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Season 5 Episode 1

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Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 24, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Teen titans

    Best show ever
  • roligt

    Jag tycker att det r bra att man kan se serier p datorn och mobil
  • Man, what's Mento's problem?

    I agree with pretty much everyone else about this: How do you top the Trigon arc from the previous season, short answer: you can't. So comparing this to the outstanding and best season of the series is a bit unfair, but even without comparing it, it's not that great really. The Doom Patrol have cool powers, but we don't really get to know them in this episode, only Mento and Robot Man get enough screen time to make an impression, and it's not a good one. Really, what's their problem? Especially Mento, he is in no position to complain about Beast Boy, what the heck did Mento do anyway in this episode? He got captured twice and really didn't do a darn thing, besides whining that is.

    The Titans are just sort of there, not doing much just tagging along, it's a Beast Boy story, and his relationship to the Doom Patrol. This episode introduces the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, first of, Brain, he is really lame. And Batman: The Brave and the Bold joked around with that, poking fun at his unthreatening persona. This episode and show tries to push him as a credible, menacing threat, and it doesn't really work. Gorilla Gr...I mean Monsieur Mallah is just...a gorilla who can speak eloquently.

    The action was ho-and indeed-hum, far from the series best. The episode moves at a fairly quick pace and it's an entertaining if unremarkable first part. The second part is better.
  • Great!

    It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. And the Doom Patrol proved much better than I imagined but before they were real jerks(well, mento was anyway). Now we know more about BeastBoy's past and also that he joined the Doom Patrol when he was only a kid. Not to mention had to make many of the same decisions. He also liked them as if the were a family to him(I think) but now it would be the Teen Titans. And also mento didn't really treat BeaseBoy very nicely until BeastBoy denied him. But all in all, it was quite good and I enjoyed it.
  • This episode had some of the best fight coreography in Teen Titans history!

    The Titans meet the Doom Patrol and are shocked to see that Beast Boy was an ex-member. In the end, the Titans and the Doom Patrol team up to take down the Brain, Monsieur Mallah, and their forces. After five minutes of mind-blowing action, animation, and combo moves, the fight ended with the Brain setting the base on self-destruct mode. Beast Boy has to either save his friends and family or stop the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. Much to Mento's dismay, Beast Boy chooses to save them and the episode hits a somewhat of a cliffhanger. If you missed this episode, you missed a gem no matter what the other reviews say...
  • This episode surprised me in more ways than one. When BB's old team is in danger from the Brotherhood of Evil, he and the others come to save them.

    This is one of the only times in this series where there are superheroes called by their given names, which really gave this episode a good feel to it. It made me feel that the Doom Patrol was as much a family as a team.
    Now as for the Doom Patrol themselves, that's another matter. Now don't take what I'm about to write as negativity to the episode. It isn't. In fact, it made the episode so much more life-like. But the Patrol's members, save BB, is majorly screwed up. It's no wonder that they didn't last that long in the comics.
    Robotman/Cliff Steele is an action-craving powerhouse who isn't happy unless he's pummeling or shooting his mouth off. He doesn't think before rushing in, and simply destroys anything in his path.
    Negative Man/Larry (I can't recall his last name) ironically didn't have much negative about him. But that was due to his lack of dialogue and screentime. Although he did come off as a tad cynical and lazy.
    Elastigirl/Rita Parr (BB's step-mom) suffered from the same weakness as every other Patrol-ler, when Mento was tearing BB out for saving them, she shut up and let him do it. The others you can forgive somewhat because they're not BB's ste-parents, but Rita and Steve are his guardians and they should be keeping that in mind over their "missions".
    Mento/Steve Dayton was by far the most hateable. BB decides to save his family and friends instead of stopping the bad guys (twice) and he gets on his case about it. (As a twist of cruel irony in the comics, when Rita died, Mento blamed BB for it.) Mento is a hypocrite; focused more on his goal of stopping the bad guys then saving those dear to him. When I first heard "The Doom Patrol", I thought they were a supervillain organization, but I see that's not true, but not far off.
    The Doom Patrol is unstable and unfocused and is clearly doomed to failure (pun not intended).
    As aforementioned, don't count this against the episode, count it against the characters. As this episode went on, it became more and more clear why BB left and tried to go out on his own. God knows he'd need some team support from the TT after his years of mental hurt from the Doom Patrol.

