Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Dec 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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How did all the Titans first meet? How did Starfire come to Earth? What was Beast Boy's first joke? How was this never-ending friendship of the Titans formed? Return to the very beginning and see how it all started - from the word "GO!"

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  • STOP! Why is this one so popular?

    The only episode this season written by David Slack, and it's the origin of the Teen Titans team, their first mission. So, high expectations. What went wrong? Just about everything. Why wasn't the japanese Teen Titans song used in the intro? Beacuse this is comedy, bad comedy. Okay Mr. Slack just because you have Starfire and Robin kiss, Cyborg saying "Booyah" for the first time and a cool Batman reference, you expect me to give this a pass? Sorry, not gonna happen. That's right, this is all fanservice in search of coherence, and it never finds it. It seems lazy. The show has gone against character for laughs and jokes previously, but this is just ridicilous. Starfire is aggresive and rude until the end, okay, I can understand, she is on a strange planet, she doesn't know if the humans are friendly, so she starts punching stuff to get her "handcuffs" off, despite endangering them. She destroys much of the city, but it's okay because she's hot, and hot chicks can do whatever they want without consequences, right? Sorry about that brief moment of lame sarcasm.

    The kiss everybody seemingly has been waiting for, is not only unsatisfying, ludicrous and out of nowhere, it's an obvious moment where the writer just adds it and imagines the fans being overjoyed, just beacuse they kiss. No, "Trouble in Tokyo" got it right, with build up and the right mood and music. You mean to tell me they kiss the first time they meet and never talk about, or even mention it until "Trouble in Tokyo"? Of course it's just a way for Starfire to learn a foreign language, but it's not explained here. Wonder who Blackfire kissed to learn english?

    Raven was completely out of character, she joins the Titans, despite feeling insecure and saying she's dangerous. Then at the end she goes "get away from my friends", what? "Friends"? Since when, just by hanging around them for a little while. Even worse she calls Beast Boy funny in the end, of course she does this and laughs at a comment that clearly wasn't funny in the slightest.

    The episode is just so unbelievably boring, save for the fight between Starfire and Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy. I'm shocked frankly, and I know this is a popular episode amongst most TT fans, I don't get it. I didn't like it, it's one of the worst episodes in the series, and I know if you're reading this, chances are you disagree completely, but you know, that's fine, I respect your opinion completely. I on the other hand disliked this episode. Really disliked.moreless
  • The Teen Titans meet for the first time.

    The episode starts with the Gordanians in a spaceship and an ailen named Starfire is held captive. She escapes and overthrows the Gordanians. She flies to Earth and meanwhile, in Jump City, a crook is running before the cops could get him and Robin comes and stops him. Robin gets the attention of Starfire in the sky and then ties the crook up. He then goes and by the pizza shop, Starfire has landed on Earth. She then starts attacking the city and Robin stops her. They fight while Raven is watching and a green kid called Beast Boy comes and helps Robin stop her. They fight and a guy named Cyborg comes and helps them. They decide to fight but a big black shield comes up and blocks their attack. Then, a teenage goth girl named Raven comes and says fighting is no the answer. Robin helps Starfire get the cuffs off and Starfire is pleased. Then, Starfire kisses Robin and she starts speaking English. Robin thanks the teens for helping him and they decide to leave. Beast Boy wants leave with each of them but ends up following Cyborg. He takes his hood off and reveals his face. Beast Boy thinks it is cool and then Cyborg leaves. But all four Titans discover ailens are after Starfire. They team up and Raven is left behind. Robin wonders why and she says if they knew what she really was, they wouldn't want her around. Robin says he heard enough and she smiles back to him. They try to find her and they finally discover where she is. They find her eating candy bars and she discovers that the other teenagers are her friends. The Gordanians come and the Titans go into battle. Cyborg's suit is destroyed and it reveals Cyborg's true self. Raven stops them and they all decide to flee. Beast Boy says Cyborg is cool and Cyborg tells him that he is taking advice from a kid with a goofy mask. Beast Boy says it is cool and he asks Raven for her opinion and she said it is not cool. He takes it off and Beast Boy is like this for the rest of the series except in "Homecoming (Pt. 2)". Starfire says thanks and Trogarr gives a message to Earth that their city would be destoryed. The team gets into a fight and Raven breaks it up be screaming quiet. They look at her and she waves her hand and says hi. They go into the ailen's spaceship and Raven has transported them into there. Beast Boy thinks it is creepy and Robin says they have to get to the controls and Raven is again left behind. Cyborg talks to her and she said she is different. He says Beast Boy is green, Starfire is an ailen, and he is half metal and he says Raven fits in just fine. Robin apolgizes to Starfire and he tells her that Earth is different. Beast Boy tells them that they know they are there and they go into battle. Meanwhile, Trogarr is about to prepare the attack on their city and he said five heroes can't stop him. Robin says that they are one team. They go into battle and Trogarr is about to attack the Titans until Raven ays get away from my friends. She then chants Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos. It knocks out all of the Gordanians out except for Trogarr and he is about to attack Raven and Beast Boy but Cyborg shoots his new sonic cannon at Trogarr and knocks him out. The Titans are standing on the island and Raven says it is quite a view. Beast Boy makes a joke and Raven laughs. he says he knows some jokes and Raven doesn't really like the fact that he knows jokes. Starfire comes with a new costume and she reveals her name to the Titans which is Starfire. Robin welcomes her to Earth and she is happy. Robin says Cyborg and him designed the communicators that he gives them. Then, Robin says when there's trouble, you know who to call. Overall, one of the best episodes of the whole series.moreless
  • I was expecting a lot more

