Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 7

Hide and Seek

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Nov 11, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Awesomeeee

  • Raven's just awesome

    All the episodes that revolve around Raven are just awesome. Enough said
  • Raven-centered episodes rock

    Every Raven-centered episode is especially awesome! Maybe it's because she's my favorite character, but still. Witnessing her growth was wonderful and her connection to the kids by the end was touching. The action, the character development, and the humor made it all worthwhile - I don't expect anything less from this show.
  • Very funny, charming and entertaining. One of my favorite episodes.

    Why are all Raven focused episodes so consistently awesome? I don't know, but I'm glad they are. This is one of the best episodes in the series, it is very funny without being too corny. I mean, certain of the comedy episodes go all out with bizarre themes and plots and feel almost desperate for laughs, try to hard to gain some. This episode has a great story that isn't too "out there", it's about Raven babysitting three kids while Monsieur Mallah tries to steal them from her.

    We saw Starfire as a mother, or a mother figure in "Can I Keep Him?" This one has Raven in the mother role, and that's more interesting and a great idea, since one would think that Raven is not good with children, turns out she is. Sure they get on her nerves, but that's what kids do. Despite one jarring moment where she accidentally flings the baby on top of a cable car, other than that gross mistake, she does a good job keeping the kids safe and entertained.

    Monsieur Mallah, I was wrong about him, he's not lame, he's not great either, but he is a decent villain here. The stuff with Bobby was a nice addition as well. I love this episode and it's one of my favorite episodes, if I had to make a top 10 TT episode list, it would most likely be dominated by the Raven episodes.
  • Raven becomes a babysitter.

    Raven is my favourite Titan but i didnt like her much in this episode. I didnt really like the storyline and it wasent exciting like other episodes i have seen. I still think its a great episode, but it's just not one of my favourites.

    There is more humour in this episode and less action, which was ok. The kids were annoying at times and i felt sorry for Raven because she had to look after them.

    The ending was nice and we see a different, more loving Raven.
  • Cute! Raven becomes a baby-sitter, and is really good at it!

    It starts out when Raven waits to pick up future super heros, but when she finds out that they are little kids, she tries to tell Robin, or BeastBoy that she doesn't do baby-sitting. He tells her to deal with it. So when she takes them to the train, Msr. Mallah of the members of the brotherhood of evil comes after them. But they get out in time, Raven, Timmy, Melvin, & Teether, go to a cabin before night time. Raven tries not to lose it on the way there. The Timmy and Teether get into a little fight, then Raven makes everything okay. Melvin tells Raven that her friends Bobby needs food too, Raven tells her that Bobby isn't real. So Raven just gives in to make her shut up. She calls in for back up, but no one was ther to do so. So when she takes care of their probloms for now, she tells them the story of her birthday and puts them to sleep. Later they take a anouther ride, but Mallah tries to capture them, they get out almost safely. When they get to the 'safe' place, Malvin says that Bobby thinks that its not safe, Rave tells her that Bobby wasn't real! So when she leaves them, she hears that things were to quiet. She rushes back to see what happened. Mallah had captured the kids, and takes them with him. When they see that he was attacking her, they get him back with thier powers. Then Mallah tries to take care of Raven for good, but Melvin sends Bobby out to get him. When Raven sees that Bobby was real, she appoligizes to Melvin. Then is ask to do anouther mission, she doesn't want to until she knows that the kids are under good hands. So she gives a communicater to the kids.
  • What is with this season!? It's totally awesome. Except for the fact they started with only a average season opener.

    Summary: With the other Titans off fighting exciting battles with the Brotherhood of Evil, Raven is left with the worst task of all - transporting three rambunctious future superheroes to safety. But this simple task turns into an adventure in babysitting as Raven and her young charges are chased through the Alps by the Brotherhood of Evil's Msr. Mallah.

    Final Thoughts: What a adorable little adventure! Teether is the best out of all of them! And the action was awesome. But the shakey move camera has been used way to much in this season. And also, Raven was kind of mean. Haha. Anyways, this was a really good episode. Another must-see episode.
  • I couldn't stop laughing throughout this episode... it was sooooo funny!! And also about Raven so it was great!