    "The Incredibles" style music was definitely a bonus for the episode, because it not only worked for the atmosphere, but compared to the other "Super" continuity. By the way, if you're a something of a superhero fan, check out "The Incredibles". It's one of those movies that you find you get hooked into and really enjoy it.
    Although there were only two villains in this episode who really didn't have too much attention. I think they done well. Both played by Glenn Shadix, Monsieur Mallah and The Brain were portrayed very well. When my younger brother saw this, he though Mallah was Gorilla Grodd from JLU, and I promptly corrected him. No offence to Grodd, but he kinda gets boring after awhile. It was nice to see a gorilla who could talk but preferred to let his fists speak for him.
    My brothers thought that the Stephen Hawking style voice for The Brain took away from him, but I really liked it and thought it added to the soullessness of his character.
    Overall, good episode with hateable good guys and contemptable bad guys. A new spin on an old story.
  • This episode wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... and finally, the background story of Beast Boy.

    I've waited ages to see season 5, and finally have seen the Homecomings on the internet. I have to say that when I first found out that season 5's arc was based on Beast Boy, I wasn't too happy, but this episode was interesting and it was good to find out about the Doom Patrol and Beast Boy's past. I liked the balance of the Titans and the DP. The fighing scenes were good and the team are still their same old selves which I liked. Overall, this episode was good and I can't wait to see the rest of what looks like a good season, not the best season, but a good one!
  • Not the best season beginnig...

    This episode isn't the best season opener, but it's not a bad episode, we get to learn a little bit about Beast Boy's personality, the fact that Mento is srtict, suicidal and doesn´t care about Beast Boy.
    And in the first place, Mento in the comics was barely a reserve member of the Doom patrol, a stupid rich, spoiled man that didn´t even came close to be the leader and all of a sudden in the series he is the leader??????
    What the hell happened to the wheelchair dude, and also Mento later becomes a criminal, insane and lost in cyberspace.
    The episode itself wasn´t bad, but they could have made it better.
  • Not a good way to begin a new season. Nothing happened.

    Summary: When Beast Boy's former team, The Doom Patrol, is in trouble, the Titans must embark on a daring mission to save them. Beast Boy explains that this can only mean one thing: the Doom Patrol's greatest foes are back. The Brotherhood of Evil has returned.

    Final thoughts: I didn't hate this episode. But I can't say that it was brilliant or it was good. I thought this episode was going wayyy to fast. Like at the Titans house, after a few seconds in the forest, and it didn't even take them long to find Robotman.

    The beginning seemed so awesome (besides the part where Mento was being a jerk to Beastboy). Then everything changed. The only good things were the music and the beginning. And somewhat of the final battle.

    The Brotherhood of Evil doesn't seem very much of a threat. I bet even Control Freak seems more of a threat. And what's up with the Villains name?? "The Brain" Oh help, I'm being attacked by him. Like really how stupid!!

    I have certainly much more complaints. But as you can see above I've said too much. Rob Hoegee is definitely my favorite writer. But every writer has their bad episodes every once in a while. Part 2 better be good. I looked forward to season 5, and I'm not going to give up yet. There are still 12 episodes to go. If there is about 7 episodes I like, and least it'll be worth it.

    By the way, MENTO'S A JERK!
  • Not a good start to season 5.

    I found this episode a let down. It started off season 5 terribly. How rubbish were the villans, a brain and a monkey, its stupid.
    The doom patrol were just a fantastic 4 copy, they were so fake and i had no intrest in them.
    The only good thing about this episode is that you get to see a glimpse of beast boys past. Besides that this episode is not all that.
  • a

    this was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very veryveryvery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good episode
  • could someone PLEASE edit the Allusions? The Doom Patrol are NOT Incredibles ripoffs in any way!

    neither the characters nor the plot in this episode are allusions to The Incredibles. the Doom Patrol was created in 1963 (a good 41 years before The Incredibles hit the theaters) and the story - including the jungle scenes - is adapted almost directly from New Teen Titans #13-14 (Nov.-Dec. 1981).


    the person who said that this episode alluded to The Incredibles probably thinks the Fantastic Four movie ripped off The Incredibles, too...
  • Since I can contribute in regular Trivia and such I'm gonna write what I have to say here.

