Teen Titans

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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When Robin accidentally wrecks the R-Cycle while pursuing a nasty thug named Johnny Rancid, he winds up with his arm in a cast... and doubt in himself. Lucky for Robin, he gets a helpful visit from his number one fan: a short little weirdo from another dimension known as Larry the Titan. Unfortunately for Robin, Larry's reality-bending powers cause more problems than they fix.moreless

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  • Larry, sort of a Robin-themed Bat-Mite pays a visit to the Titans.

    Another wacky comedy episode, the opening is not any indication however, it's just a dull motorcycle chase. Then the intro begins, and it's apparent it's going to be a zany one, The song is done by some dude, it doesn't sound like Larry though, and it's funny. Then Larry appears, voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Problem? Larry is just not that funny, really. And I have to apologize, I have called Beast Boy annoying a couple of times, this guy, Larry knocks him right out of the park, he can be really obnoxious. I really only laughed at him once, when he transformed into an old-school style Robin. Luckily his powers allow for some humerous gags with the other Titans.

    The villain, I can't even remember his name, Johnny Crimson or somthing like that(EDIT: Johnny Rancid), was a complete throwaway, and not interesting, menacing or anything special in the slightest. And this subplot doesn't really tie all that well into the Larry stuff. "Mad Mod" is one of the best episodes in the series, and unfortunately this one is nowhere near as funny or clever as that one. But it does have a few inspired moments and it's not really boring, save for the opening chase between Robin and that other guy.moreless
  • Random.

    Ok, random much? This episode made some sense, but had practically no plot that didn't include Robin, and Larry I swear is a Teen Titans version of Konohamaru from Naruto I mean seriously I felt sorry for Robin to have to deal with that crap. This episode was really random, it was like a filler that never really happened cuz this episode is never mentioned in the other episodes and the ending just left Robin in the middle of nowhere. It was funny though when the titans had to switch mouths that actually made me laugh. So it was good, but random.moreless
  • Worst episode ever.

    Just when the show was starting to emerge from the hit-or-miss first season to starting to become a really good cartoon, this episode rears it's ugly head. The thing is that Larry (whose real name is cleverly Robin's real name backwards) is the most annouying cartoon character ever. The writers tried way too hard to make him wacky and funny only to have it backfire on them. Worse yet, the way cool Henry Rollins is horribly misused as a hoo-hum villian (Johnny Rancid). This is the only episode I stopped watching before it was over. Thankfully, they never showed Larry again on the show (though he appeared in the Titans Go! comic book) and let's hope we never see him again.moreless
  • Robin meets up with a crazy version of himself, Larry, who causes trouble and creates a pandemonium.

    I meant my classification as a pun but indeed I hated this epi like Mad Mod. Both are equally silly and come after a particularly dark episode. I wish the writers would stop spoiling the atmosphere with a comedy like that. Larry is ridiculous, Robin is mean and Beast Boy is the usual goofy self. Quick recovery, I'd say. Not good at all, and Johnny Rancid is smelly and stupid. In fact, this is one of the worst episodes I ever encountered and I wish to goodness nobody makes a Robin comedy again, because simply these 2 so not work together.moreless
  • I felt sorry for Robin when he fractured his arm,but I'm glad that he learned how to believe Larry.

    Why Starfire wanna call Larry a "doopleganger"?A doopleganger must be someone evil or pretend to be good to get some data from someone.And Larry's quite cool----he can change the letter "R" into the letter "L" with his magic finger.I suppose that anyone living with Larry will have magic too (just thought of it).When Raven used her healing powers to heal Robin's arm,she looked calm as ever,except in the episodes "The End 1,2 and 3".After the strong and have powers Johnny Rancid was defeated,Robin encouraged Larry to heal his arm once more.This shows that Robin had put all his believeness into Larry because he's the only hope.Larry managed to do well but he had turned Robin into another demension.....oops!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • According to Batman Forever, Dick Grayson told Alford his brother's wire broke. Once he swung out and grabbed him, his father said he was his hero swung in like a robin.

    • GOOF: When Beast Boy re-captures his mouth, the first thing he says backwards is, "Help! I can't understand anything I'm saying!" But he had just gotten his mouth and said this phrase immediately. How could he not understand what he was saying if he had not said anything before this statement to not understand?

    • Larry was a reference to an episode of Pinky and the Brain, the one with Larry.

    • 1960s Robin - While Larry is bouncing around the tower celebrating his name, in one short sequence he appears as Robin from the animated introduction to the 1960s Batman TV show, starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

    • Robin shouldn't have his cast on over his glove. He should have taken off the glove first.