    I was very disappointed with this episode. I think there is just not enough story in it.

    All episodes explaining how a series starts are and should be very special, and in this case, when five heroes unite, logical and interesting reasoning would be especially needed and yet most of the episode is pure bashing. Sure, Starfire has a story, but the rest of the Titans just happen to be around and even though most of them - except Beast boy - are not really likely to team up with anyone - they just seem to join forces like "why the heck not?" The worst was how they decided to build the tower in the end. I felt that could be it's own parody.

    The episode of how the Teen Titans were formed would be a great possibility to show more of the heroes' personal story, yet all we get are some hidden references. This story should be something much larger, lasting through more episodes even, but I think the writers just wanted to do it easy.moreless
  • What was that all about???

    There are few good points in this episode and way to many bad things.

    What was suposed to be an orgin episode was a bunch of crap. Let's see..

    Beastboy- already knew he was from Doom Patrool

    Robin- sucked. Was suposed to find out new things, all we found out was that he was Batman's sidekick. Wait just a second... didn't we allready know that???

    Cyborg- didn't find out anything.

    Raven- you'd think they would at least remind us that she was from Atherath, but once again, they didn't say that or anything new.

    Starfire- FINILLY!!!We find out something new. One of the good points in this episode, so at least they tell us where she came from.

    As you can see, telling us that it was an orgin episode was BS.

    Also, way to short of an episode. If they really wanted to put effort into that episode, they should of made it a three part episode.

    I'm assuming that Raven didn't have many friends. So, 5 minutes after She meets them, she names them her friends. Her judgement sucks, as far as she knows, they could have helped Starfire and then killed her. She was WAY out of character.

    And finially, If you look at most of the reviews, you will see that they all have the same best part, Starfire and Robin kissed. BIG DEAL, they kissed, I guess world peace will have to be declared now. I'm sure that whenever I go into a forum, all I'm going to hear is that they kissed. Well people, let me ask you a question, was that before or after she tried to kicked the car at Robin?!?! Not very romantic. Also, don't you think that they should have save that for something like the last episode? Anyway's, I'm tired of Robin and Starfire episodes. The R/S fans are getting to the writers mind, and that's bad

    Overall, the episode sucked. I had very high expections for this episode before I saw it, then through the whole episode, I was asking myself WTF was going on. It had to be one of the worst episode ever, and that is comming from a big Teen Titans fan. This one was a downfall for the Teen Titans show.moreless
  • ohh gordanions

    they are the fana garians enemie from justice league arent they i smell something brother: that was me me:eww lol The day has turned to night and we must fight like the wind it will take our hope and we will not give up our dreams We are Sailor Scouts and we will not forget again yes we're Sailor Scouts and we will fight until the end

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    Coz we are the best Sailor Moon Sailor Moon...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (27)

    • After Starfire launches a city bus at Robin during their initial fight, he comments, "Hmm. Stronger than she looks." This is similar to what Starfire says of herself to Cinderblock in the first episode, "Divide and Conquer."

    • After Robin says "Come on, we've got a city to save," and the scene moves to the Gordanian ship, when you see some flashing green and red piping listen closely. There are two soundbytes of the Whale Probe from the fourth Star Trek movie "The Voyage Home."

