Teen Titans

Season 5 Episode 2

Homecoming (2)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Oct 01, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • A step up from the first part.

    I liked this second part more than the first part, for a couple of reasons, the action is a lot better and we get to learn more about the Doom Patrol and how they work as a team and the role they play in it. Again, the Titans are just sort of there, only joining in on the battle at the end. Again, it's about Beast Boy and how Mento in particular doesn't treat him very well, looking at him as a weak link. Mento's attitude is as annoying as it was in the previous episode, but he does redeem himself towards the end.

    As I mentioned in the first part review, The Brain and Mallah are pretty dull villains, I much preferred Madam Rouge, and Immortus was interesting, the perfect strategist due to being involved in and witnessing every war in history. The final action scene is very well done.

    Overall, I think this is a better episode than the first part, and the ending is intriguing leading up to something major.
  • So the beginning of the fight against the Brotherhood starts here.

    Afriaking talking brain, a talking gorilla, a humand rubber band, and an old mummy, big deal, throw Madam Rouge into lave, cut the old man's head, and kill the gorilla and the brain in an explotion. The Doom Patrol is stupid as not to see that.
    This episode is not very interesting, the end only confirms that the Brotherhood are pathetic losers that can't handle the Titans alone, and Beast Boy think's too much of himself in here.
    the ONLY thing that was interesting was to see the new heroes (especially Kid Flash) in the monitors.
    the action was good but nothing really happened.
  • Now this is what a 2 Part finale should be.

    Summary: The Doom Patrol has been saved, but the sinister Brotherhood of Evil is still on the loose. It's just like old times for Beast Boy when he finds himself back on the team for one last mission - to stop the Brotherhood once and for all... no matter what the cost.

    Thoughts: This really makes up for what Part 1 had. Wow. This episode was amazing. I'm glad they described and showed each main villains of the Brotherhood of Evil does. The animation was absoulutely amazing. The fighting scenes, WOW. And everything else was awesome. I'm so glad that Beastboy pointed out how Mento was being so stubborn and pointless. And now I feel Mento isn't that bad. And seeing a glimpse of the villains that will be appearing later in this season makes it interesting. I certainly can't wait.

    Seeing all 3 members stay and fight by themselves was so sad! And hearing Elasti-Girl scream was shocking and sad. This episode was a good ending to a bad first part. Episodes like these need to be recognized.
  • Better then Homecoming Part 1.

    This was much better then homecoming part 1 and had much more action.
    It was quite tense near then end and was cool to watch the end sequence.
    I especially like the ending and made me want to watch more.
    Homecoming part 1 and 2 is mainly recommened to Beast Boy Fans, but its great even if your not.
  • Good episode, with a tease of whats to come in the future.

    Although I have seen various TT episodes I never watched it consistantly. I've decided to watch TT regularly now from sesason 5.

    Good to c some comic references in here also, i.e. Beast Boy's name in the comics is Garfield, and from the reaction that Raven & Cyborg gave I'm assuming that this is the first time its been revealed.

    Re: the ending... why is it that the villains nowadays are all joining forces together all at the same time?... eg. secret society et. all from comic books and jlu?

    Maybe its a DC thing for 2006!!
  • A great beginning to what I'm hoping is a great season.........

    Definitely a serious start for the season as the focus is on Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol. Beast Boy shows so much heart in this episode and last in his choices. Mostly can't wait to see the new heroes and if they're going to add any new villains other than the core Brotherhood of Evil. My only problem was the end scene with the Brotherhood and the other villains. So many of them were one time villains that seem thrown in for the sake of them being in the scene.

  • Great action, animation and just plan cool!

    I kinda liked this episode. I thought the action was great! The Doom Patrol was kinda an old super hereo type. Which was good but, not the greatest I've seen.

    I liked how the Doom Partrol fought against the Brotherhood of Evil. The Brotherhood of Evil were smart! Setting traps for the Doom Patrol and the Titans.

    I really liked Negative Mans effect. He comes out of his body as a ghost/darkness like figure and attacks things. Very cool!

    Beastboy was smart in this episode. The Brain had the coornadinations to the Teen Titans Tower and the whole town the Titans live in. Smart Beastboy jumped in and reset the coordinations to the the place where the Titans, Doom Partrol and the Brotherhood of Evil were. The tower exploded but unfortunetly the Brotherhood of Evil escapes smartly bringing all the Villians the Teen Titans have even faced to go against them. This season should rock!
  • This was a lot better than the episode before. I'm glad it made up for the last one.

    I liked this episode a lot. I was about to get worried that because of the last episode, this season wouldn't live up to its full potential. I was wrong, fortunately.

    I liked how we got to know the Brotherhood of Evil more. Brains have been used before, and so have giant monkeys, but hey, they weren't bad. My favorite is Madam Rouge, no contest, hands down. She's just so... evil! And cunning, as we will see in later episodes. She's a clever villain. Although I think her French accent is forced... I noticed a little bit of trouble with it when she first spoke, but then it sounded more natural as she had more lines. The old guy's interesting, but he's just not AS interesting... that's the thing. Although I like all the voices for the Brotherhood of Evil. They have good voices, despite Madam Rouge's being forced at times.