    • One of the fleeing citizens seen after Larry "breaks reality" is a young man who resembles Gilligan from Gilligan's Island, complete with red sweater and white floppy beach hat.

    • Just before the Titans are swallowed by a whale, Beast Boy's mouth is back on for a second, when it was meant to be separated from his face.

    • How did Johnny know what that vortex on the tower did? He doesn't seem to possess too much knowledge about magic like this.

    • Look hard when Beast Boy tears Raven's mouth from her face. When Beast Boy places it on his face, it has purple lipstick on.

    • When Johnny created his city and took down Raven, Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire and then, Larry and Robin are talking to each other, you see Larry's finger broken. But then, Larry suddenly fixes Robin's motorcycle in about 5 seconds.

    • Larry's magic finger switches from his right hand to his left.

    • When they're on the rooftop, shortly before Johnny steals the power (and while Raven is fixing her hair, which resembled the Bride of Frankenstein's, and later was temporarily reshaped into a "raven," before falling back to the sides of her head), Beast Boy's mouth is facing the right way (fang on his left), but he's still speaking backwards (and the fang shifts to the right while he speaks).

    • After Beast Boy named Nosyarg Kcid Larry, he was bouncing around, and for a second, his L on his badge was an R.

    • Larry's real name is Dick Grayson backwards (one of Robin's comic alter egos), but in "X," Beast Boy's little chart says that Robin is Jason Todd (another alter ego).

    • Earlier, we see that Johnny can create stuff after being doused in that energy that Larry unleashes (he makes a motorcycle). However, he just pouts when Robin knocks his gun away. Why didn't he just make another one?

    • When it shows Cyborg's grandmother, she is half machine and half-human like Cyborg. She should be all human because Cyborg only became his half-machine self after he was in a horrible accident.

    • The first time you see the Titans (excluding Robin) chasing Johnny Rancid, when you first see Raven, she doesn't have her hood to her cloak on. But a second later, the next time you see her, she has it on.

    • Larry chews a hole in the couch, and it disappears later.

    • The reason that Robin is chasing Johnny is because Johnny is a maniac that is heavily armed and not afraid to hurt people. We don't know that the other Titans aren't searching for Slade, so Robin might have been excluded from the search for Terra and Slade because of the way he gets when he's after Slade, even when Terra is his new apprentice.

    • Sometimes throughout the episode, Larry's bandage is missing.

    • In one scene, after Robin gets his cast, it's gone. But a couple scenes later, it's back.

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  • NOTES (24)


    • Beast Boy: Backwards Speech
      When Beast Boy speaks backwards, it's an allusion to the backwards speaking dwarf in Twin Peaks.

    • Robin: Yay...
      When Robin twirls his finger in a sarcastic show of excitement, it's a lot like in Austin Powers when Austin says "Whoopdeedoo Bazil." When he doesn't understand what Bazil is talking about and why everyone else is reacting excitedly. They twirl their fingers the exact same way.

    • Robin: Chainsaw Arm
      When Larry tries to fix Robin's arm, Robin's arm turns into a chainsaw. In The Evil Dead, the character Ash had a chainsaw replacing his hand when he also lost function of it (he hacked it off with said chainsaw).

    • Starfire: Welcome to Earth, small amusing doppleganger!
      A doppleganger is a mythical creature from Greek Mythology. It is the shadow creature that every person has. Only the owner of the doppleganger can see it. It stays directly behind the head of the owner and does not appear in mirrors, so basically, you don't see dopplegangers. Seeing one's doppleganger is a sign of bad luck. They are friendly and warm to their owners and give feedback on ideas in a sort of telepathic way. It rarely appears to friends and family, and it is a sign of ill fortune to the owner when it does. Larry even appears in Robin's head, and in addition has that squeaky annoying voice. Larry appears right after Robin fractures his arm, as well.

    • Raven: Hairstyle
      While they were running from a T-Rex, Raven's hairstyle looks simlar to Marge Simpson of The Simpsons. We can even go as far back as The Bride of Frankenstein.

    • Larry the Titan: Appearance
      Larry has a pretty close resemblance to the Bat-Mite, a fourth dimensional omnipotent imp during the Silver Age who was obsessed with Batman, and would try to help him and just get in the way. He was wiped from current continuity in 1985 (by the Crisis of Infinite Earths -- if you don't know, don't ask).

    • Johnny Rancid: Inspiration
      It's possible that Johnny Rancid is inspired by various punk rockstars. In particular Johnny, which is a possible reference to the second lead singer of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten, and the punk band Rancid, as well of the fact Henry Rollins who use to be the lead singer of the punk band, Black Flag.