Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 1

Homecoming (1)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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When Beast Boy's former team, The Doom Patrol, is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them. Beast Boy explains that this can only mean one thing: the Doom Patrol's greatest foes are back. The Brotherhood of Evil has returned.

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  • Teen titans

    Best show ever
  • roligt

    Jag tycker att det r bra att man kan se serier p datorn och mobil
  • Man, what's Mento's problem?

    I agree with pretty much everyone else about this: How do you top the Trigon arc from the previous season, short answer: you can't. So comparing this to the outstanding and best season of the series is a bit unfair, but even without comparing it, it's not that great really. The Doom Patrol have cool powers, but we don't really get to know them in this episode, only Mento and Robot Man get enough screen time to make an impression, and it's not a good one. Really, what's their problem? Especially Mento, he is in no position to complain about Beast Boy, what the heck did Mento do anyway in this episode? He got captured twice and really didn't do a darn thing, besides whining that is.

    The Titans are just sort of there, not doing much just tagging along, it's a Beast Boy story, and his relationship to the Doom Patrol. This episode introduces the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, first of, Brain, he is really lame. And Batman: The Brave and the Bold joked around with that, poking fun at his unthreatening persona. This episode and show tries to push him as a credible, menacing threat, and it doesn't really work. Gorilla Gr...I mean Monsieur Mallah is just...a gorilla who can speak eloquently.

    The action was ho-and indeed-hum, far from the series best. The episode moves at a fairly quick pace and it's an entertaining if unremarkable first part. The second part is better.moreless
  • Great!

    It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And the Doom Patrol proved much better than I imagined but before they were real jerks(well, mento was anyway). Now we know more about BeastBoy's past and also that he joined the Doom Patrol when he was only a kid. Not to mention had to make many of the same decisions. He also liked them as if the were a family to him(I think) but now it would be the Teen Titans. And also mento didn't really treat BeaseBoy very nicely until BeastBoy denied him. But all in all, it was quite good and I enjoyed it.moreless
  • This episode had some of the best fight coreography in Teen Titans history!

    The Titans meet the Doom Patrol and are shocked to see that Beast Boy was an ex-member. In the end, the Titans and the Doom Patrol team up to take down the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and their forces. After five minutes of mind-blowing action, animation, and combo moves, the fight ended with the Brain setting the base on self-destruct mode. Beast Boy has to either save his friends and family or stop the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. Much to Mento's dismay, Beast Boy chooses to save them and the episode hits a somewhat of a cliffhanger. If you missed this episode, you missed a gem no matter what the other reviews say...moreless
Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold

Negative Man

Guest Star

Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley


Guest Star

Peter Onorati

Peter Onorati


Guest Star

Glenn Shadix

Glenn Shadix

Brain/Monsieur Mallah

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (30)

    • Mento: You don't understand. I read the Brain's mind, Beast Boy. He has a new quantum generator, and it works. The most devastating power in the cosmos is now in the hands of a mad man, because you couldn't follow orders. (Pauses) We've got a planet to save. Doom Patrol, move out.

    • Robin: You did it, Beast Boy.
      Cyborg: And just in the nick of time.
      Starfire: We are most thankful.

    • Mento: Beast Boy, stop them!
      Beast Boy: So, now I exist.
      Cyborg: This place is comin' down! You gotta get us out!
      Starfire: Please, you must hurry.
      Mento: Never mind us! Get that power core! Beast Boy, don't make the same mistake twice. Do what I say!

    • Mento: All of you, take 'em down!

    • Brain: (About Robotman) Your tin soldier seems to be fixed, Mento.
      Beast Boy: You can thank us for that.
      Brain: Oh, look, the little green one. How nice, a family reunion.

    • Cyborg: (About Robotman) I'm pickin' up brain waves. He's alive in there - somewhere.
      Starfire: Brain waves?
      Cyborg: The only part of him that's actually alive. The rest is just machine. In a lot of ways, he's a prototype of me.