    Raven+3 annoying kids=comedy and commotion!!
    Melvin and Timmy are sooooooooo annoying in this episode that I wanted to kill them... but Teether was sooooooooooo cute!! This episode was good because of the fighting between Mallah and Raven, and because of the sarcasm (mainly Raven's). I loved it when Teether burped on Raven (immature but funny) and the way that Raven grew to like the children as their mission went on. Mallah was a good villain for this episode. I'm glad Raven had her own episode as she hasn't been in much this season (only because of season 4) and it was good to see much more of her. This episode was really good!
  • Raven is called to a mission to watch over three kids and take them to a refuge. As Raven struggles to take care of these noisy super-powered kids she must defend the children from Monsieur Mallah.

    This episode wasn't terrible, but it wasn't my favorite. I am actually a big Raven fan but I didn't particularly enjoy her here. The kids were enjoyable. They acted like ordinary kids, like Timmy's loud tantrums and teether's refusal to eat any vegetables. I also loved Raven's "bedtime story." The reason why I didn't like Raven in this episode was because she didn't show any changes from her experiences in season 4. I mean, after saving the world and finally being free from her father's control, I expected SOME sort of change. Her insensitivity toward Melvin and Bobby was in a way upsetting. She can sense things can't she? Why couldn't she sense Bobby? I'm also a little unhappy with the Raven's uselessness. I keep spotting it over and over. In force-fields and multiple battles Raven's powers don't help much. The fact that she needed Bobby to help so badly in her own episode was pathetic. It would have been better if they worked together in the end. To prove that Bobby was real and to show that Raven is capable of SOMETHING. I will mention something good though. I really enjoyed the animation of the fights between Raven and Mallah, especially on the lift. That certainly won a few points. That's all for this review. I'll finish of with the same way the episode did..."Okay, that's enough."
  • It was okay

    It was okay......

    Atleast they showed that Raven fight hand to hand combat without her powers,I really don't see why everyone likes this episode so much,it wasn't so great to me,but it was still pretty good.

    Season 5 really hasn't impressed me at all,season's 3 and 4 were very good,and it seemed that TT was getting darker and more intense,but instead they turn it into a little kid's show again.
  • I have seen every episode, and this one takes the cake. The voice actors for the kids are outstanding and I couldn\'t imagine better voices. Raven comes around at the end of the episode, but I am certain it won\'t affect her character long term.

    Best episode. If you dont like this one, you probably wouldnt like any episode this series has to offer. Best and cutest kids voices in the series, and for any other show for that matter. Children\'s voices werent \"overdone\" and the voice actors didnt force their characters to sound cuter and more childish. As for action, there is a pretty good climax at the end, but the plot itself is so well-written that it carries the episode by itself.
  • Reminds me of when my sister goes babysitting only everyone has superpowers.

    Our introverted superheroine, Raven, has been though alot in this series. She has had to stand up against her father. She has had to mud wrestle a double crossing friend. She has even had to put up with Beast Boy's bad jokes. But all of this would seem tolerable to Raven compared to three little children. Hide and Seek is probably one of the best episodes of the series. If you have a sister who loathes watching children who aim to trive her insane, imagine this episode but where everyone has superpowers. The cliffhanger about his episode is when Raven gives the kids a communicator, unintentionally setting them up to be a target of the Brotherhood of Evil. Will the kids be on their list? And why were they being targeted in the first place? Stay tuned.
  • It was nice to see a Raven based ep. this season, and it wasnt too bad either.

    When all titans are separated (somehow beast boy is still with robin), Raven is on a mission to deliver a team to a safety point. What she doesnt know is that this "so called team" are a bunch of toddlers! Melvin, the "leader" and the only girl, possesses the power of imagining and possible pchicic abilitys. Timmy, the second oldest, is the annoying one of the group. (they're all annoying, but he tops it off). He
    posseses a sonic power. Teether, the baby, can chew huge things and spit them with forces and fire. Bobby, the invisible teddy bear, is a huge powerhouse and a creation of Melvins. Raven needs to protect them from Monkey Man (aka Mallah). As she does this she tells her story of season 4 with the end and all, and ends happily so the kids go to sleep. With a few dozen high-speed kicks and punches we see Raven's real fighting side, not just her telekinises. So, she brings out the mother in her and saves the kids. Also she gives them a communicator, dumb idea, but ok. Awesome epp, though. Very funny and cool.
  • Raven must baby sit three super hero kids. Time to laugh fans!