    My favorite of the Doom Patrol is Negative Man, another hands down. And I used to hate Mentos, but he turned out ok by the end of this episode. And my feelings haven't changed much for Elastigirl or Robot Man. But I can't help but think about mints every time I hear Mentos' name... or think about The Incredibles every time I hear Elastigirl... oh well.
  • Britliant absolutley brilliant!

    This was way better thanpart one totaly amazing the way doom patrol went their way to missions was weird i did felt sad when they were put down one by one i'm glad BB told Mento odd he was being an ass for a guy who thing his team is his family he don't even try to save them or even show that he care, i also liked that they showed the whole brotherhood of evil Madam rouge Rocks and Monseur Mallah! it was great fight scene especially when the titans arrive with the other Doom patrol members and how BB mixed up the brain very hilarious! even better the whole villian shot was very intense i want to see them put all of them down!

    Favourite Quote:

    Elastic girl-were very prould of you garfeild


    BB-he he he he

    Raven-*evil smirk%* I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one

  • did anyone see all the new young heroes?

    so far when the brotherhood of evil pointed out all the heroes it started with the titans, and the doom patrol, but there was also several characters that i didnt recognize. the girl at the bottom the green kid, but i did notice kid flash (robin's bf). that's amazing,i can't wait till he shows up, i wonder if they will use the original Wally West or will they screw up with Bart Allen.
  • This episode of Teen Titans was about Beastboy's old group called the doom patrol. The brotherhood of evil is back with a vengence and is trying to wipe out the teen titans.

    Oh My GOd!! I loved this episode is was so cool i didnt really like Homecoming part 1 but this one totally rocked. I felt like something was up with Mento the whole episode but i guess i was wrong. I thought it had so many cute parts. I loved when BB slapped the brain and it fell out and when the used his real name it is so cute. "Gar-field!"-cyborg - "Oh, I'm gonna get alot of mileage out of this one!" I loved it.
  • Finally some of Beastboy's past!

    This is now my most favorite season, and episode! Made up for the last one! I also saw what was coming when she called Beastboy 'Garfield'. But it's no shock now.

    Malchior was one of the villains there in the villain thing, but not in dragon form! Also mother mae eye, and others are there! (Except for Slade, but I have a thery he's going to be the villain for the movie if any)

    And we learn more about Beastboy! His name, his past about the Doom Patrol, AND he's my favorite boy Titan! Keep up the good work, CN!

    This episode got me hipered up, and I squeled like the world was going to end. Well, the new episode, 'Trust' starts in 2 hours. Can't wait to review that one too!
  • It was actually a nice episode but I think there were just like 1 or two problems.

    It had a history story which personally I like it's rather cool. The whole thing tells you How it all started. It was also nice to see the doom patrol fight but.... I know BB was supposed to prove himself to Mento but it made the reat of the doom patrol look really week which by their fight scenes and reputation in the first episode shows different. I also didn't like how the titans hardly appeared and did much in the entire ep. Other than that it was a good ep.
  • A lot better than the last episode.

    Well, In this episode, Beast Boy temporarally rejoins the Doom Patrol, as they venture through a jungle, a desert, a gorge, a mountain, and a secret base so they can defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

    But although Beast Boy has gotten better, that doesn't mean the whole Doom Patrol Team has gotten better. One by one the Doom Patrol is picked off, until only Mento and Beast Boy are left. Mento reveals that the two probably wouldn't make it after the mission, and that's why he wouldn't let the Titans join them.

    Mento and Beast Boy storm the secret base and fight Madame Rouge and Monsieur Mallah and win. As the two head off to destroy the Black hole machine, General Immortus is ready for them.

    The rest of the episode you'll have to see for yourselves, but I do have to get something off my mind about it. *****CAUTION: SPOILERS BELOW!******

    BOB AND KITTEN in the Brotherhood of Evil???? THAT'S CRAZY!
  • Ok i was wrong with my guess review


    Why is most of the bad guys are french I mean really. Cmon

    Mento (from bi... to nice man)

    Ok so he goes a little easier to Beastboy. But he is still a bi... for leaving his teamates like that. Even though B.B. is the not so bright one he is smart to think about his teamates and listens to his leader (robin) so he can learn from him. So Mento looked stupid and said lead the way. (maybe that is where B.B. got his brains from)

    Garfield LOL

    O man. That is the last name next to jonathan or michal i would expect it to be. I thought his name would be Brian or Chet or something like that but not after a stupid, ret...... fat cat.

    Villans And Heros

    I cant wait to see all these new heros coming. Thunder and lighting returned, the titans east returned, some new heros. And the Villans. I never knew how many villans they fought. I think this is big trouble for all the young heros. One thing. I dont know why Red X is in thier. He is selfish. In titansgo.net it says hes unknown not a villan.

  • Phenomenal episode.

