Teen Titans

Season 1 Episode 4

Forces of Nature

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 16, 2003 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Dark, ominous clouds blow in from the east, bringing Thunder and Lightning with them: two forces of nature made flesh in the form of costumed super-teens. The stormy brothers aren't evil... they're just looking for a good time. Unfortunately, their idea of fun involves wrecking everything in sight.moreless

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  • Subpar episode with subpar action and subpar comedy.

    I didn't like this one that much. Beast Boy attempts to play a prank on Cyborg by throwing a balloon filled with motoroil on him, instead it fires on Starfire who becomes furious. So we have that plot, where Beast Boy wants forgiveness, that gets resolved real quick, then we have the main focus, the villainous brothers who can control thunder and lightning causing destruction for fun.

    I liked how the villains tie into Beast Boy's character, joking around not realizing when things go too far. Other, than that and an obvious but really weird Slade appearance, this one wasn't just that good, it was quite dull actually. The action, subpar, the comedy, subpar, the animation...good but overall I wasn't impressed. The moment I heard Ron Perlman, I thought: "Oh come on, that can't be Slade, really? They're having Slade in that ridicilous disguise?" And indeed it was, I would've hoped that the first confrontation between Slade and Robin would've been more...I don't know, epic or at least cool, it's just a shoulder shrug. The giant firemonster didn't bring any excitement. Beast Boy, my least favorite Titan out of the 5, he works best for me in small doses, and he was just too big of a focus here.

    I'm being very negative here, but there is some good stuff here, the first action scene on the bridge is good, and I liked that the brothers redeemed themselves, but "Forces of Nature" is one episode that's not special or very entertaining, just watchable.moreless
  • I don't really see the point of this one...

    Obviously it's a filler, but still, I can't really say I'm too fond of this episode. Positives: We get to see more of Beast Boy's prankster side, the voice finally fits the character, we see the friendship between Starfire and Beast Boy develop more, Beast Boy learns a lesson, and we get an introduction to two new characters. Negatives: The two new characters are mislead villians turned to in-the-rough heroes who don't show up until near the end of season 5, Slade has a petty role in this episode as the 'old sensei' and we learn nothing new about him, except for a symbol found by Robin that, in the end, really has nothing to do with Slade or finding out who he is, the plot didn't have a point, the animation was bad, and we never find out if Beast Boy's being a 'milnip wusserloop' is a good or bad thing! Nothing happened, nothing new is discovered and the only thing that comes out of this is a life lesson learned.moreless
  • Beast Boy learns not to be so practical.

    So in the beggining of this episode Beast Boy accidently lands one of his pranks on the poor unsuspecting Starfire. She is really angry at him. Soon the titans leave to fight two villains, Thunder and Lighting. They put up a good fight and then dissapear. So as the titans track him down, Beast Boy trys to apologize to Starfire but it doesn't work. So when Beast Boy and Starfire fight Thunder and Lightning, Slade helps out and escape with Thunder and Lightning. Beast Boy helps Starfire out and sincerely apologizes while Starfire accepts it. While this is happening Thunder and Lightning help Slade create a fire monster unknowingly. Later the titans help out and Thunder realizes that he must join the good side and so does Lightning. I thought this episode was pretty good, and so were the fight scenes. Escpecially when Raven does the superfast kicks on Lightning and when Starfire does the wall jump. So pretty good episode.moreless
  • This episode is classic and is one of my favorites.

    I was pleased from beginning to end. It was funny when Beast Boy tried to prank Cyborg but got Star instead. She called him a bad name in her native language. lol. Thunder and Lightning were two impressive brothers. Their personalities fit well with the story. There was action 85% of the show and thats herd to come by. Lightning pretty much had Thunder brainwashed and it was cool that Beast Boy's words actually made Thunder think twice. This episode definitely has a good moral. Robin's fight with the mysterious master that turned out to be Slade was also an epic moment. Oh and I almost forgot, the Flame monster was so destructive and I liked how all the Titans failed to put it out. Finally the two brothers came to their senses and stopped their "dangerous fun". This episode is a clear example of why I love this show.moreless
  • Two brothers come to the city and cause havoc. But Beast Boy think that they are not evil.

    The episode starts out Beast Boy trying a prank and Raven and Beast Boy hide so Cyborg would get into the trap but Starfire gets pranked instead. The Titans get a signal and they go to stop the brothers. Well, Thunder and Lightning get into the fight and they decide to leave. The Titans spilt up and Beast Boy and Starfire go together to search for them. Starfire keeps being mad and Thunder and Lightning come and attack. Then, Slade comes and blasts a wall and Starfire gets attacked by it. Slade, Thunder and Lightning go and Beast Boy is trying to find Starfire. He said he was sorry and Starfire accepts it. Meanwhile, Thunder and Lightning and Slade make a fire monster and Thunder is not happy. Robin and Slade fight for the first time and the Titans fight and Beast Boy convinces Thunder to reform. He does and he attacks Lightning. Lightning thinks Thunder betrayed him and he soon discovers that his fun was trouble. They decide to make rain and it stops the fire monster. Slade then disappears and Beast Boy and Starfire's friendship is now okay. Overall, a good episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Thunder's legs keep switching colors, for some reason.