    The Doom Patrol is not an allusion to the Incredibles. The Doom Patrol is an actual team in the DCU that Beast Boy belonged to before he was on the Teen Titans.

    It's a interesting coincidence that Beast Boy says, "Wait til you see my... oh," but it has nothing to do with the song.

    All in all this was a good episode but a little uneventful.
  • A great way of introducing the fifth season with some glitches...

    I thought it was a good start they showed BB's first former teamthe doom patrol. the fighting scenes were killers and i totally loved Negative man and robot man they rock though the episode was rushed like they had to tighten some things in not that great:( although everything was good nice to see BB with some spotlight :)
  • Despite most of the bad rap that this episode seems to have been getting, I enjoyed it immensely. The writers showed not only some of Beast Boy's past, but they also got a little more in-depth with his serious side...FINALLY!

    I gave this episode a 9.5 because, while it wasn't as good as some of the other episodes I've seen, it was pretty darn close. I know most people didn't like this episode, but I honestly can't understand why. I admit, there were a few parts that should've just been left out, but, overall, this episode was great! I really liked the way the writers showed us a serious Beast Boy. And I liked the way he seemed to consider Mento as almost a father figure (even though by the end of the ep I was kinda wishing Beast Boy would take him out)
    ...which makes sense since Mento was his adopted father in the comics.

    Overall, I thought this was a GREAT episode.

  • Sorry, I was expecting better. For starters, the villains were completely stupid. I mean, a brain in a jar and a gorilla with a machine gun? Please. Not to mention that the brain sounded REMARKABLY like Stephen Hawking...and I'm sorry, but handicapped phy

    Initially, I was very excited to find out more about Beast Boy's past and get on with some character development. The Doom Patrol was NOT what I expected however...they were unoriginal and basically a cheap rip off of the stereotypical "super hero" team. Their theme music was just plain dumb, not to mention the fact the villains were completely stupid. I mean, a brain in a jar and a gorilla with a machine gun? Please. Not to mention that the brain sounded REMARKABLY like Stephen Hawking...and I'm sorry, but handicapped physicists just don't seem that sinister to me.
    I felt pretty bad about the way the Doom Patrol treated Beast Boy too. I hope he shows them what he's made of. I hope ALL the Titans show the Doom Patrol what they can do.
  • This episode gave some good details on Beast Boy's background. This was a better than average episode.

    I liked how they revamped the Doom Patrol's costumes. They made them cooler than the original comic book styles. I did not like Mento's attitude though. The other Doom Patrol members did not seem to say anything except for thanking the Titans for freeing them.I would have liked to see more action from the Doom Patrol. Actually, there didn't really seem to be much action from either group. This was an okay episode. It is decent enough to be a season premiere I have to say. I hope to see better episodes like the others in the other seasons.
  • Basically, BB gets a transmission, and sends the Titans packing off to the Amazon to find the Doom Patrol. Does anything really happen? No, not really...

    I guess coming off of "The End" my expectations were a little high, but honestly...I was disappointed. Nothing really happened.

    All that goes on throughout the entire episode is that the Titans are chasing after the Doom Patrol. Yes, a lot of things blow up, but that does not a good episode make.

    BB acted out of character for a lot of it. He would never yell "Titans GO!" That's Robin's job.

    However, getting ready for part II--
    I'm expecting we'll see a lot of BB "character development" (if you can call it that). It'll mainly be BB learning to stand up for himself in front of Mento, and not act like a little kid around him. (Stop frickin' saying "sir!")

    Overall, the episode, though action-filled, was a little awkward. Writers get a cookie for "tuborkle," though. (I'm a band geek, people, you know I loved it).

    ...and I still can't wait for "Snowblind."
  • WOWOWOWOWOW! Lil' Beast Boy, A suped up fantastic four, question is...do you want more?