    • After kissing Robin, you can see Starfire smiling a little while flying away.

    • Listen Closely: While the Titans are arguing, you can hear Starfire yelling in Tamaranian, and then Robin yelling, "I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!"

    • In past references, Starfire made it seem like her people were a peaceful race. But in this episode, when she stated the closest word her people have to nice is weak, she made it seem like all they understood was fighting. However in "Betrothed" The Tamaranians seemed to be a little of both.

    • Why are Robin's birderangs in this episode gray? They should be red and yellow.

    • Starfire's story of how she came to Earth does not equal the narrator's description at the beginning of "Transformation." From how the story is told, Starfire simply came to Earth in a spaceship, when in this episode, she crash-landed from space escaping alien creatures.

    • "He's green, half of me is made of metal, and she's from space. You fit in just fine."
      When Cyborg says this to Raven, he is saying that all team members have something that makes them different, but he doesn't mention anything about Robin.

    • When Beast Boy says "besides, we all made a pretty good team," his mouth doesn't move.

    • What's the coincidence that Starfire landed at the same spot that Beast Boy and Robin were patrolling, Cyborg's neighborhood, and the place that Raven was wandering around in?

    • The way that Starfire arrives on Earth does not fit the way she described it in "Sisters." In that episode, she said she did not think she would ever fit in, which she clearly was not worried about in this episode.

    • When Starfire begins yelling at Robin for it being his fault that the Gordanians would destroy the city, the middle gray stripe on the part of the suit covering Starfire's stomach changes color from gray to black and then gray again.

    • Toward the end, Raven comments that Beast Boy is funny. She does it in the exact same way to Malchior in "Spellbound."

    • In the third act of the episode, Beast Boy's boots and gloves change from their alternate Doom Patrol design to their traditional series appearance.

    • When they show Starfire in her new clothes at the end of the episode, the bottom half of her legs are much too skinny.

    • Trogaar: It takes more than five juvenile heroes to...
      Why did he say five heroes, when he was taking one of them (for whom he had no respect) into slavery?

      Response: He probably said "five heroes" because he knew she had befriended them and is fighting with them for her freedom.

    • At the end of the episode, Raven laughs at Beast Boy's joke, and says, "You're kinda funny." In "Nevermore," Beast Boy says, "She's never laughed at any of my jokes." Could this have been the first time Raven's emotions were out of control?

    • When Robin frees Starfire from her shackles and they fall to the ground, Starfire's boots are the original purple color instead of black. They change back to black after that short clip.

    • Robin has a slightly mechanical voice in this episode.

    • How was Cyborg's chin armor silhouetted by a hood if his human flesh wasn't?

    • Raven's normal forcefields in previous episodes are just a solid black wall, so why would she create a soul-self wall here?

    • When the Gordanian ship fell out of the sky and into the water, it would cause massive flooding of the city, but it didn't.

    • How exactly did Starfire acquire the outfit that she normally wears in later episodes? Tamaran is the only planet where those suits are available and she didn't leave Earth in this episode.

    • Near the end of the episode, after Starfire asks the team if she is pretty. If you'll notice, all the Titans are extremely thin.

    • When Beast Boy is commenting the size of the Gordanian ship, his head looks a lot larger than his body.

    • Beast Boy, when asking about his mask, called Raven by name. How did he know her name, she never told him.

    • If Starfire had to learn English, then how does the rest of her race know?

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Starfire: I thank you all for your bravery and help and I would like to ask to stay here, where the people are strange but also most kind. (Talking about Earth)

    • (Cyborg blasts Trogaar)
      Cyborg: I'm only gonna say this once: Boo-yah!

    • Starfire: Nice... we do not have this word on my planet. Closest is "rutha." Weak.
      Cyborg: Well, around here, "nice" means "nice." And if you want us to keep being nice, you better tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner.
      Starfire: Not "prisoner." I am "prize." The Gordanians deliver me to the Citadel to be their servant.
      Raven: The Citadel... they are...
      Starfire: Not nice.

    • Robin: (After Starfire kicked a car at Robin) Hmh... stronger than she looks.

    • (Beast Boy tells a joke)
      Raven: (Laughs) You know, you're kinda funny.
      Beast Boy: You think I'm funny? Woohoo! Dude, I know some jokes!