    • Robin: (About Beast Boy) I think he's just worried. The Doom Patrol raised him. They're like his family.

    • Cyborg: (In reference to the locator pod) So, uh, why isn't it attacking?
      Beast Boy: Because it's for me.
      Mento: (On locator pod) Beast Boy, this locator pod has found you and you know what it means.
      Beast Boy: The Doom Patrol's in trouble.
      Mento: (On locator pod) Our last location was in the Amazon jungle. You should begin your search there. Beast Boy, you know what must be done. I'm counting on you.
      Robin: What could have happened to them?
      Beast Boy: It's the Brotherhood of Evil. After we stopped their blackhole machine years ago, they went underground. Mento must have finally found them.

    • Robotman: Tell your pet monkey to let the kid go, Brain.
      Brain: You are hardly in a position to demand anything, Robotman. In just a few moments, my quantum generator will be fully operational, and the Doom Patrol will be its first victim.

    • Monsieur Mallah: (To Beast Boy) Difficult choice, is it not?

    • Mento: Congratulations, you built a battery.
      Brain: You mock what you couldn't possibly understand. Everything is now in place. My only desire is an admission of defeat.
      Mento: Not gonna happen.
      Brain: Then your suffering will only be prolonged. We'll start with the girl.

    • Robotman: This is your team, Beast Boy? It's just a bunch of kids!
      Beast Boy: Gee, Cliff. Good to see you, too.

    • Negative Man: I've been separated too long. I need to get back to my body.

    • Robin: From here, we split up. Cyborg, you'll take the front. Starfire and Raven, take out those guard towers. Beast Boy, you've got to get the security door open.
      Robotman: And what about these guys? Now can I beat them up?
      Robin: Titans, go!

    • Beast Boy: I got everyone out safe.
      Mento: But you let the Brain get away. How could you be so foolish?
      Elastigirl: Mento -
      Robin: He saved our lives. Doesn't that mean anything to you?
      Mento: No. He's only delayed our destruction.
      Beast Boy: You'll keep looking for him, just like you always did... sir.

    • Brain: (To Mento) Then cede! Admit that I have won.
      Robotman: (Bursts through wall) Won what? Sure ain't a beauty contest.

    • Robin: I'd say we found it.
      Raven: Any idea what it is?

    • Starfire: That was most... daring.
      Raven: I was going to say unnecessary.
      Robin: Robotman, I know you want to stop the Brain, but we're never going to find him unless we work together. Attacking everything that moves isn't going to help.
      Robotman: If he builds it, I'm gonna break it. That's the way we do things in the Doom Patrol.
      Beast Boy: Well, in case you haven't noticed, this isn't the Doom Patrol. Cliff, this is the way it has to be, at least until we find Mento.
      Robotman: This isn't kid stuff, Beast Boy. You think you can handle it?
      Beast Boy: You have no idea what we can handle.

    • Robotman: They got us good, kid. We thought we had them.
      Beast Boy: It's not too late, Cliff. We can still find them.
      Robotman: You better believe we will. I'm gonna squash that Brain if it's the last thing I do.
      Raven: I think he was talking about the Doom Patrol.
      Robotman: Uh, r-right.

    • Starfire: This patrol of doom, why do you never speak of them?
      Cyborg: Seriously, the Doom Patrol are legends. You got to have some good stories.
      Beast Boy: It was something I did once. I'm a Titan now. You're moving too slow! (Morphs into bird, flies off)
      Raven: He's acting strange, even for Beast Boy.

    • (In the jungle)
      Starfire: Beast Boy, is this -
      Beast Boy: The Doom Patrol's ship. Or what's left of it.
      Cyborg: Well, nobody's home.
      Robin: Then we start looking.
      Raven: They could be anywhere.
      Beast Boy: Then we'll look everywhere.