    This episode was flawless. It flowed smoothly from beginning to end and we are already getting hints at who the baddies for this season are going to be! Personally I really want the Brain to die already but it seems like he is the main man of the BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL. And it seems like Monsiouer Mallah is the new Gorilla Grodd. Now the only question left to answer is...who are the other members? But anyway,it was nice to actually see another team of superheroes barely realted to the titans show up onscreen. It provides some light on Beast Boy's past and makes us wonder what happened between him and Mento! All in all, a good episode
  • This episode is quite good and gives us a great start to Season Five.

    Homecoming, Pt.1 is most definitely not what I expected. I'm not sure quite what I expected, but it wasn't what I got. Most people think that the new characters intorduced, the DP and the Brain, are pretty lame. I don't quite blame them, but I disagree with them. You have to remember that these characters are not original to the television series. They are based off a comic book.

    Moving on, I thought that the fight sequences in the episode were quite good. I especially liked the last scene, where the Doom Patrol and the Titans were fighting together to stop the Brain and Monsieur Mallah. The animation is typically good, and it is interesting to see the DP's style. We now know where Beast Boy got the purple and black costume for his design.

    The Doom Patrol themselves were definitely interesting. They may seem like a cop-off of Fantastic 4, and the problem is that they are a cop-off. It was DC's response to Marvel's comic series. The voice actors for the DP are decent. the VAs for Elastigirl, Mento, and Robot-Man are all quite good. We didn't hear much of Negative Man in the episode, so it's too early to judge him. Greg Cipes' voicing of the young Beast Boy at the beginning of the show is what I expected. Too high and kind of annoying. Now, that's not what I expect form Greg Cipes. But it is what I expect for the character, for which I give him an A for the episode.

    This episode is not, like, the best episode of any show that I've ever seen, but it is a good episode. I hope that Season Five of Teen Titans continues the trend of good storyline episodes, and I hope that they reveal more of the Doom Patrol and of Beast Boy's origins. Season Five promises to be the most interesting season of Teen Titans yet.
  • If this episode did one thing, it really made me hate the Doom Patrol.

    Well, I have to say, I was super excited for this season. Finally- Beast Boy's past and a chance for some decent character development! But the Doom Patrol really sucked.

    It's no wonder he quit that stupid team- They're all thankless Fantastic Four ripoffs! And just as annoying! He obviously lost all affiliation with them(minus the costume), but they send a robot asking for him to come after them. He does. Cliff is injured. He helps him. The remaining team members are being held captive. He helps resuce them. He dropped whatever he was doing to save their sorry behinds, and they yell at him for not obeying a stupid command.

    Excuse me? He's not even on their team anymore! Robin is his leader, and he told Beast Boy to save them! So where do they get off telling Beast Boy he should have "followed orders"?!

    These annoying factors took most of the fun out of this episode. It wasn't horrible- It just really angered me. And the Brotherhood of Evil was aggravating and overdone.

    Here's hoping that the rest of this season has a little more Beast Boy and a lot less Doom Patrol! And lets not forget the rest of the Titans!
  • Neh, I've seen better season premier episodes than this one.

    Well, I liked the idea of Beast Boys past being revealed in all, and I like that we're introduced to the Doom Patrol, but I really don't want a full seasone on this... one or two episodes would be okay in my opinion. I think it was okay, and it could be better.
  • Beast Boy's past is revealed (at least to the audience) When the Doom Patrol, his former team, needs his help.

    Over all, i have to say this episode was a disappointment. "Homecoming" was more mindless action than anything else. This series' best episodes are the dramatic character ones, which this tried to be, but failed. Unlike "Masks", "Nevermore", and "Beast Within" (to name a few), this episode could have had the potential to make Beast Boy less of the 2-Dimensional, funny, fluff, character, and give him some rounding out by exploring his past. Maybe its the part of me that longs for those Beast Boy/Raven moments, but i felt there could have been a good scene where Raven asks Beast Boy about his Doom Patrol days and he reveals getting kicked out, showing that he is a character of good heart (by choosing to save his friends over defeating the enemy) and occasional seriousness (like in "Beast"). I was also hoping to see Beast Boy stand up to Mento in the last few minutes where he was yelling at Beast Boy for not following orders. Beast Boy should have been like, "You're not the boss of me anymore/ i don't take orders from you/ apparently that's twice i've valued your life more than care about me/i'm not a kid anymore/ i've moved on to bigger and better things/ i haul my butt all the way from Jump City and this how you repay me? i could've just let you rot in the Amazon, you know/ you're not very good superheroes if you needed a "kid" to save you from a malfunctioning organ and a gorilla How about the Teen Titans show you how its done." But hey there's still another episode for my hopes and dreams to come true.
  • When Beast Boy's old team needs his help the Titans go to find them. They find the Doom Patrol, while fighting,the Doom Patrol and the Titans get captured. Beast Boy is the only one who isn't captured and once again he must make a choice that he did years