    • In the scene where Beast Boy asks Starfire if he is still a "Clorbag", Starfire's armband disappears at one moment, and then reappears.

    • From how the brothers reacted to what Beast Boy said about how harmful pulling pranks can be, it seems that Thunder is more likely to find the truth about things than Lightning does.

    • Robin has never fought or met Slade, so how could he automatically know Slade was disguised as an old man when his external mask came off? Surely he wouldn't have given the Slade problem too much thought.

    • Once again, Raven was fighting a villain physically (the first time in "Final Exam," against Jinx) when she could have been using telekinesis to handily achieve victory.

    • If Slade was still wearing his mask underneath the disguise, how was he able to move the mouth of his disguise?

    • When the fire beams began forming the flame monster, Thunder and Lightning are standing in the middle of a few of the beams, but in the next scene, they are far away from the beams and with Slade standing behind him.

    • When everyone other than Robin were at the bottom of the hill trying to stop the flame creature, what was Raven trying to do while she was down there? Her aura was up, but nothing appeared to be happening with her powers.

    • Starfire's name she calls Beast Boy (after she becomes the butt of his prank intended for Cyborg) is clearly pronounced 'clorbag varblernelk', but the closed-captioning spells it 'clorbag varblernook' (judging from the closed-captioning on the 'Divide and Conquer' DVD).

    • When Starfire walks into the hallway during the teaser, her eyes are solid green with no iris or pupils, as they are in the comics. This is the only time they are rendered like this.

    • When Beast Boy confronted Thunder, holding his shirt, it changed colors.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Thunder: This destruction? Will we harm the innocents?
      Slade: Would it matter if you did? You are unique, gifted, better, why should anything interfere your enjoyment?

    • Thunder: I am sorry for the trouble we have made.
      Lightning: I am also sorry.
      Thunder: You have taught us much, green one! Thank you!
      Beast Boy: Don't thank me. Thank the person who taught me. (Introduces Starfire to the brothers)

    • Thunder: (About the Titans) They also have gifts. But they use them for good, while we waste ours to our dangerous fun.

    • Slade: Burn fire! Burn it all!

    • Thunder: (After Lightning beats him) Tell me, brother, are we still having FUN?!

    • Starfire: On my planet we have names for people who do such terrible things. You're a CLORBAG VARBLERNELK!!
      Beast Boy: I'm a what-bag??
      Cyborg: You heard the lady.
      Raven: You are SUCH a clorbag.

    • Beast Boy: It was a joke! Back at the tower! And you could've been hurt! I'm such a clorbag!

    • Beast Boy: Well, either they were just here, or this is the ugliest modern art I've ever seen, heh.
      Starfire: You are not funny, you are a clorbag varblernelk.

    • Robin: Beast Boy and Starfire can scan from the skies.
      Beast Boy: Maybe Cyborg should come with me instead?
      Robin: Cyborg... can't fly.
      Cyborg: (Pinches Beast Boy's cheek) Have a nice flight, my little clorbag!

    • Beast Boy: Do I have to give you the face? You know you can't resist the face!
      (Turns into a kitten with big eyes, and Star just walks away)
      Beast Boy: She resisted the face!

    • Raven: But -
      Beast Boy: Shhhh!!
      Raven: I don't think -
      Beast Boy: Shhhhh!
      Cyborg: What are we all hiding for?
      Beast Boy: Shhhhhhhh!!!!! (Realizes it's Cyborg) CYBORG!!! You can't be Cyborg!!!!
      Cyborg: (Confused) I can't?

    • Starfire: Is this punishment? Have I done something wrong?
      Raven: You haven't done anything wrong Star, he has.
      (Nods at Beast Boy)
      Beast Boy: Hehe. Remember to change that every 3000 miles. Hehe.

    • Raven: Please tell me this isn't another one of your ridiculous pranks.
      Beast Boy: Okay, it's not a ridiculous prank... it's a BRILLIANT PRANK!

  • NOTES (16)


    • In issue twenty-three of The New Teen Titans, Cain and Travis are half American-half Vietnamese. They came to the United States in search of their father, whose blood can cure the disease that they have. Neither can fully control their powers, during the times when they lose control, they suffer intense pain. They are also Siamese twins.

    • Thunder & Lightning: The Mythological Base
      The two brothers have a mythological sustrait from the Far East mythology. Specifically, Thunder is inspired in the chinese taoist god of thunder, named Lei-kung (or Li-gong); a god depicted as a blue man-shaped owl (which means he's a little fat) with a hammer & drum. Also, the clothes of both Thunder and Lighting seem taken from the Japanese God (of thunder) Raijin, dressed for the war with a samurai-like armor. Ligthing seems to be inspired in the Japanese God named Raiden (of thunder and ligthing), portrayed as a red guy able to throw ligthings with his hands, and other minor deities.

    • Thunder: Monkey King
      Thunder rides a white cloud, just like the mythological Monkey King, which is used in Dragonball Z, and was even used in the Samurai Jack episode that premiered the same night as this episode.