    Phenomenal episode. I just love seeing Beast Boy in a more serious mood. Who said that all he's good for is comic relief? This episode showed that he can be independent, smart, and very strong. Really made up for the first part. Amazing that new writers wrote this one. The action was amazing and the bits of comedy that existed were well-timed. All in all, awesome episode.
  • Doom Patrol and Teen Titans must defeat the Brotherhood of Evil

    The Doom Patrol has been saved, but the sinister Brotherhood of Evil is still on the loose. It's just like old times for Beast Boy when he finds himself back on the team for one last mission - to stop the Brotherhood once and for all... no matter what the cost.
  • Fantastic. This definitely makes up for Part 1.

    This was a really well-done episode. Despite the rough start with Mento and the other semi-annoying Doom Patrol members, the plot was great!

    I still don't entirely like the Doom Patrol, but this helped to mend some of the hate I felt about them. However, Mento remains an annoying, callous control-freak in my mind.

    Truthfully, it was Beast Boy that made this episode so great. We saw some definite character development with him. His decision to help the Doom Patrol, despite the risk and poor treatment they'd given him, was adorably noble. As was his reluctance to leave teammates behind. The icing on the cake was his finally telling Mento off. From then on, Beast Boy was a strong, confident hero. Without losing any of his charm, of course.

    Finally having the Titans learn BB's real name is Garfield was downright hilarious, too.

    To top it all off, we get a view of the new heroes and villains of season 5, as well as a number of familiar faces. I look forward to Kid Flash's appearance.

    However, the previously-dead villains like The Source and Malchior threw me for a loop! Did the writers not watch the last four seasons before writing that scene?

    The Brotherhood of Evil storyline also bears remarkable resemblance to the Justice League Unlimited season starter that aired a few weeks ago. Has DC Comics run out of ideas already? Only time will tell, I guess.

    Overall, this second half made for a pretty decent start to what will hopefully be a terrific, Beast Boy-filled season!
  • Now THIS is how you make an episode!

    This gem of an episode starts off with BB agreeing to rejoin the Doom patrol for one last mission. Unfortunately, he finds out that he and the others are not coming back: It's a suicide mission. Can BB survive and complete his mission?

    Let me say that this episode was perfect in everyway. It wasn't even dark like haunted! This how you make an episode.

    Stop now : Spoiler!

    In the end, you see all the titans minor foes, join the brotherhood to bring the titans down. All of this adds up to one thing: an excellent season.

  • Beast Boy goes with the Doom Patrol to face the Brotherhood. One by one, the Doom Patrol gets eliminated until it is just Mento and Beast Boy. They get into the Brotherhoods hideout and start fighting. The Titans and the missing Patrol members join the fi

    Great way to start off another season. We learn a few new things about Beast Boy *coughGarfieldcough* but who is this Elastigirl person Beast Boy mentioned? The only Elastigirl I know of is the one from the Incredibles. Was Rita, the woman who got all big, Elastigirl? Hmm. I guess we\'ll just have to wait to find out or something.
  • Great episode start to end, great season start off.

    This episode was really great it explained alot not only about Beast Boy, but if you were wondering whatever happened to that one paticular villan in a certain episode. Perfect. Though Trigon being sealed in another dimension, Slade being the lone ruler that he is, and Brother Blood being partially insane (in my and Cyborg's opinion) are not present for those reasons.
  • cool

    Okay the first part is mentor giving this overview of the doom putrol. Too much sadness. Mentor doesn't want the titans to help be they donar't ind up going. Then the domother potrol attacks something. The brain thinks their perse'stent. But his asistent says persesttent yes but not imortal. Best boy has toone leave his team behind I don't think he should have done it but I think he did. Then the brains astistent says something wierd. Now their
  • Beast Boy is with his old team the Doom Patrol and his friends want to help but the leader of the doom Patrol won't let the rest of the Titans help. but in the end the Titans come to the recue and help stop the Brotherhood of evil.

    I love it. I liked seeing Beast Boy's past come out. And the writers did such a great job doing it too. I also like the fact that they told us BB real name. Grafild that's a funny name. But in my oppion adding BB's name was a nice touch. And at the end how the Bortherhood of Evil(BhE) showed the new wave of the "Doom Patrol" and the new wave of the "BhE" was very cool. But then I saw Red X and I was like noooooooooooooo. I love Red X he's my Buddy. And this maed me really mad but i cant wait to see fi X helps the Titans. Any way it was a great episode.
  • A pretty good episode. It showed what the Doom Patrol could do. The main cahracter is probably Beast Boy since he was part of the Doom Patrol and a current member of the Titans. The Titans so not have a big of a part in this episode.

    This showed what the Doom Patrol could do. My favorite Doom Patrol member has to be Negative Man. Each enemy has an attribute(s) that the others don't have. The gorilla represents strength and intelligence. The old man repesents experience and tactics. The lady represents stealth. The brain represents leadership and intelligence. Like many shows, the members of the Doom Patrol risk their lives so the remaining member(s) can move on ahead to complete their goal. This episode ends with pretty much all of the enemies of the Titans fought band together to defeat them and probably the Titans east.