    • Beast Boy: Beast Boy's All Star Prop Comedy Revue! I know what you're thinking. There's nothing more annoying than when you can't play your tuba in the bathtub.
      Raven: More annoying than this?
      Starfire: Shh! Please, continue.
      Beast Boy: Well, that won't be a problem if you have a tube-orkel. Get it? It's part tuba, part snorkel. Tube-orkel. Huh? Well?
      (Alarm goes off)
      Cyborg: All right, we're under attack!
      (Beast Boy glares)

    • Robin: Take cover. We don't know what we're up against.
      Cyborg: Uh, you might want to tell that to him. (Points to Robotman, who's already taken off)
      Raven: You sure he has a brain in there?

    • Robotman: The Brain built these things to scavenge raw material. He's got a whole jungle crawling with them.
      Robin: So, if we follow one, it might lead us to the Brain.
      Robotman: Well, aren't you the clever one?

    • Beast Boy: Titans, go!
      (Titans look at Robin)
      Robin: You heard him. Titans, go!

    • Elastigirl: (To Cyborg) Good shot! Whoever you are.
      Cyborg: "Whoever you are"? Hey, I've saved the earth . . . several times!

    • Robotman: Five months? I've been shut down for five months?! Why did they build me with an "Off" switch?

    • Robotman: Way to go, kid.
      Beast Boy: Mento, I did it. I got bigger!
      Mento: The only thing you did is disobey a direct order. I told you to destroy the generator, not save us!
      Robotman: Um, give the kid a break.
      Elastigirl: Steve, please.
      Mento: Rita, the boy won't listen. Beast Boy, you'll never be a part of this team unless you can learn to follow orders. Do I make myself clear?
      Beast Boy: Yes, sir, I understand.

    • Mento: Beast Boy, it's creating a black hole. Destroy that machine.
      Beast Boy: It's... it's too big. I can't!
      Mento: You must! Do it now!
      Beast Boy: Think big. Think big. Think big. (Morphs into dinosaur)

    • Robotman: Doom Patrol, go!

  • NOTES (28)


    • Comics Reference
      The episode makes some references to The New Teen Titans #13 & 14 (1981) with respect to the Doom Patrol. Similar to the comics, the Titans find the Doom Patrol in the African jungles. Likewise, the first Doom Patrol member they find is Robotman, whose first appearance in the episode is a direct homage to his first appearance in issue thirteen, hanging from jungle vines with a sign posted on him that bewares trespassers. Also, like the comics, the Brotherhood of Evil is involved with the Doom Patrol's fate, and the group in the comics includes The Brain and Monsieur Mallah.

    • Brain: Container & Voice
      The Brain's cylindrical-ribbed container, and his mechanical voice are possibly an indirect allusion to the Dalek, evil aliens bent on exterminating all life (apart from their own). The Dalek was one of the main villains in the British Sci-fi cult smash, Doctor Who.

    • Doom Patrol: Fantastic Four
      The Doom Patrol in this version are a lot like the Fantastic Four; Robotman's powerful strength, immense size, and displeasure with his appearance match Benjamin Grim's attitude towards his "Thing" form; Elastigirl is a peacekeeper, second in command to Mento and the only female member of the team, much like Sue Storm, who was very close to Mr. Fantastic and also second-in-command of the team; Negative Man is a bit hotheaded and the flying member of the team, like Jonny Storm in his Human Torch form was; and Mento is the scientist, the brilliant one, and the leader of the team, just like Reed Richards.

    • Brain: Container
      The Brain's container looks like Skeleton King from Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, coincidentally, Greg Cipes, the voice of Beast Boy, also works on that show.

    • Monsieur Mallah: Name
      Mallah's name might be a reference to the Arabic word "Smallah," which means big, large, or a lot. This can also explain Mallah's size.

    • Background Music
      The jaunty background music, along with the jungle setting and the robot/vehicles with rotating weaponry, are all allusions to the movie, The Incredibles. Seems only fair to point out that the music from The Incredibles was a take off of the James Bond movie, On Her Majesty's Secret Service music.

    • Beast Boy: Wait 'til you see my... oh.
      This is a reference to the Yin Yang Twins hit, ''The Whisper Song."