    • Beast Boy: Ex-Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, sir. How can I help? Wowzers! You're Robin, aren't you, sir?
      Robin: Well, you can start by not calling me sir.

    • Cyborg: (Takes hood off) There! Take a good long look. I had an accident, and now I'm a monster, all right? A cyborg.
      Beast Boy: Cyborg? Cool! You're like Robot Man 2.0.
      Cyborg: You're a weird, little dude, you know that?
      Beast Boy: Ha ha. You called me dude.

    • Cyborg: Oh, man. My suit.
      Beast Boy: So, you look way cooler without it.
      Cyborg: Yeah, like I'm taking fashion advice from the guy in the goofy mask.
      Beast Boy: Goofy! My mask is cool... isn't it? Raven?
      (Cyborg & Raven shake their heads no)
      Beast Boy: But what about my secret identity?
      Raven: What secret identity? You're green.

    • (Raven dissolves her forcefield)
      Beast Boy: Uhh... That dark energy stuff gives me the...
      (Raven glares)
      Beast Boy: Uh, I mean, it's cool!

    • Robin: Alright, we need some way to track ...
      Raven: She's near.
      (Everyone looks at her strangely)
      Raven: (Embarassed) I can sense things.

    • Bank Robber: (To Robin) Hey, this isn't your town. Aren't you supposed to be with...
      Robin: Just moved here. And from now on, I work alone.

    • Starfire: (To Robin, after the Gordanians announce the destruction of the city) All the fault is yours! I commanded you leave me alone, but you insisted upon the being nice!
      Robin: My fault?! You blast me, you kiss me, but you never stop to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon?!

    • Robin: I suppose I could team up... just this once.

    • Trogaar: The earth scum shall learn. It takes more than five juvenile heroes to defy the mighty Lord Trogaar.
      Robin: We're not five heroes; we're one team.

    • Raven: You're going to track down the alien?
      Robin: I have to find out if she's a threat.
      Cyborg: (Muttering) More like find out if she'll give him another kiss.

    • Robin: Stand down.
      Cyborg: What, do you think you're the boss or something?

    • Cyborg: Mind telling me why you're always by yourself?
      Raven: You heard the kid. I don't exactly fit in.
      Cyborg: He's green, half of me is made of metal, and she's from space. You fit in just fine.

    • Gordanian #1: And if this thing gets loose?
      Gordanian #2: Then Zorg help us all.

    • Beast Boy: (To Robin) I think we made a pretty good impression. Crazy space girl is gone, the city is saved. Mission accomplished. Right, sir?
      Robin: Seriously... stop calling me that.
      Beast Boy: Roger.

    • Robin: I thought we might wanna keep in touch, so Cyborg and I designed these. (Gives them their communicators)
      Cyborg: Made them out of my own circuits.
      Robin: When there's trouble, you know who to call.

    • (All the Titans fight)
      Raven: Quiet!!!! (Shyly) Hi.

  • NOTES (51)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Raven: If you knew who I am...
      When Raven is asked whether she is going with the group, she replies that if they knew who she was, they wouldn't want her to be near them. This is a reference to the season 4 story arc.

    • Robin: (Ambushing the criminal by swinging through a swarm of bats)
      Definite reference to Batman.

    • Cyborg: All right, I'm only gonna say this once: "Boo-yah."
      This would become Cyborg's regular victory cry.

    • Starfire: (Rapidly devouring all the snacks)
      Beast Boy: Uh... those taste better without the wrapper.
      This is the first sign the other Titans saw of Starfire's strange appetites.

    • Raven: Team Formation
      In the comic book series, originally, it was Raven who summoned the Titans together and a powerful, rich tycoon who funded all of their needs, including Titans Tower, which was built by Cyborg's father.

    • Robin: When there's trouble, you know who to call.
      Reference to the theme song.

    • Robin: Sorry, I just went solo...
      Referencing him and Batman's fallout.

    • Robin & Starfire: Kiss
      As in the comics, this is how Star learned how to speak English, by kissing Robin. Also, this is how Tamaranians learn different languages.

    • Thug: Hey! This isn't your town! Aren't you supposed to be with...
      Referencing to Robin working with his mentor Batman, in Gotham City.

    • Go: Japanese Meaning
      The word "Go" means five in Japanese. There are 5 Titans, so the episode title showing each of their pasts makes sense.

    • Episode Title: Go!
      The title "Go" is an allusion to Robin's battle cry, "Teen Titans, Go!"