapult and veering the missiles into each other.

    • Bumblebee reveals that she is the leader of Titans East in this episode, after it was implied by Cyborg in "Titans East (2)."

    • LeBlanc's name is never mentioned in this episode.

    • This is the first time Robin and Starfire don't have any dialogue in an episode.

    • Look Hard: 1) During the scenes where LeBlanc is seen in jail, Punk Rocket from "The Lost Episode" can be seen there as well. This is odd because he was in the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming (2)." 2) The cat Speedy saved from a tree is the same one from "Episode 257-494." 3) When Control Freak is imitating Cyborg during his Titans rant, he attempts to shoot a laser cannon, and Silkie comes out of it.

    • Andre LeBlanc still has his French accent from the comics.

    • First and probably the only time we hear Mas Y Menos speak English.

    • Control Freak uses a remote, which causes Mas Y Menos to speak English in this episode.

    • Control Freak's jail number is 257-494, which was the name of the previous episode Control Freak was in ("Episode 257-494").

    • Silkie echoes a cat's characteristics in the beginning of the episode.

    • Control Freak uses the same sword, as he did in "Episode 257-494," but this time it's a double-edged version (two sabers on each end).

    • Silkie makes its first Season 5 appearance in this episode.

    • Fourth appearance of Speedy.

    • In the comics, LeBlanc was a petty thief who outsmarted the Teen Titans on more than one occasion.

    • Titans East episode.

    • The computer geeks are voiced by the same people that voice Titans East and Control Freak.

    • In the comics, LeBlanc's first and only appearance was way back in Teen Titans #18, which is also when fellow Titan Red Star is introduced, under the name Starfire, as LeBlanc's enemy.

    • Villain(s): Control Freak & LeBlanc.

  • Allusions

    • Control Freak: ...I'll be back!
      Mas y Menos: Hasta la vista, Control Freak.
      Both these lines are catchphrases used by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his movies.

    • Bumblebee's Test
      Bumblebee must stop a train before it reaches a particular station, or it will blow up, because of a bomb. This is very similar what John McClane must do in the Die Hard: With a Vengeance movie.

    • LeBlanc: Name
      LeBlanc's name is a reference to the original comic book he was in - Andre LeBlanc.

    • Control Freak: Challenge
      The idea of Control Freak's challenge to the Titans East resembles The Amazing Race, where couples try to meet certain objectives to see who is best.

    • Computer Geek: Starfire should be with BB.
      This might be a joke to Teen Titans fanwriters on Fanfiction.net, where they pair up the Titans in their stories. Like Beast Boy with Starfire, or Robin with Raven.

    • Mechanical Shark: Name
      Control Freak calls his giant shark Glen, an in-joke referencing the show's creator, Glen Murakami.

    • Bank of Perez: Name
      LeBlanc is seen robbing the "Bank of Perez," which is a reference to comic artist George Perez, who drew for the Titans comics in the early to mid-eighties and co-created several of the Titans West.

    • Control Freak: Star Wars Kid
      The scene in which Control Freak twirls his plasma staff and nearly falls after slipping on the coat is an obvious reference to Ghyslain Raza, the Star Wars Kid.

    • Control Freak: Computer
      Control Freak's computer is like The Matrix. When they look at the code, it looks like that.

    • Control Freak: Sword
      When Control Freak unsheathes the plasma sword, you can tell he is attempting to mimic Star Wars Episode I. This is a possible reference, because Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon both fought Darth Maul with a blue and green lightsaber, while Maul used a double-bladed sword that was red.