    Raven must babysit three kids while the otehr Titans are off fighting against the Brighterhood of Evil (I hate the brotherhood of evil!) One of the children has an "Imaginary" friend (named Bobby) who help Raven fight Mallah many times. Raven thinks that Bobby is really imaginary, and dosent listen when the choldren tell her hes real. IN the end, Boby reaveals himself during the last battle against Mallah. Raven ends up liking the kids, giving them a Big-Ol-Hug in the end. There are many seens with Raven trying to make the kids settle down. Also, the conversations with beast boy over the communicator are hilarious. A wonderful episode, a must see espeacialy for you Raven fans.

  • I really liked this eppy, but I really am writing this review becuase of what I realized while watching it...

    This was a nice eppisode, with Raven having to care for children and all. When she tried to make funny faces and tell a joke, it was hilareous. Then at the end when she got all protective and hugged the kids, it was such a great AWWWW moment.

    However, ym main reason of writing this is what i realized while wathcing the show. Now, for all of you ho read thngs I\\\'ve written before, you know that I\\\'m a big BB+Raven \\\"shipper\\\" but now I have even mroe proff of why you all should agree with me.

    You see, often times when there is a Raven or Beast Boy episode, the other one(Raven or Beast Boy)plays a large role, often larger than the other titans. This isn;t always true, sadly. Through her whole crisis with Trigon, Raven turns to Robin more than Beast Boy. Grrr. Anyway, here is my list:

    Nevermore(Raven)- Beast Boy is one of the two who travels into Ravens mind, and he\\\'s the only one who really started to get on Ravens back about her blow-up.

    Every Dog Has It\\\'s Day(BB)- Raven is the one who the real \\\"doggy\\\" likes and is used a bait to catch the speaking, green, dog.

    Fear Itself(Raven)- Beast Boy rents the movie, freak Raven out the most(ergo he\\\'s the first to be taken out of the scene)

    Whole Terra Arc(BB)- Raven doesn\\\'t trust Terra for a while, then takes the betrayl almost as hard as Beast Boy(I said ALMOST!) She does some of the most whoop-butt attacks on Terra in Aftershock Part 2...

    Spellbound(Raven)- BB is the one who spies on her and Malchior as a fly, Raven first exhibits her new magic on him by changing his form.

    The Beast Within(BB)- Raven si the one who is attacked and Beats Boy protects her, Raven is the one to go talk to him about it all afterwards and make him feel better, Raven\\\'s the one who gets flirted with, blah blah blah. The eppy basicly is split between the two, or so I think.

    Bunny Raven(duh...)- Beast boy is the only one not changed into an animal, he get some of the funniest jokes, he\\\'s the key to the solution.

    Employee of the Month(BB)- Okay, so i haven\\\'t sene this one. Sue me.

    Home coming 1 and 2(BB)- I must note that Raven is the only one to say to the others that beast boy can decide for himself.

    Hide and Seek(Raven)- Other than Raven, only one charry has lines in the eppisode. You have three guesses as to who it is ;)
  • Raven and kids don't mix. Plain and simple... and thats why this episode was so cool! Fave Raven Episode.

    I love Raven. Fave character.

    A quite goth teen with a temper to match. So what wuold happen if Raven had to babysit? Mass distruction! For Raven that is. Lol. Especaily with the "monkey man" after the kids.

    The kids whine and sceam. They are all quite a handful, especialy Timmy. Raven must resist the temtation to yell and kill the kids. Trust me, you don't know how hard that is.

    In the end, Raven grew close to the future heros. Like a sister bond of some sort. She even called them her kids when the "monkey man" was taking them away.

    Even though the owners of teen titans made Raven look kind of weak and dumb, (look at the trivia) over all, this was a good epi. I rate 10/10. =^_^=
  • Raven babysitting. Hilarity ensues. Need I say more?

    Where do I start? This episode is genious. Truly. Raven babysitting was a great premise, & thewy did a great job with it. I mean, Robin might have been funny in the role because of how serious it is. And cy maybe because the kids could've screwed with his circuts. But Raven was pure genious in the role. The kids, well they were perfect. I think they were based on real kids, because I swear I've met at least 30 kids like each of them. Except of coarse for the whole powers thing. I also really liked the chemistry Raven had with Teether, & the constant arguing with Melvin (which btw is a terrible name for a girl, or anyone for that matter) about the existence of Bobby was just great. Although I did feel that if you didn't know Bobby was real after the train scene when he saves them from Mallah, then you are just stupid. But my personal favorite parts of this episode had to be 1: The bedtime story. It was gret. The kids like it with the ballons & cake, then she makes a terrible mistake by telling them about her dad & Slade, but saves it with a happy ending complete with a forced smile & messy hair. And 2: When Raven dropped of the kids, then easily explained what was happening based on the screaming she heard. Then when she went back to save the kids, it was very heartwarming to see how much she cared about them. lol, well, this is long enough for my first summary. Great ep.
  • This episode is an awesome episode of Teen Titans.