    Maybe I gave this a 9.0 because this is the first episode of the season we have been waiting for. Maybe I gave a 9.0 because it wasn’t that bad of an episode. I have definitely seen worse. And definitely seen better. But moving on now. Seeing Beast Boy’s old team in these episodes for me was a first since I never read the comics. The only people I like on the Doom Patrol are Elasti-Girl and Negative Man. I really don’t like Mento though, if someone saved MY life I wouldn’t get all up in their face about saving my life. I would be really happy, not all annoyed because they didn’t go and destroy something. I am really confused about some things but oh well. Hope next week’s episode is way better. Season 5 is not off to the best start I have ever seen.

  • Not really what I expected.

    I really thought they would have this done a lot better. The story didn't keep me on the edge of my seat as the other episodes do.

    sure, it's not at the bottom of my favorites for the episodes, but it's pretty darn close.

    Maybe it's because I have no way to read the original comics; maybe it's because I might not like BB centered episodes; or maybe it's just that a brain and a talking 500+ pound ape are the main bad guys so far. But if this is going to be how the season will go, oh boy. I'm really hoping it'll get better.
  • The titans end their forth season taking on source of all evil, and start off their fifth season dealing with a Brain in a jar

    Well I have to say this episode was a major let down. I’ve never been a big fan of Best Boy and as a result was not interested in his back story. I also have no idea why the creators of this show felt that they should have The Brain as this seasons msin villain. I mean Slade, Brother Blood, and Trigon were all major bad asses, and pure evil. I just don’t get that same feeling from a brain in a jar.

    I just hope things start to pick up, and soon
  • Not exactly the best episode....

    I'd never thought I'd say something about a Teen Titans episode, especially not one that opens a new season. But from here, it's all goin' down hill.

    My reasons are clear. The Doom Patrol looked exactly the same as when Beast Boy was a little kid. Nothing changed, and I thought that was a huge plot hole. And wasn't the Doom Patrol destroyed in the comics?

    Also, the way the Doom Patrol looked at Beast Boy, like he was just some stupid kid, didn't catch my eye. If anything, Beast Boy was extremely brave to save them from the Brain and Mallah, in the past and now.

    And what about that villian? Talk about mono-tone lame! All he did was sit in a jar of pickle juice and give orders to an Ape. Lame...disappointing.

    My rating exceeds its usefullness.
  • I was very disaponted with this episode.

    It's not like I hated it, (ok, maybe I did), but it wasn't at all what I expected. First of all, the charcaters sounded different. Secondly, the animation was very diferent from the four previous seasons, which I didn't like. Also, it wasn't even about the "Teen Titans", it was about Beast Boy, and the "Doom Patrol". I also didn't like that they made no relation to the previous season, it's like they totally forgot about. In conclusion, it was very different than what I expected, and It should have focused on the Titans, not the Doom Patrol. But, I guess I'm going to give it another chance, only because I love the show so much.
  • The Doom Patrol need Beast boy, a fomer member's, help. So the Titans spring into action but run into a whole mess of trouble.

    I liked it not the best because we don't know what's gonna happen so maybe they might revil somthing in the next episode that will make this one better. Who knows? Only the wrighters damn you writers why must you keep me gessing? Why!? Well I gess I'm going to have to wait like everyone else. And I didn't know much about BB before this episode so this gave me some backrounf info on him. And that helps us with 2 things charecter developement and just gemeral backround. All in all I liked it and give in a soild 9
  • There were to many things that looked like they were taken from somthing else. For example..

    There were to many things that looked like they were taken from somthing else. For example "The Brain?" I mean come on! He reminded me of Brainniach from Superman. And Elastagirl is the name of one of the characters from The Incredibles. So it was ok but not that great.
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