    Hide and Seek proves that Teen Titans is one of the best anime/cartoons or whatever you call it, action, adventure shows ever. Hide an Seek was a very inspiring episode to First-timers at watching Teen Titans. And a little moral, don't make fun of giant teddy bears!

    Raven is on a mission to protect 3 children, Melvin, Timmy and a little toddler(whose name I forgot). Melvin has an imaginary friend, or so it seems, named Bobby. But Bobby is really real, a real Teddy Bear.

    In a part between when they first meet Mallah, and Mallah escapes, Raven tells the 3 kids a story about her birthday last year, it goes somewhat along with the storyline of The End parts I, II, and III. She said that she and her friends had cake and ice cream, but she had to deal with her father, Trigon and a skeleton faced man named Slade.(She said something about the skull part, but how could she have known? Only Robin was the one who saw Slade's skull.)

    Monseiur Mallah returns in this episode. He tries to capture the children who Raven is trying to protect. But Mallah fails, and Raven and the children are saved from Mallah!
  • Raven is given a mission to transport three future superheros to a safe place where the Brotherhood of Evil can't find them.

    This show was great. One of the best for the fifth season so far! The kids were adorable, expecially when they called Raven "Waven". This episode was very well written. It was great how Raven acted towards the kids. I loved how at the end, when the kids were in danger, she suddenly cared about them much more. She even said "No one messes with my kids". It was so sweet. If she had been nice to them earlier in the episode, it would have ruined the ending. And it would have been so unlike Raven. It wasn't that much of a surprise that bobby was real at the end. This was a great episode, I watched it three times without thinking "I can't believe there's nothing else on, I seen this already!"
  • Above Average, barely. I feel it's a good episode, but not perfect. Great action, though. Plot: Raven tries to get 3 young future heroes to safety.(along with Bobby, a bear.)

    Well, the action is down a little here. Mainly because the main villain is,well, Mallah, a gorilla. The plot is pretty good, although the little heroes are uninteresting to me. It was cute to see how Raven was left to babysit them, but I don't think that was right. She's powerful, but she gets put with a pretty easy job. Huh? Well, BB's appearances on the communicator made me smile, but they were not very funny to me.
    Mallah was a good villain, but I'd have preferred that another villain join him. A gorilla(Mallah) alone is not my idea of a good villain. To sum it up, I'll list the good and bad:
    Good: .Raven episode, meaning good action.
    .BB on the communicator, for some light moments.
    .Introduced new characters with future potential.
    .When Raven tells the kids a story, she tells of her season and the villains(Trigon and Slade) in it, which I wanted to see and hear about.

    Bad: .Once again, only a few TT. Why can't all of them be in an episode and have dialogue? (sigh)
    .Villain, Mallah, is not very good or interesting alone.
    .The new heroes(except for Bobby the giant teddy bear) weren't interesting to me here, but I'll probably change my mind if they appear again.

    I'm not spoiling the episode this time(as much), but I suggest you at least watch it before judging it. I'm not the best reviewer, so don't send me messages about it or why I didn't rate it 10.

    Sorry if the review wasn't so helpful, I'm just tired.
  • Raven is called to watch over a trio of triplets where they all have unique super abilities. The Brotherhood of Evil saw this as a threat and tried to get rid of them like they did with Wildebeast and other Titans.

    It was a great episode and character development for Raven. Raven is not the type of character who would want to associate with anybody (other then her team), including children. This is a good way to show her more softer side. Raven was proven wrong as she grows attatched to the children in the end.

    And most of the stories I've seen of Raven consists of darker themes while this is far more comical. A great episode for Raven fans everywhere!
  • it was loki the odd couple but funny

    raven a nanny is the funniest thing in the series
    that melvin girl was so cute and that imaginary friend of her was cool i I bet mallah and raven thought "WTF!!?" when he came out and the scenery of the moutains were beautiful if you watched this and then you watched "GO GOO GO" you will be rolling for an hour.
  • Awsome Awsome episode. Cameo apperence by trigon and slade (in skeleton form), cute little heros, and a big bear.

    Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so funny raven had to take care of 3 cute little heros and they were all being a pain. My favorite part was when raven tells the story about season 4. It was so funny. And they got so scared until the end raven is like and then we had cake the end. Also it was funny when Tantrum Timmy called Mallah monkey man. Its pretty funny when he says it. Why is raven so mean to kids thought i mean really. She was a kid too and she still is. One more thing. I liked it when B.B. is acting like a secretary and saying robin is not here, can you leave him a message. And robin is fighting the DP robot.
  • An amazing episode and you could tell something crazy was gonna happen when Timmy said "Are you Waven" he couldn't even prounounce her name.

    Ever since the episode descriptions I knew the episode would be good. Raven baby sitting and for a story to the kids she tells them about Trigon. Wow the possibilities are endless. It was also cool how she was fighting Mallah while keeping the kids. What was funny was when Bobby came out of no where and pumbled Mallah. Yes this was a GREAT episode.
  • Raven has to babysit three kids and a bear.

    This is one of the reason i watch the show becuase raven and her power in this episode she has to babysit three little kids. the botherhood of evil is after them raven has keep frighting them off.
    at first raven does not like the little but then the end [ not to mixef up with "the End] she likes then this is the best episode not just this season but the best episode ever ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Raven is stuck with the duty of taking 3 kids through the Alpls. But Mallah keeps getting in the way!

    This episode was super good. I thought it was so sweet. I liked the way they picked Raven. With any of the others Titans if would have been too easy for them to get the kids to obey them! I liked in the end how Raven came back for them. I was like Oh..kay, a big teddy bear? I am kind of confused. Yet I am a bit confused. Like does Melvin even have a power? So adorable when Raven hugged the kids in the end. I knew she had it in her. She make a good mother, that is, if she wants kids.
  • If you thought stereotypes had changed in the world of superheroes, you were wrong.

    Raven, the *only* Titans who has, so far, saved the entire world, the one even her teammates fear, the one who *started* the team, the strongest and most powerful of them all, gets stuck baby-sitting. The person least qualified for it, the member who would enjoy it least, the hero with the strongest, most useful, unstoppable abilities in battle whose absence they can afford the least, gets to be the baby-sitter, why? Obviously:

    She can fly, she can lift cars and crush boulders, she can destroy and save the universe, but no matter how powerful thshe is, no matter what her potential, no matter what she does, a girl's role will never escape the stereotype maintained from age to age. The twenty-first century, and apparently *NOTHING* in the world of fiction has changed. For centuries, boys got to be the heroes, girls got to be the prize. Okay, so things have changed. Today, boys get to be the heroes, girls get to be the baby-sitter.

    Guess we should all just learn to accept our lot and grin and bear it like Raven did, huh?
  • Raven, the darkest girl the Titans know, watching 3 little kids. Something is bound to show up, sides of Raven we haven't seen.

    I'll be blunt, this was seriously the BEST episode ever, in every sense of those words.
    For those of you who didn't watch it, you missed a life time of episodes rolled into one. Raven gets to "baby-sit" three young super heroes. They are:
    Melvin: Whose active imagination can bring things to life.
    Timmy: Whose horrid temper activates his huge sound waves, which emerge from his big mouth.
    Teether: Whose super chewing abilites speak for themselves.

    Over all, I wasn't too fond of the character powers. But this was seriously a great episode. If you didn't watch it, GO WATCH IT!! You'll be sorry you didn't! A full 10 out of 10 on my scale. Who knew Raven would be such a great mom?
  • Raven and the kids... SWEET!

    This was my favorite episode of the season. What is it about Raven taking care of kids that just makes me laugh for 1/2 hr. straight! It was definitely worth watching. I loved how she mentioned Trigon and Slade and the kids were freaked out and then she quick finished the story to... my friends saved me and we all lived happily ever after. I recommend this episode for all ages because it was great in all aspects.
  • Yatta! this episode was sooooooo cute! Kawaii! I just loved the kids Teether, Melvin, and Timmy!! Bobby is the kewlest! He's a giant Teddy bear that kicks butt! woo-hoo! >_

    Raven was cute at the end with tthe whole hugginess! whee! >_< I really like Melvin and Bobby! Teether is soooo cute~~! ^___^ kya! It was just a sweet filler episode. I liked the beginning with Beastboy acting all silly! and when RAven told htem the story of her birthday and all that, that was so funny and great! I liked the part where Raven says "Trigon a scary red-eyed guy, and Slade an ugly dude." lol! >_